NHL Trade & Free Agent Rumors and News – September 22, 2011.

Could Kyle Turris be an option for the Maple Leafs?…Did Drew Doughty recently meet with Kings management in Los Angeles?…An update on Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall…Eric Christensen might become trade bait for the Rangers.

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox mused on the possibility of Phoenix Coyotes holdout center Kyle Turris garnering interest from Maple Leafs management if it appears Leafs center Matthew Lombardi isn’t ready to start the season. Cox suggested the asking price could be Tyler Bozak, who is under contract for two more seasons at $1.5 million per, which would make him more affordable for the cost-conscious Coyotes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cox isn’t suggesting a “Turris to Toronto” deal is in the works or that it could happen. Still, expect his column to give rise to plenty of rumors linking the Leafs to Turris. For the record, Coyotes GM Don Maloney said he won’t shop Turris’ rights. From what I’ve read and heard from Leafs fans since this article appeared, most are against the notion of swapping Bozak for Turris.

LOS ANGELES TIMES’ Helene Elliott “tweeted” last night a rumor claiming Drew Doughty was in Dean Lombardi’s office is false, as Lombardi was in Phoenix with the Kings split-squad on Tuesday and not in his office on Wednesday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And Doughty, as reported yesterday, stated he’ll be staying in London, Ontario, training with the OHL Knights until his contract situation is resolved. So “bang!” goes that rumor.

DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports Red Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall is in the final year of his current contract and eligible for UFA status next July, but he wants to remain a Red Wing. His agent and Wings GM Ken Holland have had brief discussions about a contract extension.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt very much Kronwall will be departing Detroit by next summer.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Andrew Gross reports on the possibility Erik Christensen could be squeezed out of a job with the Rangers because of the club’s depth at center, suggesting Christensen could become trade bait as the Rangers seek a veteran defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Christensen has been a frequent fixture in trade rumors since last season, but this year there could be more to those rumors than a year ago, depending of course on how things shake out at center for the Blueshirts during pre-season.


  1. Bozak’s points per dollar rate is almost twice that of Turris. If Turdis keep things going at this pace and gets his 3 mil. we’re looking at a 50pointseason, whilst Bozo does the same for 1.6 mil. Points Per Dollar (PPD) is what counts, nothing else.

  2. I guess the advantage for doing this deal is that the Leafs would be paying for the potential rather than the current output. Your totally right on PPD being what counts and I believe Bozak is a fair 50 pt per season player. Maybe a bit up or down every year, but in general 50 pts. Thats pretty decent, especially for the $1.6 he’s signed for. Turris could always become the 80+ pt player that he’s been believed to be eventually which makes him a bargain at 3 mill, however thats no guarantee. This will just come down to if the Leafs are willing to gamble or not.

  3. @GMDM

    Bozak was also getting first line minutes , which he wouldn’t have received on any other team and he won’t be receiving this year. His point total will drop this year. I would trade bozak for Turris in a second as long as you can get him signed for half of what he is asking. He has a huge up side. Bozak is a dime of dozen player and can be replace any July 1 st with a UFA. But IF Turris does hit his potential then the trade off is huge.

  4. AJ – it doesn’t come down to if the Leafs are willing to gamble or not – it comes down to if the Coyotes decide to trade Turris or not and if then, the Leafs can offer something of interest for Pheonix. This wasn’t a rumour but a mere suggestion by Cox. If Turris hits the trade market, it will take more than Bozak to get him.

  5. Much ado about 2 players who are third liners. I’d rather have a Max Talbot type over both of these guys. The leafs need to acquire players with the same or better talent level as Phil Kessel to imporove thir top end and become a legit playoff threat… .not swap a nobody for a nobody.

  6. If Bozak is a 50+ point player then why did the leafs trade for two injury prone 50+ point centers to replace him? He is a 3rd 4th liner for the next season or two before he fully matures at the NHL level and by then he will be long gone from the leafs.

  7. I don’t believe we would ever see the trade, but I’d like to remember a couple things. When players tend to leave Toronto or Phoenix they ignite or get better, more so ones with talent. I think Bozak would end up a 2nd line center in Phoenix and could provide a solid two way play that would play into the low scoring style the ‘Yotes and their coach have implemented over the past few season.

    Turris is a scoring guy, he wants to be offensive and he wants to get that puck moving. I’d see the Leafs acquiring him as he would have more of a chance to excel in that type of role in Toronto. With talented forwards like Kessel, Lupul, MacArthur, Kulemin, Kadri to take on offensive roles with him and strong grinders and two way forward to compliment there is a solid chance that Turris could excel.

