NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – November 23, 2011.

Despite re-signing with the Phoenix Coyotes, some believe Kyle Turris could still be traded, plus the latest on Zach Parise, Josh Gorges, and Linus Omark.


Could the Coyotes trade the recently re-signed Kyle Turris?

VANCOUVER PROVINCE/CALGARY SUN/CBC.CA: speculate the Phoenix Coyotes could still shop center Kyle Turris now that he’s finally ended his ill-advised holdout and re-signed a two-year deal with them. Despite GM Don Maloney saying during the holdout that under no circumstances would he trade Turris, and sounding after the re-signing as though he still intends to keep the young center, some observers are wondering if Maloney is just posturing. The Canucks, Flames, Maple Leafs and Senators have been among those rumored to have interest in Turris, and the thinking is Maloney would want a young center and a draft pick in return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some folks just can’t quit the Turris rumors. To be fair, several teams are believed to have contacted the Coyotes regarding Turris’ availability, and we can’t discount those clubs making follow-up inquiries. That being said, it’ll probably take Maloney stretching his “under no circumstances will we trade Turris” meme to include, “now that he’s under contract with us” to fully silence the Turris trade speculation. Sure, it’s possible Turris could be traded, but I’m guessing it won’t happen until the off-season at the earliest.

NEW YORK POST: Zach Parise’s recent meetings with his agents fuels speculation he’ll sign with another team next summer as an unrestricted free agent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yes, that’s possible, but it’s also far too early to read into a November meeting with his agents as indication this is his last season with the New Jersey Devils.

RDS.CA: Pierre Houde hopes the Montreal Canadiens will move quickly to get dependable defenseman Josh Gorges re-signed before next summer, when he becomes eligible for UFA status.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gorges is earning $2.5 million this season and could command at least $4 million on the open market. The Canadiens will have the cap space to re-sign him, as they won’t re-sign Jaroslav Spacek, Hal Gill and Chris Campoli. Habs fans shouldn’t worry if he’s still not re-signed by June. It’ll get done, because he’s far too valuable to their blueline.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson shoots down trade speculation over demoted Oilers winger Linus Omark, pointing out Omark broke his ankle last week and is sidelined for the next two months.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not the kind of season Omark envisioned for himself.


  1. I get that Maloney says he won’t trade under no circumstances but we’ve heard that before. I def don’t think its a sign and trade because frankly they would want to show case him and or try to pitch Phoenix a little better to Turris first. But if by deadline the same issues are still coming out, Turris wants out, and the Coyotes are in the hunt it wouldn’t make sense for the ‘Yotes to not move him for extra assets.

    I believe Parise is moving in the off season … not because he wants out but because with the money he wants (and deserves) he can likely get more from a better team on the open market. Gorges def stays with Montreal or they are screwed as their blueline will start to look like Tampa … crap!

  2. I get a laugh out of reading the GM would want a young centre AND a pick.
    The kid has underachieved and well known he wants out so he is worth equal,a young centre,plus extra,yeah that makes sense.
    Plus any team wanting a young centre would not want a young centre if they already had one,which means they do not so how can they trade one?
    What happens if he plays worse then before?
    Then the GM says we cannot get his true worth so we have to keep him until he plays better,which he will not because he wants out.
    There are way too many GM’s out there that smoke way too much,and not cigarettes.

  3. The Oilers are much too small up front and they have some big bodies waiting in the wings. Hemsky and Gag’s play hard but play like there is a disconect with the rest of the team. The team needs to be bigger and they need to be where someone wants them, seems simple to me.
    Parise is another small player that doesn’t get it done in the playoffs. A long term contract over 7 Mill with this player is not a good deal.

  4. I think Maloney has to say he won’t trade Turris for a couple of reasons. Turris needs the message to shut up and play hockey, and Maloney does not want to give a desperation image to other GMs. That said, if Turris is not happy and starts to infect the locker room, or if an offer comes along that will improve his team, Maloney would be an ass to hold out for pride’s sake.

    Sign Gorges now. Why wait another minute? If Markov returns to 75% form, and we can lock up Gorges and Subban, the rest is filling in the blanks on D.

  5. The question is, why would Pheonix want Turris on their team. It’s not like he’s a vital part of the team, (pointing to their suprising record so far) and he doesn’t want to play for you, so why have his lack of enthusiasm around the rest of your team? Move him asap before the cancer spreads. (not to say Turris is a cancer in general, but in this situation how can’t he be, at the very least, a negative distraction)

  6. I heard Parise was spotted in Hawaii last summer. This is obviously proof that he plans on leaving the NHL and signing with the Hawaiian Inter-Island League.

