NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – June 21, 2012.

With the NHL 2012 Entry Draft only a day away, here’s the latest on Zach Parise, Jaromir Jagr, James van Riemsdyk, Evander Kane, Patrick Kane and more. Enjoy!

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports New Jersey Devils star and Minnesota native Zach Parise isn’t tipping his hand as to his future plans. Parise is eligible for UFA status on July 1st, and it’s expected the Minnesota Wild could be among the bidders for his services.Russo also reported Wild GM Chuck Fletcher continues to keep his options (including trades) open, but knows the price would be high to trade for expensive, big name players. Columbus’ Rick Nash, Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan, Philadelphia’s James van Riemsdyk, Calgary’s Jay Bouwmeester and Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo are among those believed available in this summer’s trade market. Fletcher may not have the assets to part with to acquire a star.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fletcher repeatedly states he won’t part with any of his promising prospects, which is the only area of strength from which he might draw upon if he were to look into a trade for a major star. Last summer, he had Brent Burns and Martin Havlat to shop. This year, he’s got a fading Dany Heatley and a struggling Devin Setoguchi , and he doesn’t intend to move Mikko Koivu or Niklas Backstrom. If Fletcher makes any significant moves this summer, I expect it’ll be for a big name free agent like Parise.

CALGARY HERALD/CALGARY SUN: reported on recent speculation linking Jaromir Jagr to the Flames, who recently signed center Roman Cervenka, Jagr’s former KHL linemate. The Herald’s George Johnson suggested Jagr might be the Flames only affordable option to bring in a notable player, though his age (40) and declining speed wouldn’t make him a good addition for a team in need of youth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No word if the Flames would be serious about pursuing Jagr, who’ll be a UFA on July 1st, though of course management can’t comment as it would be considered tampering. Still, if the Flames were to sign Jagr, even on a one-year deal, it would hardly be the kind of boost they need. The Flames have one of the oldest rosters in the league, so bringing in Jagr doesn’t help them get younger and faster, let alone become a playoff contender.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli believes the Flyers blueline corps is due for an overhaul, with or without an injured Chris Pronger, whose post-concussion symptoms could keep him out of the lineup to start next season. 37-year-old Kimmo Timonen is coming off back surgery, while Matt Carle could be lost to free agency on July 1st.  The free agent options (Ryan Suter, Jason Garrison, Dennis Wideman) are expensive.

Is “JVR” willing to go to Columbus?

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Michael Araces reports the Blue Jackets need a goaltending upgrade, but the available options are thin. The best UFA options are Scott Clemmensen, Martin Biron, Chris Mason and Jonas Gustavsson. Trade options include Roberto Luongo, Jonathan Bernier and Sergei Bobrovsky, but Luongo comes with an expensive contract (and NTC) while Bernier and Bobrovsky have yet to prove themselves as NHL starters.

Arace’s colleague Aaron Portzline reported via Twitter “Have it on good authority #Flyers James van Riemsdyk would be more than willing to come to #CBJ if such a trade came to pass.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Here comes the “van Riemsdyk and Bobrovsky and other pieces to Columbus for Rick Nash and Jack Johnson” rumors. Just because van Riemsdyk reportedly wouldn’t object to being dealt to Columbus (and we’ve yet to hear from him about it) doesn’t mean he’ll be going there. Besides, I don’t believe the Flyers and Blue Jackets have the pieces to suitably address their respective needs. The Flyers must improve their defense corp, and the Jackets aren’t about to part with Johnson, or James Wisniewski or Fedor Tyutin. Bobrovsky still hasn’t fully proven himself an NHL starter, so I doubt he provides the Jackets with the quality goaltending they’ve lacked forever. As for Carle, I still believe the Flyers will re-sign him on July 1.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger reports Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff has met with Evander Kane’s representatives this week and dismissed rumors of Kane’s unhappiness with the Jets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Dreger noted earlier in the week, the rumor of Kane’s unhappiness was “garbage”. He’ll be re-signed to a multi-year deal.

TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan believes Maple Leafs management must go the trade route if they’re to improve the roster. Koshan believes Luke Schenn will remain the topic of trade rumors until the day he’s dealt, and wondered if teams in need of reaching the cap floor might have interest in Matt Lombardi, Clarke MacArthur and Colby Armstrong, who have one year remaining on their respective contracts. He doubts Mike Komisarek and Tim Connolly will be moved, because of their contracts.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The bigger question is, will Brian Burke somehow find a quality starting goalie and depth at center, when he doesn’t have much to offer up, and there aren’t many available options? The next two weeks will tell the tale.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Steve Rosenbloom hopes Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman intends to do more to improve his roster than merely making “minor tweaks here and there”. Rosenbloom believes the Blackhawks need a top-six forward, preferably a second line center, a role Patrick Kane isn’t suited for, suggesting Kane “is better as trade bait than a legitimate number two center”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rosenbloom isn’t a fan of Kane so no surprise he’s stumping for him to be dealt, which I don’t believe the Blackhawks will do. That being said, his point about their need for a second line center is a good one, and he’s right when he says it will need more than tweaking to address.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika thinks the Stars management have interest in Zach Parise, Ryan Suter and Rick Nash, but suggest the price (especially for the latter two) could be too high, while the Stars could be far down those players’ lists of preferred destinations, if they’re on the list at all.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect the Stars will make some moves to improve their roster, but doubt they’ll be in the running for Parise, Suter or Nash.


  1. If Minnesota could land Parise, they’d be a #1 Dman away from a contender. He’d give them responsible offence, something they’ve got loads of already.

    • Parise is signing with Toronto on July 1st, and I can guarantee it.

      • Nice one, Kreskin.

      • lol

      • Yeah right both Parise and Suter have stated there not intrested in playing in Canada and if they leave there teams they want to play for a Midwestern team.

    • He’s coming home. It’s where he belongs. MINNESOTA BOUND!

      • He wants to play for a winner not a loser!!

  2. The suspense is killing me, just what will Bob Murray do that will screw up the Ducks even more.

    • I’m shaking in my boots here over the same thing…

      I have a feeling the implosion will begin Friday afternoon… I don’t like the season-ling rumours about Burke sniffing around….

      Do the Ducks want to draft #5 and #6? This would be a good year to load-up on high-end defenseman to go with Fowler… but at what cost?

      • If you are trying to load up this year and get the #5 it would cost Hiller or Bobby Ryan. I think the rumors on Bobby are false as usual. But that doenst mean I am not worried about Bob making a move that would irritate the hell out of me

        • You might be on to something here. A deal centered around Hiller and TO’s 5th overall.

    • If Bob Murray doesn’t have a real good idea on the possibility of re-signing Getlzaf or Perry, the Ducks are in trouble. If I’m the Ducks GM, there is no way I’m going into next season without Getzlaf or Perry under an extension.

  3. I could see the Flyers pulling off a trade with the Jackets and in the process, unloading Bryzgalov. Think about it, the Flyers fans don’t really like him, apparently he’s not to crazy about playing in Philly, and the Jackets need a proven goaltender. Bryzgalov plays better on a team with less pressure, in my opinion, it would be the best solution for both teams.

    Rick Nash

    Something along those lines…

    • If Philly expects CBJ to take Bryzgalov they will probably have to sweeten the pot by including a young player like Schenn.

      • You guys are out of your minds,Nash is not worth bryz,jvr a 1st and schenn.

  4. I beleive the Hawks would be very foolish to trade Kane. Ditto with the Jets.

    I do think the Flyers will be in on the Nash deal. Yes, they have to sign Giroux to a long term deal in a couple of years, but at that point will be able to move Briere who has a $6.5M cap hit and will be owed $2M cash. This will give them the flexibility to make the moves they need. I don’t beleive that Schenn or Couturier will be a part of this deal as both of those players are key building blocks of the future. JVR+ sure…. the Flyers do have other prospects as well.

    Jagr is not going to go to Calgary to hang out with his buddy… lets get real here. He is going to want to play on a team with a real chance to win. I see Detroit as a really good fit. He will be fairly cheap on a one year deal, they have tons of cap space, and could use his size and skill in their lineup… this owuld also not preclude them from going hard after Parise and Suter (who I think will both sign there) on long term deals.

    Thanks, Terry Koshan for informing us that the Leafs need to trade to fill their bigest needs. No kidding. I still don’t think they should trade Luke Schenn unless they get back “The Piece” they are looking for. In the playoffs, a big, strong, tough, shot-blocking D-man are a very, very valuable commodity (Girardi, Volchenkov etc) . The kid has been in the league for only a few seasons and is still very young.