    If I am the Leafs I would inquire, if you give up Bozak and a draft pick or depth defenseman to get him its no big deal. You have Colbourne down the middle as well and I could see a Turris, Colbourne, Grabo depth chart in TO down the road. Bozak is a dime a dozen and replaceable to Toronto, but the type of player Phoenix tends to employ and excels in their system. What about a move like this? (speculation)

    To Toronto: Rights to Kyle Turris
    To Phoenix: F Tyler Bozak, D Korbinian Holzer or D Matt Lashoff

    Burke signs Turris up for $2,500,000/season for 2-4 years (hopefully dumps Komisarek and gets some playing time for our younger guys and cap space).

    Pheonix add a talented two way guy who could fit well with them, I see a 2nd line of Vrabta – Bozak – MacClean provides two way play with scoring potential. They also add a young and sizable defenseman to the back end, Lashoff really needs a club to give him a chance to stick and I think Holzer has potential.

    Just my $.02

  8. Turris hasn’t done anything at the NHL level and is reportedly looking for almost 4 million a year. You really want that kind of person on your club?

    I would keep Bozak personally. Look to be the same player, with a cheaper price tag.

  9. Damien Cox has not yet proven any credibility with me. I put him in the same league as Steve Simmons in “my uncle’s friend’s cousin got me this job” type reporting.

  10. @ MattyG

    Your right, it does take two to tango and I should have been more clear. My comments were along the same lines as Cox as in we are musing under the assumption that they were planning on trading the rights. Obviously it would not be a straight up swap and I suspect some compensation through draft picks would also be included. I am thinking maybe a 2nd or 3rd rounder as well since Phoenix will not be able to command a huge return since if he decides to sit out, Turris will be a useless asset for the team with limited value as there is no guarantee he will sign if he gets dealt.

  11. Erik Christensen (NYR) for Spacek (Habs) straight up… Comments?

  12. Slow Slow summer finally coming to an end ,, Turris needs to sign and be thankful.

    Wasnt Bozak a highly sought after college free agent or something?

    I think they are basically ship one bust out for another if these to teams pull of this deal, the advantage being the Yotes will have the player in the line up for the season opener.

  13. Cox really seems to know baseball.

  14. To leafs- turris and future considerations
    To Phoenix – Bozak and komisrek

    The yotes get bozak and Komi to replace jovo-cop.
    Burke gets another good young center to stock the cabinet with, and eliminates 2-2.5 million from payroll.
    Jjb I like your post but I would not let go of Holzer. He has too much upside and could be a great player for years to come.

    Future leafs defense
    Schenn gardiner
    Franzen Aulie
    Holzer blacker

    Mere days till the first game against the habs……

  15. And Percy too!!!!!!

  16. Christensen is gonna be a fantasic addition if NY doesn’t keep him. I’d think alot of good teams would be interested in somebody like him, at his manageable salary.

  17. Buffalo needs to drop almost 3.6M from their payroll before the regular season starts. Let’s look at what we know- Buffalo made the playoffs last year without Derek Roy. Plus they have added some key acquisitions so far in the off-season which can improve the team without Roy. Derek Roy who is 28 and is owed 4M, so if they traded him and cleared his contract off the books, Buffalo would be under the salary cap, but they would be short a forward, so I would suggest they should include Patrick Keleta-25 as he didn’t play the whole season, and he’s going to make 907,500. Actually he only played 51 games last year.
    Winnipeg would be a great trading partner for Buffalo. I realize the organization Atlanta/Winnipeg needed Patrice Cormier-21 @ 854,166 included in the Kovalchuk deal from N.J., but I would offer him, Carl Klingberg-20 @ 870,000, and Paul Postma-22 @ 875,000 in return for Roy, and Keleta.
    I believe they should get the deal done sooner rather than later, so the players can be ready for the regular season.
    Imagine the possibility of these lines: Kane-Roy-Little, Ladd-Burmistrov-Wheeler, Antropov-Wellwood-Fehr, Glass-Maxwell-Kaleta, Slater, Thorburn, Stapleton as the extra forwards.

  18. Mb4life.. I like your trade pitch, but your line up proposal didn’t include the captain, who’s signed until 2014-15 I believe lol! How far into the future are we going here? Haha

  19. Why would Buffalo trade their top center when they are already short a top center? That makes zero sense. So your suggesting they role into the season with Lieno as their top line center and what Gaustad as thier number 2.haaaaaaaaaaaaa…sorry no way.