NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – June 28, 2012.

Updates on Zach Parise, Ryan Suter, Alexander Semin, Matt Carle, Guillaume Latendresse and more.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance wonders what the impact would be to this summer’s UFA market if Zach Parise and Ryan Suter take their time in deciding where they’ll play after July 1...Pierre LeBrun reports Vancouver, Edmonton, Rangers, Philadelphia, Detroit and Toronto could be front-runners for UFA blueliner Justin Schultz…Jaromir Jagr’s agent planned on speaking with the Flyers on Wednesday…The Kings were set to meet with Dustin Penner yesterday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Parise takes his time deciding where he’ll sign, it’ll certainly have an effect upon the Columbus Blue Jackets efforts to move Rick Nash, as they could find him difficult to move as long as Parise is available…It’s believed as many as 26 teams had varying degrees of interest in Schultz, and the Canucks and Oilers have reportedly made offers to him….I wouldn’t fully rule out a return to the Flyers for Jagr, but that’ll depend upon what other moves GM Paul Holmgren has up his sleeve come July 1…I believe the Kings are interested in re-signing Penner, but it’s by no means a certainty they’ll re-sign him.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley wonders if the Capitals hiring former New Jersey Devils assistant coach Adam Oates as their new head coach might help them land Zach Parise. Gormley also wondered if the Capitals might pursue Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan if Parise proves too expensive to sign.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Capitals probably stand a better chance of trading for Ryan than signing Parise, who would be a very expensive option. 

Wideman contract could affect Carle’s negotiations with Flyers.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Dennis Wideman’s new contract (five years, $5.25 million per season) could affect the Flyers efforts to re-sign defenseman Matt Carle.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Carle isn’t the the only one (hello there, Jason Garrison) the Wideman contract could affect.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports the Detroit Red Wings aren’t in the running for Justin Schultz. There’s speculation the Vancouver Canucks might be the preferred destination for the Kamloops, BC native.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: It’s reported the agent for Minnesota Wild forward Guillaume Latendresse claims the club will allow his client to become a UFA…It’s rumored the Capitals might try to trade the rights of pending UFA winger Alexander Semin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Recent reports out of Minnesota claimed the Wild were negotiating with the Latendresse camp. It’ll be interesting to see if he ends up playing elsewhere or returns with the Wild for less money. Latendresse tweeted last night “I could get closer to Montreal now”. Given his injury history, that remains to be seen.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens reports the Anaheim Ducks are likely to pursue a defenseman via free agency, but while they could use someone like Nashville’s Ryan Suter, they’ll likely target second tier talent like Florida’s Jason Garrison, Philadelphia’s Matt Carle, Ottawa’s Filip Kuba, New Jersey’s Bryce Salvador and Vancouver’s Sami Salo.


  1. I expect Carle has already signed off on his deal and its just waiting to be submitted. Garrison on the other hand could be different.

    At this point Schultz is going to every team in the league but the Ducks. Just depends on which writer you read on which day. I will choose to read the tweet my Dreger or Mckenzie about where he has signed from now on. lol

    If Latendresse can have a healthy year he has potential to hit 25 or more goals. Here’s hoping he can do so this year.

    • Schultz not going to the Wings either. It’ll be interesting to see where he does sign though.

      For the Wings Suter/Parise may be to far from reach. If so then Semin would be a very good addition on a Datsyuk like. Who has mildly suggested he would like more Russians on the team.

  2. It would be really nice if GMs didn’t overpay for Jason Garrison, but I’m sure they will. He’s 27, this was only his second full season in the NHL, and he happened to have a pretty good year. Somebody is going to drop 4-5+ million on the guy and he’s going to forget how to play.

  3. I also think semin would be a good match in wings, not the most solid defensivly but on his on-nights offensivly – OMG! And with selkewinner datsyuk by his side it could spell great success

  4. It’s real simple with Matty Carle….he wants to be in Philly and Philly wants him to be there. If he asks for the moon in the fallout of the Wideman deal, Homer will let him walk….the same as he did with Leino last year.

  5. It seems to me if Schultz wants to stay on the west coast, play for a team that will give him lots of ice time and has a good chance of winning the cup in a couple years then he will go to the Oilers. If he wants to play in a hockey crazied market with his buddy and has to fight for playing time then his choice will be the Leafs. Other then that I guess there is Vancouver or say Colorado on the west coast but I just don’t see the allure for him. Oilers should be the front runner if it’s all about playing time and growing with a group of all stars and winning a cup.

