NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – June 12, 2012.

Is James van Riemsdyk using an injury to block a trade? Could Luke Schenn be dealt to Edmonton? What’s the latest on Andrei Kostitsyn, Tomas Holmstrom and Arron Asham? Read on to find out!

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK/YAHOO! SPORTS/USA TODAY: All report the Philadelphia Flyers and Columbus Blue Jackets are denying a report out of Philadelphia suggesting Flyers forward James van Riemsdyk was delaying hip surgery to block a potential trade which would ship him to Columbus in a package deal for right wing Rick Nash. van Riemsdyk and Flyers GM Paul Holmgren said the reason for the delay was the forward was receiving treatment for a foot infection.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yep, the silly season for trade rumors has begun! Sure, it’s possible the Flyers could try to acquire Rick Nash, but with superstar Claude Giroux due a new contract in a couple of years, having Nash’s $7.8 million per season cap hit on the books would make re-signing Giroux, a better player, very difficult. Don’t see them dealing for Nash.

Carle to re-sign with Flyers?

THE HOCKEY GUYS: Dustin Leed reports sources claim the Flyers are close to a new contract with UFA defenseman Matt Carle. The deal hasn’t been finalized, and it’s expected to be announced on July 1st, as the Flyers cannot re-sign him before then or risk violating the league’s salary “tagging rule”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been rumored for some time Carle wants to remain with the Flyers and they want to keep him. Wouldn’t be surprised if this deal is among the first announced on July 1.

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox reports Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke has dismissed a rumor he might package defenseman Luke Schenn with the fifth overall pick to Edmonton in hopes of landing the first overall pick in this year’s draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And pop goes that rumor bubble. Seeing how quickly Burke moved to quell that rumor, I’d say there was probably no truth to it. 

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper recently reports the Predators have no intention of re-signing pending UFA forward Andrei Kostitsyn.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No surprise there. Kostitsyn could wind up in the KHL as some have suggested, but I believe he’ll find another NHL club, though not for as much ($3.25 million) as he earned this season.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James reports Red Wings veteran forward Tomas Holmstrom said Red Wings management will make a decision about him sometime in July. He’s an unrestricted free agent and it’s been rumored he could retire if the Wings decide not to re-sign him.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Josh Yohe reports Penguins UFA Arron Asham would like to re-sign with the club.


  1. I don’t know why Burke can’t just pop the rumour bubble instead of rambling on about how crap Hockey night in Canada reporters are. Once again Burke sits there trashing the sports writers and commentary guys like he is some sort of hockey god. Get over it, trade rumours have been around for decades it’s what makes the Leafs somewhat interesting since Burke can’t seem to get them into the playoffs.

    • Burke seems like a fool in and out of the hockey world. Remember when all you Leaf guys thought he was going to solve everything?

  2. JVR should be happy to go to Columbus, look what it did for Jeff Carter’s career!

    • Yeah, make him pouty until they trade him and he wins a cup, =o)

    • +1

    • Not sure if I understand, but does JVR have a foot infection along with a need for hip surgery? If that is true, then I would think that while he is only 23, his trade value isn’t as high as it was last year. I can’t see Columbus trading Nash for a one player deal unless Philly added someone like Wayne Simmonds or Zac Rinaldo to the deal.

  3. Not that I believe the rumour but you’d think Burke would want to quiet the rumour if it was true not false. If the rest of the league knew the asking price it might make other teams consider it which would then drive the price up… If it was me I would be quick to quiet the rumours if they were true not false… but like i said before… i didnt believe it either way

  4. Yeah, besides their early 2012 pick, Burkie would have basically strip his club to make enough of an offer to satisfy Edmonton.
    Fans so want to pass their table scrapes like Kadri, minor leaguers and Schenn and think they add up to Oilers relinquishing the consesus BEST player just because Yakupov is a forward and they need now help on dee?

    And after giving away the store in picks (Dougie Hamilton pick, Tyler Sequin pick) I am sure Burke learned a lesson…

    • I know the kessel trade wasn’t the best and I’m kinda tired of hearing it debated over and over again, but the trade was not seguin and hamilton for kessel, it was 2 x 1st and a 2nd. It was just really bad luck on burkes end that the picks ended up so high, if the leafs finished with the 10th or lower picks no one would be debating the trade.

      As for JVR it really is hard to believe they seem to have giving up on him. I thought he had shown signs of being a great player. He has had a lot of injurie issues and I guess that could be the reason to trade him but his contract isn’t that bad to take a chance on him.

      • Agree about the picks being 12 months later. It was worst-case scenario how that ended up… but the deal wasnt for Seguin.

