NHL Trade Deadline Rumor Roundup – March 5, 2014.

NHL Trade Deadline Day is here. Check out the latest on Ryan Callahan, Marian Gaborik, Thomas Vanek, Matt Moulson and more.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: James Mirtle with a listing of 40 players believed in play today.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports the Blue Jackets could peddle Marian Gaborik for a defenseman after losing blueliners Fedor Tyutin and Ryan Murray to injury.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports the Blue Jackets were in discussion with the Boston Bruins involving a deal which could send a defenseman and possibly a forward heading to Boston. Haggerty speculates Jack Johnson and Nikita Nikitin could be on the Bruins’ radar.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Doesn’t make sense for the Blue Jackets to ship a defenseman to the Bruins if that’s what they’re also in the market for.

Could Ryan Callahan be re-signed or traded today?

Could Ryan Callahan be re-signed or traded today?

NEW YORK POST/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS/NORTHJERSEY.COM: Today could be D-Day for Ryan Callahan and the New York Rangers. It’s widely believed the Rangers could trade Callahan if he’s unsigned before today’s 3 pm ET trade deadline. The Vancouver Canucks aren’t considered a destination for Callahan. Chances are remote the Rangers ship Callahan to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Martin St. Louis. The Rangers are believed to have some interest in Oilers winger Ales Hemsky. The Rangers and Callahan are reportedly $500K per season apart on a new deal.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports the Sharks, Kings, Ducks, Bruins and Penguins are believed among the clubs interested in NY Islanders winger Thomas Vanek.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Tom Gulitti reports trade destinations for Martin Brodeur are shrinking after the Minnesota Wild acquired Ilya Bryzgalov yesterday from the Oilers. GM Lou Lamoriello remains tight-lipped as to his plans for Brodeur.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington reports the LA Kings could be a prime destination for Sabres winger Matt Moulson. Other Sabres in play include Jaroslav Halak, Chris Stewart, Tyler Myers, Christian Ehrhoff, Henrik Tallinder, Drew Stafford and Zenon Konopka.

MIAMI HERALD: Following the Florida Panthers acquisition of Roberto Luongo, George Richards wonders what the future holds for Tim Thomas and Scott Clemmensen.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports the Detroit Red Wings continue their search for a top-four defenseman but they aren’t seeking a rental player. Possibilities include Vancouver’s Alexander Edler and Buffalo’s Christian Ehrhoff and Tyler Myers.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio expects the Flyers will shop Andrej Meszaros after acquiring Andrew MacDonald yesterday from the Islanders.

TWINCITIES.COM: The Minnesota Wild’s acquisition of Ilya Bryzgalov gives them some cap space for other moves. It’s also reported Wild winger Torrey Mitchell has requested a trade.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Chip Alexander reports the Carolina Hurricanes’ re-signing Anton Khudobin raises more questions about Cam Ward’s future with the Hurricanes. Several teams are also reportedly interested in winger Tuomo Ruutu.


  1. In the words of Marvin Gaye, “Let’s get it on”.

    So we got the set up trades out of the way, now it’s time to see the big boys change addresses. If today’s action mirrors yesterday’s, this will be a fun day… well, at least for us. This is probably the single worst day of the year for hockey players.

  2. The Wild are looking at Vanek, Stewart, Stafford, Callahan and Moulson.
    We don’t have much to trade: Heatley, Mitchell, Brodziak, Proesser, Ballard and Stoner
    Young Guns: Coyle, Granlund, Fontaine and Bulmer.

    • I’ll take Coyle or Granlund for either Stewart or Moulson. Perhaps even for both of them.

      • I like Coyle to stay but Granlund for Moulson would be fine for me. How about Heater and Brodziak for Stewart? Probably why were not GM’s right? lol.

  3. Well I called Luongo to the Islanders but the Panthers were more or less the same idea. Somebody trying to get to the floor.

    I liked him to Long Island for Vanek better.
    oh well.

    See what the Sens do. The owner says BUY. The manager knows he shouild SELL. The team isn’t doing it this year. Murray should wait until the draft.

