NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – June 14, 2012.

Updates on Zach Parise, plus the latest on the Bruins, Red Wings, Avalanche and Jets.

NEW YORK POST: Mark Everson doubts the comments by New Jersey Devils captain Zach Parise claiming he wouldn’t sign with the NY Rangers would prevent the Blueshirts from pursuing him if he hit the open market, if for nothing else than to drive up the price tag.

Rangers could turn to Nash if they fail to land Parise.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Kristie Ackert believes if Parise is serious about not signing with the Rangers, they’ll turn their focus toward the trade market, perhaps by targeting Columbus Blue Jackets winger Rick Nash.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo believes the Minnesota Wild will pursue Parise if he hits the open market. The Wild have over $20 million in available cap space and have stated their intent to add talent this summer.

BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy reports the Bruins limited cap space and need to re-sign pending RFA goalie Tuukka Rask likely takes them out of any bidding for Parise.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Parise becomes a UFA,  the Red Wings (with over $26 million in cap space) would be my pick to win any bidding war for his services, but I won’t dismiss the possibility of his re-signing with the Devils.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Tom Gulitti reports pending Devils UFAs Petr Sykora and Johan Hedberg would like to re-sign, but their futures with the team are uncertain.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That could depend on how things pan out with Parise, as well as their respective salary demands.

DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan believes the lack of quality talent in this summer’s UFA market increases the value of Red Wings pending free agent winger Jiri Hudler, but his agent said his client would like to remain with the Wings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Wings land Parise and/or defenseman Ryan Suter via free agency, they might bid adieu to Hudler, preferring to invest their remaining cap space elsewhere.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports Colorado Avalanche forward Jay McClement is headed for unrestricted free agency.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets pending UFA forward Tanner Glass claims a new deal with the club is about 80 percent done.


  1. It amazes me all the folks that think Parise would go to Detroit. Historically are they a great franchise, yes… but they are an aging one that is only getting older. I don’t know why he would go to a team that lost it’s top 2 defenseman and all their core players (Hank, Dats, Frazen, etc) are 32-34+ years old. I just don’t see Parise signing a long term deal with them because their core is starting the down slop of their careers where at best Parise would have 3-4 years of them being around to win a cup. With a no go on the Rangers and the aging Detroit, I think it comes down to re-signing with Jersey or heading home to Minny where its building a good young team that lead the NHL for nearly four weeks before injuries to most of its Top-6 left them depleted.

    • Schmidty, I agree with you on Detroit – they should really focus on their farm system and bringing some of the youngsters up. In a way, I think the Devils are in a similar situation, although this year they brought some of their younger core like Henrique, Fayne, Larsson into the game. I think Parisi will stay and I would like to see them make a trade for someone like Jamie McGinn or Steve Downie.

    • @ Schmidty

      So NJ and minny are better choices over the red wings? NJ has 11 ufa/rfa this year and 17 by next year. There roster won’t even look the same in 2 years, and the biggest one is the the number 1 goalie! And they don’t have one in the system.

      Minny is a little better then NJ but Red wings would make the most sense even more if they get suter as well. So there is the start of your new young core with a young goalie in place.

      Det never has a problem adding/drafting talent.

      And I hate the wings!

      • I wasn’t saying I liked NJ better than the Red Wings (which I hate as well), but the fact that Parise wants to stay there puts them into the equation. Personally, LA is his best option if he wants to win cups for the next 8 years. I also agree with Sheepdogged, with Fletcher desperate to not make it 5 years out of the playoffs for the Wild, he will over pay for Parise. However, my over-riding point is that Detroit is falling behind and their farm system isn’t putting out the huge “diamonds in the rough” that it used too and there are other teams that are better options.

        • You might want to look again at the Red Wings prospects. There are several highly-touted dynamic offensive players coming through the system right now.

          And in terms of getting old, check out the Wings average age again. The only “old” core player is Datsyuk, who plays like a 25 year old.

    • Why are people clinging to this cliche of Wings being old, and since when is early 30’s “old”. If anything the wings are getting younger every year due to their retirements. If being old means being a dynasty with several cups in the last decade then yep I guess we’re old as dirt!

    • Since when is Brad Stuart one of Detroits top two defenceman. He was lucky to be considered the fourth dman on the wings. Top three were Lidstrom, White and Kronwall. I believe Parise will land in Detroit.

    • Detroit will be a contender for many many many years still. Yes, everyone has a “great” farm system but Detroit has been rated having the top prospects and Smith is going to be dynomite watch. Getting Suter as well and adding another top 6 forward would throw detroit over the top. Yes, LA has money to try and Parise as well but you simply cannot have such young and great leader like richards, brown, and parise on the same team. Those players run teams. Having two is enough three would simply not work. Too many chiefs not enough indians.

  2. Couldnt agree more. I hate to say it, but I thnk the Kings have a great chance at Parise. I would love for him to sign with the Ducks but I know that they are more focused on getting through this year and having both Getzlaf and Perry up for UFA. So if it takes 7 mil to sign Parise, that would mean one of the two would be gone.

