NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – June 29, 2012.

Updates on Roberto Luongo, Matt Carle, Jonathan Bernier, Mark Streit, Jason Garrison, Jiri Hudler and Paul Gaustad.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: The Florida Panthers are believed still interested in Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo. Citing TSN’s Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie, the report notes dialogue between the Panthers and Canucks continues. As for the Maple Leafs, it appears their interest isn’t as strong, while the Panthers are considered “front-runners”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s believed the Canucks want a good young player as part of the return, while the Panthers want the Canucks to take back some salary in return.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports Matt Carle could test the UFA market, despite ongoing negotiations with the Flyers. His agent maintains Carle remains interested in remaining with the Flyers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Up until this week it seemed a certainty Carle would re-sign on July 1. One has to wonder if the Wideman contract had any influence on this situation.

Has Bernier requested a trade?

CBS SPORTS: Brian Stubits cited “tweets” from TrueHockey.com’s Andy Strickland claiming Kings backup goalie Jonathan Bernier has asked to be dealt, and the Kings had told him they’d move him once a deal with Jonathan Quick was finalized. Quick will re-sign a new multi-year deal with the Kings on July 1.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No word so far from the LA media on this, hopefully there’ll be more information soon.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reported of rumors linking the Oilers to NY Islanders defenseman Mark Streit. The Oilers new head coach, Ralph Krueger, used to coach Streit on the Swiss National team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be very surprised if the Islanders part with Streit, since they acquired Lubomir Visnovsky to add more experienced depth to their defense. Trading Streit would only put them back where they were before the Visnovsky deal.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma reports Florida Panthers defenseman Jason Garrison would love to join the Canucks, but the White Rock, BC, native might be too expensive to sign.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can’t help but wonder if the Panthers might be trying to deal Garrison’s rights to the Canucks.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports, barring a late breakthrough in negotiations, Detroit Red Wings forward Jiri Hudler will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

 THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper reports Paul Gaustad’s agent said his client will test the UFA market, but is definitely considering the Predators offer to re-sign.


  1. Thanks to Jay Feaster for grossly overpaying Wideman….but hopefully Homer doesn’t bite and grossly overpay Carle. His actual worth isn’t 5 mil per season but he’d get it on the open market. I hope the Flyers don’t make that mistake….if they do, Flyer fans can only hope it’s a short term deal.

    • Flyers will be lucky to get him at 5mill wideman’s contract screws that all up. I am not the biggest fan of carle but he is a way better D man the wideman. carle’s price just went closer to 6mill then it did five.


    I have maintianed since day one that Parise will sign in New Jersey if anyone reads my posts or did in the past I also called New Jersey for the cup at the begining of the playoffs and that this would have a huge impact on Parise signing in New Jersey!!!
    If the Devils can trade Kovolchuk they will !!!
    If Parise does not sign in New Jersy he will go to the Penguines long term!!!


    I also said you have to watch to see if Schnieder signs before they move Luongo ….and he just did that secires there goaltending and now Luongo will be delt after July 1st and see who will sign who and have enough money to take him!!!
    I have maintained all along that he would always end up in Tampa or Florida a long time ago …….back in the winter and still maintain this position, I believ that the Leafs have a different trade for a Goalie in the works !!

    Burke will make 3 HUGE multi player deals and it will include some highly touted prospects as he has NO CHOICE to make a huge change this year as it will be his last if he goes with 50% of the team from last year …he has to move out terrible contracts but I hope he is in on Prust …& Ott ….I think signing Doan would be his best avenue over Nash as it will cost less in players going back and you get the leadership quality in Doan who is physical …I really beleive if the Leafs are going to move forward they have to trade out Phaneuf and Kessel in any major trade !!!
    Kessel has a NO TRADE on his last year of his contract and he will not sign back in Toronto so they really have to look at moving him out if things are not working well by tradedeadline this year ….Phaneuf plays lots of minutes but is a liability in all other factes of the game and SHOULD NOT BE ON THE POWER PLAY as he can not hit the net ..Leafs should sign Souray for the powerplay and have him on the point with Franson who always hits the net!

    Leafs have Scrivens and Bernier would be the same type of Goalie so there is no need there but if the Leafs could move Reimer for Bernier that would be the best move and keep Scrivens in the fold as he is the better goalie!!!
    This will allow the Leafs not to sign Luongo and take on such a high cap hit and give up too much and get youth in return !

    The last time I posted here there was all this crazy talk about Crosby being traded …WOW thank gosh thats put to an end, Crosby is makes more money for the team and city of Pitts burgh than any other sports figure in the NHL!


    Will sign either in Vancouver or Edmonton !!!
    Giving Edmonton the edge! Dynasty!!!!

    • I agree with the Lu to Florida. I think its a sure thing at this point.

      How would Bernier look in the Oilers net if they can grab Schultz and work a deal with the Leafs for Gunnarson or Franson and convince UFA Suter to come on board. I think you would see a cup in Edmonton within 3 years.