  4. Are you acquisition but I Lightning on trade deadline day! Stamkos. Is. Back.

  5. A huge acquisition by the Lightning on trade deadline day! Stamkos. Is. Back.

    • Just the Sabres luck. Play against Tampa in Stamkos’ first game back. Then they play Luongo in his first game back as a Panther.

      • What does it matter? They would probably lose both games anyway, which is the real goal this year.

  6. Stars ..do something to get in the show….

    • I think Dallas is happy to be where they are and if they make a move it will be to move Whitney as they already traded Robidas.

  7. Crazy Rangers fan here yes…
    I prefer Callahan traded as a opposed to 6 years at even 5.5. 4 year deal would be ok even for more $$.
    Be interesting if Sather can send Callahan for Erhoff and Staal for Skinner(Staal will not resign in NYC next year you will see). I just do not want to see Sather send away youth for Marty St Louis.

    • St. Louis to Rangers is close?
      Per TSN’s Bob McKenzie – Hearing Marty St. Louis to NYR has really ramped up and may be much closer to reality.
      Source: TSN’s Bob Mckenzie via Twitter

      • I can’t imagine who they would give up for St Louis outside of Callahan…Brassard?Boyle? Hagelin?Picks? Wishful thinking Carcillo is leaving today….

        • Wow, Tampa made out huge on this trade! Steve Y could use that 2nd round pick to get another good player and/or flip Callahan for Moulson or Vanek.

  8. Gaborik to the Kings is a done deal but don’t know for who.

    • Now not such a done deal but close…..

  9. I think Kesler would be a good fit in Anaheim. How many more years will Koivu be their #2 centre? He is 39 and in his last year of his contract. makes sense to me.

    • Bonino is #2 center in Anaheim not Koivu, guessing Bonino would be part of package going back to Vancouver

  10. Sorry Alforducks,

    I know you know and follow the team much better than I (Leafs Fan)
    I was just following the depth chart on Capgeek and trying to make a logical assessment and speculate.
    Overall though the Ducks look really good this year.


  11. Wow Nonis is on fire!!! LOL
    The Toronto Maple Leafs announced Wednesday that the hockey club has recalled forwards Carter Ashton and Peter Holland from the Toronto Marlies of the American Hockey League (AHL). Forward Frazer McLaren has been assigned to the Marlies.

    • If you don’t have to make a move, or if there’s none worth doing, why make a trade just for the sake of doing so?

      • So are you saying
        1. the Leafs don’t need to make any moves which basically means they are set to do damage and compete for the cup or are you saying
        2. there is nothing available out there worth doing which means guys like MacDonald or Gaborik are not an upgrade over guys like Ranger or Raymond (I love Raymond btw) or
        3. could it be Nonis handcuffed himself with no cap room to do a deal that would improve his team?
        I think the latter.
        I agree no point in doing a deal for the sake of it but …. I think the later is the reason. IMO Nonis is not good at cap management but is very good at trades. That’s a subject for another day.

        • It’s a little of everything. Nonis doesn’t have much cap space, the players he might have interest in are too costly, so he’s content to stick with what he has rather than make a deal for the sake of doing so.

          • By too costly I assume you mean because they are both UFA’s because they didn’t get much for either of these guys. Again I blame that on limited cap space next year once all Leaf RFA’s and such are factored in. So they could possibly lose both guys due to limited cap space which then means they would be considered some what costly rentals. Better cap management would have put him in a much better position to improve his team and do some extra damage this spring. That’s all I’m saying. I take no please in calling his cap constraints starting this summer with all his santa clause contracts. Just one mans opinion though.

          • Sorry I meant pleasure not please.

        • Today the Leafs have nearly 3 mill in space (around the middle of the league as far as space goes which is saying something considering all the teams around the floor.) according to cap geek its hardly hand cuffing unless you think picking up a guy like Vanek and give up the assets for is a good idea. This dosent include the space they could have if they decided to give away a guy like Kuli MCClemment and other UFAs for no return. Again it makes more sense to not make any moves if there isnt any that make sense. Your theory about being “handcuffed” hasnt stopped other gms with less room from making deal like the Kings. Toronto wasnt going to win a cup or make very much of a difference with whats available, on the contrary by dealing away futures away for short term fixes like Moulson Vanek Cammi they would hurt themselves down the road. Jeesh

          • Would you prefer a bad deal so you can complain about a bad trade aswell?

