NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – June 25, 2012.

Latest on Ryan Suter, Roberto Luongo, and Justin Schultz.

STARTRIBUNE.COM/PIONEER PRESS: Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher will face stiff competition if he intends (as rumored) to pursue New Jersey’s Zach Parise and Nashville’s Ryan Suter via free agency, which begins next Sunday. Though the Wild will have plenty of cap space to spend, they’ll have to out-bid teams like Pittsburgh, Detroit and the NY Rangers. If they fail to land either guy, they could be forced to make short-term free agent signings elsewhere, or perhaps turn to the trade market.

Would Suter prefer to play for Western Conference teams?

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper suggests Suter is” a midwest guy, who likes the anonymity of playing in Nashville. The laid-back nature of playing a majority of games in  Western Conference markets — many of which aren’t nearly as rabid as Eastern Conference teams — fits his personality.”

ESPN CHICAGO: Jesse Rogers suggests if the Blackhawks intend to pursue Suter, they’d better have a backup plan if they lose out in the bidding for his services on July 1. Florida Panthers blueliner Jason Garrison could be worth keeping an eye on.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can the Wild hope to compete against the star-studded Penguins, Red Wings and Rangers for Suter’s services. Does being a “midwest guy” give the Wild the edge? Can the Predators re-sign him? Would Chicago be a better destination? We’ll know for sure at some point next week. I expect Suter will field offers, and then give the Predators the chance to match or beat the best one.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL/NATIONAL POST: Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke still has holes to fill in his roster, notable at center and in goal, the latter of which he might address by trying to pry Roberto Luongo out of Vancouver.

VANCOUVER SUN: Iain MacIntyre cites the Maple Leafs and Florida Panthers as the leading suitors for Luongo, but for Canucks GM Mike Gillis, it’s about trying to find the right return.

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov reports Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon calls reports of his interest in Luongo to be “pure speculation”.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: James O’Brien cites a report suggesting the Chicago Blackhawks may have interest in landing Luongo.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Canucks GM Mike Gillis merely wanted to dump Luongo’s salary, he’d have made the move by now. He obviously wants to get a good return, which is why he’s not rushing to ship him out. Remember, the Canucks are allowed to go over the cap ceiling by ten percent during the off-season, provided they’re under the ceiling (whatever it may be under the next CBA) by the start of next season (whenever that may be), so he has time on his side. If the Blackhawks are interested in Luongo, that would be a significant change in their mindset, as they’ve stubbornly stuck by Corey Crawford and re-signed Ray Emery to a one-year extension.

CBC.CA: reports NHL teams are ready to woo former Anaheim Ducks prospect defenseman Justin Schultz, who is now eligible to become a UFA on July 1.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports the Flyers are expected to be among the bidders for Schultz.


  1. Heard today that schultz had trouble with carlyle in anaheim, so that might scratch toronto off his list.

    • I don’t see how that could be true since Schultz has never played for the Ducks and has been in Wisconsin for the past 3 years. Unless the rumour says he had a problem with him during rookie training camp which doesn’t make much sense either.

      • Ya makes sense. I guess they really wouldn’t of had much interaction. But just what I heard, probably just another reporter trying to make something out of nothing.
        Regarding his signing. He is a free agent now, but can’t sign until july 1st. But is he aloud to talk to teams now? His situation is confusing and you hear conflicting reports

        • I heard the same thing. He became a UFA on yesterday but can’t actually sign until July 1st when the UFA market opens. So he can do his negociations and the agreement can be drawn up but he can’t actually sign it until July 1.

    • Shultz has a problem with his EGO. Not Carlyle. I think a lot of players on the team he signs with are going to have issues with his antics. But, he is suppoese to be good, and I wish him the best. I just hope Ryan Getzlaf puts him through the glass when he is on the forecheck. Ala Keith Ballard style from a few years back

      • Hopefully that happens in practice when they are both playing for the Leafs. lol

        If your ducks move Ryan I figure you would like to see them dismantle the remaining value parts (ie Getzlaf, Hiller, Perry) and and rebuild??

  2. Luongo asking price this moment is to high, Burke or Talon can wait till the season becomes closer, and get him for a lot less, while gillis will be sweating, because hes got to get Schneider signed to a new deal and will have closer to 10 million in cap hit between the pipes with the 2.

    as for Schultz would like to see him sign with leafs but I am sure every team is pitching for him. Heard today his agent is saying teams half to guarantee him a roster spot for next year though which may have a few team turning away from the young ufa d-man?

  3. Heard today that Schultz will sign in Edmonton once July 1 comes.Feels it’s his best chance to play in all situations.