    • Any thoughts on Jagr to Ottawa for a year? He could get first line minutes with Spezza and Michalek but could also be rested on occasion and limited to 60 gamesish in the reg season to keep him fresh. This would also allow some of the prospects a shot on the first line in limited capacities as well as another great vet to learn from for a year. It would cost nothing in terms of assets vs. the bounty being offered for the overpaid Nash.

    • @NikK

      I agree with your Jagr to Detroit comment. Detroit has a way of taking veteran players and putting them in the perfect role. That is what they did with Bertuzzi. In the right scenario, I could see Jagr being very productive.

  5. JayBo will not be expensive to aquire. He won’t cost a bag of donuts…but to put him on the same paragraph as the other expensive trade options is wrong. If Fletcher wants him I’m sure it’ll cost a second rounder and a prospect.

    I’m starting to think that unless Van lowers it’s asking price for Luongo, BB will go with Biron or Clemmenson for a year. Luongo would be an upgrade for sure, but the cost of taking on such a contract should be for Gillis to take a salary dump back.

    Dallas or Minny should consider Semin if they want a cheaper aquisition. He gets a bad rep, but for the offence he creates he could be a steal at 5 mil a season.

    • Durt – what about Justin Peters – he looked pretty good in the games I saw him play for Carolina. Or Al Montoya – he has looked good, especially playing for a team that really doesn’t have much D. Burke could also make an offer or trade for Pavelec. Although I have to agree with Spector that “he doesn’t have much to offer up”

      • I really like Montoya. I would be very happy if BB picked him up, but I’m going on Burkes word here. He’s said time and again that he’s looking for an affordable vet or else he’ll go with Reimer/Scrivens for the first part of the season. I’d personally like Montoya on a two year deal so it would give Scrivens a couple of years of seasoning while we would have time to decide between Riemer/Montoya. But Scrivens isn’t waiver exempt so he’s vulnurable if we call him up.

  6. Hey if you want him to screw the Ducks up even more just send him a note to send Hiller and Getzlaf to the Leafs….lol

  7. It’s clear to me that the flyers would have to send JVR and Couturier to acquire Nash. As much as I would love to see a Giroux/Nash duo, it would be very hard for the Flyers to make a “responsible” offer. Although, if they could make a pitch for Johnson himself, it would be more feasible than an offer sheet to Shea Weber IMHO. Too many draft picks to lose, he could call for 7-8 million.

  8. To: Dumassdoorman
    Why would you think that getting Duck players who finished 25th in NHL is going to help the leafs who finished 26th ?
    What’s the goal for next years draft #6 instead of #5 ?

    • Alford, because I can truely say I would prefer Getzlaf and Hiller to Bozak and Reimer

      • Me too but I think we can get more else where.
        But not to worry, Murray doesn’t have the guts to make a major trade

  9. I’d say Columbus should try and get JVR out of philly for their second overall pick and maybe something else thrown in. Columbus adds a 1st line winger and still has Nash to trade. Philly trades a big salary from an overflowing offense in order to start their much needed defensive overhaul by getting the pick of the litter in this year’s defenseman heavy draft (assuming Murray doesn’t go first overall).

  10. Jagr sucks lol

  11. I bet if Minny lands Parise.. they will try to move out Heatley. I don’t know if every year he has to give so many teams he will accept a trade to or not?

    I thought the Leafs had a good young stable of defenseman and it’s been rumoured they will get Schultz. I don’t see why they would get another one.

    I think Jagr goes to Detroit or Mtl…

    If Bobby Ryan is on the trade market.. and the Ducks reportedly want prospects/picks in return.. maybe making room for both Getzlaf & Perry.

    While I understand the fans of various teams in search of scoring are all over the Rick Nash bandwagon, but to me personally the price seems way too high for basically a 30+ goal and a 60 to 70 points a year guy. I am sure that better hockey minds than mine will be able to explain it but come on, almost 8 million dollars a year for 30 some odd goals. If that were the case then Phil Kessel of the Leafs should be in the $8 to $9 mil range and Malkin should be making $10 mil plus, not to mention what Sidney should be getting. 
    Whoever takes on Nash’s contract is gambling and gambling large. I would rather get three 20 goal men for less than $8 mil.
    I am sure that there are a number of desperate teams willing to overpay but as far as dollars and cents go, it doesn’t make sense.

