NHL Trade and Waiver Rumors – November 1, 2011.

The latest on Sean Avery’s recall by the NY Rangers…Could the Dallas Stars swing a big trade soon after their new owner takes over?…Are the Devils eyeing the Oilers for a trade?…Will a trade cure the Bruins problems?…An update on the Panthers goalie situation.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Pat Leonard offered up reasons why scrappy winger Sean Avery, who is currently on re-entry waiver, won’t be claimed by a rival team.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks suggested the possibility of the NY Islanders claiming Avery, to prevent him from rejoining the Rangers.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Gary Lawless reports the Jets have no interest in claiming Avery.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be very surprised if Avery is claimed by a rival team, even the Islanders by noon ET today. We’ll find out soon enough!

Could the Stars shop Morrow?

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reports he looked into “rumblings” the Dallas Stars might trade Brenden Morrow, noting he has a “no-trade” clause and, unless things have changed in recent days, hasn’t been asked to waive it.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika reports Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk doesn’t believe his roster needs to be tinkered with right now, a message he’ll pass on to incoming owner Tom Gaglardi once he officially takes over ownership of the team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Stars are currently off to an 8-3-0 start, so there’s no need to shake things up right now.

NEW YORK POST: Mark Everson reports the New Jersey Devils might have already asked the Edmonton Oilers about center Sam Gagner. It was said the Oilers would want defensive prospects, leading Everson to suggest probably Matt Taormina and Alexander Urbom.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting development, considering the previous reports had them looking to within or the waiver wire, which they used to pick up Ryan Carter. The Oilers are, as Everson noted, off to a good start, so they’re in no rush to make any moves right now. Still, this might be worth keeping an eye on in the coming weeks, depending of course on how well both teams perform.

BOSTON HERALD: Stephen Harris believes a trade wouldn’t be the cure the Bruins need to snap out of their early season funk, doubting they’d find what they would need at this time of the year, while pointing out it would cost them a player of real value to attract decent offers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree, but if the losing continues over the next couple of weeks, it could force management’s hand to try to shake things up. The Bruins have the talent to snap out of this, and management is probably hoping that’s what they’ll do over the coming weeks.

MIAMI HERALD’s George Richards recently responded to a reader’s “tweet” about the status of Florida Panthers goalie Scott Clemmensen, suggesting he could return in a week or two and either be sent to their farm team for rehab or be traded.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Young Jacob Markstrom has played too well to be sent back to the farm, and the Panthers won’t ship out Jose Theodore. Clemmensen could indeed be dealt or demoted.



  1. Maybe the Bruins should fire their assistant coach.

  2. Gagner to the Devils could be something. The Oilers have a wealth of skill up front and it gets even more crowded as Hemsky is nearing his return. AND they still have Omark in the pressbox. To have Gagner play the wing might indeed be just to showcase him.
    Wonder what happens when Hemsky returns as I don’t see Gagner to center the 4th line and there is no way he will center 3rd because Belanger’s defensive and faceoff skills are too good to be on the 4th line. Only thing I see is to play Gagner 3rd LW and have Paajarvi play on the 4th LW with fellow Swede Lander, while Eager joins Omark in the Pressbox (Jones should be set on the 3rd line RW once Hemsky returns)

  3. Who knew it was Kab’s holding the B’s together for the cup win. lol

  4. I doubt that the bruins will be able to swing a deal for what they really need (since this time last year) and that is a legitimate 70 to 80 point scorer…….so……if a change is made I predict that it will be changing one or more of the asssistant coaches. Julien appears to be too tight with the top guys so he likely wouldn`t be the first to go. Every time the Bruins lose it seems that the coaches and media shout well the team just didn`t try hard enough…….maybe……it`s not because they didn`t try hard enough, but rather they just aren`t as good as they think they are. The top point getter on the team this year will likely not score a whole lot more than 50 points……that means that there aren`t a lot of goals being scored and probably not a whole lot of wins being made. Our bruins need a true sniper !!!!

  5. It was mentioned on “HockeyCentral” yesterday that the Oilers werte kicking the tires on Toronto’s Cody Fransen. If they’re interedted, I wonder who they’ll offer.

  6. DLS. I love that last statement. Kaberle was the reason why they won. Look at the last 4 stanley cup champions. The leafs traded a guy to tose teams and they won the cup. PIT/ Gill, DET/CHI not sure but there must be someone traded. I believe there was cause I was bragging to a friend of mine when those teams won about how the Leafs had to give a player to there team so they could win. LOL. BOS/Kaberle, The Leafs players = Stanley Cup. Just not with the Leafs team.

  7. Leafs already have a surplus of centers, and Gagner doesn’t exactly fit as the top-line center the Leafs are after. Can’t see the two clubs having too much to go on, unless it’s a minor trade.

    I would love to see something along the lines of:
    TO VANCOUVER – Cody Franson, Mike Komisarek
    TO TORONTO – Keith Ballard

    Of course, the Leafs aren’t as desperate to get rid of a bad contract by packaging it with a good one.

    Van’s D-lines:

    Edler – Franson
    Hamhuis – Bieksa
    Komisarek – Salo
    (+ Alberts, Rome)

  8. Van, the leafs would love to get rid of Komisarek but to trade him for a guy who is less appealing just isnt in the cards, and to throw in a young d=man as well. Boy, you really dream big. As for the leafs they are playing pretty good right now so I doubt Burke is going to make any trade unless its a deal he cant refuse.

  9. Claude Julien could always call Randy Carlyle is Anaheim,to see how he has been able to keep his job for four years after winning a cup.

  10. @Vancanfan
    The canucks don’t have the cap space to make the possible trade you propose.

  11. @VanCanFan, Cody for Cody and Komisarek for Ballard and you’ve got a deal…

  12. As a Rangers fan, I would like to boo their decision. I was led to believe Avery wouldn’t be recalled unless there were a ton of injuries up front. However I’m happy to see him not in the Hartford locker room.

  13. Gagner would be a good fit for the Devils, but they’d have to send back probably two good d prospects. I wouldn’t want to part with Merill or Taormina.