NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – February 9, 2012.

Updates on Shane Doan, Olli Jokinen, and Jonathan Bernier, plus the latest on the Blackhawks, Blue Jackets, Stars, Avalanche and Blues.


Doan ponders his future.

TSN.CA: Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan ponders his options if the Coyotes should end up relocating at the end of this season. Doan is slated to become an unrestricted free agent, and has maintained talks with management, but a new contract appears on hold until the ownership situation is resolved. With the Coyotes in the thick of the Western Conference playoff race, GM Don Maloney is reluctant to trade Doan, though if it comes to that, he would allow his captain a say in the matter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt the Coyotes trade Doan if they’re still in the playoff chase by then. Doan’s made it clear his first choice is to remain with the Coyotes, but the uncertainty over their future in Phoenix raises the possibility he could sign elsewhere this summer.

CALGARY SUN: Randy Sportak reports Olli Jokinen wants to re-sign with the Flames, and is okay with the pace the club takes to talk contract with him. Jokinen has a “no-movement” clause in his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jokinen clearly loves playing in Calgary, and is on pace for his first 70-point season since 2007-08. Given how well he’s played as the Flames battle this season for a playoff berth, he won’t be traded, or asked to waive his movement clause, before the trade deadline.

LAKINGSINSIDER.COM: Rich Hammond examined if it were worthwhile to the Kings to shop backup goalie Jonathan Bernier. GM Dean Lombardi would only say he appreciates the value of having two strong goalies.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That suggests to me Lombardi is in no hurry to shop Bernier. If they were to trade him at the deadline, and starter Jon Quick subsequently got hurt, the Kings would be well and truly screwed this season. That’s why I don’t  believe the Kings will move Bernier this season. This summer, perhaps, but not now.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Adam L. Jahns suggests perhaps the best solution for the Blackhawks defensive problems of late is to bolster the club’s offense.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Shawn Mitchell reports Vinny Prospal may have job security for next season with the Blue Jackets after re-signing a one-year extension yesterday, but the same cannot be said for his teammates. Trade rumors continue to swirl about Jeff Carter and even team captain Rick Nash. GM Scott Howson said Prospal’s re-signing doesn’t mean the club has decided against a roster rebuild.

ESPN.COM: Richard Durrett suggests Dallas Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk might be wise to remain patient and focus on rebuilding long-term, rather than be tempted into seeking a quick-fix at the trade deadline.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater recently reported Avalanche defenseman Shane O’Brien, a free agent this summer, could be mentioned as possible trade bait leading up to the trade deadline.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reports it’s possible Blues GM Doug Armstrong might make no moves at the trade deadline, due in part to the team’s ownership situation, and that replacing players who are having off years in scoring might not lead to a better finish.


  1. if Andy McDonald can come back from his injury and place up to or close to his capabilities that will be a nice boost for St. Louis, like adding a top 6 forward for nothing. Perron staying healthy and getting Steen back are the 2 other keys. And Chris Stewart showing up would be huge, he has been a big disappointment this season.
    The most attractive trade bait they have is Ben Bishop but I see that as a potential off season move ( man they are loaded in nets ! ) .
    But adding a non-roster player , Hitchcock, was the best move they have made by far.

  2. I still disagree about Bernier. He’s not a legitimate backup because he doesn’t have enough NHL experience. If Quick got injured, we don’t know what Bernier could or would do. Bernier has 42 NHL regular season games under his belt and 0 playoff games.

    Bernier is a high-caliber prospect at this point and deserves to be given a shot as a starter (something that won’t happen with the Kings). He cannot be considered a true backup because he hasn’t proven himself. If Quick got injured, Bernier might come in and struggle. He’s never been asked to play night after night.

    With all of that said, Lombardi has a pretty nice chip to trade. If I was Lombardi I wouldn’t trade Bernier at the deadline unless the right deal came along. If not, then I would definitely trade him at the draft.

