NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – June 9, 2012

Latest on Jordan Staal, Sidney Crosby, Tim Thomas, Alexander Radulov, Guillaume Latendresse and more.


Could Hurricanes have interest in Jordan Staal?

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports several teams have expressed interest in Pittsburgh Penguins center Jordan Staal, but if he’s shopped, LeBrun believes the Carolina Hurricanes would have the most interest…Sidney Crosby’s agent acknowledged preliminary contract discussions have begun with the Penguins…An NHL team executive suggested one way the Boston Bruins could get Tim Thomas off their books would be to trade him to a club struggling to reach the cap floor, even if Thomas makes good on his vow to sit out next season…Ottawa Senators GM Bryan Murray has touched base with defenseman Filip Kuba. Murray’s interested in retaining Kuba, but said it would have to make sense financially for the club…LeBrun speculates Nashville Predators defenseman Ryan Suter could test this summer’s UFA market, but keep the Predators in the mix.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Penguins GM Ray Shero said his intent was to re-sign Staal and Crosby, but if the Penguins decide they can’t keep Staal, I would certainly expect the Hurricanes to be very interested in him…If the Bruins were to explore shopping Thomas to a team needing help to reach the cap floor, they’ll have to do it before the current CBA expires on September 15th, as a new CBA could put the kibosh on making such a move…Interesting bit about Kuba, as reports out of Ottawa earlier this week claimed he and the Senators were parting company. If Kuba hopes to stay, however, he’ll have to accept a pay cut…Remains to be seen how the Suter situation plays out, but I could see him fielding offers after July 1 from rival clubs, then giving the Preds a chance to match or beat the best one.

TSN.CA: Responding to reader e-mail, Darren Dreger doubted the NY Rangers had serious trade interest in Nashville’s Alexander Radulov, and dismisses the notion of the Chicago Blackhawks shopping Patrick Kane.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The NY Post recently reported the Rangers had contacted the Predators about Radulov, but didn’t indicate how serious their interest might be. As for Kane, the trade rumors are based upon his recent off-ice partying habits, but that’s no reason to trade him, unless they start to affect his performance. 

DELCOTIMES: Rob Parent suggests the Philadelphia Flyers should make a serious pitch for Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber, a pending restricted free agent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Weber seeks a trade, the Predators intent is to re-sign he and Ryan Suter. Negotiations with the latter currently have priority, with the result of those talks becoming a determining factor in Weber’s negotiations. He’s a restricted free agent, so they’re not facing the same deadline to re-sign him as they are with Suter. Yes, the possibility exists Weber could get an offer sheet, but given how infrequently that tactic is employed, and with a new CBA looming, I doubt the Predators are concerned about that possibility.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports Minnesota Wild winger Guilluame Latendresse claims to be free of concussion symptoms and is hoping to return with the club. Latendresse is a restricted free agent, but given his recent injury history, Russo believes the Wild could either cut him loose, or re-sign him to a one-year, bonus-laden contract. Latendresse is certain he won’t get a qualifying offer from the club, but remains hopeful of getting a new deal with them. Wild GM Chuck Fletcher also plans to meet with pending UFA Josh Harding’s agent. If Harding decides to test the market, the Wild could seek a backup goalie.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Wild decide to pass on Latendresse, I believe he could find another NHL team to sign with, though it’ll be a one-year “show me” bonus-laden deal similar to that suggested by Russo. If the Wild do need to go shopping for a backup goalie, there’s plenty of good ones available in this summer’s market.

WASHINGTON POST: The Capitals will not be re-signing forward Jeff Halpern, who is eligible for UFA status on July 1.


  1. What would it cost Carolina to get Staal if he were available? This years first? Plus? I don’t know many of there prospects or good young players other then skinner.

    • Probably a good prospect, a high draft pick, and someone like Gleason. At least. We could get Yandle and 2 high picks for Staal, so it would take more than 1 pick

      • Yandle and 2 high draft picks? seriously doubt it.

