NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – June 19, 2012.

Updates on pending UFA prospect Justin Schultz, Jaromir Jagr, and Josh Harding, as well as the latest on the Bruins and Sabres.

DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports the Red Wings and “about a dozen other teams” are believed extremely interested in Anaheim Ducks prospect defenseman Justin Schultz,  who has gone unsigned and could be an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens reports Ducks GM Bob Murray has nothing new to update regarding Schultz’s position, other than expressing his disappointment over the contract stalemate with the young blueliner. The Ducks have until Sunday to re-sign Schultz or he becomes eligible for UFA status, and his recent stance has left the Ducks management flabbergasted.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For whatever reason, Schultz no longer wants to be part of the Ducks organization, and will seek the best offer as an unrestricted free agent. The kid comes with a lot of promise, but it would be wise for GMs interested in him to be careful not to overpay for his services, lest they end up with an expensive bust on their hands. Then again, NHL GMs aren’t exactly renowned for their caution, especially when it comes to signing UFAs.

Will Jagr return to the Flyers?

CSNPHILLY.COM: Sarah Baicker reports Flyers GM Paul Holmgren believes there’s a 50/50 chance Jaromir Jagr re-signs with the Flyers. He’s eligible for UFA status on July 1st.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Media and blogger consensus suggests Jagr’s a goner, but he could test the market first for better offers, and if they’re lacking, return to the Flyers.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports Minnesota Wild pending UFA goalie Josh Harding would like to remain with the club and is seeking a multi-year deal. Harding’s goal is to be a number one goalie, and with Niklas Backstrom turning 35 next season and heading into the final year of his contract, a long-term deal could position Harding to take over as their starter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Harding’s lengthy injury history could make the Wild hesitant to consider that option. Considering the lack of depth in this year’s UFA market for goalies, and the uncertainty over the next CBA and who could be available next summer, one shouldn’t fully dismiss the possibility of the Wild retaining Harding on, say, a two-year contract.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports the Boston Bruins are in the market for a “Mark Recchi-type” winger. GM Peter Chiarelli will look at the UFA market and could explore the secondary trade market in early July. Haggerty doubts the  Bruins will be in the market for Columbus Blue Jackets winger Rick Nash.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Disregard the speculation linking the Bruins to Nash. Chiarelli wouldn’t wish to part with what will be an expensive asking price for him.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington reports Sabres GM Darcy Regier is “working the phones”, possibly trying to package one or more of his four picks in the top two rounds of this year’s entry draft to bring in NHL-level talent. Harrington notes the two biggest names in the trade market are Columbus’ Rick Nash and Pittsburgh’s Jordan Staal, and feels the latter would be a better fit for the Sabres. The Sabres are believed to be shopping center Derek Roy.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Regier won’t make a trade simply for the sake of doing so, but with those draft picks, I wouldn’t be surprised if he swings a deal for an established player by this weekend, though it remains to be seen if it’s Nash or Staal. I don’t believe Nash is on Regier’s radar, and Penguins management insists they want to re-sign Staal.


  1. “be careful not to overpay for his services, lest they end up with an expensive bust on their hands.”

    Can’t teams only offer him a 2-year ELC? How would they overpay for Schultz?

    • No. His ELC rights will be expired. That is why he is going to be a UFA. That is the loop hole in the CBA with College bound players.

      • That is incorrect. All the loophole does is free Schultz of being bound to sign with the Ducks until he’s 27. It does make him a UFA but he still has to sign an entry level deal.

  2. with all the dmen getting locked up early i hope the Canucks bring back Salo. he was one of their best dmen and remarkably durable (until Marchand’s incredibly dirty cheap shot), not sure he’d give the kind of discount they got last year but i’m sure there’s a number that would work for both sides. as far as depth dmen go someone like Matt Carkner comes to mind for those games where teams try to take liberties.

    • And Sami salo did that to Marchand in the playoffs and mason Raymond sooo pay back sucks? Stop complaining about it. It wasn’t as bad as randy jones destroying bergerons head or Matt Cooke ending Marc savard’s career.

  3. Harding will go to the open market and look for a starting job, should there be nothing out there, he will likely resign with the Wild.

    Every team will make a offer to Schultz I am sure. He is going to go for the money, but also for the opportunity to play minutes.

    Jagr I can see coming back if the money offers are similar to the Flyers offer.

    • This goes out to Lyle too…

      Shultz isn’t going for the money. He can only sign a league mandated ELC, which top value is around $900,000 for a minimum of 2 years. GUARANTEED Anahiem has offered that. There is something else.

      • True on the 925k base salary. But he will likely max out on the bonus side also. So he is looking to get the best situation where he can earn them.

