NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – May 17, 2012.

Should the Red Wings pursue Alexander Semin? Are the Penguins planning to trade Jordan Staal? Could Milan Hejduk return with the Avalanche? Read on for the latest.

Could Semin be "Plan B" for the Red Wings?

MLIVE.COM/DETROIT FREE PRESS: Ansar Khan and Helene St. James speculated over the possibility of the Red Wings pursuing Washington’s Alexander Semin, who might test this summer’s free agent market. St. James doubts he’d be a good match for the Red Wings, citing their needs and Semin’s potential salary demands.

DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan also mused over the possibility of the Red Wings signing Semin, as well as pursuing defenseman Barret Jackman if he doesn’t re-sign with the St. Louis Blues, though Jackman appears determined to remain with the Blues.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Semin and Jackman could be “Plan B” if the Wings were unable to land Zach Parise or Ryan Suter this summer. Though Semin at first glance doesn’t seem a good fit, the Wings have had success adding players considered soft and one-dimensional and turning them into well-rounded performers. If Parise isn’t available and Semin’s their best available choice, I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of his landing with the Wings, perhaps for less than the $6.7 million he earned this season on a two-year contract.

WASHINGTON POST: Katie Carrera reports Capitals pending UFA defenseman Dennis Wideman will draw interest in the free agent market if he doesn’t get a new deal with Washington, while veteran center Jeff Halpern hopes he has options as a free agent this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the lack of depth in quality talent this summer, Wideman shouldn’t have much difficulty landing with a new team if the Capitals decide not to re-sign him. Halpern, on the other hand, is coming to the end of his long career, and faces the possibility his NHL days could be over.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Dave Molinari reports Penguins GM Ray Shero remains hopeful of retaining Sidney Crosby, Jordan Staal and Evgeni Malkin. Crosby and Staal have one year remaining on their current contracts, and Shero maintains his intent is to sign them to extensions. The Penguins GM also said Staal had not approached him about playing elsewhere.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Staal trade rumors gained a life of their own in recent weeks. What started out as simple musings over his future within the Pittsburgh media blew up into “Penguins could trade Staal” speculation, leading to links with Carolina and Edmonton. Sure, it’s possible the Penguins could trade Staal, but if we take Shero at his word, which is the only thing we’ve got to go on, that’s not in the cards right now, and may never be.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reported there’s been some discussions between the Avalanche and Milan Hejduk’s agent regarding a new contract. Hejduk is a UFA this summer, and his declining performance gave rise to speculation he wouldn’t be re-signed. He’d prefer to remain with the Avs but apparently hasn’t ruled out weighing offers from rival teams.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Hejduk returns it’ll have to be for less money and he’ll have to accept a lesser role with the club, as it was painfully clear he’s no longer a top-six forward.


  1. Semin needs to either man up and play hockey or go play in the KHL. St. Louis is rumored to be opting for a new direction when it comes to Jackman and Coliacovo (spelling). Wideman will get close to a kings ransom, but stick a fork in Halpern, he’s done. Would make a good trainer/assistant coach. Don’t think Hedjuk will get very much “IF”Col is willing to resign him.

    • who do you think you will target to play goal next year?

      • Everyone says Luongo, but I can’t see Yzerman blowing his load together him

  2. Staal is a good centre- but I dont think he is as good as everyone seems to think- he definitely isnt in the class of Eric and I just dont think he has the offense part of the game to be an an eleite centre. It helps playing the 3rd line when all the focus is on Gino and Sid. Pens should deal him – he is good- not great – solid but no spectacular

    Semin is in no way a Red Wings type player as he does noit play both sides of the ice , sacrifice his body , or compete in the corners and this is Red Wings hockey …they need to look at positioning themselves with a new future studd on defense becuase Jimmy Howard is not a guy who can hold the fort without Lidstrom …the wings really need to address this future issue …not blow there load on Semin at $5 – $6 million a year ..this is not Red Wing philosophy….. AT ALL !!!!

    Hejduk will play this year and will take a hair cut to stay ….but if they are out at the trade deadline he will be dealt for one last kick at the can ….he is better to have for leadership and secondary goal production to strenghten a deep team next year …he should be kept for one more season !!!

    I truly feel that MALKIN is the odd man out here and that Stall will move up if they can move out Malkin ….
    Malkin wants to lead his own team …its very evedent in his body language and point production when SYD is back …they are not jelling well ….and you vcan get a kings ransom for him to ree tool your team for the next 6 years if you move him ….where as if you move Staal your return is a lot more minimal …..and Malkin will be a UFA after this year anyways ….its time to make the play…sign SYD …sign, STAAL…trade Malkin for young future superstars or multiple first round picks and current roster player and draft pick …he will be the MVP this year and his value can not be any higher …he was the best player in the world for 70 games this eason …have to do it !!!