    • If he wanted to be on the West coast and get paying time, he would have stayed with the Ducks. They trade Lubo just to prove that a top 4 sopt is his to lose if he signed. And that didnt happen. If it was about the “west coast”, he would be in Anaheim.

  6. What if he signs with TO. That would be a kick to the teeth to the Ducks losing both of their offensive Dmen for almost nothing to TO.

  7. Carkner turned down a 1 year with Ottawa.

  8. Parise will be on the Pens

  9. It’s funny. When I read people talking about Schultz, the names “Fabian Brunnstrom” and “Jonas Gustavsson” come to mind.

    • Totally!!


    He’s got some good size to him and he has a nose for the net. If he can stay healthy he is good secondary scoring for a team and likely more affordable than the $2.5 million he has played for. I could see a couple teams making offers on him.

    Ottawa, Islanders, Carolina, Dallas, Nashville, and Winnipeg are whom I see possibly pitching for his services.


    Man this guy is rumored more than Parise + Suter! He has some high expectations attached to him. I think he’ll land with a Canadian team, crap shoot on which one.


    I think Detroit would be the best fit for Semin and will keep the Wings out of the Parise insanity. Adding Suter + Semin would be a pretty solid off season if the can do it. A top 6 of Datysuk, Zetterberg, Semin, Franzen, Filppula, Bertuzzi would be solid.

    • JJB>> You can’t really use Franzen & Bertuzzi with the word “solid” in the same sentence. Inconsistant is a much better word for those two.

    • JJB, I think you’re on the money with Latendresse. I actually see Ottawa as being a good fit, particularly in light of Latendresse’s “get closer to Montreal” tweet.

  11. So you trade Visnovsky for nothing… and then now you are looking for free agency for an experienced d-man?

    Why not wait until the deadline to trade Visnovsky to a team that is in need of an offensive, powerplay guy?

    And they gave away Gardiner for immediate help on D, and they are going to lose Schultz, and they are going to trade Ryan, prhaps even Getzlaf, and God forbid Hiller…

    Somebody get rid of Murray before this gets out of hand.

    • NikK
      The worst part of this is that Ducks have no AHL D-man prospects that are NHL ready, so Murray either has to over pay for some UFA or trade someone on the team to fill the D-man hole meanwhile creating another hole with the player he trades for a D-man.
      Ducks will be getting a very high first round pick next summer.

      Bob Murray logic goes like this. 3 years ago Beauchim wants to re-sign with Ducks, Murray says take a walk, he signs with Toronto ( Ducks get nothing), Year and half later Murray thinks, hey I want this guy back and has to pay Lupul, Gardiner and a 2013 draft pick ( 4th round I think).
      Instead of just using common sense and re-signing Beauchim 3 years ago he wastes valuable assets to just get back to where is was years ago.

  12. Latendresse is a great fit on a team looking for depth scoring and don’t expect much (Pit, Phi, Det, NYR)

  13. I think in the Case of Schultz it might be only 3 teams, Edmonton if he wants to play big minutes right away with a young core.

    Vancouver if he wants to stay close to home with his parents, which could be his whole reason for causing this stunt(who knows family is really important to some)

    Or Tonroto for Money, as Burke is likely to overpay for his services. Time will tell, but its just the feeling i’m getting.

    Heck Even Ottawa would be nice for him, but playing time and overspending on him could push Murray away.

    • Burke cant overpay, shultz will get the same money no matter where he goes as Cba restricts term and money.

      • Burke Can Overpay with Easy Bonuses to Achieve same as Bozak, he singed an entry Level deal now in the neighborhood of 3mil a years based on easy bonuses.

        • I’m pretty sure the CBA restricts bonuses on entry level deals, also. There is a ceiling to the bonuses you can offer, and any team who is interested in Schultz will offer the max bonuses. Burke won’t be able to outbid anyone, it will depend on where Schultz wants to go.

          Same thing happened to Roman Cervenka a few weeks ago. Upwards of five teams or more were interested in signing him as an entry level FA, all all five teams were offering the exact same max entry level deal, but he chose the Flames.

          Same thing will happen to Schultz, except there will be 26 teams offering the same max entry level deal instead of five.

  14. Where there MIGHT have been have been a Carle Flyers deal that was on the burner due to tagging issues, I wonder this heaty Wideman deal drives the Carle camp to cange their minds a nd look around?