        • Like Innovator said, at one point Bozak was on an ELC when signing with the leafs, but easily attainable bonuses have earned him roughly 3mil a year on that entry level deal.

          so with a little work, Schultz could be bought.

          • I’m sure the Ducks have offered him the money to stay, so to me it seems like there is a specific team he wants to play for.

  4. The Rick Nash mention is interesting. He and Thomas Vanek are almost identical on the stat line, but I don’t believe them to be of equal trade value. Vanek and a prospect or pick though? That could be interesting.

    It still wouldn’t help the Sabres with their void at center, but the dual changes in scenery could make for two happier clubs as well as players.

    Let the dealing begin!

    • I would hope the Sabres don’t get involved in the Nash Derby. I think he’ll end up with the Rangers. I would rather Darcy work something out with the Pens – Roy,a couple of D-men or a D-man and draft pick for Staal. Bflo has some really good assets – Roy, Vanek, Adam, Tropp, Leopold, Sekera, Weber, Brennan,Finley and Biega plus 2 #1 picks.

      • Agree, Nash isn’t what they need. IF Staal were available (and I don’t believe he is) they would make a pitch for sure. If he were available I couldn’t see Shero taking back Vanek and Roy unless he got out from under Martin and Michalek in the deal.

        Anyways, Sabers will go after centers whether they trade, draft or both. I could see them drafting 2 in the first round or even trading up.

  5. Hey Spector, have you heard anything about the bruins shopping krejci? Because out here the sports radio constantly brings up he will be traded and I can see it happening to.

  6. Matt: It’s been mentioned a few times, or rather, suggested by some in the Boston media. I can tell you Krejci hasn’t been mentioned anywhere else. That doesn’t mean he won’t get moved, but it doesn’t sound like he’s on anyone’s radar.

  7. Where Schultz goes isn’t dependent on money at all. He will get the max ELC amount. It will depend on where he has the best opportunity to succeed. That’s why Edmonton is always at the forefront of Schultz rumors. They lack a puck-moving right hand D man and the opportunity to play on the PP with Hall, RNH and Eberle has to be enticing. I’d say he lands in Edmonton or Detroit.

  8. Still crying about Marchand.
    Have you seen how Horton is doing.
    Pretty much career over.

    • Whats with Boston and Big Name Concussions? Savard, Horton…I’m a leafs Fan and i would love to see boston lose…but not this way. those two names are a tough pill to swallow. Doesn’t Bergeron also have Concussion problems from a big hit at one point?

      Bad luck.

      • “[Horton] was in last week as well and is close to being cleared. He’s starting some exertion exercises,” Chiarelli said. “But he looked great and there should be no problems [being ready for next season].”(rotoworld.com) Jun 15 says Peter Chirarelli. So in other words, all is well for horton, lest he get concussed again. savard, by popular consensus, will be on the LTIR list.

    • Wake up Dave, do a little research on the interweb before opening your mouth please.

      “[Horton] was in last week as well and is close to being cleared. He’s starting some exertion exercises,” Chiarelli said. “But he looked great and there should be no problems [being ready for next season].” Jun 15 – 10:29 AM

  9. As for Schultz… It will be interesting to see where he goes.

    If he goes where he has friends it will be the Rangers or the Leafs. But will he play in the NHL right away. Both teams have a lot of defenseman. Does this guy come in and jump some of them?

    If he wants to play close to home it’s Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton… Now in Calgary and Edmonton he has a chance to play in the NHL…

    • If he ends up with the leafs I expect forsure 1 of gunnerson, franson or liles to be traded, maybe 2 of them.
      It would be nice to get rid of komesarek but who is going to take him.

      • I might be the only canuck fan that thinks Komi would be good on our blue line. Salary a bit high, but he could have a resurgence and be a decent punishing shutdown D-man surrounded by the type of offensive D van has.

  10. Interesting buffalo is mentioned with nash. I was thinking the sabres have a good back up goalie who could potentially be a #1 starter and with Roy and Vaneks name constantly being mentioned in trade rumours they do have the pieces to get that done.

  11. Harding just resigned with minn

  12. I see some people speculating about a trade for Staal to Sabers. Unless Staal wants moved Shero will not move him. He doesn’t want to nor does he have to. Now maybe after the coming season something changes like Staal wants out, wants more money than they can afford or doesn’t intend to resign, then Shero will move him. Point being I don’t see any reason what so ever Shero would trade Staal this year.

  13. Jagr is going to pimp himself around a bit. Would anyone expect less?

    Sounds like this Schultz kid wants to take advantage of being able to call the shots. I can’t blame him.

    Maybe Knubble signs with Boston if Rolston isn’t brought back. I could see Knubble signing with the Sharks too provide some sorely needed leadership.