    • Completely agree with trading Malkin over Staal or Crosby. You will get a kings ransom and Malkin does seem to want his own team. Only thing is if I’m the Pens you need a young center back in return that you see as a projected #2 or #3 center for IF/When Crosby gets hurt. Call me crazy but imagine Malkin with the Blues send over in return Oshie OR Perron/Schultz/Eliott/picks. I think Eliott’s regular season was more of a fluke than anything else. But I do believe he is a solid back-up and the Pens need one bad for Fleury. Imagine the Blues down the middle Malkin and Backes not too bad for them. I believe you put Stewart on a line with Malkin and just tell him get to the net Stewart would have 20 goals off his ass alone.

  4. I’m really starting to think that they should keep Staal, Crosby and Geno. I have a feeling in my gut that we will resign all of them

    • I tend to agree, but if it gets later in the year and Staal isn’t resigned, Shero has to make the judgement call. If Staal has no intention of staying a Pen and walks at years end for nothing, Shero will feel a lot of wrath.

      • If Staal will resign, he will do it before the season starts or early in the season. They should wait to trade him until next offseason if they don’t resign him. I feel that Crosby will resign before the end of July, and Staal will be resigned hopefully by October

  5. staal for elder Raymond and alberts

    Luongo for jvr 2nd Rounder

    Canucks sign garrison and Shultz

    • Luonghole to the Flyers? what about universe(Breezy)?

      Staal for Raymond and Alberts? seriously? Staal was the man for the Pens in their crushing defeat at the the hands of the Flyers.

      The Pens should trade Syndy Crybaby…build around Malkin, Neal and Staal. They need a few stud dmen, and Crybaby could get you that. Malkin has proved he can carry the team, and Staal as the number 2 puts up almost a point a game.

      Crybaby has fallen into Lindros territory…a great talent that has head issues..in more ways than one.

  6. The pens won’t move anyone until they get Crosby signed to a extension. To be honest, I don’t think he signs there. I think he sees what he gets on the open market. The guy has done everything in Pitts and he may be thinking about the end of his career and where he wants that to be. Rumored flew that he wasn’t happy with the lens staff for his injury issues and maybe he is going to have a look at UFA. Just a feeling. It’s not that hard a decision for the Pens. Sign Staal no matter what and then if Crosby doesn’t sign then you still have malkin. Not to bad. I hope Crosby doesn’t sign a extension. Oh man these message boards will be FULL!!!

  7. Into Lindros territory? Lindros has had alot of concussions, and Crosby has had only one big one so far. How about next time, think before you say something stupid

    • 3 possible concussions in a calender year in like Lindros


    I am not sure how many times I have the opportunity to talk about Crosby NOT BEING TRADED …but here we go again………This is not a Hockey decision or trade for the last time yoy can get back everything for malkin you would for Crosby in a trade ….If you were to trade Croasby you will loose HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in soin off money in Pittsburgh loose season ticket holders fan backlash and dissappoint ALL YOUR CORPORATE PARTNERS and will loose sooooooo much money its not even comprehendable ……sure anyone can be traded but this is a business first …..plain and simple its not just about winning stanley cups its about ……MONEY !
    What they pay Crosby they will make in the sales of Jerseys alone over a 10 year period of time………. PLEASE STOP THE INSANITY !!!!!

    • You think they lose all corporate partners because of Crosby. The Pens seem to be a better team without Crybaby…the smart hockey move would be to keep Malkin, keep Staal, and sell Crybaby for as much as possible.

  9. Yes, Crosby is unmovable unless he walks on his own. Crosby is worth far too much income to the Penguins for that to even be a thought. I am now doubting anyone is moved, but if they are it should be Malking being moved, he fetches the best return, clears the most space, and sets your team up for years.

    Detroit IMO should land Semin, because if you’ve followed his whole career most people and prudent out there are actually wrong about him. Yes he isn’t hard nosed as he is a pure skill player but when he gets motivated he can control a game every what as bit as good as Ovie can. He is fast, has soft hands, and doesn’t mind blocking shots.

    The system in Washington is just wrong for him because the system they are running doesn’t match the players around him. The defense is NOT a defense first player set and so many people blame mishaps on Semin when he is only a small cog in that. Detroit will make him better and if they were to land say Semin + Suter or even Semin + Jackman as suggested. The Wings would be solid enough that they could probably allow Semin to play a little more balls out and have a big scorer. (I know Datty and Zetty can at anytime, but they are far too solid two way to allow to go ballz out).

  10. Trade Crosby.

  11. Crosby could be traded IF he makes it clear he doesn’t intend to sign an extension then Shero would be forced to trade him, but that’s a big if,but hey anything is possible.