  7. Turris – I could potentially see interest from the Leafs, Flames and Senators if Turris is available. I don’t see why the Canucks would be willing to give much up for him. If Kesler and Malhotra continue playing below expectations I think Vancouver would consider picking up a more experienced reliable 2nd/3rd line center type, not a young prospect who needs lots of development. They’ve already got Hodgson.

    Gorges – I think he’ll be re-signed as well. At first I was thinking there wouldn’t be as much cap space for the Habs blueline as Spector suggests since they’ll have Markov coming off IR soon and Subban’s an RFA at the end of the season. But it looks like it’ll work. What’s Subban worth as an RFA, $3.5-4.5m?

  8. JDBGiGC, hahaha! Gold.

  9. Maloney stated that he would not trade an unsigned Turris, he is now signed, Don’t expect Kyle to be a distraction in the locker room, not with the threat of relocation for the last 2+ years overshadowing any other issue the franchise has. Kyle Turris gives the Coyotes more versatility and the ability of throwing out 4 productive lines now and more depth. He has too much pride to not give 100% on the ice.
    IMO, it will come down to if the franchise can get a new owner before the deadline, if he and a few others will get traded.

  10. I actually believe Maloney is throwing out smoke and mirrors with the Turris situation. He was never going to let the early December play for us, or no one stipulation go through; nor will he be unwilling to move Turris if there’s a trade that is legitimate.

    There’s no way he refuses to trade Turris; if the right player/deal is put in front of him… Turris might not even play for the ‘yotes this year. So there’s no reason to not move the kid for actual help in the lineup.

    Parise will move. There’s absolutely no doubt he’ll move this summer. NJD doesn’t have the money nor should he have the will to continue to play there. It’s either he’ll move into a contender or he’ll move to a team where he will be the star of the team, and allow the GM to create the team around.

    Linus will move when he’s healthy. Oil could get a lot for him; and should think of moving the disgruntled young talent.

  11. Let’s be realistic about Omark, he’s going to have to be packaged with draft picks or someone else for the oilers to get anything in return. He’s undersized, and a liability in his own end. Tambi robbed the kings blind in their trades, I hope he can rob someone else. could only see that happening if it’s a trade with a team that has major powerplay problems. Gagner, Omark, 4 draft picks to nashville in a sign and trade deal for weber. Then weber and smyth can settle their differences from last night like men in the locker room. Weber crying foul for getting the butt end of Smyths stick in the mouth last night on his failed mid ice hit attempt, looked great on him.

  12. Gagner, Omark, 4 draft picks to nashville in a sign and trade deal for weber. REALLY OILERSFAN…..if you’re smoking up in the chat room at least pass it around.

  13. I’m not so sure that the Canadiens value Gorges that much. He wanted a long term deal (3-4 years) and they refused to give him one, insisting only on a 1 year deal. My thoughts are they believe that they can get someone slightly cheaper or that their young guys will step up.

    I think that’s crap, but can’t see why they wouldn’t have signed him to a longer term when he was RFA rather than waiting until UFA. It was their decision, not his.

  14. The Habs better sign back Gill… they will regret letting him go.

  15. Speaking of Gorges, him and the Habs are reportedly close to signing a long term contract extension.

  16. I agree with Lyle that Turris will probably not be traded until the offseason, I disagree with adding “at the earliest”. This guy has asked for a trade, he’s been a contract holdout, I just can’t imagine him peforming well and being happy in Phoenix, given the circumstances, and I imagine they will look to move him at the draft, or at some point in the summer, at the latest.

  17. Apparently the owner of Wendy’s is looking at buying the Devils. If that happens I can’t see Parise going anywhere unless he just wants out of New Jersey entirely.

  18. If Turris has a bad half of a year or even worse gets hurt what little trade value he has now will be almost non existent its in Phoenix’s best interest to trade this kid to the highest bidder and move on.

    They could probably get a 2nd pick and middle prospect at best,

  19. @oilersfan, only way that trade works if you pachage something better than that garbage, why is it that any oiler fan wants to bitch about gagner but will make him the center of any of their purposed trades? The ducks took cogs over gagner, cause gagner is awful….. and those 4 picks, all first rounders, so nashville will get atleast a top 5 pick in the next 4 drafts

  20. That deal proposition is almost as bad as the one involving every Duck all star and anyone of note in Columbus posted here a few days ago. Almost.

