NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – May 25, 2012.

The latest on Roberto Luongo, Zach Parise, Ryan Suter and Dave Bolland.

QMI AGENCY (VIA TORONTO SUN): Louis-Andre Lariviere reports Vancouver Canucks coach Alain Vigneault confirmed goaltender Roberto Luongo has requested a trade. It’s expected Luongo’s fate could be decided this summer when he and the team would have more time to arrange an amicable solution.

No Luongo for Lightning?

THE GLOBE AND MAIL/TAMPA BAY TIMES: Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman admitted he’d look to the trade market for a number one goaltender, but said his preference is to find a younger goaltender, citing as an example Semyon Varlamov, 24, whom the Colorado Avalanche acquired last summer from the Washington Capitals. That could take the Lightning out of the bidding for Luongo. Damian Cristodero of the Times suggested Kings backup Jonathan Bernier and Predators backup Anders Lindback are two young goalies with upside.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Yzerman can’t find a young goalie via the trade market in terms of a young goalie, he could give consideration toward Luongo, but his recent comments certainly suggest he doesn’t wish to go in that direction.

DETROIT NEWS: Gregg Krupa believes New Jersey’s Zach Parise and Nashville’s Ryan Suter would be perfect fits with the Red Wings, who are among the few teams which could afford to sign both.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Sid Hartman notes the Minnesota Wild are excited about signing prospect Mikael Granlund, but he’ll look better if they can also sign Zach Parise.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Parise and Suter would be perfect fits on any NHL team. The Wings are indeed among the few which could afford to sign both, but it’s easier said than done. The Devils might still re-sign Parise, or he could decide to return home to Minnesota. Suter could be happy to stay put in Nashville, or maybe he might decide Philadelphia or Dallas are better options. The Wings have the aura of success working in their favor, but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll land both. 

ESPN.COM: Jesse Rogers suggests third line center Dave Bolland as a trade candidate, believing he could fetch a solid return to help the Blackhawks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Whether the Blackhawks believe the same thing remains to be seen.


  1. What about Neuvirth as trade bait? It would be krama.

  2. It would be interesting if washington resigned vokoun or a similar vet and of course holtby is the guy there now. So nuevirth could be gone. And would fetch a good return. If yzerman wants a young goalie he better be willing to part with some good prospect/picks, luongo could be had cheap IMO, but a guy like bernier might cost a connolly or younger prospects. Lots of interesting goalie situations.

    • Don’t think Bernier is going to be that solid of a starter. Certainly not to the standard of back-ups that are ready to be starters like Schneider and Rask. Kind of feel like Harding would be a good fit in Tampa worth a look into anyway. Lindback I think is in about the same class as Bernier. Harding has shown a little bit more than Bernier and Lindback. Maybe see if Buffalo is willing to part with Enroth.

  3. Mr. Parise will be staying in Jersey, especially with a game six win here. He wants a contender, he’s going to the finals. Devils management will find the money to keep someone like him.

    Suter is a good fit everywhere. I could however see him signing somewhere unexpected. Last year we all knew BR was NY bouns, that didn’t stop Calgary from giving him the biggest deal.

    Repeat could easily happen.

    As for Roberto. He might be harder to move than originally imagined. If tb doesn’t want him… Leaves to… But bb will have to go against his word.

    • The devils are on the brink of bing bankrupt. Can they afford another 100 Mill contract?

  4. I agree with miokid here. Parise might consider testing the FA market, every team will be interested and he may have dozens of options to choose from. But the Devils are a game away from clinching a Stanley Cup Final berth, and of they win tonight and defeat Los Angeles in the finals I can Parise maybe even taking alot less than he would gotten in free agency just to stay in NJ. However if they lose this round against the Rangers OR lose in the finals against the Kings I could see Parise beinng a little discouraged and maybe would want to move on to another team.

    I just saw a rumor over in Hockeybuz.com that Suter is not interested in playing for any canadien team, or in the Eastern Conference. His “very short list” as they stated are Colorado, Detroit and Minnesota. But he could too very well resign with Nashville.

    And the soap opera situation of this off-season will be trying to trade Lou. I agree miokid, the longer we think about this situation, I really will say that trading Roberto will be alot harder than anticapated. The only teams I saw in the rumor mill is Tampa and Toronto. I really wouldnt count Toronto cause they are ALWAYS interested in any star player, but never land him.

    This is gonna be a very interesting summer for the NHL.

  5. 1) Yzerman is better served to try to get a good young goalie with potential and a solid veteran backup. You can’t have a young guy with no insulation (Hello, James Reimer).