      • You’re going to hear about it for a long, long time.

        It was a point of:
        Let’s rebuild! By throwing away our first round picks! And every Leaf fan ate it up, some even saying the robbed Boston (In which world is 2 firsts a robbery?)

        Although who knew what those picks were going to turn out to being… we knew they were going to be high, Leafs didn’t have, and still don’t have, a good team at all. A GM should be able to recognize when he has a poor team, and hold on to, and even amass picks instead of trading them off.

        • Mio
          totally agree about the wrong strategy to rebuild (i.e. trading 1st rd picks)… but at tleast they player they got back is in his early 20’s and is pretty damn good.

          It’s a step up from the days of trading your 1st picks for Owen Nolan.

          • Agreed, if you trade a first round pick, in a rebuild, you’d want to get a franchise player. If you trade 2, in this day and age, when scouting is more of a science than a “gut feeling about this kid!”, you’d want Gretzky, in my opinion.

        • Yea they threw away their first rd picks to get a top 10 scorer in the league and hasn’t even peaked yet.

          I would love to know what the trade vaule of a young player that is top 10 in scoring really is 3x 7 rd picks?

          I’m not even a leaf fan and it blows my mind.

      • it wasn’t “bad luck” that the picks ended up being so high. anyone who was able to look at those leaf teams objectively saw the picks were likely to be lottery picks.

        • That is 100% wrong.

          The 2008-2009 Leafs finished just 12 points out of the playoffs. The next year at the start of the season they added

          Phil Kessel, Bozak, Gunnarson, Hanson, Stalberg, Beauchimin, Komisarek (was highly touted), Jonas Gustavsson (which most critics thought was massive.

          They gave up what to get those players? Nothing. At the time they were all projected to turn out much better than they did (other then Kessel whom has been gold). Maybe they weren’t a playoff lock, but they were not predicted in the bottom 5 for that year by any media outlet and it is only obvious they would be by looking back now.

          The following season they had also added Phaneuf + Giguere who were thought by many to improve the Leafs. So I would say it was a gamble that they lost and the fact that Ron Wilson is a terrible coach and has mishandled a lot of prospects. IE Kadri.

          • 12 points, is A LOT of points.

            If, like BW3, took a step back (The step back is the most important part), measured that Leafs team up and down from the angle of not being a fan, that team didn’t have the talent, defense or goaltending to even be considering the playoffs, and should have been thinking bottom feeder the entire way.

            Also, of the names you mentioned there:
            Kessel, you gave up everything to get. And Hanson & Stalberg were fringe NHL’ers.

            The one benefit from being of the Toronto Maple Leaf ilk, are the amazing rose coloured glasses everyone seems to wear. TSN and Sportsnet will NEVER, ever, project the Leafs to bottom feed, even when they deserve to. They’ll be quick to jump on Edmonton, Calgary or Ottawa at the start of the year; never Toronto.

          • Totally agree

  5. I still feel the right deal is Phaneuf to Edmonton for the 1st pick.

    I wonder why the rumours for Getzlaf have quieted down. I would hate to lose him, but I think the team will see what they can get. They are going to draft a good player with their #1 pick this year, and if they can aqcuire another one (Toronto?) and add osme pieces along with that deal- it wouldnt shock meif they dealt him.
    He hasn’t been the same player for the past 2 seasons….

    • Phaneuf for #1 overall? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah tears falling on keys as I type this….

      • Im sorry, but an all-star calibre defenseman entering his prime years is more than enough value for the 1st pick.

        Edmonton is in desperate need of legitimate NHL defenseman, and Phaneuf instantly upgrades their blueline. They have the cap space to absorb his contract, and can use his leadership, point production and physical play on the back end.

        Im not a believer that Phaneuf is a top-10 NHL defenseman, nor am I a Leaf fan, but he is very good and has considerable value.

        For that matter, no team is ging to trade their #1 D-man or one of their top forwrds to Edmonton for the pick. So if they are going to move it, this is more than they can bargain for.

        If Jack Johnson landed Jeff Carter…
        (Carter is worth more than a 1st overall pick). You forget that there is always risk involved in draft picks, whethere they are #1 overall or not. Everyone thinks that giving up Subban is paying waaay too much for the pick, but Phaneuf isnt worth the pick? Take a step back and rethink that.

        However, this is a moot point as Burke will not trade his guy.

