NHL Trade Deadline Rumor Update – Part 4.

Yet another collection of notable MSM “tweets”  (as of 1 pm ET) regarding the trade deadline. 

TSN’s Ryan Rishaug: “Nothing in the way of progress on Ryan Smyth extension as of right now.”

TSN’s Darren Dreger: “Preds say Anders Lindback is not in play.” He also tweets about Steve Ott: “Stars telling teams Ott won’t be traded unless a “great” deal is offered. So much interest in him…could happen”

TSN’s Pierre LeBrun: “Am told the Islanders are shopping goalie Al Montoya”

THE GLOBE & MAIL’s James Mirtle: “The impasse with Grabovski, from what I can tell, is over term. Leafs want four years, maybe five; he wants more.”



  1. slowest trade deadline day evar!
    i’m glad i’m working today. watching tsn try to build a show around this non-happening would be uncomfortably awkward.
    thanks for saving me from that spector!

  2. Man, my head is spinning………….SCHULTZ FOR GILBERT!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!

  3. Just heard that Philadelphia moved Wellwood down to minors and opened up a roster spot.

  4. Stevo: I’ve also heard he wasnt’ demoted.

  5. Why in the world would the leafs move Kieth Aulie for a minor league player…this guy is better than Luke Schenn….with taking the body ……WWWWWIIILLLLSSSSOOONNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

    Would have fired Ron Wilson before being presured to tade away Keithe Aulie …if anything just keep the kid in the minors and in the organization …what a great asset to have until you need him…WTF!

  6. Is Ashton Carter a center? TSN site says LW/RW which is often wrong. Anyone have the skinny on this guy (ie does he take the body, cycle, ect)?

  7. Leafs have too much depth on D, Aulie would not get to play for a couple of years. I hate to see Aulie go, but they have a big former first round (2009) forward in Ashton, who could not crack Tampa’s lineup for the same reason Aulie could not crack the D, namely depth and contract. Would not be surprised to see Ashton get a game or two down the stretch just to inject some energy and enthusiasm.


    6 foot 3 200 lbs
    shoots left plays right wing mostly
    can play other side…29th overall 1st rounder 2009

    ASSETS: Has excellent size and NHL pedigree. Can play either wing position and displays power-forward potential. Also has a good nose for the net.

    FLAWS: Is still somewhat raw in all aspects of the game, and must take advantage of his physical gifts. Needs to work on his play in the defensive zone.

    CAREER POTENTIAL: Power forward with good upside.
    o hes Left hand shot and wing….6 foot 3 power forward went in the first round

  9. Eakins will get him up to speed.

  10. Holzer’s development made Aulie somewhat redundant. He’s still a great young prospect but Carter Ashton brings another piece of youth in the blue print Burke wants. Solid hockey deal for both teams.

  11. If Grabovski wants more then 5 years that is a bit worrisome to him getting signed seeing as Burkie does not go for that.

  12. I like that Hodgson/Kassian deal that snuck in at the end. Good for both teams. I would have loved the Leafs to get a first rounder for Grabs…unless Burke can get him signed for 4 mil. We’ll see.

  13. maybe hell take less money if burke gives him 5

  14. anyone else see the trade center coverage for 2013 on sportsnet yet?


    Now thats a G M.

    Not an overly big fan of Luongo , but if they spit the time between him and Schnieder through the playoffs ..you NUCK fans have something to believe in thats for sure ….at least there will be a Canadian team to route for in the Cuip Final again ….Cheers Good luck Van……go get em .

    Sincerely a dissappointed leafs fan

  16. Darren Dreger sais leafs could have traded schenn, Kulemin, Mcarthur, and Grabovksi for 1st rounders. Obviously Burke did not wish to go in that direction.

    I watched the Howson presser after the deadline and he came right out and said Nash asked for a trade. Just another inept move by him. Way to throw your Captain under the bus when he’s still gotta play out the rest of the season. I don’t care if he did ask for a trade, he did not go through the media and he’s been respectful while doing it.

  17. Mixed feelings on the Hodgson/Kassian trade.
    As a Nucks fan, I loved Hodgson, but can understand why the trade happened and should benefit both teams, hopefully. Haven’t seen a lot of Kassian, but looks impressive to a degree. If anything, getting Gragnani as well is a good potential off-season trade bait if he doesn’t fit with the Nucks.

  18. Howson is a dink.

    Yes he has some control over Nash, and the players who got traded to Columbus, but good luck ever seeing a free agent sign with the Blue Jackets. Should be a great 20 last games in the dressing room. The Captain does not want to be here, and the team won’t trade him. That’s just swell!

    Lucky for Howson, Rick Nash has too much class to play like crap the way Howson deserves after that press conference. Why does anyone need to know that he asked for a trade? Why not take the best deal you can get, which while not ideal, probably would have been decent, all things considered? So you wait for the draft, compete for attention with other UFA’s, hope someone overpays with picks, ( he gets first overall regardless ) you get your franchise player, and after their first contract is signed you are in the same boat all over again. As soon as they are able to split, they will.

    Howson, do everyone a favour and read the Dale Tallon book on how to build a hockey team from the ground up. Better yet, take up soccer.

  19. Apparently the Rangers made a huge offer for Nash that was rejected (obviously) has anyone heard what that offer was?

  20. Murph, I didn’t like what Howson did at the press conference either but besides that he did what he could with a bad situation in Colombus. A lot of what went wrong this year was bad luck anyways, Wiesnewski being suspended for 8 games right off the bat and Carter going down early with an ankle injury early and then again with a shoulder injury shortly after his return.

    The problem in Columbus has been solely their inability to capitalize on their 1st round picks. Besides Rick Nash they drafted a series of duds all in the top 10; Klesla, Leclaire, Zherdev, Picard, Brule, Brassard, Voracek and Filatov. Those 8 players are the reason The Blue Jackets never rose up the ranks. Some of those guys are decent players like Klesla and Voracek, but you are not supposed to grab merely decent players in the top 5.

  21. Those bad picks fall on Howson. He has shown this season that he cannot handle adversity. He finally got the club to a place where there was actually expectations of them being decent and when things did not start well he made them worse and he continued to do so today with his comments.

    There was reports today that wheb teams came back today to talk more about Nash Howson just went and upped his asking price. Bad business practices also when dealing with other teams.

  22. Those are just speculations about his trading practices. I’m no Blue Jackets fan but it is tough being a GM on a bad team that you inherited, or so I assume. I thought he made some good moves in the summer and I thought Mason would rebound but things just fell apart. Some of those bad picks do fall on Howson (Voracek (who’s decent) and Filatov I believe) but where are their scouts, how do you ef up 11 out of 12 drafts???

  23. Innovator, I don’t believe that Howson drafted any of those players. He drafted Johansen who looks like a good prospect. That was a big mistake to dog Nash in the press conference. Howson should be fired at the end of the season.

    OTOH, teams were not offering full value for Nash; they were offering 2nd level prospects and 3rd-4th line NHL players, with the exception of Dubinsky. If you want a player of his stature, you have to give up something in quality, not just quantity.

  24. Howson deserves to be run out of town if only for starting the year without a real goalie. The back-up stole the show last year and he let him walk. You can’t win without a goalie. The fact that he even tried is very troubling.