NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – June 18, 2012.

Updates on Rick Nash, Jonathan Bernier, Derek Roy and more.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the Oilers have until June 25th to tender qualifying offers to nine RFAs (including Sam Gagner, Devan Dubnyk, Cam Barker and  Jeff Petry) or they become UFAs on July 1st. It’s expected they’ll try to trade Linus Omark, rather than qualify his rights…With Zach Parise saying he won’t sign with the NY Rangers, expect them to pursue Rick Nash. He suggests offering Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov, Michael Del Zotto and Derek Stepan as trade bait, along with a first round pick…The Blues signing Chris Stewart to a one-year, $3 million contract could affect the Oilers attempts to re-sign Gagner, as Matheson considers them comparable…The LA Kings might not wish to move backup goalie Jonathan Bernier until they’ve got starter Jonathan Quick, who has one year remaining on his contract, to a new, long-term deal…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Matheson expects the Oilers won’t quality Barker’s rights…I don’t think Stewart’s new contract will have much impact upon Gagner’s negotiations…I can see the Kings hanging onto Bernier for another year.

Could Roy be on the move this week?

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports Sabres GM Darcy Regier has an abundance of draft assets (including two picks in each of the first two rounds) which they could try to parlay for depth at center. Derek Roy is one name being whispered as a possible trade candidate heading into the opening round of this week’s entry draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Roy’s been a frequent fixture in the rumor mill this season, but given his $4 million salary cap hit for next season and declining production, it remains to be seen if a team is willing to take him on

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports not to expect Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher to swing any blockbuster moves at this year’s entry draft akin to the one he made a year ago, when he shipped defenseman Brent Burns to the San Jose Sharks for a package including winger Devin Setoguchi. Among the reasons is the Wild plan to aggressively pursue Devils winger Zach Parise if he becomes a UFA, they don’t have the same kind of “trade bait” as they did a year ago, and they don’t wish to part with their promising young players. Of their established players, Setoguchi could be a trade option but his value is low. Cal Clutterbuck has some upside and 35-year-old Matt Cullen could be available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I could see Setoguchi or Clutterbuck moved, but that’s about it. Fletcher definitely isn’t interested in moving any of his promising young prospects.

ISVESTIA: reports Alexander Radulov’s Russian agent claims his client could be joining CSKA Moscow of the KHL, in part because of the uncertainty over another NHL lockout next season. It’s believed the Nashville Predators, who own his NHL rights, are trying to trade him, feeling perhaps a sense of urgency to do so before he potentially signs with a KHL team.

CHAMPIONAT.COM: reports Radulov’s agent is hinting his client will stay in the NHL.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Will Radulov stay or go? Your guess is as good as his!


  1. If I was La gm, I would not change a thing. The fact that this team finished 8th in regular season was a shock, most had predicted them in top 3. They will probably loose penner, possibly stoll, but they are replaceable, with dept ufa players.

    I personally am so tired of the radulov speculation, (who Cares) even if this guy signs with nhl team he will have one bad season and bolt to khl anyways, Let him go then…

    as for the rangers giving all that up for nash, i think its a bad idea. Not saying nash would not be great in rangers uniform just think Howson’s asking price is way to high.

    Parise is a special player who only comes up for ufa status every few years, but i still think hes going to let the devils decide whether they offer a matching term/money from another team. at the end of the day i still think hes a devil.

    any thoughts?

    • Not sure how the Devils’ financial situation will affect their ability to re-sign Parise. Would love to see him on the Bruins, but don’t expect them to be a serious bidder.

      Those are four players plus a pick for Nash is high in one sense, but none of those players has shown the ability to be a consistent top six forward, and Del Zotto is a #5 dman whose is terrible in his own zone. Great at running the PP, but a turnover machine.

      Mediocre players won’t help Columbus; they’re better off getting only two players and a pick, but players who are good players.

      • DaBroon, I agree with you – I called Dubinsky, Del Zotto, Ansimov or Zuccerello for Nash. I also think Roy can regain his scoring touch – we need to remember that he has scored almost a point a game up until his injury in 2010 and believe that he wasn’t fully recovered at the start of this season which effected his play. The Sabres have some pretty good assets to trade Roy, Vanek, Weber, Sekera, Brennan, Tropp, Adam plus draft picks. I don’t really want them to go after Nash, but I would love to see Staal, Pavelski and Clowe in the Blue and Gold.

