NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – June 15, 2012.

The latest on Rick Nash, Ryan Suter, Dustin Penner, TJ Oshie, Petr Sykora and more.


Nash trade talks heating up.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports sources claim “as many as seven teams” have had significant talks with Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson regarding winger Rick Nash, while “three or four” other clubs have “kicked the tires” regarding the cost of a trade. Most of the teams interested in Nash are believed to be those who expressed interest prior to this year’s trade deadline. Portzline believes the NY Rangers appear the most likely fit, while San Jose, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Carolina apparently have “considerable interest” in Nash, though the Blue Jackets asking price is believed to be high, perhaps too high according to some GMs.  Their asking price could include “help at Nash’s position at forward”, and doesn’t preclude a defenseman. It’s also believed the Blue Jackets, who interviewed St. Louis Blue president John Davidson for a front office job, won’t be holding up their plans for Nash, the draft or free agency awaiting Davidson’s decision.

TORONTO SUN: The Blue Jackets are reportedly listening to offers for their first round pick (second overall) in next weekend’s NHL entry draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No surprise the interest in Nash has heated up in the last couple of weeks. Expectation is Nash could be moved perhaps a couple of days prior to the entry draft at the earliest. If not, expect his name to hang over the entry draft weekend, with fans holding their breath in anticipation every time league commissioner Gary Bettman says, “We’ve got a trade to announce…” It’s interesting there’s no mention of a goaltender as part of the asking price for Nash, but then again, the Jackets could be considering a separate deal for one. Looks like we’ll be facing an interesting couple of weeks regarding the Jackets.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Ryan Dadoun reports agent Neil Sheehy, who represents Nashville Predators defenseman (and pending UFA) Ryan Suter, denied a report out of Philadelphia claiming his client has provide a list of preferred trade destination to the Predators, and that he didn’t wish to go to an Eastern Conference team. Dadoun also cited a report claiming St. Louis Blues GM Doug Armstrong is interested in talking with winger T.J. Oshie “about something that might have a little bit of term to it”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That should give hope to those Eastern based teams hoping to get into the bidding for his rights if the Predators decide to shop him, or to bid for him if he hits the open market on July 1st. Oshie, meanwhile, is coming off a one-year contract and is a restricted free agent. No word yet as to what kind of term Armstrong has in mind, though “a little bit” could suggest two-three years in length.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley reports Capitals GM George McPhee confirmed UFAs Jeff Halpern and Mike Knuble won’t return next season, but so far no decision has been reached regarding Alexander Semin or Dennis Wideman. The Capitals aren’t expected to get into the bidding for big name UFAs like Ryan Suter or Zach Parise.

NHL.COM: Curtis Zupke reports winger Dustin Penner said the possibility of re-signing with the LA Kings were “pretty good”, adding he’d settle for something different in salary from the $4.25 million per season he made on his current contract.

NJ.COM: Rich Chere reports forward Petr Sykora hopes to re-sign with the Devils.


  1. Blue Jackets senior management should hire Davidson to run everything and fire Howson immediately … why do they want an inept manager like Howson to make crucial decisions like dealing Nash and having the 2nd overall pick? Howson must have dirty pictures of the owner doing something illegal.

  2. lol, agreed. unreal job security

  3. Dustin Penner “Settling for something different from the 4 years @ 4.25 million” Ya, do you think ?
    1-2 years at 2.75 to 3 million TOPS sounds about right.

    • Agreed, but when guys like Hemsky, Ruutu and Jones are getting $4-5 million per year it wouldn’t be surprising to see Penner get the same.

  4. Suter’s wish to stay in the west should be bogus if he wants to go to Detroit who will probably end up in the east.

    • Columbus will go to the East before Detroit does.

  5. Suter is overrated- anybody who overpays for him is nuts.He’s like Boumeester, solid, but not a game changer and if you want that kind of money you better be one.So in that regard looks good on Detroit or whoever overpays for him.

    • Care to provide a bit of support for that statement?

  6. Rick Nash would be a good fit for the Rangers. They need another scorer.

    • Nash would be a good fit on just about any team. Any team with a good center that is.

  7. I heard a rumor on Hockey Buzz (more of a suggestion) with Oshie being involved. It was Oshie and Rattie for Staal and a 1st. I don’t really know what to think of this deal.

    • That would be interesting. Don’t want to see Staal go but Oshie for Staal would be a fairly lateral move, points wise. Rattie had a really good year last year and seems to be progressing well at every level he gets to. Given the lack of depth the Pens have on the wings at almost every level Rattie would be welcomed. If I’m Shero, I’d have to have a cup of coffee to think that one over.

      • Oshie would be a winger along Crosby, and Rattie will be the other when Dupuis goes to free agency after next season. He put up like 140 points last season in the WHL

        • My bad 120 points

          • Yeah, I was thinking Oshie was a center. I don’t catch much of the western games anymore but a couple of years ago there were “attitude” problems with Oshie. Anything on that?

