NHL Trade & Free Agent Rumors – April 30, 2011.

Should the Blackhawks trade Patrick Kane?  Is it a certainty Florida Panthers goalie Tomas Vokoun becomes a free agent?  Could the LA Kings pursue Brad Richards? Is this Todd Marchant’s final season? Read on for the latest.

CHICAGO DAILY HERALD: Tim Sassone reports a “small faction of Blackhawks nation” calling for the club to trade Patrick Kane, based on his 1 goal, 5 assist performance against Vancouver. Sassone dismissed the possibility of Kane being dealt.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s a ridiculous suggestion by that “small faction”. Kane is one of the ‘Hawks core players and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

MIAMI HERALD: George Richards recently reports Florida Panthers assistant GM Mike Santos said he has one very general talk with goalie Tomas Vokoun’s people, saying it is premature to assume Vokoun will depart via free agency in July.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Panthers will likely wait until June before opening serious talks with Vokoun, who appears willing to consider staying with the Panthers.

ESPN.COM: Dan Arritt recently reported the Kings are expected to make a run at Dallas Stars center Brad Richards if he hits this summer’s UFA market, adding the Kings had interest in Richards at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Arritt points out the Kings would have the cap space to sign Richards but wondered if he wants to come west. As Arritt pointed out, we’ll have to wait and see. It’s possible Richards might not be available if sale of the Dallas Stars goes through by the end of May to businessman Tom Gaglardi.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens reports Anaheim Ducks veteran forward Todd Marchant admitted he’s uncertain as to what his future holds, acknowledging this season could be his last.


  1. Arritt wonders if Richards wants to come out west? Does he mean STAY out west? Lol!
    I think it would be a huge mistake for LA to make a run at Richards. They have plenty of depth at center, and if they sign him to a monster contract, I see them falling into cap trouble not unlike the Blackhawks last year. I believe they need a quality winger and maybe a veteran defenceman with a short term/low cap hit contract. Maybe they take a run at Gagne.

  2. I actually think the Kings should go after Richards, but not really.

    1) Do they really need Richards when they have Kopitar long term and Brayden Schenn coming up?

    2) Assuming 62M cap, the Kings’ almost 49M on 16 players leaves 13M, but more than half of that will go to resigning Doughty and Simmonds this summer. Next summer they will need to add two top-6 wingers to replace Smyth and Penner (or to resign them). Kopitar, Williams, Brown, Scuderi, Green and JJ are their only players signed beyond summer 2013. A second C on a hefty contract really encumbers them going forward.

    So they are much better off investing their cap money in a winger.

    Which is precisely why they should go after Richards, but not really. Poker move: bluff your interest to enable Richards to up the value he gets from a team that really wants him, then move in to help that team clear necessary cap space by moving a top winger to the Kings below market value.

    And yes, I am thinking Gaborik.

  3. Gaborik to the kings is just as much a cap mess as Richards will be. The kings have a lot of potential superstars who they will need to resign in the next couple of years. Gagne would cost way less then Gaborik is getting. Maybe a 3 year 14 mil contract….maybe less.

  4. Yeah but Gagne isn’t the player the need either. He continues to have injury issues and didn’t do much when he was in the line-up. And while the Kings do gave one of the best farm systems in the league they really have very few prospects that have the potential to be superstars. Schenn will be a very good NHLer but superstar? I don’t know. After him most their forward prospects are projects and gambles (i.e. The under-sized Kozun, Weal and Toffoli and uknowns like Kitsyn and others.)

    What the Kings need is a pure goal-scorer that isn’t past his prime that can take the pressure off of Kopitar to provide all the offense and allow the other forwards to play within themselves -as good but not great scorers. Not any easy thing to find but the kings have the assets (players, prospects, and some picks) as well as the cap space to make that happen if Lombardi can get the job done.

  5. Anyone thinking Gaborik is available is out of their mind. The Rangers are going after Richards to make better their popgun offense. They have the energy/hustle lines in place and they need a talented scoring line to finish it off. Richards and Gaborik with another winger could be pretty brutal. Why would they trade Gaborik if they’re seeking to make a scoring line? What could LA offer the Rangers that would make the deal worth it for them? It doesn’t really matter anyway, the Rangers can’t move Gaborik without permission, he has a no-trade clause and is going nowhere.