    Semin will go to a team that is willing to overpay, or be a late pickup (depending on how much he wants to stick to his current pay) Detroit may pick him up late, but won’t be one of the first offers

  12. Put your personal issues aside.

    Did Crosby scoring the Gold medal goal offend you?
    Did he make your team look like a bunch of chumps?
    Did he score the goal that lost your team a shot at the Cup?
    Do you hate that he played rougher and dirty against Philly?

    It doesn’t matter what the reason. He is a star “attraction”
    Teams will not see Crosby in their jerseys unless the Pens can not afford to pay him. He is the Gretzky of this generation. Yes, I know he was traded too, but I am saying it would take the same circumstances as the Great One, to have him move. He lived in Mario’s house for a few years….think Mario is going to allow him to get tossed away???
    If you do you’re crazy. Quit wasting your time trying to justify moving him. It doesn’t matter how many guys you get back. Offer the whole team for all I care. He will not move out of Pitt.
    Pick any player…go on pick someone and I guarantee Crosby jerseys are more popular.
    Get a grip people. The insanity is too much!!

    • Did Crosby scoring the Gold medal goal offend you?
      No, not offended. I am Canadian after all. I just wish it was someone else. The Canadian team bent to Crosby, like taking Nash off a penalty shot and putting Crosby onto it. The bs favouritism is disliked. I hate hearing how good he is, when the Flyers showed everyone how he really is in the first round. His “I hate them” comments are immature, embarrassing, and was flat out a dumb thing to say.

      Did he make your team look like a bunch of chumps? Yes, but he has made every team look that way. i am not denying his talent, but feel he cheapens his rep with the whiny bs, and his antics in the playoffs this year. He looked like a spoiled brat, and I don’t want my son’s looking up to him as a role model.

      Did he score the goal that lost your team a shot at the Cup?
      No, that was Talbot and we already signed him last summer.

      Do you hate that he played rougher and dirty against Philly?No..I found his actions to show how he really is. He is a spoiled brat who really showed a lot of disrespect in the first round.

      I personally feel he is not the best player in the league, let alone the league. I think Malkin is an all around better talent. I also think Malkin could lead the Pens as it has been shown time and again during Crosby’s absence. I would also be concerned that his concussions aren’t going to go away. He could be one hit away…would suck for Pittsburg to trade Stall or Malkin, and then lose Crosby to a career ending hit.

      I dislike the way the press is always gushing about him. I dislike that other star players get forgotten about when Crosby plays, and not only Flyers. I think he is overrated. He is a great talent, no doubt, but I don’t think he will come anywhere near Gretzky’s numbers. Or Messier and Howes numbers.

      My opinion and it’s not changing.

      • I personally feel he is not the best player in the league, let alone the league.

        meant to say on his team, let alone the league.

  13. If I had 3 centres like that, I’d keep them all. They are all young, strong, and gifted. You don’t realy need a 4th centre at all.
    The best teams are deepest down the middle.
    If the Pens had any good goaltending this season, they are likely still playing. I’m a Fleury fan, but he was terrible.

  14. All you guys are crazy …….before Crosby got brutaly concussed ….he was far and away the best all around hockey player in the league and even Mario said hes batter than him in so many ways …do you even understand how talented this guy is healthy …..

    hes the only true hockey star considered one of the all time greats that gets the shit kicked out of since he was 18 years old in a mans league …..

    go try walking in to a Hells Angles Biker bar and pick a fight with every guy in there …thats what its been like for him toi play in the NHL since he was 18 years old ….and hes surpassed it all and has done everything by the age of 24 at the same time hes missed more than a YEAR AND A HALF so far in his career and still has broken a myraid of records ….won a cup …art ross Team canada gold and scored some of the hardest working highlight real goals that even the greatest of hockey players in history shake ther head at ……so you guys really need to give your head a shake becuase I think youve all been concussed with the idiotic comments……this Superstar has had NO PROTECTION SINCE DAY 1 …….and has been beat up to this point ……lets see how Gretzky would fare at 150 pounds getting steamrolled and abused like Crosby and what he would do !!!!!! Give me a F en break man !!!

    Some of yopu really need to put feelings aside and evaluate what the truth is and what raw talent and excepetional talent really is to play in the NHL and be the best hockey player in the world…..not throw stones form your ar chair and dream wahat it would be like, and think its all that easy ….becuase thats the best compliment you can give Crosby ….he makes it look so easy its sick to think how good he really is …..and its becuase of his commitment to the game hard work ethic and pure talent ……

    • Pretty sure no one has denied Crosby’s talent and his accomplishments. However, they are blown out of proportion. He’s a great player, one of the top 5 currently playing, but so far his career compares more favourably to a Petr Forsberg or Eric Lindros than it does to Gretzky or Mario. The stats don’t lie!