  4. Justin Schultz should sign with the Blues. That way he’ll join Jaden Schwartz, and this years draft pick Jordan Schmaltz.

    I mean c’mon! Won’t it be fun to listen to the St. Louis commentators try to figure this all out?

    • Gillis should wait for TO to get into a slump and the fans start chanting for BB to be fired. Than Gillis will have a pick of who ever he wants off of TO’s roster.
      The same goes for Tampa as Lindback is not a proven goalie.
      Florida is in a better position but if they want to go further into the playoffs Luongo is there guy.
      It amazes me how the media continues to mislead the public about Luongos contract. Luongos contract is 5 mil for the next 6 years and after that it drops down to 1 mil. At that time he can be bought out very very cheap or he’ll retire. When and if he gets bought out his last 3-4 years at 1 mil is the amount that goes against the cap NOT the 5 mil the media is projecting. Remember the contact was all front loaded.
      I dont hear anything in the media about Bryzgalov so Luongo’s contact must not be that bad.
      Also look what Luongo was able to do with Schneider bringing him along nicely as a back up. He can do the same with Florida and other teams as well.
      Gillis holds the cards and he can wait as long as he wants!!!

      • The media is misleading?

        Go to Capgeek and look at his actual salary and his actual cap hit.

        Then, spend some time figuring out how to actually calculate a buyout, since you have it completely wrong.Hint, front loaded contracts carry a HIGHER buyout caphit, because the team got cap savings early on in the contract. I’ll leave it up to you to discover the math.

        If you can’t be bothered to figure it out, go to capgeek and use the buyout calculator.

        • You realize he’ll probably retire once he hits year 6-7 and his contract will come off the books, right? It’s effectively a 7-year contract, tops, as the last 3 years are at $1m and he’ll be pushing 40. No need to buy him out.

        • Actually you are wrong on the buy out. If someone kept Luongo for 6 years paying him the majority of his money and then bought him out for the final 4 years of his contract the cap hit for those 4 years is huge at almost $17 million which is just over $4.0M per season. This is a bad contract unless Luongo retires but if he doesn’t you are stuck with a large cap hit for every year of his 10 years. If you don’t buy him out your cap hit is $5.0M per season in years 6 through 10 and if you do buy him out your cap hit is just over 4.0M for years 6 through 10. Either way you are basically stuck with this enormous contract and 10 years of cap hit unless he retires after year 6 when hes 40 years old.

      • Gillis holds the cards???

      • Good point on Luongo. I never thought about using the buyout. I believe he is 6 years just over $5.0 then the 7th year drops to $3.0 something, then the remaining 3 years at $1.0M

        If that was Burke’s intention I would imagine he wants to make sure the new CBA doesn’t change the buyout cap hit before making a deal.

      • But don’t all of the Leafs fans already want Burke to be fired?

    • That is amazing. I am now 100% in favour of his going to the Blues…

  5. GM Fletcher’s big problem is that his team isn’t close to being a serious contender. I’m not sure what motivates Suter or Parise, but teams like the Rangers, Red Wings, and Penguins can offer him a chance at a cup every year. The Wild will fight just to make the playoffs.

    Fletcher does have one thing going for him with regards to Suter. Suter is from Madison, Wisconsin, a little over a four hour drive to St. Paul, Minnesota. Parise is from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    If Fletcher managed to sign them both, that would be very interesting.

  6. I don’t want Lu to get traded at all because I want both Gillis and Burke to get fired. Lu is the only guy who can save Burke’s job. TO is a playoff team with Luongo -take that to the bank. Scribens and Reimer are totally unproven. As for Gillis, he has made some horrible mistakes – trading Cody (wouldn’t he look good as the #2 centre this year with Kesler hurt?), bringing in Ballard and Booth who both look overpaid…Gillis’ track record is mediocre at best.

  7. Makes me wonder how much a player’s ego comes into play – thinking “I can make a difference and I can lead this team to a cup”. For someone like Parisi or Suter, that might be a driving force along with the “midwestern” life style. The Wild have a good goalie core and I think with a few tweaks they could be a “contenda”.

  8. Schultz has a friend in Toronto in Gardiner, a friend with the NYR in McDonough, a friend in Detroit with Brendan Smith..

    He is from BC.. so Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton will all make a push.

    He may go where he gets a chance to play right away. That won’t be Vancouver or NYR — will be interesting in the next week.

  9. Michael, that 5 mil goes against the cap every year. The cap hit does not ever change, only the amount the team has to pay. Luongo’s cap hit is reasonable now, but in 5 years may be ridiculous.

