NHL Trade & Free Agent News – September 2, 2011.

The Bruins and Flames could have some extra cap space to work with this season…Canucks GM not looking to make additions…Latest training camp invitations…

ESPN.COM: James Murphy recently reported the likelihood of center Marc Savard going on LTIR for this season could allow the Bruins to clear his $4.008 million salary from their ledger, which could come in useful if they wish to bolster their roster later in the season to defend their Stanley Cup title.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis reports the Flames enter this season with over $3 million in available cap space, which could double if they demote winger Niklas Hagman to the minors. Francis suggested the club’s recent acquisition of winger Lee Stempniak likely means Hagman could be the odd man out, unless he dazzles in training camp.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Murphy’s received some flak for the headline of his article, but readers must understand in most cases, it’s the editor who provides the title for the article, not the columnist. I digress. His point however is a valid one, and given the Bruins status as defending Cup champs, could make them a preferred destination by the trade deadline for players seeking a trade. That give GM Peter Chiarelli the option to pick and choose. As for the Flames, their extra cap space will certainly help, especially if they demote Hagman, but they could find it difficult to out-bid the Bruins. Doesn’t mean they can’t, as it’ll depend on the need, but if both are seeking, say, a first line center, the Bruins could have the edge. We’ll see how the season unfolds for both clubs.

CBC.CA: reports Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis doesn’t see any further trades or free agent signings on the horizon. He admits he remains open to any deals which come along, but is generally pleased with his current roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s not going to thrill disgruntled Canucks fans who’ve been calling for the club to add more scoring depth and size. Of course, Gillis’ stance could change later in the season, depend on what offers he gets, and where his club sits in the standings.

TRUEHOCKEY.COM: reports former Chicago Blackhawk Ryan Johnson has accepted a training camp invitation from the Detroit Red Wings.

THE GLOBE & MAIL’S James Mirtle reported via Twitter the Winnipeg Jets have invited David Koci to training camp on a tryout basis.




  1. Cap wise the Bruins are very comfortabe even before Savard goes to the LTIR. I hate to admitt it, but Chia has set a good example on how to properly run a franchise. Question is what do they need? Late season pick ups don’t usually come with a big cap hit, so barring a blockbuster, Boston will be fine for years. The only notable FA’s after this year are really Corvo and Boychuk.

    Question Lyle, what are the rules on LTIR? I mean, how long can a player be injured before his salary doesn’t count anymore. Say Savard doesn’t plan on officially retiring in the next 2-3 years but still isn’t playing. At any time will the league not count his salary or will it just be put on LTIR year after year (handicaping them in the offseason due to the %10 rule) usually if a player knows he’s done, he’ll anounce his retirement (which I expect Savard to do) but what if he doesn’t?

  2. Boston has to start thinking about who they wanna keep. Peverley,Kelly,Campbell,Paille,and Thornton are all UFA’s next yr. I love Thornton and think Peverley and Kelly should be signed. that leaves room for a kid to move up or to sign someone else.

  3. DurtMCHurt, the way it worked with Zhamnov was that he showed up around September each year and received a physical which he failed. He was then placed on LTIR for the entire year, given the extent of his injury (severely broken ankle, IIRC). I would assume a similar process for Marc Savard, which is sad for all of his fans.

    He is/was a great playmaker, who really improved his overall game since coming to Boston.

  4. im just wondering if marc savard retires due to injury,how does that affect the salary cap hit,does it get removed from the cap hit.and do the bruins keep paying him or does it go through insurance.

  5. Savard was under-35 when he signed his current contract. If he retires, the remainder of the deal is struck from the Bruins cap.

  6. Lyle, what if he doesn’t retire? Will it be the same song and dance for the remainder of his contract? (by that I mean still technically on the books but fails a physical every year and goes on LTIR, or does insurance kick in at some point if he chooses not to retire)

  7. If he doesn’t retire, then yes, each year he’d have to report to training camp for a physical. If he failed it, he would be placed on LTIR.

  8. Guys, please try to remember when discussing cap hit and LTIR that the way it works is not by “freeing” equivalent space, it just “frees” space “over” the cap, *if need be*, and on top of this “over” a team still gets penalized the next years on account of its bonuses. So the only way it really “frees” an equivalent amount is if a team doesn’t end-up spending to the cap at the end of the year, counting replacement and all (and so the space “freed” is moot anyhow), OR this team spends to the cap but does not have bonuses.