        • It was Yandle, a 2nd and a conditional 3rd for Staal

          • Quick hitter, where are you getting this info?

    • Brandon Sutter, Jamie McBain & #1 for Staal and Martin … I’d rather have Gleason, he’s the physical defenseman that the Pens need … would love to get Skinner but I doubt he would be included.

  2. If healthy Latendresse can pot 20 goals easily. He will not have a problem with another team trying him out for a 1 or two year deal. It’s too bad he’s had his issues. He was doing so well with the Wild.

  3. Yandle and two high picks? I wouldn’t even deal Yandle for Jordan Staal straight up

    • That is the deal that Eklund said, but idk how reliable it is

      • Yes, but Eklund also expects people to pay $4 a month to read his crappy trade opinions that have no basis in proof except those mysterious unnamed sources he always has. (the disclaimer says its his opinion)

        I think the phrase is, “take it with a grain of salt”

    • I wouldn’t want Yandle even up for Staal … the Yotes have no one I want, just like the Leafs …

      • But the Leafs will have Luongo,Shultz and both 1st round picks, you should reverse that, you have mothing the Leafs want hahaha.

  4. For Carolina I would expect Faulk, Sutter and possibly a swap of picks to get the deal done.

    • I’d rather get Gleason than Faulk. So it would be:

      Staal and 22nd pick for
      Faulk/Gleason, Sutter and the 8th pick?

  5. I don’t really see Staal going to the Canes as it basically puts him in another situation of playing behind the “star” his brother. I think Jordan wants to make his own mark and I could see him doing that by going to Nashville or even Buffalo. Both teams need a “leader” and I think Jordan is ready to break out and be his own guy. I could see him playing with his bro later in his career, but for now I think he would like to go to a team that is ready to contend and is lacking that missing piece. I also see Malkin doing the same thing – they don’t want to play in the shadow of Sid. Sid is the face of the Pens and he always will be just like Mario has been. Malkin may end up making the Pens his team if Sid continues to be prone to concussions and that is why I can see Staal being traded for some other assets – a D-man and maybe someone like a Steve Downie or even a TJ Oshie now that they have shored up their goaltending situation.

    • I have read somewhere that Buffalo did make a call to see if Staal is available. If he is, Darcy should give up a D-man and Roy or Gerbe and a first rounder for him. Make it a deal he can’t refuse.

      • How bout staal for myers?

        • myers would not be included in any deal like that IMO The Sabres have other D who could be available plus as stated Roy and 2 first and 2 second rounders that could possibly be included.

  6. Staal wants to be a top 6, the only teams where he’s the number one centre are fairly week teams. I see no issue with playing behind his brother. He would have a huge role on that team. And yes Tom I was thinking staal and 22 pick for Gleason/Faulk Sutter and the 8th. Sutter is what makes this so appealing to the pens, what a fantastic replacement for staals 3rd line min.

  7. The “Insider” information provided by Lebrun and Dreger is get more and more useless.

  8. When Gleason was resigned, he was promised he wouldn’t be traded in the first year of the contract if I remember correctly. He likes playing and living in Raleigh, so I don’t see Timmy leaving the Canes. Faulk is a vital part of the defense core for the future, so he might not be part of a trade either. I would think that given the salary/cap hit of a player like Pitkanen, he may very well be the player on the move. Would hate to see Jokinen leave, but he might be on the block as well. I say Boychuck+Pitkanen+8th pick for J.Staal+22nd pick.

    • Pitkanen isn’t the type of D we need at all. Also, Pitkanen isn’t as good as he used to be. We need a deal to clear cap space, which this wouldn’t do. Also, why would we throw in a 1st for the rights of Boychuck? If we were to make that deal, we wouldn’t be trading our 1st round pick

      • Tom, I see what your saying.The Canes don’t have any stay at home dmen outside of Gleason. Faulk is more of a two-way guy, with a lean more toward the offensive side. I guess your right then, maybe it could be Sutter and this years 1st. I just don’t see a dman going the other way unless the two teams get another team involved and do an old-fashioned 3 team trade. Rutherford loves those type of deals too. As far as the rights of Boychuk, well as a Canes fan, he just hasn’t lived up too expectation and I think he would just be a throw in the clear him from the system. I really hoipe some team takes a chance on the kid, because he is decent, just doesn’t work here.