  3. The Wild will not be outbid. Guaranteed. If Parise signs somewhere other than Minnesota than it is because he can win now and not a few years from now.

  4. I wish that the Kings would have accepted that Malkin for Doughty and Cammalleri deal like 4 years ago. Not because I don’t like Malkin, but because Doughty is boss.

    • If the Kings called today and offered that, even though they don’t have Cammelleri, Shero would laugh and hang up …

      • Ya ok bud, cause Doughty is terrible and played like crap for the Kings….Oh wait he was one of their best players when they WON THE STANLEY CUP. Best defencemen in these playoffs bar none. Yes Malkin is a great superstar, but Doughty is NO slouch.

    • What, are you serious? I don’t think Pitts would have done that 4 years ago. Where did you hear that?

      • It was legit. It was Malkin for Cammalleri and the 2nd overall pick, which ended up being Doughty

    • No not true, I just looked it up and the Kings traded Cammy before they even drafted Doughty. The only way that would have worked is if they traded Cammy for LA’s 1st (2nd overall), and there is no way Pitts at that time gives up Malkin for Cammy and a first.

  5. If he leaves the Devils and LA is interested… no contest…

    It’s not all about the money for him. It’s about winning…

  6. I’m still calling Parise staying in Jersey… They were literally a couple bounces in the first two games away from a cup.

    Parise knows it, he knows that they brought up a ton of talent this year, and the older guys are pretty replaceable at this time (including Marty, who although has been one of the best… Ever… Is slowing down, his stats are mor than comparable to most NHL goalies the past few years, very pedestrian) .

    Parise won’t go to ny, he’s got more class than that. I can see the blue shirts picking up Nash and screwing up this entire thong they’ve currently got going.

  7. Zach to the Bruins is a possibility if the bruins want to clear some cap space//// according to him he was stated as saying julien was the best coach he ever played for////bruins are a top team dont count them out of this

  8. So the bruins who have probably one of the youngest teams in the NHL and a bright future with Dougherty Hamilton and seguin wouldn’t be a smart choice for parise? Really? The bruins will most likely trade Thomas and put savard on ltr. So that’s roughly 15 million dollars. And PC SAID this morning they can sign a top 3 forward sooo expect the bruins to be in the mix

    • Really, who in their right mind would trade for a head case like Thomas especially when they don’t know if he is playing this year? Oh and the only way you get cap relief from savard being on ltir is if you spend the max. Right now the Bruins have $5.3 mill in cap space and have to re-sign Rask and Pouliot, which will eat up all of that. So NO they won’t be in on Parise.

      • on this site they have said teams will trade for him to make the salary cap floor. which they most likely will, so right there is 5 million gone my friend… read stuff… and they dont need to resign pouliot with ryan spooner and jared knight ready to play. and tuukka will be 3-4 million.so roughly around 2 million, get rid of thomas which they probably will find some way, little over 6.5 to 7 million then savard on ltr will free up 4 million. so 10.5 to 11 million and if they trade any one else which rumors out here have they are looking to get rid of krejci

  9. Dougie* flipping iphone

  10. I am surprised no one mentions Dallas for Parise and Ryan Suter. They are a young team on the brink with a ton of money to spend now that they have an owner willing to spend. Dallas is also a much bigger market then Minnesota and Detroit.

  11. As a Kings fan, I would luv to see Parise in a Kings jersey next season, however the Kings top priority this off-aeason is re-signing Jonathan Quick to a long term contract. His current contract is $1.8 million and expires July 2013.

  12. Eddie, you might be the greatest, just not the most informed. NJ has 2 top goalie prospects in their system.

  13. What about the sabres if you want to talk crazy connections parise is good friends with drew stafford not saying sabres will get him but makes sense he’d be “the guy” and he’s just what buffalo needs they might have to move some salary but can’t count them out with pegula running the show just a thought

  14. I don’t understand everybodys logic when they say “LA has a good chance if parise wants to win cups.” I mean, ya they won the cup, but its not like their team is that much better then a dozen other NHL squads. They got hot at the right time.

    As far as where Parise should sign. Just about every team has cap space to sign him, so aside from Rangers and CBJ he could really go anywhere.

    I wonder if anyone will acquire his rights if he goes unsigned close to july 1st

  15. Surprisingly no one has mentioned Parise going to Nashville.

    I personally think NJ is his first choice, but if that does not work, and Suter resigns (and maybe Weber too)with Nashville, adding Parise is a hell of a team.

    Preds will drop Radulov, one Kostitsyn, and the other perhaps when they can, and when all is said and done still be under the cap and can supplement expiring UFA’s with other UFA’s or their own AHL prospects.

    Having a core of Suter, Weber, Rinne and Parise would be awesome, and such a talented young bunch would only attract better UFA’s going forward, making them real cup contenders. Given their success this year, they have to keep building and moving forward.

    What are your thoughts on this Lyle, am I off the rails?

    • I agree. Why not? Even if Suter gets away I think they still take a shot at Parise. I think Nashville has a little more to build on than Minnesota at the moment.