        • Well, you won’t be seeing Staal because the Sabres have very little to offer in return … Tyler Myers? That’s about it, and he’s as soft as tissue paper … Pens have more than enough softies as it is now …

          • Van – Pens need D – Sabres have a lot of assets, especially in the D department Leopold, Weber, Sekera, Brennan, Finley Schiestel, and Biega. We also have Adam who would fit very nicely in Pitts along with Roy. You have to be careful because Staal wants to get out from under Crosby and Malkin – he wants to lead his own team. If Crosby goes down – which he is one good hit away from then the team becomes Malkins. Staal can make his mark with the Sabres – they need some leadership.

          • Stastny is the name I’d rather see, Staal’s price would be too high, though I hear Stafford and Parise are very good friends…

  2. @ willyjones

    I’d like to see Penner and Stoll stay, but I suspect that some team will offer them more than the Kings are willing to offer. Stoll was on the third line most of the year, and he’s good enough to be a second line center. There are a host of teams who love guys like Penner.

    Even if they didn’t come back, I think they have Gagne pegged for line 2. They’ve also got Lewis, Nolan and King (the player) who can move up. They also have Toffoli coming out of juniors.

    We’ll see how things play out at the draft.

    • Stoll is in no way a 2nd line centre. 5 points in 20 playoff games, 21 points in 78 games over the season. Stoll is a prototypical 3rd line centre who is tough to play against, but still replaceable.
      LA will be just fine standing pat – or they’ll make a mint by trading Bernier.

      • Stoll is a reasonable 2nd line center. This year he played almost exclusively on the third line. But excluding this year, if you look at his regular season production, he’s not bad. He had over 40 points in each of three years with the Kings.

  3. I don’t think they would be on the list but be interesting if edmonton were to inquire about luongo. He’d provide a lot of stability for a very young promising team. That way they can have more time to decide on dubnyk, who I don’t know whether he will be that starting goalie or not. Omark and the oilers 2nd rounder this year could be a good start.

  4. Yeah, I just don’t see Columbus being interested in anything NYR have to offer. Anisimov, Stepan, and Dubinsky are all dime-a-dozen type hockey players. Serviceable middle-6 forward types of players are always available year in year out via FA. They’re not hard to come by. Also, NY’s first rounder sucks, (28th overall). And although Del Zotto shows promise, defense is the least of the Jacket’s problems. So if you’re Howson, you’re basically trading your franchise player for DelZotto, a crappy 1st rounder, and a few spare parts that you could find anywhere.

    Everyone keeps saying NYR is the best fit for a trade, but I just don’t see it.

  5. If you want a new roaster for Nash – what do you want for Crosby, Malkin, Datsyuk, Sedin twins, Ovechkin, Zetterberg or Stamkos? And you’ll have to remember that Nash wants out! If the price is too high it works it self out via UFA in the end – what did you get then?

    • Nash is one of those special players that come along every now and then. Look at the class of player you put him in. I can see NY offering up Dubinsky, Del Zotto et al for Nash – I don’t see any other team offering up a similar package for him (maybe a two for one) While the Rangers really want Parisi, they will focus on what it takes to get Nash.

    • @Capsfan

      Nash has a long way to go before he’s a UFA.

      As for what they could get in return, consider that Columbus got Jack Johnson and a first round pick from the Kings. One could argue that Nash is a better player, though admittedly he does have a less desirable contract.

      I think it’s safe to say that at the very least Columbus can expect to get a young franchise type player, a first round pick, and additional picks and players.

      The two teams I keep thinking of are the Flyers and Sharks. I know the Sharks said that they wouldn’t part with Couture, but he’s a player that would start he ball rolling.

      Take your pick with the Flyers. They literally have like 5 players that could be a starter.

  6. Who’s going to take a chance on Radulov after seeing what Nashville went through for the last couple of years? If any team actually does, the package offered will be a far cry from what his actual skill set should be valued at.

    • Radulov plays for Radulov and if he isn’t happy with the deal he makes, he bolts. I say let em go or if any team is willing to sign him – you get what you get.

  7. Maybe I’m being too optimistic as a Ranger fan, but I don’t see how Zach Parise “closed the door” on the Rangers, unless I missed something. He stated he wants to resign with the Devils and I think he genuinely wants to, which is why he said “no way” in regard to signing with the Rangers. I find it hard to believe that if the Devs can’t resign him and the Rangers offer him everything he’s looking for and then some, he would turn them down.

    • @Ronnie Ranger Yeah you did miss something Parise was asked if he would ever sign with the Rags he said NO!

  8. I thought the Devils stood a good chance to re-sign Parise…BUT with the announcement today that the NHL maybe taking over the Devils… I would say that chance has gone down substantially.