        • First off you are on crack if you think the oilers would trade their 1st for the pylon Phaneuf. Second It wasn’t JJ for Carter it was JJ and a 1st for Carter, and I would rather have JJ than Phaneuf. He is slow and is ALWAYS caught out of position, not too mention his terrible cap hit of $6.5 mill/year. I am a Kings fan not an Oilers fan so I am not biased in any way here.

          • Sure, always caught out of position because of the run+gun offense that Wilson wanted to play.

            All of the D on the Leafs will be much improved under Carlysle. I have watched his systems for years and he preaches patience, simple plays to move the puck, and really does not want his D to be running around.

  6. @ NikK

    Those deals would be sweet for the Leafs.

    Maybe JVR heard rumours he might be traded to the Leafs so he’s delaying trying to veto it. lol

    • It’s quite possible…
      I wouldn’t want to play for the Leafs, and I’m from Tornoto!

      • Where’s Tornoto?

        • In the dictionary, right after “take it easy”.

  7. @nikk i am assuming your a leaf fan? Lol

    • No, a Ducks fan.
      Never have been a Leaf fan. Never will be.

      But it doesn’t mean I can’t be fair when looking at their moves and roster.

  8. In today’s cap world you have to hold on to your high draft picks.. LA Kings are the perfect example of that.

    Plus, I don’t know why you would give up so much for a one dimensional player.

    • Exactly my thought Erik, high draft picks sell hope for franchises plus you don’t have to pay them as much as established players given the EL deals. Taking on a large salary for an established D-man, of questionable reliability, means you are in a tighter spot re: the cap when it comes time to renogotiate the contracts of your other young stars.

    • The Kings have only held onto and properly developed a few high draft picks since the lockout, certainly not much more than any other Stanley Cup winning team. Many of their key contributors were FA or trade acquisitions.

      Drafted within first 3 rounds since 2003: Quick, Bernier, Lewis, Kopitar, Brown, Doughty, Voynov

      Other picks traded: 2012 1st rounder, 2011 1st rounder, Teubert, Schenn, Simmonds

      Other picks (top 2 rounds) not making an impact: Forbert, Hickey, Moller, Ryan, Roussin, Fast, Tukonen

      FA or trade acquisitions: Penner, Williams, Carter, Richards, Greene, Stoll, Fraser, Mitchell, Scuderi, Gagne

      Pretty even spread. The key is more to make shrewd acquisitions in addition to drafting well, not to hoard high draft picks.

      • The point your missing is that it was the Kings players that were developed properly that were able to acquire key pieces, such as Simmonds and Schenn for Richards and Johnson for Carter or Tuebert for Penner. So they properly developed alot more than you give them credit for. Just because Richards and Carter weren’t developed by the Kings doesn’t mean the players traded for them weren’t properly developed and should be added to Quick, Doughty, Kopitar, Brown, Lewis, Martinez, Voynov, Bernier etc etc.

      • Well researched. The only top picks the Kings had ere Doughty #2 and Kopitar #11 (I think).

  9. I saw something on Penner’s wiki page about him signing with the Penguins. It probably is someone just trolling, so is it worth believing?

  10. The only reason I can see a deal happening for edmontons draft pick is because at some point you have to break from the building through the draft and get players that can fill those other holes that you don’t get from drafting 1st overall year after year. They have a core of forwards that any team would be happy to have. But beyond that they need the leadership as well as that #1 d-pairing. As well as some help in goal. Now do they have to get all that now, no. But at some point they need to start and a 1st overall pick would be a great start.

    • Exaclty my point.

      Sooner or later, you have to start to win, or you risk eating up years of EL contracts and then you have 4 guys who you need to sign for $5+M a season and then you have no room to bring in better players.

      Edmonton is never going to attract big ticket free agents. Unless they are Western Canadian/Prarie boys, they do not want to go there (not here to argue how lovely it is out there), but the fact remains Edmonton is not a destination.

      They have to acquire these players through trades.

      A #1 pick is a pretty nice carrot to dangle.

  11. I highly doubt that Schenn will get traded. He is pretty much the only good prospect (if you can call him that) on the leafs, so they must keep him. Just hope that either Grigorenko or Galenyuk fall to number 5

  12. Seriously?? Phaneuf to Edmonton. They have spent 3 years getting toxic attitudes out of their dressing room and bringing in a fresh new atmosphere and they are going to bring in the #1 over-rated player as rated by his peers who was a distraction in Calgary, and in Toronto has proven to be one of if not the worst Captain in the league….but supposedly he is good as a dj. There is not a team in the league that would take Phaneuf off the leafs, especially not with that contract, and definitely not for the #1 pick overall.