  13. I thin kthe real question is how do we lure Unlce Lou out of NJ and offer him a sweet deal plus a retirement in Anaheim?
    Wishful thinking… but this team is going down the toilet.

    I’ve even thought about the benefits to trading Ryan, Getzlaf, Perry, and Hiller for as much as possible to rebuild over the next 2 years…. It’s not such a bad idea. You’d get back an absolute boatload of young Hig-End talent and High draft choices.

  14. I wouldn’t be surprised that Bobby Ryan is available and does get moved. He isn’t highly motivated has some baggage (why else would his name keep cropping up). He was like that in junior in Owen Sound and probably hasn’t quite matured yet.
    As for the Loungo to the Leafs advocates… review the tape this past season when he was letting games slip for Vancouver. How many games did he get pulled from this season? Take the stanley cup glasses off and recognize a goalie that used to be great but is showing a little wear.

  15. I really hope those Bobby Ryan rumors aren’t true for Duck fans. The guy is a super star. The only reason..ONLY reason he was drafted #2 was because of some “kid” that draft year. Any other year he’d have been a number 1. You build your team around this dude, you don’t even let rumors swirl that he’s being shopped.

    dumb dumb dumb

  16. NikK
    That’s what I’m for. Lou L would be just the ticket for us.
    As far as rebuild is concerned for a “small market” team that’s the way to go. Build with kids, worked for Kings, St Louis, even Boston to some extent. and yes, Ducks are a small market team who cannot spend to cap limit each year.
    Start now as UFA market is very thin and getting thinner by the day, and why over pay for players that are not all that good. ( not referring to Sutter or Praise)

    • Hey Alforducks

      What is your thoughts on Getlaf, Ryan or Hiller coming to the Leafs with Carlyle now coaching after getting run out of town by the poor performance of all these guys mentioned here? I would think Carlyle would have something to say about aquiring guys that he couldn’t get to compete last year. Were any of these guys in his dog house during their slump and were any of them used even more so during the same slump? That might be a tell tale sign that they would or would not be welcomed by Carlyle and therefore Burke.

      • Beergoggles
        Carlyle was rough and impatient with Ryan.
        I don’t think Ryan would like this.
        By the way I don’t think Lupul is thrilled by Carlyle being Leafs coach either as he showed NO patients with him when he returned after a year off with a back problem. Lastly don’t expect Gardiner to catch a break from Carlyle either as he is not very physical which is really important to Carlyle. Should be interesting year in Toronto. Keep in mind that Leafs imploded when Carlyle took over, he’s a rough customer to deal with. Actually I think that Hiller would make a great addition to Leafs but Ducks have no one to step in and, in less Ducks plan to blow up and rebuild it won’t happen.

        • alforducks to set the record straight, the Leafs imploded before Carlyle arrived in Toronto not after… All the “soft” players had no problems with Carlyle and I don’t except there to be.

          • Ron

            His record with leafs was 6 wins 9 loses
            and 3 OTL -I don’t call that a turn around. Yea, he may have been nice but he was also evaluating players and after watching him here in Anaheim you can expect him to be rough, really tough on the players.

          • I have to agree the Leafs began their implosion way before Carlyle.

    • I would have to figure the Ducks GM will be looking for some major compensation from Burke if he was to offer up Getlaf, Ryan or Hiller after loosing Gardiner, Lupul and possibly Schultz to the Leafs.

      • If Ryan, Getz, Perry, Hiller get traded I’d venture to say (Sure I love the Ducks, but these deals are all win/win and make sense on both sides):

        Getzlaf to Montreal for #3 pick, a high end D prospect (Beaulieu or Tinordi), and Gallagher

        Perry to Pitsburgh for J.Staal and Pit 1st.

        Ryan to Boston for Hamilton, another prospect, Bos 1st.

        Hiller to Toronto for Reimer, Kadri, Franson, 2nd pick

        • NikK

          Do like the Getzlaf one, tired of watching him float around. He is one they can get a lot for and I would take it now as he is working on last year of his contract.

        • All of the above Ducks are over-valued in those deals …

        • Hello ekland is that you?