    • I believe you are wrong. If you take a look atdarcy Tucker’s cap hit against the leafs cap it is currently 1 million from a 3 million dollar a year contract. I’m not 100% on how it works but the buyout is spread over so many years and because it spreads over those years the cap hit is reduced. Now like someone said above, in the new cba that could change

      • – For players 26 or older, a buyout costs
        two-thirds of remaining contract value.

        – On a buyout, the team takes a cap hit for a percentage of the buyout value spread over twice the length of the remaining contract years.

        • And I think for under 26 they pay 1/3 of the remaining contract value.

          Lou will retire first and it’ll all come off the books anyway. He’s made more then enough already to live a very nice life in Florida.

  10. My thoughts:

    Carle-Flyers or Oils

    • Signing both Allen & Wideman would be worse than signing martin & Michalek …

      • Are you joking? Allen>Michalek and Wideman>Martin, not to mention that they would probably be cheaper

  11. Michael, While I completely agree with your assessment of Luongo’s contract, there are a few errors in your post. Luongo’s contract has 5 more years of $6,714,000, then 1 year at $3,382,000, 1 year at $1,618,000 and finishes with 2 years at $1,000,000. The cap hit of $5,333,333 is not that bad when you consider the impact that he will have on any team looking to improve their club in the goal tending position i.e. Toronto. Gillis just needs to be patient and eventually the right deal will present itself.

  12. I don’t know why the Leafs just don’t go after Thomas from Boston for a stop gap goalie…Now that would give Reimer/Scrivens time to figure themselves without tying themselves into a large contract.

    That would really put Gillis into a bind, because he would lose his only true trading partner because he wanted to play games. I would take Thomas for two or 3 years and use him as a mentor to Reimer.

    I would screw VanCity that way, I would than like to be in that conference call when Burke tells Gillis, we went somewhere else…Thanks but no thanks ahahahaha

    • Tim Thomas would be a great mentor for the younger players. They could learn goaltending, libertarianism, putting yourself above the team, preparing for the upcoming financial apocalypse, and not honouring your contract.

      make it happen BB!

    • No way Thomas waives a NMC to come to Canada. No way.

    • Probably because Thomas intends to take a year off hockey to spend time with his family? I’m not sure how much of a mentor he can be while drinking beer from the couch of his living room.

    • Why thomas could teach the young goalies about hwo to have no style and just dive at the puck. Thomas is a great athlete with great hand eye. There is a reason why he never made it to the NHL till he was almost mid 30’s. Thats the goalie you to mold your young goalies? Plus his ego?

  13. I spent the whole weekend praying that Bob Murray wouldn’t do anything to ruin the team. We’ve made it to Monday safe and sound.
    (With the exception of a horrible draft choice at #6. Why he didn’t jump all over Grigorenko is absurd.)

    There is absolutely no way that Vancouver starts the season with Luongo. That would be a dagger that kills the season. Similarly to how Pitt got rid of Staal before that became the “story line” to the season, and how Boston has zero intention to bring back Thomas.

    Lou must be gone before training camp. Vancouver has no leverage and will be foreced to drop their asking price. This game of chicken will not end up in Gillis’ favour. He can play it safe now, but come July 1st, teams will look elsewhere and he will be left with a $5.5M backup, who’s value declines significantly with each game he does not start. If a deal for Lou is not in place by July 1st, Toronto will go after Huet to fill a void for 1-2 years. A smart move as it does not block Reimer or Scrivens’ development.

    Lou to Florida is interesting. If this happens (Dale talon is not afraid to make a splash), it would not suprise me that Markstrom becomes a centerpiece in a deal for Nash. This seems to fit both teams’ needs, plus Nash gets to earn low-tax $ in Florida, a revitalized team with a newly acquired elite goaltender. He might tbe taking his talents to South Beach.