    • Ray Shero aint no fool.

      • That isn’t a bad deal at all. I assume that Shero would try to get more, but that deal is close

    • This is just pure speculation on part of some forum posters. Nothing to this at all…

  8. There is suppose to a large number of GMs on the phones due to the fact so many teams who seem to have many players disgruntled by their present teams and want out, along with team GMs & coaching staffs that want guys out.

    So we may see a few more trades than usual,besides the Nash shift.

  9. Is everyone forgetting that Pittsburgh’s problem is defense? You don’t make that situation better by trading away your best defensive forward.

    • I think that it’s all gonna come down to what Crosby gets and if Martin can come off the books without penalty. If Cros goes for the big money, Staal is gone. If he goes for term than there is a good shot at keeping Staal. If Cros goes for something akin to B Richards (9 yrs 60 mill) but more like 10 yrs 70 mill with first 2-3 years in the 10-12 mill range than averages out over the life of the contract, resigning Staal would be pretty easy. Question is will it pass the NHL approval and would it be insurable.

      • Hockey Night in Canada was reporting long term and big money. 10 years at 90 million plus. I think Crosby wants to be paid more than Ovie and Malkin. If that’s true….bye bye Staal and maybe others too.

        • Oh and no it’s not insurable.

          • Then as a Pens fan, bye Crosby. I understand the whole “concept” of Crosby, but, Malkin is there, Staal is there, Neal is there, Fleury is there. As long as the Pens make an effort to sign him, the fans will still come. If you offer a very good contract, considering his health concerns and he decides to walk away, losing Crosby is not a death knell. Will it hurt, HELL yeah. If you move him prior to July 1st for a good return, you will be WELL paid for that return. Crosby for a 1st line winger, a 1st pair D , high end prospect and a first rounder. Before anyone assumes my allegiance to the team, I was a Pens fan starting in 1990 and still watched when Dick Tarnstrom led the team in scoring. Crosby is an asset nothing more nothing less.

  10. Calgary ships Kippersoff and Moss to Columbus for Nash. Columbus gets a true #1 goalie, one of the best in the league with a young player in Moss and Calgary gets back a forward who can score on most nights. Money works out about the same

    One could only wish

  11. @Jays stop dreaming. First of all, Moss is older than Nash.

    Columbus needs a number 1 goalie or better than Mason and have to plugged holes in top 6 forward. Not many teams can filled both needs in one trade.

  12. just realized that Ottawa could make a pretty good play for Nash with their 15th overall pick, Bishop/Lehner, and some of their young prospects. no?
    CBJ could then swap picks with Toronto and Burke get the potential 1st line centerman the Leafs need.

    Nash coud hit 100pts with Spezza/Turris making room and feeding him the puck.

  13. Kipper has a NMC through 2011-2012, so not sure if that expires July 1 or December 31st. Regardless, if he has to waive it, does anyone think he would do so to go to Columbus?

    • Kippers NMC expired at the end of the season, Calgary can ship him anywhere they want.

  14. I’d like to see the Flames get Rattie but I don’t think we have much that St Louis would want. Still waiting to see them resign Blair Jones, he is a must as I see it. Has what most lack on this team.

    Hey Lyle, what do you see happening with L. Omark outta Edmonton? Is he available and would you take a chance on him? I wonder what it would take to get him…believe he was a forth rounder…

  15. Of course Suter’s agent is not going to rule out 15 teams, or at least say he is. That would eliminate half the bidders in the league. He’s going for max value.

    I am very interested in seeing what the final price will be for Nash. Everyone says its high, but I guess we will have to see who pulls the trigger.

  16. Anyone else think Oshie is overrated? I’d rather see Stewart get his minutes. I was kinda disappointed for Stewart seeing him resign with the Blues.

    • but you don’t think Stewart and his one good year is over rated? hmmm..

  17. Boother: If the Oilers don’t qualify Omark’s rights, he’s a goner. If they do, I daresay they’ll try to move him as early as next week. Don’t expect much back in trade. Maybe a fifth round pick at best.

  18. The Rangers have about 21M in cap space with about 6-7 players to sign. If they get Nash — that makes it about 14M to sign about 5 players…

    They would have about 28M in cap space between Richards, Gaborik, Nash & Lundqvist…

    They would be okay for a few years (if the cap does not go down) until their young players need big raises…

    Nash will make any team better regardless where he goes.

  19. @Lyle, I would hope that if Omark was made available, the Flames would make a pitch and I like to think a fifth rounder cound snatch him up as well. I like his offensive creativety and would love to see him given a chance in Calgary if a deal like that sent him our way. But not for anything under a forth round pick, Cheers.