        • Who are the Ducks going to replace Hiller with… Reimer?? The Ducks will end up last in the league this year if that’s the case.

      • BG why would you think that? No one thought Lupul would be more than a point-per-game player nor think Gardiner would be as good as he was… remember in the case of both players, too small of a sample size to declare either players gold. They both performed above perceived value so I don’t think Burke fleeced or skinned the Ducks but I’m sure Burke will make good on their next transaction.

        • That’s what I was thinking. Burke will have to make good especially if he signs Schultz.

        • Ed is so right. The Ducks are hugely over valued in those trades.
          The Staal deal makes me chuckle.

  17. Captain ahab
    Totally agree with you.I see no reason any gm would take on that salary and give up a bunch of players,prospects and picks.
    I’m a Bruins fan and hope they stay out of the bidding.
    I would grab 2,4-5 mil dollar players.
    Krejci,Seguin,lucic and Bergeron all had more points than Nash.
    They also play on a defensive minded team.

  18. Given the depth of their prospect pool, I wouldnt be in any rush to overpay for a UFA if I was Minnesota. Get a couple of the prospects in the lineup for a year and then tinker.

    Its actually sad to continue to watch the Flames make irresponsible move after move. Someone needs to get John Davidson in there before its too late. I am a fan of Jagr, but he is a supplemental player, not a headliner anymore. And thats one less roster spot for a younger player.

    I’ve said it before, but I think Burke has burned too many bridges in his feuds and verbal sparring with teams and GMs. I dont see him making any deals without getting fleeced, I am surprised if any teams show interest in anything other than the #5 pick or Gardiner.

    I wouldnt be surprised if the Blackhawks were involved in a blockbuster involving Kane or Hjalmerson. There seems to be a desire to shake the roster up.

  19. Hey Dave:
    Thanks for the vote of confidence regarding my opinion of the Nash hysteria, and I would take a player like Lucic in a heartbeat over someone like Nash. If given the opportunity I would jump all over Seguin also if ever he became available, even before Nash. As a Canuck fan, but not a big fan of Luongo, I still view him as a great goaltender and as for how many games he was pulled from…I would like the person who posted that question to look up how many games he personally stole and won for a team that quite a lot of the time was scoring between one and two goals per game and still the Canucks came out on the winning side. A team does not win the Presidents trophy twice in a row with average or even slightly above average goaltending. The puck stoppers in Vancouver are both world class and while I would like to see Luongo playing elsewhere, mainly because of the teams need for cap space to bring in better players in front of the net, I still believe he will backstop his next team to not only a playoff position but also going farther than they expected.
    The Canucks didn’t lose out in the first round this year because of their goaltending issues but rather their lack of scoring.
    While I don’t see Luongo going to the Leafs, if by chance he did can you imagine how good the Leafs would be if they had a goalie who could not only steal them a few games but give the team confidence in net. They wouldn’t have to change anything other than get Luongo as the goalie to make the playoffs. Again just imagine where they could go with the addition of one or two more good players. Playoff drought over.
    Anyway, with the draft tomorrow and Saturday we can all look forward to what the weekend holds for our teams as well as the seemingly long awaited upcoming season.

  20. TSN just reported Jordan Staal turned down a 10yr $60million extension and says he won’t sign. Pens need to move him for a scoring wing for Crosby or a shutdown d-man, don’t really see us getting much more because he only has one year left. Toronto how bad do you want him??

    • Which scoring winger do you want not named Kessel? Hell Toronto will take your over paid under preforming cap killer contracts too… I guess its all about if Staal would re-sign an extension in Toronto first.

      • That’s the same tune every team is singing when it comes to Staal.

        Is he going to be and done?

  21. Captain Ahab
    I am not saying that Luongo doesn’t still have some game left but you have to admit he isn’t the goalie he used to be. Vancouver has never had the overall depth type team that they do now, that is what is winning them the Presidents trophy. He may well help a team in the short term but I predict his play will continue to fall off and the Leafs don’t need another long term veteran on the down side of his career.

  22. haha Eklund from hockeybuzz? there will be no big trade before the draft its all hype. since these rumours are just predictions heres mine haha Montreal trades gomez for mary rotten crauch of the khl then trades the 3rd overall and price for luongo and kessler