  21. Spec is going to have to eat some pretty serious crow if Turris ends up getting traded. Some of the most respected hockey journalists (Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger, Pierre Lebrun, Nick Kypreos etc.) are all saying that there is a good chance Turris will traded now that he is signed and yet Spector essentially laughs off the reports as rumor mongering. Spec also seems to be ignoring the fact that Maloney said at least once that he ( I’m paraphrasing here) “will not trade Turris as long as he is holding out”.

    I personally couldn’t care less if Turris gets traded or not but simple logic would tell you that now that he is signed and the Coyotes will now have more leverage in trade negotiations, they have to at least be considering the possibility of trading him instead of keeping around a disgruntled, underachieving player who wants nothing to do with the team.

  22. Really? Gagner has better career stats by a mile compared to cogliano. Gagner is what 21? What offense does Nashville have?? None! 4 1st or 2nd round draft picks is nothing to shake a fist at.. Notice how I’ve said hopefully Tambi robs someone?!?! Use your damn eyeballs people. And further more all mentioned items in the trade are better then a big fat nothing in return when weber walks away ufa at the end of the season. so how about stop drinking the haterade and actually read what was typed.
    Or just jump to conclusions and think you know it all..your choice.

  23. Oh and Brian guess you haven’t watched a single oilers game this season or you’re sadly one of those
    Canucks fans, oilers will be nowhere near the bottom five for the next long time. 1/4 way through the season, oilers are as exciting as any team in the league, winning games, tied for 5th in the west. Yeah it sure looks like this team is on calgary, Columbus, islanders, hurricanes level. LMAO watch and hockey show and listen to what they say when they talk about the oilers.. Must watch hockey, give your hate a shake.

  24. I am an oiler fan and even I have to say that it will take a lot more then Gagner, Omark and picks to get Weber. Nashville will probably want something more like Eberle, Hemsky, a top Defensive prospect like Marinicin or Musil and picks. If the oilers had one of the best D men in the league would they trade him for two undersized forwards who still have a lot of question marks surrounding them.

  25. I don’t know why everyone thinks Weber is a UFA after this season. He is NOT, he is still only 26 years old and will be an RFA after the season. So I suspect he is not going anywhere and will likely sign a one year deal to allow him to become a UFA after next season. Much like Parise did in NJ.

  26. BruinsMike: If I’m wrong, so be it. Maloney said he wouldn’t trade Turris under any circumstances, and that included “sign and trade”. Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time a GM has said one thing and done another, but Maloney consistently denied Turris would be dealt before December 1st, and true to his word, Turris had to yield and re-sign. We’ll see if that also includes “sign and trade”.

  27. The fact that Turris is now signed for a reasonable number for the next 2 years could open up many trade possibilities and Maloney would not want a negative influence in the dressing room so time will tell.

    Phoenix is 4 games above .500 and 9th in the West so if Turris is anything but professional and hard working upon his return, he will find himself in a doghouse and his value will decline quickly so its in his best interest to start showing the hockey world why he believed he was worth far more than he signed for.

  28. No one will trade Nashville anything of top end value other then draft picks. How many times have we seen top players going into ufa moved for top players.. It’s not a question of what you would do, no GM in their right mind is trading anything to Nashville for weber other then mid range talent and draft picks, only way is if gm’s can’t wait until ufa season and get into a bidding war. Plus everyone knows nashville isnt in a position of power in this situation. And it looks like gm’s are starting to understand high end rental players aren’t worth the barn for one playoff run. Look what happen to new jersey. And if eberle was going to Nashville, I’d want weber, suter, renne and 13 first round picks for the kid. He’s going to be a stud in this league for the next 15 years I want value for those years.

  29. If you like fantasy rumours, here is one that someone floated out to me today. Turris for Kadri, straight up, on the basis that it seems Kadri will never make it to the big club ahead of Colborne, and Turris can also capably play wing. Anyone biting on that one?

  30. No way Murph. Maybe Lombardi for Turris to free up cap room. Lombardi had career years in Pheonix. And I would only do that trade IF the Leafs needed to free up cap for a bigger deal. (ie. Parise, big IF) otherwise the Leafs don’t need Turris.

  31. @julian the Habs haven’t even approached Gorges about an extension. I spoke with him this morning.

  32. Murph, unfortunately I don’t think Kadri would return a 1st round pick from a quality club anymore. The leafs have killed his value.