  9. I believe that Darcy will be burning the lines once the SC Final is over. Staal is a top 6 – you forget he has been injured during the past two years – played 42 games in 2010 and 62 in 201l. Also, he’s playing on a team that has two top 3 centers – Malkin and Crosby – thus making Staal a 3rd line center. Crosby is gonna want a big increase and the Pens have 4 UFAs they either need to sign or replace. I don’t think Darcy has any problem trading Roy and Weber and/or Sekera for Staal.

    • We don’t want Roy. At all

    • Also, you said yourself that Crosby would need a big increase, then you said that the Pens should take on $3 million more in cap hit. The only person I would want from Buffalo is Myers

  10. i think jordan staal is the exact type of player glen sather and the rangers are looking for and i think would be willing to add del zotto or haglin to a deal for him jordans star would shine in new york plus the bonus is it might make joran and mark staal even better players then they already are by pushing each other

  11. Actually, I wouldn’t mind trading Myer and Roy for Staal. I think the Sabres overpaid for Myer and it would be an opportunity to unload attitude. I really like Brennan and McNabb and we haven’t even seen what Pysyk can do.

    I realize that the Pens may be handcuffed with salary restraints, but taking on Roy and Sekera’s salary, while higher than Staal’s current salary, also resolves the problem of adding a D man.I think the Pens playoff series showed their deficiency at D. I believe Sekera is a better D-man than Niskanan and Weber might not be a bad addition. You also forget that Roy for the past few years has been a close to a point a game player. Last year I think he had some lingering effects from his torn quad tendon which impacted his numbers. I also believe he needs a change of scenery and a move might help him mature.

  12. As a life’long Pens fan, everything I keep on reading that you guys are mentioning regarding the Jordan Staal rumors. That’s what they are…RUMORS & that’s all they are. Everything you guys are saying came from the Media & everyone knows 90% of the rumors that the Media gives don’t usually go through AND thats bc why? Bc once again, they are RUMORS!
    Us Penguin fans know how Pens’ GM Ray Shero is & the way he works as a GM, Shero is a very quiet GM & doesn’t confirm nor does he deny any rumors that the Media throws at him so when I hear a rumor involving the Penguins, I don’t believe it bc its just a rumor #1 & #2, we know how Shero is as a GM, he doesn’t tell anyone & has a system with the organization that he doesn’t want anything regarding trades/free agency/RUMORS out of the Pens’ Boardroom during the season or/& during the off-season, period!
    Everything that I am reading that you guys are saying doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Think about it logically, you guys are forgetting the most important details when it comes to rumors, there are contracts, cap salaries, chemistry involving the teams’ players, the style of play that other players’ play that has to fit within the Penguins’ systems.
    There’s a lot more to a Trade involving teams other than players & prospects & draft picks.
    My opinion on this so-called Jordan Staal “rumor”, I believe Jordan Staal will be re-signed right along with Sidney Crosby & Jordan Staal isn’t going anywhere. I think he’ll get a 2 year contract extension on his contract that expires after next season.

  13. @Tom

    please stop. yandel>myers. eklund??? you dont know how reliable he is? he predicted pigs flying and monkeys speaking before the deadline this season, nothing he says is acurate or is source based.

  14. It is hilarious how people on Internet underestimate j. Staal’s value. He was pens best fwd in playoffs with 6g 3 a and +2 in a series the team lost 4-2. He is a tremendous penalty killer and only 23. It will take quite a bit to get him this summer. It could happen, but not for what you all are suggesting. How valuable is Dustin brown? Stall has more value considering his age.