      As for our Leafs I think you are right Burke is working on another Goalie deal possibly Halak, Hiller or Backstrom. Then again maybe he can convince Brodeur to come for two years and pay him 7.0M+ per season for those two years for tending and mentoring.

    • Parise to the pens? I dunno. That’s would be a crap load of dough tied up in three star players. But i guess i wouldn’t be all that shocked.

      Dynasty in Edm because of Schultz? Quite a bold statement considering the kid has yet to play a game in the NHL. That kid won’t win any team a championship. He has some talent for sure, but i wouldn’t jump the gun on him yet..

      Won’t comment on the leafs because i couldn’t give a damn what they do. lol

    Well the news is out that Luongo is NOT interested in going to the Leafs. The great hope of all of the Eastern media of Burke putting forward an offer sheet to Scheider is dead and it was laughable.
    And Burke by the end of the year will be fired as he has NO goaltending and the Laughs will end up at the bottom of the barrel.
    The only hope Burke has is to beg Luongo to come to TO to save his job and than he will have to give up his 1st round pick to Vancouver to get Luongo.
    All sounds awsome for Vancouver hey folks!! Love it
    NO other goalie thats available today is anywhere close to Luongos caliber.
    To The Eastern Media – NOW WHAT?

    • Am I to assume your a Canucks fan? Where ever Loungo goes…it wont be for a first rounder…way too much for nothing.

  4. Interesting comments, S&S. I agree about Phaneuf, but why do you say Kessel will leave the Leafs after his contract expires?

    Yes, Crosby makes lots of money for the Pens, but given his health status, I would take Malkin over Crosby. However, given that they traded Staal and have a cheaper and move appropriate 3rd line center in Sutter, maybe they can afford both long term. But I don’t see how they could also afford Parise or Suter and have any quality depth, which is what it takes to win 4 playoff rounds.

    Ducks, Bruins, Kings: 3 similar teams, who are big and strong and deep. Not a coincidence. Detroit is a different team, but they were also a deep team when they won the cup.

  5. The oilers should go after bernier, with the young core of players and add bernier and possibly schultz they would be a contender for 5 + years if everyone lives up to expectations.

  6. I think that teams should take a pass on Luongo and let Vancouver eat the contracts of both him and Schneider. With those two contracts Vancouver will have little room left to make any changes. Will look good on them.

  7. Spec
    Something is wrong with the site. I have tried to post 4 times in the last 24 hours and only one post worked.

  8. I am a Canuck fan, and I am not too worried about getting a big return on Lou. I would be fine, with just not taking any salary back,and Florida is perfect for that. They have to spend a lot just to get to the Cap Floor. Lou to the Panthers for a 2nd and Garrison’s rights would be ok. Rumour has it that Sami Salo is on the verge of signing for 1 year on the cheap!

  9. Michael your clearly a lost Van fan..Please forward to me some of whatever it is your on..To even suggest Burkie would ever give up a 1st round pick to take on a contract the size Roberto has is laughable if you know anything about burkie,and clearly you dont..Maybe a not so bad prospect and a 2nd rounder and a bad contract going back to your team is more along the lines of burkes thinking..Whoever gives up anything more then that for a goalie with such a long contract that has flaked out in every meaningfull cup game,well LMAO..As far as a offer sheet to schiender from burkie you seem to think everyone from the media here in the east as you put it thinks would happen,well we know burke wont do it and hates them and thats why he wont..Fact is we leafs fans are so sick of hearing Robertos named linked to us that we would luv nothing more then watch your gm keep thinking it will get anything of value for him and in the end get stuck with him for another yr and have to pay almost 10mill in cap space for your goalie tandem..

    • LOL..Only a Laughs fan would ask a Canucks fan if they know anything about Burke…Leafs fans think they know everything about everything..get over yourselves..The truth is we are just as happy with keepin Luongo here as you are with Reimer(good luck with that by the way)You forgot that Luongo doesnt want to go there…Gustavsson is thanking his luck stars that he is outta there…And Kessel wants to be on the next thing smokin outta there too. Its the only team that Joffery Lupul would be considered a star..LMFAO!!!..Do you get it…its that bad there!!!Your season is over way before it began…Burke can’t help you now…I think if you get Bernier from the Kings or Broduer you might get a couple more wins this year than last..but with your defense being led by a rookie and Phanuef…you will be in the basement again!!!

  10. Matheson is an idiot. And that is putting it nicely. Hit him, Brooks and the writer from Ottawa all with the Sledge-O-Matic.

  11. anotherleafsfan4u,

    you have no idea what you are talking about.. bruke wanted lou he just wouldn’t pay for him! he’s easily worth a first rounder. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HIS CONTRACT.. quick is getting 58 mil over 10 years that a higher cap hit!! so please tell me what the difference is?

  12. i agree with slap shot,if parise dosnt sign w/nj he will sign w/pitt.you have to beleive the idea of paying w/crosby is got to be important,good friends,played together before.i also think if he does sign w/pitt he might just be willing to go the way of alot of pitt players and may take less money for a long term contract.pitt will still land a top defenseman through ufa or a trade.would not be suprise if pitt cant sutter they go after shultz.just a thought.