NHL Trade and Free Agent News – February 22, 2012.

Updates on Rick Nash, Mikhail Grabovski, Ales Hemsky, Steve Ott, Eric Tangradi and Brandon Prust, plus the latest on the Capitals and Blackhawks.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger reports the San Jose Sharks are “emerging as a strong contender” for Rick Nash, citing sources saying the Blue Jackets originally targeted center Logan Couture, but the Sharks won’t move him. Dreger says the Sharks would prefer an off-season deal to avoid in-season disruption, but will be interested in Nash up to the deadline…The Maple Leafs say they won’t move defenseman Luke Schenn unless they get an offer too good to refuse, which they’ve yet to receive. Carl Gunnarson, Cody Franson and Keith Aulie are also attracting some interest…Team inquiring about Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky say the Oilers asking price is too steep (roster player) given Hemsky’s lack of production this season and status as a rental player.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Again, while I won’t rule out the possibility of the Blue Jackets dealing Nash by the trade deadline, I’m with the camp which believes they stand a better chance of moving him in the off-season, as it appears most teams interested in him don’t want to risk disrupting their rosters at this point in the season…I don’t believe the Leafs will move Schenn, but won’t rule out Gunnarson, Franson or Aulie being shopped, perhaps for a goaltender…If Hemsky still wants a long-term deal from the Oilers, I can see them moving him at the deadline. The asking price of a roster player may be steep, but don’t rule out a team desperate for offense parting with one. Sorry, Oilers fans, the Kings won’t part with Jack Johnson for Hemsky.

TORONTO SUN: Dave Hilson reports Maple Leafs center Mikhail Grabovski said he likes playing in Toronto and doesn’t want to leave, but hasn’t spoken with management or his agent about his contract status. The Leafs are reportedly negotiating with Grabovski’s agent for a new contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Leafs GM Brian Burke would be a fool to move Grabovski, unless he’s planning on giving up making the playoffs this season and blowing up the roster.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson, responding to reader e-mail, dismissed the notion of the Oilers landing promising defenseman Ryan Ellis from the Nashville Predators by shipping them Ales Hemsky. Matheson believes the Oilers could by trying to land a young player and a low first round pick for Hemsky. He also rejects the idea of the Oilers getting Luke Schenn by offering up Ben Eager.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Predators aren’t moving Ellis, for Hemsky or anyone else. If they lose Ryan Suter to free agency, Ellis could be his eventual replacement.

NEW YORK POST: Mark Everson reports New Jersey Devils GM Lou Lamoriello said team captain Zach Parise won’t be moved at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Confirming what I’ve been saying for months. Thanks, Lou!

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby cited an ESPN reports claiming Dallas Stars agitator Steve Ott is generating interest in the rumor mill…TSN reports the Carolina Hurricanes have set today as a deadline to get Tuomo Ruutu under contract, or they’ll consider putting him on the trade block again.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hopefully we’ll learn by today if Ruutu will be re-signed or shopped. As for Ott, Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk could wait until deadline day before deciding if he’ll trade him or keep him. Ott has two more years at $2.95 million per season left on his contract, with a “no-trade” clause.

WASHINGTON POST/CSNWASHINGTON.COM: speculate if the struggling Capitals will be buyers or sellers by the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: GM George McPhee is reluctant to move promising assests like Evgeny Kuznetsov and Stanislav Galiev, but he might be willing to part with one of his two first round picks in this year’s draft if he’s looking to buy. If he’s selling, UFAs like Alexander Semin and Dennis Wideman could be shopped. The Capitals season has reached the tipping point, and I suspect McPhee will be a buyer in hopes of adding depth to improve his club’s performance.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: David Haugh reports the actions of Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman between now and the trade deadline could make the difference between making or missing the playoffs this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After suffering a 9-game winless streak, the Blackhawks have won four straight, which should take some pressure off Bowman. I suspect he’s in the market for blueline depth. There’s speculation he might move one of his scoring forwards, but I don’t believe he’ll go to that extreme. He won’t be trading Patrick Kane.

POST-GAZETTE.COM: Shelly Anderson reports Penguins prospect Eric Tangradi hopes he won’t be traded by the deadline.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the Rangers have initiated talks with the Brandon Prust camp to discuss extending his contract. Prust will be a UFA this summer.


  1. Maybe it is just me, but 4 goals in 45 games and Edmonton wants a young player and 1st rounder back? Even if that is just the journalistic interpretation, Edmonton should be happy to get something back for Hemsky at this point – it’s no sure thing he provides any spark on a new team and more likely he’ll flounder or get hurt.

    Better to move a player too soon than too late, and I think this is the case here. Then again, it only takes one and Tambellini was able to pawn off Dustin Penner for something, although Penner was playing a tad better at the time he was traded.

  2. Grabo has evolved from high-strung and undisciplined (he was very young after all) into my favourite current Leaf. Tough, skilled and motivated, this is a guy you want as your number 2 centre on a contending team. I hope they manage to keep him, but even if they do, they’re still a lot of pieces away from contending.