    2) Parise looks bes in a NJ uniform. If Brodeur returns, or if NJ solidifies their goaltending situation, he returns there. If there is a huge hole in net- he’s gone. I say Detroit is the #1 spot outside of Jersey.

    3) Anything more than a 2nd round pick for Luongo is overvalued. There are 3 reasons:
    -Leverage: Van is not dealing from a position of strength. They want to keep Schneider. In order to do that and adress needs elsewehere, they HAVE to move Luongo.
    -Risk: The length of his contract (8 more years) is a huge risk. If he does not work out and/or his game erodes and you are stuck with him. No move clause means you can’t bury him in the minors or trade him.
    -Opportunity Cost: Having a guy sighned for 8 seasons at a position where there is only one starter— you block the development and progression of any of your other young goalies. Of one of them emerges, you cant move Luongo (see above, risk).

    4) Ryan Suter is good, but he is not one of the best d-men in the league. He plays with the Kingpin Shea Weber and this is the same song and dnace we heard when Hamhuis was the Toast of the Town. Suter is good, but not great. His game will drop off unless he is paired with Lidstrom or Pronger or Chara. He is solid, but certainly not an elite defenseman. Absolutely not a #1 guy.

    • I believe Luongo has 10 years left. His original deal was for 12 years.

      Take hockeybuzz with a grain of salt. Fortune cookies are more accurate.

      • Anything longer than 4 more years for Luongo is too many. So that detail is like trying to decide which one is the tallest midget.

    • Luongo does not have a no move clause… he only has a no trade clause, so it would be entirely possible within the current rules to bury his contract in the minors, if it ever came to that.

      Also, the team doesn’t HAVE to move him. Gillis has gone on record saying it’s a distinct possibility both goalies are back next year.

      I can imagine the Canucks keeping both goalies to start the year and trading away one of them closer to the trade deadline when their value would be at its highest (presuming both goalies have another season of outstanding stats).

      NJ is the wildcard in my opinion. If Brodeur retires than they might consider trading for Luongo, given that his cap hit is only $5.33 million… that’s pretty reasonable for a clear number one goalie who’s probably been compared to Brodeur more than any other active goalie over his career (a lot of that because of the Team Canada connection).

      Everyone seems to think that Luongo shouldn’t command much return in a trade, but let’s be real. Last summer Philly gave Ilya Bryzgalov a nine year deal that comes with a higher cap hit than Luongo. And anyone who thinks Bryzgalov is a better goalie than Luongo is just plain crazy.

  6. Stevie Yzerman, you’re my hero. Finally a GM that freaking gets it. Draft, Develop, Retain! Don’t get me wrong, Luongo is a great goalie and deserves better, but the Lightning cannot take on the absurd contract with Lecavalier still on the books. Harding or Vokoun would be a good choice and wouldn’t cost any picks or prospects. Harding is young (27) and capable of starting. His only issues are injuries. Vokoun is older (35), but still has plenty in the tank. Could be a great stop-gap for a couple of years so Tokarski and Janus can fully mature.

    • I believe Yzerman will put the squeeze on Vancouver and offer up a boatload for Cory Schneider… if they have no takers for Luongo… ??

  7. Chi: Derek Roy, Andrej Sekera or Jordan Leopold & pieces
    Buf: Dave Bolland & pieces

    This gives the Hawks a 2nd line C and a top 4 dman who can slide down the depth chart if need be. Also gives the Sabs a true 3rd line C with offensive upside, checking and grit

    • Highly unlikely Buffalo trades their 1st line centre and a legit defenceman for a 3rd line centre…

      • Nik- Roy is a 2nd line C at best and by all accounts wants out of Buf and has for a while. As for Leopold with Sulzer’s play last year and Mcnabb waiting in the wing he is expenable. With that said picks and prospects would be necessary to make this trade beneficial to both sides.

        • I don’t mind getting rid of Roy for Bolland – Bolland would add some grit and with Hodgeson and Ennis playing center – it could make sense. Buffalo signed Sulzer for a 1 year deal – my thinking is that he has bounced around for 5 years not really playing to much until he got to Bflo – so they are seeing if he is the real deal. Also he played very well with Erhoff and then some, but Bflo like Sekera and to me that makes Weber or Leopold expendable.

          • Steve- I totally agree with you. Leopold would be preferable to move. Sekera has made some advances as a dman and now I think he can make his way back to being the offensive talent he started as. Weber to me should stay. He has made some leaps playing with and learning from Regehr. I think if he gets his mean streak back and continues his development he can be Robin Regehr 2.0.