    No doubt Edmonton & Vancouve rhave already made Matt Gilroy, erm, Justin Schultz offers. Wings GM Holland has said the Schultz camp isn’t interested in the Wings.

    Pretty funny to see the main shoppers on Schultz listed to be all the candaian clubs, Rangers and Philly…I seem to think there are an entire league of teams ready to break the idea of an Entry to pieces by being part of this new age rookie free agency plan.

    Maybe the league needs to just set a CAP on yearly ROOKIE SALARY SIGNINGS and let them all pick their possible destinations?

  15. Lou….

    I have been a Canucks fan since the days before Smyl.

    Olympics? Very nervous TEAM indeed, not just Lou. Who would have thought Brodeur would take a baseball swing (and miss) in such important games?….not I….the team did gel at the end, esp defensively. Lou was Good to Very Good. Bottom line, he won.

    The team came close 2 yrs ago, Take a closer look at the goals he let in, esp in the blowouts. 2 on 1′s ? come on, as a goalie, I hate em. and they are hard to stop even in the best circumstances. The loss of Hammy was the turning point in the series, losing Raymond, the TEAM fell apart, not just Lou.

    This year, losing to the eventual cup winners? I can live with that. The team didnt change its strategy even though D Sedin was out, Kesler and Raymond werent scoring, they had just traded their 3rd line 2 way centre (20G) for a winger who played 5 min a game and replaced him with a defensive centre (4G). In my mind playing the same gunning offence with those limitations, was not appropriate. Once they are down 1 goal, 2 Goals the team defence goes out the window and the Goalie is left there by themselves. Makes it hard to succeed. did he excel to win any games? well, no but the losses were not on him alone.
    Schneider had 1 shot/1.73 min Luo 1.64. He had more shots vs the time he was out, and most/all came as the team was behind in the score.

    Thing is, Hockey is a TEAM game, one of the reasons I like it. The goalie relies on the TEAM in front of him and on the TEAM gameplan. LA played a real defensive TEAM game, and Quick was the benificiary of this, do you think his stats would even be near this if he played on Columbus? Not at all.

    Is Lou past his prime? No. Does he want out? No, he said so, but HIS point was, ‘If I am not your #1 and I am not wanted then send me someplace I will be’ THAT is what his point is. He takes the jabs and talk and lives with it, he wants to know his place on the TEAM.

    What I would like seen? Keep Lou, trade Schneider for the missing pieces on this team. Eddie Lack (besides a GREAT NAME) can be the G of the future. The window of opportunity is closing to win a cup. They need some changes, 2nd line is a MESS, need 1 more top 4 Dman. Schneider trade can fill this better than a trade for Lou. Do this and move forward to next yr.

    Some of the moves Gillis has made I have not liked and have been close to, if not BRUTAL – Demitra, Ballard, Booth ??? Trading Hodgson? (I am sure this trade could have waited for off season as they didnt use Kassian much anyway)

    my 2c

    • I agree with your comments but I think the general concensus is that Lu is not a clutch goalie and never shines the brightest when it matters most. All the other time he is very good and sometimes spectatular. If you agree with this statement then you have to ask yourself is he worth his huge contract. Is a goalie that does not or cannot play his best at the toughest moments when it matters most worth the contract he has? Maybe, if you already own his rights, but if you are looking to aquire him do you want to give up players to get this type of goalie with this type of contract? That seems to be the only arguement on this site. Is Lu worth giving up good players for his non-clutch past playoff performances along with his 10 year salary cap hit of over $5.0M per year whether or not you buy him out (possibly a 7 year cap hit if he retires after 7 years but that’s a big “IF”).

  16. Latendresse has injuries issues. The Sens already have potential in that with Regin & Winchester. Regin with his shoulder.. Winchester with his concussion thanks to an unpunished Gaustad.

    Rumours were PA Parenteau.

    As for Schultz.. I thought he wanted to play in Canada? So how are the Rangers & Philly in there… He also said he wanted to play in the NHL right away…. so what teams in Canada have the option to do that?

    There was no mention of Winnipeg, Calgary or Montreal… so that leaves the other 4 – Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa & Toronto. I can see Detroit as they are just across the border.

    • Schultz will either sign with the Oil (playing time and possible cup winner in a few years) or Leafs (easy performance bonuses, play with Gardiner in a hockey crazy city). If it’s the Leafs Schultz better prepare to get lambasted everytime he makes a bad play now that fan expectations are through the roof.