  3. Iam a HUGE Leaf fan but business is business……I love Grabo but you have to look at all options right now and we need a GOALIE BAD…….so if Grabo menas a Goalie in return so be it …….I would also trade for Steve Ott in a heartbeat …we need ANY trucluance on this team……. the LEAFS are embaressingly soft and in noy way a playoff built team and he would add that tough component and can still pot goals!!!!
    If Burke does not get a goalie it doesnt matter if he trades for Gretzky in his prime because this is not a playoff team!

    BURKE GET A GOALIE…….. FAST!!!!!!!!

  4. I am a Leaf fan and i know eveyone always says we over value our players, lol, but seriously, someone suggested Eager for Schenn? Like, WOW what kinda drugs are you smoking? As for grabo, i think he will sign for lower then people assume, he loves the area, his wife(girlfriend) is from Toronto.

  5. Grabo is an awesome player and every effort should be made to keep him.

    Burke has quite a shopping list if he wants to make the playoffs. Two big centers, a top notch goal tender, 3rd and 4th line toughness that can score, two bigger tougher wingers on the 1st and 2nd line that can hit, score and not get pushed off the puck so easily along the boards. Oh ya and this one is very important… A coach that knows how to install a defensive system that the team can embrace.

  6. Some Edmonton people sound almost as delusional as some Leaf fans.

    If I’m Scott Howson and Doug Wilson won’t include Logan Couture, I’m hanging up the phone. No use in dealing Nash and not getting quality in return.

  7. I really feel the best thing the Lefas should do is a multi player deal with Kessel, Schenn and Riemer and pick ….and make a pitch for more power upfront and maximize the return righgt now……
    I feel that if the leafs were to make the playoffs …that Kessel would be a NON FACTOR in an old fashion grity playoff game ….and would fade away….he can get you the points to get there but would not fare well in the playoffs …these players have the highest return value right now and could land what the Leafs really need with a multiple player deal ….I see Schenns stock and Kessels stock dropping moving forward …strike while th eiron is hot and MOVE UP !!!!

  8. Not to make it all about the Leafs, but I’ll use them as an example of what I would expect to give in a deal for Hemsky. How about Lombardi? Leafs need the cap space to resign Grabs. Edmonton gets a speedy top 6-9 forward. Lombardi seems like he’s still shaking off a bit of rust after not playing all of last year, but has shown in quite a few games that he is capable of being a 50-55 point center/winger. Hemsky can walk at the end of the year and we get the extra 4 million in cap space. Makes sense for both teams IMO. Or if it’s not good enough, then keep your Hemsky.

    Nashville or LA should trade for Semin. He’s got a ton of skill and shouldn’t break the bank. Nashville needs to show Suter and Weber why they should stick around.

  9. I believe Nashville will surprise some people and make another move, possible Ruutu and i dont think detroit will move for anybody else. I think at this point teams like edmonton, columbus and carolina see that some teams will grow more, what they consider desperate, and get the max for the players they have put on the block, but i dont think burke is considered desperate at this point. The leafs have a lot of talent that they shouldnt part with, not for what is to be considered a rental player, with the exception of abviously nash and carter.

  10. DurtMCHurt, the problem with “Just hangin up the phone” is your calling with interest in a guy, if you take that i dont need him that bad mentality your price tag just got bigger. Thats why they call them negotiations. Not to mention the fact that your not going to recieve one of the best scoring wingers in the game, for what…….a first and a prospect? Good luck, in order to recieve you have to be willing to part with something.

  11. Frankly whoever owns Blue Jackets is nuts.
    1) Why the race to trade Nash now ? It’s not like they are going anywhere, any time soon ?
    2) Anyone else find it strange that they signed a 36 Y.O. Prospal for next year but want to trade younger and
    better talent in Carter & Nash. Prospal could have gotten them a decent draft pick considering his age.
    3) Why in the hell would anyone in their right mind let Howsom make any deal or any drafting ?
    4) Shouldn’t Blue Jackets #1 priority be trade anyone over 30 who is a RFA this July 1 for any picks they can get and #2 find a GM fast to use those picks in June and to make trades and sign free agents in July

  12. JayZ, I think you meant to respond to Dabroons…not me.

  13. I wonder if Edmonton fans would trade their first rounder this year for Luke Schenn? Oilers get the young Dman they covet who is NHL ready and the Leafs get a possible 2nd over all pick (no guarentee with the lottery draft) which the Leafs can use in a trade. This would give the Leafs a 2nd over all pick and roughly a 15th over all pick in this years draft to trade for a Ryan Miller or Nash as part of a bigger block buster that includes other players. It would take some of the presure off Burke to move young guys such as Colburne and Gardiner.

