NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – June 8, 2012.

Updates on Alexander Radulov, Alexander Semin, Zach Parise, Matt Carle and Martin Biron.


No Red Wings for Radulov?

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James reports the Red Wings won’t have interest in trading for Nashville Predators winger Alexander Radulov, citing the risks outweighing the potential reward.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Peter Adler reports wealthy KHL team CSKA Moscow, under new GM Sergei Fedorov, is prepared to pursue Radulov and Washington Capitals pending UFA winger Alexander Semin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A Czech paper is claiming the NY Rangers have a deal in place for Radulov, though the translation could also mean the Rangers are rumored to be pursuing him. Radulov would like to remain in the NHL, but I daresay he’ll follow the money and go with where he’ll get the best contract.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Adam L. Jahns believes New Jersey Devils left wing Zach Parise would be a good fit with the Blackhawks, suggesting if the salary cap rises to $70.3 million as projected, it could provide the Blackhawks with flexibility to pursue him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Remains to be seen, however, if the Blackhawks are willing to pursue him.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Could Philadelphia Flyers pending UFA blueliner Matt Carle be of interest to the Detroit Red Wings if they fail to land Ryan Suter?

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Considering how much the depth in talented UFA blueliners drops after Suter, it wouldn’t be surprising if they gave Carle a look. For now, he wants to re-sign with the Flyers.

ESPN.COM: Katie Strang reports the NY Rangers are in contract talks with backup goalie and pending UFA Martin Biron, who is believed seeking a multi-year deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given how well Biron has fit into the Rangers lineup and his relationship with starting goalie Henrik Lundqvist, I expect he’ll be re-signed, perhaps to a two-or three-year deal.


  1. Love Parise, but he wont be worth the 8 million a year he gets, ditto for Suter.
    NHL has come full circle with Russian players- worked so hard to get them into this league and now we are to the point where teams shy away from drafting/trading for or signing many of them…

  2. Would it be a bad idea for the Pens to go after Radulov, do the same thing that they did with Vokoun? He won’t get more than 3 million, and he would probably look good along Crosby. It really couldn’t hurt.

    • Not a bad idea at all but Shero needs to re-tool the defense … it hasn’t been the same since Gill & Scuderi left.

      • Shero could sign someone like Allen or Jackman, they wouldn’t break the bank. Radulov’s 3 million hit wouldn’t be really significant. Also remember, Gill is a free agent this summer, so maybe he would come back

    • I don’t see Radulov taking $3 million to play in Pittsburgh even if it is with Malkin and Crosby. I don’t Shero taking the risk unless it’s a 7th round pick. The Pens got to figure out their D problems before anything else. For the most part I think the same forward group will be back.

      While I agree with Spector, Radulov will likely follow the money. I still think Detroit is the best fit in the NHL for him. I’m sure Holland wouldn’t pay anything near a ransom for Radulov. But if the price was right…

      Any word yet on Nashville’s asking price Spector?

      • I would be fine with a 3rd or lower, but i don’t want to trade either the 2nd or 1st. Vokoun did that, so it is entirely possible. Take a 1 year deal, win a cup and go elsewhere.

  3. I’d love to see the new CBA negotiate a per player cap. It won’t happen, but it would be nice to test it for at least one term and watch players choose teams for something other than cash occasionally.

    • The NHL has the best cap and CBA of any of the major four sports. I hope they don’t change much. The NFL is the worst. Players sign a contract one year and then hold out the next. Any sense of loyalty is gone as the contract mean next to nothing.

      The NBA system (which is similar to what you’re suggesting) makes trade nearly impossible without turning over half the team.

      The NHLs cap seems to work. Hopefully with some minor tweaking we can get a new CBA signed.

    • Casey,
      The current CBA does actually restrict the amount that any one player on a team can receive on a team and I believe that it will carry over into the new CBA.

    • In a perfect world I’d like to see the players get paid by their performance and stats. A little more like the rest of us do in the real world. Tie it to revenues and cost of living as far as raises and how the pay scale would adjust. That would be pretty interesting how that would work out. Like a (bonus) incentive type thing based on individual and team stats. lol I guess that would be too much like fantasy hockey huh?

      Well it would never happen. Not with a union.

      • While I agree with you, players are paid akin to CEO’s. Potential and marketability, not actual results.

  4. Just can’t see Parise signing with Chicago. I’m sure they’d be happy to have him just like every other team but they need to sort out their center position before chasing another high-end winger.