  8. Ryan- I am not sure the Blackhawks have enough cap room to take that trade on. Buffalo would love the salary dump though Im sure. I bet they wish they could find someone to take Ville Leino off their hands.

    • Roy and Sekera would make the Hawks have have 60.8M invested in 21 players and Roy and Leopold would be around 61.1M. Chicago may be interested in keeping Bolland but I do not think they would see gaining a 2nd line C who scored 44pts with a dreadful Sabres offense and a 20 pt veteran dman (Leopold) as the Sabs just dumping salary on them

      • The only real problem with your suggested trade is that Darcy has stated twice so far that they are looking for a number one center not a number three grit guy. He made these statements as recently as last week when he re signed his D-man.
        Sorry, I can’t see it working. Not based on Darcy’s own comments.

        • Darcy’s chances of landing a #1 center with the assets we have are about as likely as mine are of getting a date with Kate Upton. If Darcy sticks to his plan single-mindedly and explores no other options he will be singing the same song as always come October. “I tried a lot of trade options but nothing fit, so I did nothing.” He may make occasional steals in the trade market but he more often than not falls short of big splash moves. With that said, I’m begging Mr. Regeir to prove me wrong.

          • The only difference may be the 2 firsts and 2 seconds. That may be a bigger factor than we think. I agree Darcy has sung the same tune for too many years.
            I would love for them to go after Getzlaf. But I may be only dreaming.

      • IF Roy and Leopold are SO VALUABLE, keep them!

  9. I’ve heard stirrings about Bolland being a good possibility to trade, and I think it would be a huge mistake. The Hawks lacked the physicality and grit a team needs during the playoffs, and Bolland represents a little of that grit the team does have. The Hawks have a ton of talent in their young prospects, but some of those guys probably aren’t ready for everyday NHL play yet (Hayes, Shaw, Morin, Danis-Papin, etc..) Keeping Bolland until at least the trade deadline, then re-evaluating is a safer play.

  10. The Hawks are clearly looking into possible cap contract discards as they feel they have an excellent chance to Suter to shore up the defense.
    There are many possible contracts that I am sure would come before Bolland’s.
    It seems silly to talk about subtracting a centre unless there is going to an addition there in other areas.
    More likely you see the emerging players the Hawks have like Pirri, Lalonde are sandwiched with journeymen Hawk NHlers to acquire an “under reasonable contract” addition, so they don’t have to fill with any UFA additions except for Suter.
    Talk is he would be close to his family in Madison and the Blackhawks market and team would keep him Cup contention for the entire rest of his career, and the fact thta seabrook and Keith are already in place means the weight of the defense would not fall to him completely.

    • Bill- Is it even necessary for the Hawks to make cap space? Rumor of the cap being around 69-70 mil next year has been floating around and they only have 57.5M invested in 20 players leaving almost 12M in cap space to address their needs. Suter will prolly be had for around 5.5M per for a contract lasting the rest of his career (he is rumored to want that). That leaves 4.5M to address two more players (most likely the young players you named).

    • Chicago will acquire Tim Thomas, which will require some cap re-juggling.

  11. If Roberto’s contract was five years long or less, there would be a lineup of teams.

    As for Stevey Y… He is a smart man. He wouldn’t tell a radio station he wants Luongo. Tampa might still be in the running.

    As for hockeybuzz… Yeah don’t, Eklund’s a clown. The community there seems like jacked up 18 year olds with the stupid convs they have.

    Suter does play with shea. Who is, by all means, the best dman overall dman in the league. Hard getting him for his game alone.

  12. Once again loungo’s name gets back into the trade rumours, however this works in Calgarys favor with Kipper.While everyone specualtes where Lou goes, Feaster will pull off a trade to a team like Chicago, Tampa, Philly or Detroit that will definitely help these teams truely contend. Kipper costs less…only 2 years remaining…a better goalie and Feaster can trade him to any team that he wants to (NO Restricitions in Kippers contract). Calgary has some good quality goalies in there system which can share the duties next year. As well, if the Flames are struggling mid season, Iginla will be gone before the trade deadline and Calgary will then sets their eyes on the 2013 Draft and Nathan MacKinnon.

  13. Adam Henrique, Burford Ont

  14. Regarding luongo. His contract has 2 outs in which the contract can be broken before its due date. One of those out clauses is in 4 years and its entirely up to the club if they choose to break it. So lou’s contract is for UP TO 10 more years.