  14. alforducks, I’ve thought about that too. What’s the hurry? The only answer I can think of is because of his price tag. If Howson can get a great package for Nash now, why not pull the trigger? His owner will save millions of dollars if he can essentially get the same package he would at the draft. Columbus is a small market budget team after all. If they have fully decided to move him then I see it being about money. But if they get low balled then yes, move him at the draft.

  15. Leafs are going to have to wait until the summer to get their #1 center. A few will open up then, but until then, they’re essentially stuck with what they have.

    I predict three things will happen by the deadline:
    1. An unexpected deal will be made involving two major players.
    2. Jeff Carter gets moved to the Kings, not Rick Nash.
    3. If Nash gets moved: to a shocker team.

  16. There’s a few high Ds in the fold that Edmonton might take in the draft itself rather than going for Schenn. I’m not sure Burke is that interested in another “rebuilding” move either. His three year plan is expired and he’s still in the margins.

  17. @ Alforducks. perhaps its reached a boiling point with Nash who might want to be on a competitive team. sure he loves columbus but there is only so much losing you can take before getting disheartened. also he and Howson know they can get a huge return for him. So if im columbus you can’t help but feel around for a good deal. Nash and Carter for young roster players and high end prospects and maybe 2 first rounders(if both are traded)

    Columbus would immdiately get younger…probably add yakupov as the first over all pick plus what ever else they can get in the first round with the trades. Add in the high end prospects they pick up with dealing Nash and Carter and that could completely add a depth of pontetial quality players for 2 guys. This is a smart move by columbus. By the time they are a conteder Nash wouldnt be the player he is now. Nash loves columbus and he knows its a move that could help the team so he doesnt mind letting them shop him. but their plans arent restricted to this short time frame. perhaps a trade at the draft will better let them know what picks they may get in return.

  18. By monday I think we will know allot more about the playoff teams. A lot of big games. If I’m burke and the leafs fall out of the playoffs, I start thinking of trading some guys, as you look at the return and have to thinkk they could get a couple more prospects as they did last year with gardiner and colborne, as for goaltending address it in the off seeason. There will be a bunch available and I think the cost will be down. If they do anything about it now, grab a guy who’s going into ufa, maybe gustavsonn and a 3rd for nabokov?

  19. anyone else bite their lip when grabovski gets caught behind his own net. seems like every time he’s there a goal goes in!

  20. In my opinion, Edmonton might have been able to fetch a defenseman from florida last summer and move down two spots in the draft to take Huberdeau rather than Nugent-Hopkins. I know Nugent-Hopkins is proving to be a star in the making, but Edmonton is still 29th in the league.

  21. Oilers wouldn’t trade their first round pick, even though they need defence in a bad way.If they were smart they package that pick up and get Sutter, but It wouldn’t happen until summer and it would have to be a sign and trade.
    Last I read about the Oilers GM is that he is happy with their defence, why else would they sign Sutton?

  22. Parise will sign in Boston July 1st unless they win the cup and then maybe he will stay. (dumbassdoorman– Grabo has a girl friend in every city wake up) Oilers will go hard after Suter in July they will not trade there pick for Schenn.

  23. Using CapGeek, this actually works.

    Columbus gives LA: Nash, Carter, Clitsome, Sanford
    LA Gives Columbus: Lokitonov, Clifford, Penner (Columbus has to take some salary dump), Martinez, Volnov, Bernier and a 1st and 3rd round pick in 2012/13.

    Sounds crazy but LA gets two premier scorers giving them two amazing lines (Kopitar, Nash, Williams and Richards, Carter, Brown) and they have enough depth to cover the other losses.

    Columbus gets 5 young, roster ready players and 2 early picks. Ticks all the boxes!

    Honestly though I think Columbus the fools for dealing either Nash or Carter. They should just move Vermette, Phalsson and Umberger this deadline for prospects or picks and use that money, plus the savings on NOT resigning Huselius as an UFA, to bring in 2-3 players properly suited to play with Carter and Nash PLUS you will be adding Yakupov.

    Seems to tick all the boxes.

  24. @ firewilson no way they trade their 1st pick for schenn. Better off trading down a couple of draft spots and picking up griffen reinhart. That kid looks better than schenn already.

  25. I think the Oiler know they won’t get Suter this summer regardless of the cash they offer. It’s tough to get UFA’s to sign in Edmonton mainly because of the weather and especially if they have a family. They need to shore up their D through a trade with a player that’s signed long term and the only way I see that happening is trading this years first rounder. It’s sucks for Edmonton fans but it’s just the way it is. Multimillionaire hockey players in charge of their own destiny don’t often choose to head to Alberta with it’s minus 30 winters. In saying that I hope they do land Suter because I’d love to see what the Oilers could do with all the young guns and a decent defence.

  26. Just wondering if Leaves fans realize that there are at least 30 other teams in the NHL? Leaves fans are really egotististical to believe their team is going to get every great player that becomes available, either that or just plain Stupid. When’s the last time the Leaves were even relevant??