  14. Luongo’s salary, cap hit and buyout to remove al confussion in previous posts:

    2012-13 $6,714,000 $5,333,333 $1,576,133 $5,137,867 $195,467
    2013-14 $6,714,000 $5,333,333 $1,576,133 $5,137,867 $195,467
    2014-15 $6,714,000 $5,333,333 $1,576,133 $5,137,867 $195,467
    2015-16 $6,714,000 $5,333,333 $1,576,133 $5,137,867 $195,467
    2016-17 $6,714,000 $5,333,333 $1,576,133 $5,137,867 $195,467
    2017-18 $6,714,000 $5,333,333 $1,576,133 $5,137,867 $195,467
    2018-19 $3,382,000 $5,333,333 $1,576,133 $1,805,867 $3,527,467
    2019-20 $1,618,000 $5,333,333 $1,576,133 $41,867 $5,291,467
    2020-21 $1,000,000 $5,333,333 $1,576,133 -$576,133 $5,909,467
    2021-22 $1,000,000 $5,333,333 $1,576,133 -$576,133 $5,909,467
    2022-23 $0 $0 $1,576,133 -$1,576,133 $1,576,133
    2023-24 $0 $0 $1,576,133 -$1,576,133 $1,576,133
    2024-25 $0 $0 $1,576,133 -$1,576,133 $1,576,133
    2025-26 $0 $0 $1,576,133 -$1,576,133 $1,576,133
    2026-27 $0 $0 $1,576,133 -$1,576,133 $1,576,133
    2027-28 $0 $0 $1,576,133 -$1,576,133 $1,576,133
    2028-29 $0 $0 $1,576,133 -$1,576,133 $1,576,133
    2029-30 $0 $0 $1,576,133 -$1,576,133 $1,576,133
    2030-31 $0 $0 $1,576,133 -$1,576,133 $1,576,133
    2031-32 $0 $0 $1,576,133 -$1,576,133 $1,576,133

    • you have way too much time on your hands …

      • Ed. It litterally took 30 seconds. I cut and pasted it from capgeek.com

  15. It looks like it is in Lou’s best interest to get bought out and earh cheques for the next 20 years. Jesus.

  16. when you consider that by having Luongo the Leafs would’ve made the playoffs and the Panthers likely would’ve made it to the second round of the playoffs or beyond (as it was New Jersey had to win the last 2 games of the series in OT to get past Florida) for a very reasonable $5 million a year there’s no question they’re interested, it’s just a matter of price. Gillis is in no hurry to make a deal as Kesler ($5 million a year) won’t be back til at least Nov so there will be that much more Cap room under the LTIR rules.

  17. I’m not sure Luongo or anyone else with a big cap hit contract is tradeable until after the next CBA. The reason I say this is Burke has said publicaly, and I believe he has some support, that the GMs would like some sort of cap hit sharing to be in the next CBA to help facilitate trades. In other words if Team A trades a player to Team B, Team A could agree to keep half of the cap hit of that player. That possibility certainly would change bussiness in the league.

  18. I have an idea for rangers and ducks. Gaborik, Richards, and del zotto for getzlaf and Ryan. Ducks get young talented offensive defenseman, sniper and playmaker and if ducks want either Dubinsky or Anisimov.

  19. It’s not the money that the Predators may or may not match that will determine whether Suter re-signs with them or not, it’s whether they improve the roster, specifically at forward, that will be the key to keeping him there.

  20. has anybody considered that if the Leafs acquire Luongo that Reimer is as good as traded?

    If the Leafs picked up Thomas, that gives Reimer a season to learn from Thomas and hone his skills. If the Leafs picked up Luongo, Reimer would have to be dealt because if he is the real deal like Burkie says he is then there is no way he will be the backup for Bobby Lu.

    If that is the case then a good scenario would be for the Leafs to deal Reimer to Chicago for Bolland or New Jersey for Clarkson.

  21. Amazing….

    Thomas WILL NOT play next year. If he is traded, it will be to a team trying to reach the cap floor. END OF STORY.

    This leaves very little for the Leafs. Granted, Huet is available, but if anyone would notice he isnt the youngest goalie either and his cap hit last year (according to capgeek.com) was $5.25m. I realize he could get signed for less and probably will, but if Leaf fans this is the answer to a problem in net, they are sadly mistaken.

    Luongo’s cap hit is totally reasonable. He is the best goalie in Canucks franchise history. His save percentage has never dropped below .913 in any of the 6 years he has played for Vancvouer. Two President’s Trophies. Why is everyone so against his contract?

    Oh right, I forgot…. Toronto enjoys not making the playoffs I guess. They obviously do not desire any high quality goaltending. You think that if there was a proven goalie with a lower cap hit that Toronto would automatically be able to sign him? Get real people. Luongo comes with his fair share of ups and downs but realistically, I have no clue why this makes no sense to some people.

    Luongo, at best, has 5 years left in my opinion. He has shown signs of age, but look at Brodeur. He has proven that sometimes goalies just have a bad year and sometimes they can bounce back regardless of age. I realize Brodeur is one of a kind, but whose to say Luongo doesn’t bounce back with a team that has lower expectations which in turn relieves media pressure off of him?

    Wherever Luongo ends up next year I wish him the best and I believe he will make an impression wherever that may be.