    If Minny is going after Parise… maybe they should try to trade Heatley before his play further declines. It’s been going down every year.. at least his goal output (which is his best point)… His cap hit is large — but the problem is he controls where he goes…

    Columbus needs goaltending.. maybe that will be in part of any deal for Nash… They were reportedly looking for 5 pieces in for Nash… that’s ridiculous.

    4 more sleeps until the draft.

  9. I enjoyed Steve’s comment about Pavelski and Clowe, as I do think that that could be a possibility. Those draft pics could be mighty tempting for Wilson with a lot of good players available. I know the Sharks need to win now with their core aging and all, but realistically, who are they going to pick up that will put them over the top? Roy, Sam Gagne, Suter? If they got say, Roy, a first and two seconds for those guys, and then traded Nemo for a couple of good third liners, I think the Sharkies would be in as good a shape as any other trade I could see them making…

  10. I don’t think the Sabres will get Staal. If Pitt trades him other teams can and will offer more. Myers for Staal? No way! The Sabres are building their team around Myers.

    IMO Vanek should be on the trade block, Adam should be packaged with picks to get into the top 5 in the draft, and they should pursue Stoll. He’s the kind of player they need. Roy could be part of any trade package, as stated above.

    If they want to become tougher to play against, guys like Vanek, Roy, etc. need to go.

    • If they want to become tougher to play against, then why are they building around Myers?

      • Trade Myers? Umm suspended for crushing a guy at the end of the year. He’s a second year player. He is going to be just as nasty as the other big man in hockey.

        I’m not sure where Darcy will go with this year. He has the opportunity to make a couple of HUGE moves to help the team and get rid of the soft core (like Vanek)

        BTW Sabres head of scouting commented today there is no point going up in the draft. Its a good crop but there is only one or two real superstars that could help Buffalo. So they are not trading up.

        Regier also said that aside form a couple of guys everyone else is available….sounds like a fire sale to me. (looking at what Philly did last year??)

    • Bull, I agree with you – but I don’t rule Bflo out of the Staal race as of yet. We do have a lot of assets (See above) and I think Pitt has the opportunity to pick up some D – which clearly was their weakness as seen during the playoffs. So packaging Vanek or Roy with one or two of our D or even our #1 seems like a pretty good trade.

      • If you are referring to the Pens getting Vanek in a deal for Staal, forget about it. The reason they are trading Staal is because of cap room. They are not going to take on a $7mill salary with Crosby to sign next year.

  11. @Fran
    Actually Parise said he is not answering questions about free agency. He just finished the Stanley Cup Finals and said he wasn’t answering questions about it. Never once did he say he wasn’t interested in signing in NY.

    • Ahhh yes he did, a reporter asked would you ever sign with the Rangers to which he said “No… Dont try to make a headline out of that”

      I think thats coming right out and saying no

    • Yes he did.

  12. Boston is gonna get Parise.
    They will trade Thomas for a bag of pucks to clear his salary.
    They will finally put Savard on LTIR.
    They will move a guy up front to make room for him.
    Maybe Marchand,Krejci,Horton or Lucic.
    That would give them more than enough cap space.
    I think they are really trying to move Krejci to move Seguin to #1 center.

  13. Dave — I’m not a Boston fan and I can tell you that none of those scenarios you posted will ever happen. Thomas will sit out this year; there’s nothing the Bruins can do about it. Savard has been on LTIR since February 2011. Lucic, Krejci and Marchand are three of their best young players and nobody is going to trade for Horton given his concussion history. Four days ago (via NESN), Bruins GM said,

    “But at this point we don’t have any reason to put him to the middle.”

    Read more at: http://www.nesn.com/2012/06/tyler-seguin-staying-at-wing-remains-best-course-for-bruins-after-solidifying-strength-down-middle.html

    So yeah, Seguin isn’t moving to center.

  14. If the Sharks are on Nash’s list, I’d say they have the inside track if willing to part with Niemi, Pavelski and/or Thornton and a 1st rd pick or a D prospect like Petrecki or Doherty. CBJ desperately needs a G, and not many teams are in position to offer an attractive pkg which includes one beside SJ.

  15. Nash to New York is silly. Anyone remember how much Philly gave up to get Eric Lindros?? The Nordiques eventually ended up with Sakic and Forsberg, and ultimately won the Stanley Cup.

  16. Savard wasnt on ltir last season, and they can get rid of timmy to teams who need to reach the cap floor.

    and they’re looking to trade krejci because he will never live up to the 5.2 million cap hit has with us… so dont be surprise if the bruins make moves July 1st..

  17. Big things brewing in calgary, I am hearing Iggy for Jordan Stall and Jaybo for JVR, thoughts?