    Get serious Leaves fans

  27. I still believe Ovechkin could be dealt. He has played better of late, but his teammates hate him, his coaches are fed up with him, the organization doesnt feel they are gettin value on their $10M a season. The only reason he hasnt been dealt yet is that the owner loves him. But he is a business man, not a hockey fan and his patience is wearing thiner and thinner…

    This likely doesnt happen now at the deadline, but at the draft when they can swing major salaries in different directions. He has a NMC, so the choice will be his as to where he wants to go; and that list will be short, very short.

  28. Does anyone really think that ownership is letting Howson make those big decisions all by himself? I think not, Howson and the owners have had some serious talks and have come up with a plan. I think it would be best to trade Carter and Nash before or at the deadline instead of at the draft. The race is very close and if a manager wants either he will pay and probably pay big in desperation. It is a risk but some GMs know their jobs are on the line so its all in or go home. If the leafs do get one of them I believe it will be Carter. This move will not cost as much so the future won’t be sold.
    In regards to Luke Schenn I believe it would be a mistake to trade this young man. He is only 22 for craps sake, defenders usually take around four years to settle into the NHL. Besides he has leader written all over him. If the leafs do trade a defender it should be Komisarek but the likelyhood of that happening is pretty slim to none so I think Gunnarsson is the guy out the door. Franson and Aulie just have to much potential to move at this point unless Burke is offered something he can’t refuse.
    I like Grabovski and hope he stays, but it looks like his agent is getting somewhat greedy. He is reportedly asking in the 4.5 to 5.5 mil range. I can’t blame him since Burke screwed up and gave Connolly 4.75 in desperation. If he loves TO so much you’d think he would sign for around 4.0.
    @ Killer, I agree that Ott would be a great pickup. He is tough as nails and can score you 20 to 25 a year. It would also gaurantee we wouldn’t see Orr ever again taking up a roster spot. I also agree that we need steady goaltending. The leafs actually had it with Gustavsson until that moron Wilson decided he couldn’t keep an overpaid struggling Reimer on the bench. If they do trade for a tender it will be a tough decision as to who go’s the other way. Rumour has it Burke is looking at Bernier but he hasn’t played much and when he has really hasn’t looked great. IMO not a great move, especially if that bum Penner comes over as well. Why on earth would Burke consider that guy, his heart just doesn’t seem to be in the game and is as soft as hell considering his size.
    Hemsky is still a young guy so he has time to turn his career around. He appears to be playing very cautious and looks like he is about to cry everytime he gets hit hard. The oilers are not close to contending but I think it would be a mistake to trade him at this point. The return would be small so sign him to a one year deal and see what transpires next year. If he looks like he is returning to form then trade him for something decent before he is injured again.
    Nashville would be nuts to trade Ellis, he is going to be a premier rushing d-man, Suter and Weber won’t be around forever

  29. If Columbus is serious about trading Carter they should offer Washington Carter for Caps two first round picks in June, true enough those picks won’t be premium picks but the way both Washington and Colorado is playing should be 11th to 20th picks, gives Columbus something to build with and gives Washington a needed new blood to try and inject some life into them, perhaps Washington will throw in a middle rated prospect and Columbus takes back some salary on a player who will be a RFA this summer.

  30. If I am Howson I am moving Carter. I am looking to get a young 2nd line center, a top four defenseman and a pick/prospect for him. But I am keeping Nash! If Toronto really has interest in Carter (throwing the contract aside) then to me it is

    Carter for Grabovski, Aulie, 1st Round Pick.

    Then I am trying to move Prospal, Huselius, Martinek for some picks/prospects and to free up some cap room and salary. Flip Brassard for some sizable depth scoring. Sign Grabo to $4.5 a season, Aulie to $1.5 a season and then try and grab up a vet goalie via UFA that can be a good mentor to Mason, hopefully at $2.5 or less per season. Fire your coach, get a new coach.

    Yakupov – Johansen – Nash
    Vermette – Grabovski – Umberger

    Aulie, Wis, Methot, Tyutin, Moore, Savard, Nitkinin provide great defensive depth.

  31. “Just wondering if Leaves fans realize that there are at least 30 other teams in the NHL? Leaves fans are really egotististical to believe their team is going to get every great player that becomes available, either that or just plain Stupid. When’s the last time the Leaves were even relevant??

    Get serious Leaves fans”

    This coming from a fan of a team notorious for bad playoff chokes. By the way, who says the Leafs are picking up everybody? Or anybody, for that matter?

    As for Grabovski, he’s a good center, but of the reports of him wanting 5.5 million a season are at all accurate, my gut says “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Mikhail.”