      • Thank you…

        @ Slap and Shop: the key to your hole tyraid was this line:

        “All you guys are crazy …….before Crosby got brutaly concussed ”

        therefore his damaged goods and one hit away from the end. Pitts could get a boat load from someone for Crybaby, keep Malkin and Staal…

        Lindros was all world and the unmovable object until Stevens started using him for an elbowing pad.

        Crosby having no protection is a failure on the team he plays for, not my fault.

        He has a tonne of talent yes…but it also helps that the rules where changed to help him out….

        Think about it..How dominant would Lindros have been if he was not elbowed, slashed, hit dirty, or run at from 20 feet away. You are comparing 2 different eras and 2 different types of players.

        Crosby and Gretzky are not in the same catagory. Not even close….Do you remember when Gretzky was putting up almost a 100 points more in one season than Crybabys highest career total? It is a no discussion.

        Being better than Mario…he was overrated too, and couldn’t win until a true leader showed up in Francis…..

        My personal feeling aside.. I think Crosby is way overrated, and his injury history, whether you like it or not, is a part of his career now.

  15. does anybody else ignore the fact that Crosby before the concussion was putting up jaw dropping numbers for a point per game rate? Does anybody else realize that in the 2011-2012 season his PPG was HIGHER than that when he was getting concussed and everyone started claiming he’s not the best player in the NHL? I am not a Crosby fanboy at all but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Crosby is not only the best player currently in the NHL but he is the best player currently playing hockey in any league worth while in the WORLD.

  16. @ BigBoss

    I wholeheartedly disagree.

    Not going to waste any more time on this…I think he is overrated, and now has head injuries to add to it. You think he is the best. You disagree with me, I disagree with you.

    That’s why opinions are great.

  17. Shero’s word is usually true to whats happening. He’s been really good about that.

    Just like the last trade deadline, he told the press he wasn’t planning on doing much, if anything, and that’s what happened.

    He’s not one of those cryptic GMs who never actually tell the media one way or another as to their plans.

    Ray’s a straight-shooter, he doesn’t keep the fanbase in the dark. That seems to be a priority with him, to make sure the fans who spend their money with them, are generally kept in the loop.

  18. Well Ok, I hear you all.
    Then tell me who is better right now.

    Please don’t say Malkin, there is a reason he is the second line center and not the first..

    Who else does it all. Ok, so he complained in the media ( crybaby if you want )Who else gets in those positions to be bashed around???? No one.

    Another question, Is it just me or are the “goons”, so to speak, taking runs at every big star in this league? It appears that if the team can’t run with the stars they try and end them. Am I seeing this wrong??

  19. @The Man__Oss

    Malkin has been the first line center for the past two seasons since Sidney went out with his concussion at the Winter Classic.

    The only time he wasn’t the top center was when he injured his knee. And he still remained the first line center throughout the end of this season even with Sidney back.

    And given Bylsma’s performance reward system of roster promotions, Malkin likely will remain in the #1 spot for the start of next season too.

    • Except that Malkin didn’t stay Number one. When the kid came back he dropped to the second line again.

      • No he didn’t. Malkin, as I said, has STAYED the #1 center everytime Sidney has come back from his concussions. Both in 2011 and 2012.

  20. Malkins linemates and icetime did not change when Crybaby came back. If he was 1st line with Crybaby out, nothing changes, does that not make him first line with Crosby back?

    Malkin is an elite player, who again led the league this year. He has done that 2x in the last 4 years…the other 2x was by the Sedins….so where was Crybaby?

    Thats 4 years…..I just don’t get why the Pens would want to keep damaged goods when they have a better player who is healthier.

    Crybaby is not the only star player that gets roughed up…we just hear more about it because it’s “Crybaby”

    I can’t believe the league had an unwritten rule about easing up on Crybaby, so not to hurt him again. Jones was talking about it in the first round.

  21. what is that?

    “Please don’t say Malkin, there is a reason he is the second line center and not the first..”

  22. BTW Gary, any valid argument about Sidney’s drawbacks immediately losses it’s credibility when you pepper the comments by referring to him as “crybaby” constantly.

    Unless you’re 12, it’s unessecary. And your points are immediately ignored by most readers due to the juvenile language.

    That’s unforntunate because otherwise your opinions on Sidney make alot of sense. They would make more impact without the name calling.

    • Doesn’t change the fact that Malkin has been the 1st line centre for 2 years straight and has had the better career thus far.

      • Comparing the careers is tough to do, here’s why:
        Crosby has been hurt his last two seasons only playing 41 two years ago and 22 this year.
        Malkin has played 75 and 43 respectively. Based on total points two years ago is a push two more game by Malkin and 3 points.
        This past year Malkin played 75 games and got the lions share of the work while Sid was out. So to say he has been the better center for two straight years is a bit of an stretch.
        Every year they have been neck and neck. (based on the point production)

        *note Malkin was already clicking with the top line when he returned. Why would the coach break them up? Hence Sid on line two. (temp IMO)