          • First off I never mentioned Moulson or Vanek in my posts so I can’t comment on that part of your post.
            Shticky you have been pounding the table on MacDonald for the past 4 weeks. He was there for the picking so what happened if there is so much cap space available? Would he not have improved the D core immediately? If not, they why did you want him so bad and if so, then it’s ok to be tee’d off at Nonis for not picking this guy up. That’s what being a fan is all about.
            Nonis better hope the Leafs actually make the playoffs or standing pat because you don’t want to give up a 2nd rounder will be a slap in the face to all fans.

            Btw what trades have I complained about? I have said many times Nonis is very good at trades. Cap management not so good.

    • I’m totally fine with what the leafs did or didn’t do.. This team is still young and not very deep at the top forward positions. Keep the young guys see how they do down the stretch. See if guys like holland, Ashton and bodie can fill roles permenatly next year. It’s a make or break year for both Kadri and Gardiner IMO. If they don’t show more growth in the next 20 games plus playoffs could be the end of their tenure as a leaf. Any of the players traded this week weren’t going to really help this team long term which is where the outlook should be.

      • Exactly…MacDonald or the like would have been nice to add a little more of a defensive presence but no big deal, its not going to make much of a difference in the bigger picture. They didnt hurt themselves going down the road by dealing away multiple picks and prospects for short term fixes.

        • Would have been nice to see if Gaborik could have ignited Kadri and Lupul for the balance of the year and in the playoffs (if they make it). The second line needs a jolt and if all it would have cost you is a guy like Carter Ashton and a 2nd rounder (basically what they got) it would have been worth the risk. Same goes for MacDonald. Mr. Play it safe has a plan though so no point in dreaming.

          I will go out on a limb and say that Reimer will be a Calgary Flame some time this summer.

          • Gaborik has 5-6 goals, Raymond has almost 20 kuli has 9 and can play physical and is 100 times better defensively. If you go out and get Gaborik who else are you trading to get Gaborik a roster spot Kuli or Raymond? Its not making you any better in fact worse. It ends up you are giving Ashton a pick away plus Kuli or Raymond that have better numbers and are allaround more useful players than Gaborik. Zits not all about playing it safe its about not making moves that make more holes than the player coming back fills. Same as Mac Donald yes he would have been nice but not if it means your trading Gardiner or Franson away for nothing.

  12. Sorry Canadien fans that you got Dubnyk, he should be bagging groceries, not playing in the NHL.

    • He’s being sent to their AHL farm team.

      • Thanks Lyle, I wasn’t sure what they were thinking!

        • Great trade by mtl for vanek though. He is a UFA and hit or miss sometimes but you make that trade everyday

          • @Aki Berg, a very nice trade getting Vanek, the Wild get Moulson so I’m happy with that trade as well, he may not stay and we may not sign him, but I’m glad he’s with the team. Maybe sign Vanek on the offseason if he doesn’t sign with Montreal.

  13. Ok. Lets face it. The Oilers and Canucks have the worst management in the NHL. They are simply outclassed on a daily basis. Enough talk about the Oilers “young guns”. They are obviously not very good and who ever consistently drafted so poorly should be fired. In a nutshell Kevin Lowe and Coach should be turfed. The only bigger than their promises are their egos. Time to stop resting on past victories and recruits new leadership. The Canucks Luongo fiasco will long be regarded as one of the worst management blunders in league history. I suspect a sweep of the Canuck management within two weeks.

    • Snow might not be to far behind gillis with his vanek situation lol

      • Islanders are a tire fire I believe I heard someone mention, today lol.

        • @Shticky, good description! LMAO.

  14. Hey..when is the trade deadline??

  15. How about Gardner + to Minny for Coyle in the off season?