  32. first thing the leafs need is a goalie coach,allaire has ruined these 2 young goalies,allaires approach to goaltending is..soon as the puck comes into defensive zone,drop to yoyr knees,close your eyes,wave your arms and home the puck hits you…may have worked on roy and giguere..t,arguably he best ever….brodeur…plays the proper style,before they get another goalie and ruin him….get a new goalie coach

  33. Honestly the Kings do need a real scorer but it’s not going to happen till the summer the move I see them maybe getting is going after Boyes & Stafford from Buffalo
    Buffalo would get
    J. Johnson & Penner
    Kings would get
    Boyes, Stafford
    I think the kings would love Nash or Even Carter and his contract but I think the asking price is toooooo much and the Kings GM would not give up half his draft and prospects for a quick fix, The kings should really look at trading Richards away in the summer for Paul Stasny of Colorado cause I think Richards is not a good fit for the kings they need someone to drive to the net not pass the puck around …Or if the kings want to get crazy trade Richards for carter straight up works for both teams Nash gets a center man that is a playmaker and the Kings get a Real Scorer !

  34. Ben Eager for Luke Schenn? Seriously?

  35. Dark Phoenix, Every teams fans look at other teams players and spectulate whether they would help their team. Leaf fans are not afraid to do it publicly, so who do you cheer for? Who would you like to see on your team? Just interested, not that I want to slam you.

    As for Grab, He will sign with the leafs for 4 to 4.25m per fo four years.

  36. This trade mite be in the works i heard on TSN this morning,
    Toronto needs a goaile Kings need Scoring kings should trade Beriner and Penner & Propect for Kulemin and MacArthuer GREAT DEAL!

  37. I ‘ve heard from a source that Ryan Malone has been asked by Lightning managment which teams he would accept a trade to.

  38. wafwot@ interesting comments. I have thought the same thing but the Leaf’s are so lucky to have this great coach. He turns goalie’s into pylons. Lets move on. Thirsty you are correct sir. Dark, Leaf fans are not in charge of how coverage of the team is alotted . In this case they are real players in the deadline as buyers and seeing it any other way is just silly. It is media that suggests every player is coming to the Leaf’s not the fans. Go Leaf hate elsewhere

  39. You said: “BURKE GET A GOALIE…….. FAST!!!!!!!!”

    Well…history repeats itself…You sound like a Canuck fan back when Burke was GM. Canucks were stacked with Naslund, Bertuzzi ,Jovo etc..the only anchor on that team was the goalie Cloutier. However Burke …stubborn as he was (is) refused to buckle to media / fan pressure and get that proven goalie for a deep run, He was (is) hesitant to make the killer trade deadline deals and whined (whines) constantly about the inflated prices teams wanted for players as an excuse not to get things done. The result…never past the second round during his time with them… Get used to “the Monster” and his side kick in net “the Monstrocity”

  40. What would it take for Toronto to get Tavares outta NY?? Burke wanted this guy at the draft but wouldn’t include Schenn, I assume he would have to be in the potential deal still.

  41. SHARKATTACK, as a Leaf fan, I’m just wondering who this Leaves team you are talking about is. Whoever they are, I would have their star player in a heart beat. Let’s say Kadri, Schenn +? lol!

  42. ” wonder if Edmonton fans would trade their first rounder this year for Luke Schenn? Oilers get the young Dman they covet who is NHL ready and the Leafs get a possible 2nd over all pick (no guarentee with the lottery draft) which the Leafs can use in a trade. This would give the Leafs a 2nd over all pick and roughly a 15th over all pick in this years draft to trade for a Ryan Miller or Nash as part of a bigger block buster that includes other players. It would take some of the presure off Burke to move young guys such as Colburne and Gardiner.”

    The simple answer is the Luke Schenn alone is not worth the second overall pick. On the one hand, Schenn gets named quite frequently as some uber young defenseman, and while he may grow into an acceptable top 4 in time, he is not there yet and his potential to do so passes with each season. Schenn may be worth a first rounder, but I doubt Edmonton would sacrifice their top pick in such a trade.

  43. @ Brookzee: The Leafs are not getting Tavares. But to answer your question it would take the entire first line, the first defensive pairing, and a decade of 1st rounders.

    @JJB: Carter’s value last season was a young roster player and 1st pick. I dont think his value has gone up. If Columbus is offered Grabovski and a pick for Carter they should jump at that (since Grabo is better than Voracek, by a long shot).

    Either way, the Leafs should be interested in neither guy. What they need is cap flexibility next season to search for a golatender and take a run at some UFA’s like Shea Weber, Ryan Suter, and Zach parise. I’m not sure they can get any of those guys, but cap space is better than perennial underachievers.

    @LAKINGS88: Great deal for LA! Toronto would get fleeced badly in that deal. To give up their 2nd line for Penner (barf!) and Bernier? I doubt it.

    Bernier is a nobody. He has played 43 games, and excluding OTL’s has won 53% of his games. If you include the OTL’s he has 40pts in 43 games… hardly anything to write home to mom about.
    How does anybody know that Bernier is going to be the real deal? They dont, and likely he would hav ealready ben the starter, not pushed aside by Quick for the past seasons.

    I’d rather stick with Reimer- who, by the way, had much better stats in his first 43 games than Bernier.