  5. The way Radulov was handled was a complete joke. He bolts for Russia while still under contract, comes back right before the playoffs and is allowed to play, and now he’s an RFA. He not have been allowed to play this season and should have not been given credit for the years served on his contract. He should have been given the Yashin treatment.

    • Pred’s were “desperate” to make a huge run for the Cup to convince Suter and Weber to re-up. Unless you believe that the distraction of the “night out”, they didn’t have much to lose by bringing him back.

  6. Carle could be a prime UFA target for a team looking for any defenseman not named Suter. Carle will no doubt take a back burner in Philly until they either win or lose on Suter. In that time frame, it isn’t unthinkable that another team swoops in and signs Carle. As a Flyers fan, I’m hoping that Carle’s loyalty to the organization will supercede any temptation to sign elsewhere since he can easily attract interest from a majority of the 29 other teams at any given time.

    • I think Philly has had a while to sign him, I don’t think you need to show loyalty to a team that says, “Well, we’ll give you a deal… If we don’t land the best guy available.”

      IF they don’t resign him by July 1st, he won’t resign with Philly.

      • Holmgren said he can’t sign Carle yet because of the tagging rule. But they do intend on signing him and he’s apparently willing to sign for less than market value.

  7. Thing with Radulov is even if he signs with a team it doesn’t mean he will live up to the contract and fulfill it. If things don’t go his way, he’ll up and go play in the KHL. He has potential, but he’s not disciplined enough to be a “team player” – this is disruptive to team chemistry. Semin – is a skilled offensive player who needs to play a more consistent game – meaning play as hard defensively as offensively. Because of his inconsistency and lack of physical play – is he worth $7MM – don’t think so. He would probably do very well with the Rangers and needs to go to a team that wants to enhance their scoring – I can see him going to one of the California teams. I could even see him going to Toronto as I think BB has to make a splash and sign someone – Anyone that pays $4.7MM to Connolly won’t mind taking the chance with Semin on a long term, high priced contract.

    • If Radulov signs an NHL contract, he cannot play in the KHL per the agreement between the two leagues.

    • LoL.

      So hold on.

      NY, Cali + Toronto.

      There’s nothing new with this.

  8. I thought that Radulov was still under contract with a team in the KHL??

  9. Radulov signs a contract with Nashville and then bolts for Russia. Plays there for a while then decides he wants a chance to have his name on the Stanley Cup and so jumps back to the Preds who embrace him with open arms, well management anyway, and he shows how much he appreciates them allowing him to play that he breaks team curfew rules. Now he is yoyoing between the KHL and the NHL to see where he can get the most money. Yeah, I want him on my roster for sure.

    Semin needs a seeing eye dog to get him anywhere close to his own defensive zone and hasn’t delivered anything resembling a bodycheck in his NHL career. There are enough one way players out there and it’s time he got a real wake up call. Let him play in the KHL and instead sign a North American who might appreciate the opportunity.

    • Yea, sign a North American who will play on the 4th line and score 10 points. But hey, at least he’s not Russian, right?

  10. Parise would look great with my hawks!

  11. Apparently nobody watched Semin for MOST of the playoffs cause he showed a whole new character. Back checking, shot blocking, he was a great player. Over his career until Ovi started slipped and Semin became clearly unhappy he has been a solid player.

    I 100% sure that Semin will land on his feet in the NHL and it will be with a team who knows that he needs a new system. I still maintain that Detroit would be an amazing fit for him, but could see the Pens also being nice. I think an affordable Radulov signing would be good for Pitts as well.

    If you can get either of these guys with a Datty, Malking, Gonchar, Markov, Volchenkov, then you are fine. Sure that is a small list of teams, but they are all level headed Russians with long NHL careers that they could relate to.

    • People bunch Russians into this bulk category that they’re all these trash bag, money hungry, highly-talented but no team/defensive game players.

      It’s actually pretty racist.

  12. Radulav would be worth signing only at league minimum, he’s not as good as he thinks he is, and his loyalty is based on his checkbook. He’d play for a beer league team if they gave him enough money

    • Radulov is probably a great second line guy, 20-25 goals worth about 3-4mill a yr. After a year by year 2 mill contract with incentives for 2-3 years. If not, KHL is calling, you’ll make much more money there but you’ll never raise the Cup.