    Schenn is a decent 2/3 defenceman, could project to a shutdown man, with little offence. But projection is just that, based on his performance so far, he is not the trade bait Leaf fans think he is, and seriously, dont waste anyones time with Kadri or Colbourne

    Burke might be motivated to make a big splash at the draft, but with team as it is, and the talent pool what is for the leafs (and the Marlies are mostly overage career AHLers so dont kid yourself), is for a goalie. And not a huge name either.

    • Sounds more like speculation than fact. You don’t sit in the dressing room to know that.

      I’m pretty sure that Pronger, Betruzzi, Mike Richards, Spezza, Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Gaborik… (this is a long list)… were all considred “toxic” at one point or another.

  13. Looking at it from a Oilers perspective do they need another centre…NO. So if they exchnage 1st round picks with the Leafs and get Schenn to boot…then draft a high end defenseman they get every thing they need. Two quality defensemen to go with the numerous high end forward they already have. Plus they only have to see the TO pick once a season. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want to do it. BB gets the centre he needs to go with Kessels

  14. I don’t know what assets Toronto could trade – maybe Lupel or Franson. But I really don’t see BB making that “blockbuster” trade that is going to get the leaf fan base excited.

  15. And so continues the trend of delusional Leafs fans thinking Burkie’s going to trade their craptastic prospects and bad-attitude, overrated and overpaid players for the biggest names or the highest draft picks.

    Seriously, when was the last time that actually happened?

    Be nice to hear from some fans outside of TO every once in a while, too. Getting to the point where the comments here are 95% about one team on every post, a very one-sided view of a 30-team league.

    • It would be nice, but 95% of the people on this site are from Toronto and want to pipe in.

      Not all of us are Leaf fans, but they dominate the media.

      This was also an article specifically on the leafs, so ppl will post. Leaf fans have been good at not posting Leaf comments on non-leaf topics. I’ve been on this site for years, and give them credit for that.

  16. The only players Burke should be dangling are players with a high stock value that can yield a good return because they are playing well ie Gunnarsson, Kessel, Lupul, Grabo, MacA, Frattin, Scrivens, Gardiner, ect. Why move out guys like Schenn, Franson, Kadri, Colborne, or Armstrong when their stock is down and therefore you get little to nothing back. These guys are all promising players which have low value due to their poor play last year so unless someone is willing to give you what they “could be worth” when they step up their game then why trade them and get nothing in return? Buy low sell high!!

  17. Beergoggles,

    I agree with you partially. I would have no problem trading the likes of Lupul, McArthur, Gardiner or Scrivens individually or collectively if it brought back even one of the gig tough skilled guys or a solid goalie that we desperately need.

    I would lump Kadri, and Colborne into that group also, as none are close to fitting the profile that Burke and Carlyle say they want to have.Colborne is big and somewhat skilled but gets pushed around all the time. Don’t forget to add Carter Ashton to the trade bunch, that trade for Aulie was a bust IMO.

    As for Armstrong,while he is the right type, he is too injury prone and basically is taking up a roster spot, so at 3 million per year, I would trade him ASAP.

  18. I agree with you on Colborne but I’d wait on Kadri and Armstrong until they improve getting the Leafs a better return. I haven’t seen enough of Ashton to say he’s anywhere near a bust.

  19. The oilers needs are a Big #2 center, a top pairing D man and maybe a #1 goalie and the leafs have no one who fits those categories. If the oil were to shop the first pick i guarantee it wont be with T.O. If i had my way the oil would trade yakupov to pitt for Staal and 1st rounder. We get our big center and we all get to watch yakupov and malkin dominate the east. Also wouldnt mind a deal with the jets with Buff and pick/prospects in return for the first pick. Also “HAHA” at the guy who said Phanny for yakupov

    • Absolutely no way they get Staal AND a 1st pick.
      You’d have to give more than the #1 pick to land Staal.

      NHL players, esspecially really good ones like Staal, are worth more than a #1 pick.

      • Why do you think that the 1st pick has only been dealt once in the last what 20 years? They are incredibly valuable its a chance to draft anyone you want and develope them how you want. And how valuable would a top line winger on an entry level contract be to Pitt, a team who will be right up against the cap. Dont forget that this guy broke stamkos’ rookie scoring record as a 16 year old in a new country. Anyone who doesnt think this guy will be a potential 40 goal scorer for years to come is in denial.

        • I think Yakupov is the real deal and will be the best winger selected since Ovechkin (including Hall). I’m not arguing his value. But you significantly underestimate Staal’s value if you think Yakupov is worth more than Staal- who for the record was a #2 overall pick.

          Staal’s value is 3 1st rd picks… not half of a 1st overall pick.