    And, personally, I would not be involved in ANY deal where I had to take Penner. I watched his lazy antics and disengagement when he played for the Ducks. None of that has changed. The guy has a work ethic problem. For a hard-working team like the Leafs who have great chemisry, Penner would be a disaster.

    **Sorry, I tend to talk about the Leafs a lot becasue I live in Toronto and the dominate the media space here.

  44. @ SHARKATTACK | Wednesday, 22 February 2012 at 4:22 pm

    No, Leaf fans do not know there are at least 30 other teams in the NHL. There are a total of 30 teams in the league last time we Leaf fans checked, so in addition to the team we cheer for, there are only 29 more.

    Most players in the NHL grew up wanting to play for an original 6 team in the NHL. There are a few exceptions, but I think most surveyed would not say, when I grow up I want to play for San Jose…

    In 11 years the Sharks have done very well, and have and have had some of the best players in the league, but still have not won a cup. I am sure it will come before Toronto, but it should have come already given the star power they have had to work with. You have been a loyal fan, just like us. And if it does come soon, you may have to wait decades before it happens again ( Chicago?). We have been there, but we are still loyal to our team.

    The Leafs are as relevant as ever, and there is still a huge fan base. Having been messed up so many times, we are happy to be patient and do it right so our team does not just have a “one hit wonder type season”.We are not fairweather fans, we are loyal. Just like you are loyal to San Jose. We Leaf fans are serious. So you will just have to deal with that.

    And do not forget, we really like fans on the other 29 teams. Thats why we let you have John Ferguson Jr. take over your Pro Scouting Department. In a couple of years you will share our pain.

    If the Leafs lose to San Jose this week, we will deal with it.

    But if the Leafs beat San Jose this week, will you think they are relevant?

  45. RE: Columbus – don’t forget that Craig Patrick is essentially the de facto General Manager. He is currently an adviser reporting directly to the owner, so he will or should have significant impact and say-so regarding any trades or player movements.

    As far as the timing – unless Nash sent ownership an ultimatum, it makes sense to see if someone panics and overpays for Nash at the deadline. And I doubt that the summertime makes Nash increase his allowed teams list (whoever those are).

  46. If the Rangers are talking contract extension with Prust, then that leads me to believe that they’re going to pass on Nash. I hope. Not that the Rangers don’t need the scoring help – the price is way too high for Nash. Never mind the fact that he has a nearly $8 mil hit on the salary cap and six more years remaining on his contract. His only playoff appearance was three years ago where he and his team got swept. Is that really worth giving up Ryan McDonagh, Derek Stepan, a top prospect, a first rounder and possibly Brandon Dubinsky? I don’t think so.

  47. Who could San Jose even trade for Rick Nash? They obviously don’t want to move Couture or blow up their roster, so who is left? They already traded Charlie Coyle to Minnesota at the draft last year and their prospect pool is considered one of the worst in the NHL right now. I guess they do have that Finnish goaltender that is somewhat well regarded but not much else. I don’t think Sateri, Freddie Hamilton or Taylor Doherty plus draft picks is going to get it done for Rick Nash, unless they look at doing a multiplayer trade and moving out someone like Clowe for a younger forward and then packaging him with picks and prospects to Columbus. Just don’t see how the Sharks could pull it off.

  48. With regards to Hemsky, I agree, I’d like to keep him an oiler too (assuming he’s alright accepting a secondary scoring role, 2nd line RW and second unit powerplay), his value now is as low as its been, plus he wants to stay with the oilers.
    The problem is that hemsky wants a long term deal, not a 1 year deal. The oilers sound like they have interest in resigning him, but not to the same term that he had on his last contract (4 years).
    So what do you do if he wont sign for 1 year? I doubt the Oilers want to sign him long term as it could make it hard to resign the future of this team in the next couple summers (gagner is RFA this summer, hall and eberle and pajarvvi are RFA next summer, and hopkins RFA the summer after). Hall / Eberle / RNH could get 5+ million I imagine, not sure they can afford hemsky then.
    I know Smyth comes off the books after this year, and the oil will resign him to 1 year deals to close his career out in edmonton for less than the 6.25 cap hit, but i’m not sure how much of a discount it will be (3-4million a year?) so maybe thats enough room for everybody, but the term of hemsky’s deal is the biggest hurdle I think.
    In the last 4-5 games hemsky has looked more like the 70+ point player he can be. He’s still a 0.79 point per game guy over his career, and if Quincy can get a late first round pick, I would be ok getting a mid first round pick this year for him (as the draft is defense heavy) and probably something els… or package something with hemsky to try to get a roster dman?
    If he refuses a 1 year deal, then I think the oilers are better off getting some sort of return for him, and using that to get a dman they need (either by trading a first and a prospect for a roster dman, or going after a defenseman in the first round with at least 1 of the 2 first round picks they would have).

  49. “Dark Phoenix, Every teams fans look at other teams players and spectulate whether they would help their team. Leaf fans are not afraid to do it publicly, so who do you cheer for? Who would you like to see on your team? Just interested, not that I want to slam you.