  13. Hi Liddy5:
    I am sure that you don’t want people to believe that every North American player is destined to be a 4th liner and score only 10 points and every Russian is destined to be a star. What I am saying is that if the choice were mine I would choose a player, possibly North American, possibly Russian, possibly not, but a player who I believed and his track record indicated that he would honour his contract. I wouldn’t want any player no matter what nationality they were who I thought would jump to a different league if someone waved a stack of money in front of his nose while under contract.
    In fact that same issue is being debated among general managers even now who are worried that if they draft either of the top two Russians that they will go to the KHL for bigger buck$. No one is calling any of them a racist as “Moikid” did me for bringing up and at least considering that possibility.
    And I didn’t “bunch” Russians into any bulk category but rather said that I thought Semin was grossly overpaid and giving him a wake up call would be good for him. If he wants to be paid big money for floating through the season then play in the KHL. I also said that given Radulov’s history I would rather risk my money on the best talented North American if that was who was available rather than on him.
    I am a fan on some Russians, as I am some Swedes, some North Americans etc, but just not those two players I named.

    Hi Miokid:
    I am far from being racist but i was rather pointing out two particular players, who happen to be Russian, who I see as not worth what they have been paid and especially one who seeingly shows no allegiance to his NHL team or even his KHL team.
    I happen to be a fan of a number of Russian players as well as players of various nationalities but as it happens, not these two. I believe Semin is and has been grossly overpaid and Radulov is not someone I would want on my team. He may be a good player but what happens when he doesn’t get his way or throws his next hissy fit and decides to return to Russia? Just because he happens to be Russian is not the issue to me at least but rather his seeming inability to offer no allegiance to his team and teammates but rather just money.

  14. If I was the Blue Jackets I would trade Rick Nash along with their first round pick to Vancouver for Loungo, Ryan Kesler and Alexander Edler.

  15. Again, for those under an apparent misapprehension, if Radulov signs an NHL contract this summer he will not be permitted to play in the KHL or any other European league per the player transfer agreements between the NHL and the major European leagues (including the KHL).

    The only instance it would be permitted is if his NHL team loaned him to a KHL club.

  16. Biron resigning makes sense for Rangers.

    While I think Radulov is on his last chance to prove his critics wrong, and while it was disappointing with how it worked out in Nashville, I hope it works out better with another NHL team, and I could see him with Philly, Detroit, Pens or New Jersey, depending on which teams need holes filled. Same for Semin.

    Miokid, I do not think anyone is trying to be racist regarding the Russian players. Those who fit the profile of spoiled prima donna have gotten a lot of attention ( ie, Radulov, Semin, Yashin ) and make everyone forget about the way many more Russians who buy into the team concept, Datsyuk, Kovalchuk, Malkin etc to name but a few. People just need to be reminded about Eric Lindros refusing to sign with Quebec, and Chris Pronger demanding a trade from Edmonton, to put it all in perspective.

  17. i think radulov will wind up with the rangers. they really will need some offence with gaborik out until december. they have plenty of cap room to sign radulov and take a hard run at parise. the rangers are so deep at defence with prospects that if pitt is going to move jordan staal the rangers have the pcs to make a deal there as well. if there is a way the rangers could land 2 of these guys it would really transform there team without hurting the core players and the style they play

  18. Radulov will go where ever the money is at. That’s how he roles.

    I just can’t imagine Torts putting up with Rads taking extended shifts and doing his own thing out on the ice (or away from the ice!). Doesn’t seem like a good match, IMO.

  19. I don’t see the Rangers going after Radulov or Semin because neither fit into Tort’s style of play and team concept. And I don’t see him really messing with his current team’s chemistry. Essentially, he has his team playing his type of game and I don’t see the Rangers going after Parisi as he is on the small side. I can see him adding a “disciplined” scorer like Nash and trading Dubinsky, Zuccerello and Del Zotto in order to make the deal happen. If they lose out on Nash, I could even see the Rangers adding someone like Marleau. Wilson is under pressure to shake things up with the Sharks and the media and such all have Patty in their sights. While he is 32, he is fast, a solid goal scorer and a legit centerman – they may be able to do a trade without giving up a valuable asset. Also, the Sharks need a D-man and Del Zotto would be a good addition.

    With regard to Staal, I really can’t see him going to NC as the Canes are his brother’s team. Right now he is just one of many talented stars for the Pens and I think he would be looking for his “own team”. Might be a good fit for Nashville as they have the pieces in place, but just need that one player who is a step above the rest. I would love to see him come to Buffalo – give em Roy and Weber along with a draft pick. Buffalo needs a leader, grit and a bonafide Center – but I can’t see it happening. So I will continue to think Pavelski and Clowe for Roy, Vanek and Weber.