    As for Grab, He will sign with the leafs for 4 to 4.25m per fo four years.”

    “Dark, Leaf fans are not in charge of how coverage of the team is alotted . In this case they are real players in the deadline as buyers and seeing it any other way is just silly. It is media that suggests every player is coming to the Leaf’s not the fans. Go Leaf hate elsewhere”

    I think some people have missed that I was commenting on SHARKATTACK’s post complaining about the Leafs coverage. I was simply pointing out that outside of mentioning Grabovski and that stupid Schenn to Edmonton trade, this entire collection of articles seems empty of speculation involving the Leafs, and I was trying to figure out why someone would complain about how “the Leafs seem to be picking up everybody” on a collection of articles that really doesn’t seem to mention the Leafs a whole lot.

  50. Everyone knows defencemen and goaltending take the longest to mature and get adjusted to the NHL speed. The Oilers don’t want to be in a position where there young drafted forwards are 3 or 4 years ahead of their drafted defencemen. If the Oilers draft a D man this year he probably won’t be a force for at least 4 to 5 years. They need young NHL ready defencement now to develop with their forwards and the Leafs have what they need. Schenn was taken 5th over all and is only 22, he will be a top 4 or possibly a top 2. Gunnarson or Aulie would also do well in Edmonton so I see a deal working between the two teams. It’s to hard to find a big puck carrying defenceman so I’d say Gardiner is untouchable.

  51. i heard rask and marchant for carter

  52. The trades have started in Columbus…. Just a matter of time before they clean the entire house.

  53. I am no leafs fan but did I read correctly..Schenn for Eager? Is that a joke?

  54. The Sharks should trade with the Leaves to get Aulie, he’s an underrated D Man and recoils use his size. I’m thinking trading a third rounder to pick him up.

    I do admire Leaves fans loyalty, just saying way to many of them that think Burke should pickup every great player that’s available is just dumb.

  55. Remember the last time the leafs thought they needed a goalie? I do, and guess what happened. We traded to get Andrew Raycroft for Tukka Rask. Guess who got screwed on that deal. Im preaching patience on this one. Why dump all young assets to maybe get something that could help. Give Schenn a break, he’s young and will be great. If we dont make the playoffs this year, who cares. What’s another year in the grand scheme of things.

  56. Ronnie Ranger Good points, but consider this. In 2 years Gaboriks contract is up and we all know how injury prone he is. I would rather pay a 29 year old Nash than a 32 year old Gaborik. I too wouldnt want to give up Step or Mac truck, because they both are excellent in their craft, and big parts of the chemistry the team has. But Ive asked it and Ill ask it again, Am I the only one that believes that Nash is an upgrade from Dubinsky? You tell me 1 thing Dubie does better than Nash and Ill concede. Im sorry, I know Dubie is a fan favorite but Nash is a world class player and put the puck in the net, bang people, go through guys and hustle back too. Now of course thats not it, because they would probably want Kreider too, in addition to picks . So I would offer up Dubinsky, JT Miller, Tim Erixon and a first rounder for Nash, and not resign Gaborik in 2 years. The only thing is that I would not want to risk not being able to resign key guys in the next 2 years because of that deal. If Im not mistaken NYR have a ton of guys coming up RFA and UFA in the next 2 to 3 years.

  57. Kessel finally scored a big goal……i’d trade him..i know Burke never will but the guy is too small ,never in shape, and doesnt know how a board feels, i agree wit h GNOTE …..we need tough gritty players, other teams dont fear Kessel, i would love to see how many 3rd period goals he has this yr……Package him for a centre also send Wilson packing and start from there, Kessel is a good Hockey player but he is a one trick pony or else Boston wouldnt have gave him up at 22 yrs old

  58. Mikhail Grabovski said he likes playing in Toronto and doesn’t want to leave, but hasn’t spoken with management or his agent about his contract status. The Leafs are reportedly negotiating with Grabovski’s agent for a new contract.

    Kinda surprising that the player would not be talking with his agent? leads me to believe the agent is discussing top $ and not discounts.
    Ruutu just signing for 4.75 avg for 4 years is gonna be the comparable , their stats are very similar for the past 4 seasons

  59. “Leaves fans are really egotististical”
    LOL. Please use spellcheck prior to posting.

  60. @RC Only in Toronto is a 30 goal 60 point winger at the age of 23 considered a one trick pony.

  61. Sharkattack, who the heck are the Leaves? Stop calling them

  62. Shark attack- nice math skills
    When did the NHL expand to 31 teams?

    At least try to make a constructive post. When you (shark) attack a fan base because the media here blows everything out of proportion, it kinda shows you have nonclue what you are talking about. If you can come up with a logical post, then I will retract my words. Until then, grow up…..

  63. @RC
    I think you have to be a Leaf fan to understand what you are saying. Let me clarify for Dark Phoenix

    We have no issues with a “one trick pony” if there are other good players on the team that do what Kessel doesn’t which is bang, crash, and intimidate. Unfortunately we don’t have those type of forwards and if we do they can’t score (Lupul is the exception). If the Leafs had a few big forwards on the top two lines combined with some grit then Kessel is a much needed asset but when the entire two top lines are soft and small and you watch then get intimidated, and pushed around all season by the likes of NYR, BOS, VAN, and PHI you come to realize that your team isn’t going to get any tougher and your players aren’t going to get any bigger. Kessel has unbelievable speed, skill and hockey sence but if he isn’t being surrounded and protected by guys like Lucic then he will continue to get hammered out of the game when it matters most. Burke shouldn’t have traded for a small guy like Kessel if he didn’t have plans to surround him with testosterone, truculence and what ever else he said he was going to have on this team. Either find the right guys to surround Kessel or move on to a different plan that doesn’t include him.

  64. I call them the Leaves because there are more than 1 and it’s the thought most of their players have, they can’t wait to Leaf. hahahaha

  65. sharkattack, wait…you were trying to be insulting? Lol! Atleast call them something funny like the Laughs or the make beleafs. If you’re going to be lame, why not call them the stupid heads?

  66. I like stupid heads the best…

  67. @ DurtMCHurt

    Come on you know you laughed at it. I am just trying to have some fun until and if the Sharks make a trade, as this is a truely boring Trade Deadline thus far, at least from my perspective.

    I thought the Downie for Quincy trade was a good 1. I would have liked for the Sharks to pickup either one of those guys. I am waiting for Dougie Wilson to work his Magic like he did to acquire Thornton, and pickup Nash that would give the Sharks some real fire power.

  68. The only way San Jose gets Nash is if Columbus really really wants to trade him and Nash won’t wave his NTC to go to LA or wherever. San Jose just doesn’t have the pieces that Columbus would need to get. No young forward that they can part with, no high-end prospects and low 1st round draft picks. I guess they do have two goalie prospects that might be of interest but none of them are very close to the NHL from what I know. I guess that is what happens when you trade your 1st rounder three of the last four years or something like that. San Jose would have to swing a trade for a good young player in the NHL right now and then get rid of two of their best prospects as well as a draft pick or two. LA can afford to do this; San Jose really can’t compete with what they have to offer.

  69. @ Hurt-

    Did you just really leak the new name of the Seattle team?? lol

  70. Geez sharkattack. I think whats really a LAUGH is how your team plays each and every playoff. Your handle should be more like minnowattack. Say goodbye AGAIN this yr. at least you have the regular season to enjoy. How many cups you guys have?See ya on thursday.

  71. @DS

    You are definitely entitled to YOUR opinion, the LAKINGS have a bunch of garbage players like the overpaid Penner & others as well. The LAKINGS are the Sharks 2.0, Darryl Sutter and Dean Lombardi helped build the Sharks in a few more years the LAKINGS might be ad good as the Sharks.

  72. @ziffles

    Your a hoser eh!!!!

  73. @ sharkattack So is Thornton ,couture, marleau, boyle, burns, clowe, etc… ME , many who post here, and lyle. So if that was a shot at being canadian i wouldn’t change that under penalty of death. My ancestors are all united empire loyalist . Many great grandfathers fought in the butler rangers against the americans in the revolutionary war and war of 1812. I assume they killed a great deal of americans in those conflicts and I have never been so proud of that than at this very momment. LOL go figure. You should proably be in bed by now as you probably have school tommorrow. Back to hockey now.

  74. Leafs should not trade grabo. Say they land Carter to get their coveted true “#1″ C then Bozak drops to line 2 and you will see he is far inferior to what his numbers appear to show this year. He is a by-product of Lupul and Kessel. Is he a decent player? Yes, he certainly is. Are the leafs better off? No, because Carter on the top line doesn’t make that line better because Toronto will still be a one line team.

    They need Carter and Grabo.

  75. “then Bozak drops to line 2 and you will see he is far inferior to what his numbers appear to show this year.”

    Yeah, far inferior, yet the Leafs have tried every center they have in that spot and Bozak has worked the best. Tell me this; if Grabovski is such a superior center, why isn’t he playing first line instead?

  76. @ZIFFLES

    Obviously you don’t understand the meaning of HOSER. Since you are a loud and proud Canadian I would have thought you would known. You are even stupider than your post.

    Figure it out yet dumdum.

  77. Hoser is both a slang term and a stereotype, originating from and used primarily in Canada. [1] It is not often used by Canadians, but it is sometimes used as “typical” Canadian slang by those imitating Canadians, unlike the expression “eh?” used frequently by Canadians. The term “hoser” gained popularity from the comedic skits by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas (also known as Bob and Doug McKenzie) in SCTV’s “The Great White North” segments.[2] Did you mean something else there yanky doodle dandy? I have no time for the uneducated which the united states seams to have in great numbers. My apoliges to all decent and good americans, sharkattack aside.