  3. I see Doan choosing to play somewhere else if the Coyotes are re-located to, say, Quebec City. Given the past allegations against Doan (as questionable as they may be), I doubt the francophone hockey fans would embrace him as a team captain.
    Bernier is a big-time trading chip for Lombardi. The only problem is that he’s cost-controlled at a reasonable price point until his deal is up after next season. Poor timing for JB though, as Quick (who is due a huge raise on his $1.8M salary) has his contract expiring at the same time. I see Bernier being shopped at the Draft to a team like Tampa or Columbus who are both in need of a quality goaltender entering his prime years.
    @ fergy22 – Getting McDonald and Steen back would be a huge boost to St. Louis’ offense and make them a legitimate threat in the playoffs. If A-Mac could get healthy and start feeding Chris Stewart, that would make a dandy scoring line. Moving Ben Bishop for scoring insurance (in case one or both of McDonald/Steen aren’t able to return this year) would be the best suggestion for the Blues. He’s not going to get the faintest sniff with Halak & Elliott in front of him and if St. Louis can parlay him into a contributing NHL player, they really should.
    Is Colorado so short of viable trade assets that guys like David Jones and Shane O’Brien are garnering serious interest from other teams? I don’t see what a contender would possibly give up aside from a marginal prospect or late-round draft pick for either guy. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just don’t see any value there. Jones had a fairly strong season last year and looked like he was taking that next step, but has regressed this year. With Stastny and Duchene both missing significant time this year, Colorado doesn’t look very deep up front. Maybe it’s time to investigate the possible returns on a guy like Hejduk?
    Chicago’s defense isn’t that great beyond Keith & Seabrook, but it looks like there are so few trade options out there that they may just have to look at getting more scoring help to win the 6-5 games instead of losing them. Despite his claims that he’s not looking for goaltending, I think Stan Bowman might have to look at bringing in a Harding, Bernier or Schneider (think of the Nucks rivalry if THAT happened!) to solidify the net situation.

  4. If Nash or carter is truly available I could see Berniers name coming up as a possible name going the other way as he might solve Columbus’s goalie situation and might ease the loss of either one of the two star forwards

  5. Jonathan Bernier is the Next Carey Price of Montreal same size same style , same pick…..Knowing the Kings luck every player the kings had in the system than trade always blows up with a new team …So i see Bernier becoming a star i just hope the kings dont trade him for a bag of pucks, Like they did with Moulson and Boyle and get someone like maybe Ryan Johansen,Brett Connolly or even Jordan Eberle I wish !

  6. Considering how little Bernier plays and how badly the Kings’ offense is struggling to score goals, as the Lombardi’s best trade chip I think he’s too valuable to just be an insurance policy for Quick. Obviously it’s my opinion but I would be inclined to trade him for that elusive top 6 scorer as the Kings don’t suffer for GAA, but are seriously struggling on the front end.

  7. Anyone get the feeling that Van and LA might be holding on to their young goalies a little to long?

    If you could a top 6 scoring winger for Bernier or Schneider i think they should, I am sure you could package one of them with a draft pick and grab Praise from NJ or maybe even Nash.

  8. Van should hold on to Schneider because of Louongo’s struggles during the playoffs. LA should move Bernier now and pick up a veteran back up in case Quick does go down. They would definately be able to pick up a top 6 guy for him. Chicago badly needs defencemen. Hal gill would be a good fit to help with the penalty kill. If they are to pick up a forward…I would see what Doan would be worth. He would be a great pick up!

  9. Kings should and will (if the player in return is a young top 6 forward) Trade J.Bernier, Kings need a Foward for the playoffs not someone that sits on the bench ….Even if Quick goes down (knock on wood) the kings have a great set of goailes in the minors that are ready Jeff Zatkoff, Martin Jones,and Jean-Francois Berube, remember the kings drafted really strong in the first two rounds with defenseman and goalies when they were on rebuild mode few years ago so they have very good prospects that will be in the lineup next season , they dont have forwards and thats what they need, Also the kings will clear a lot of space for next season to sign a top 6 forward like Praise….
    and Gagne looks like his career is over ….
    all those players wont be back and save the Kings over 14 15 million to sign better players !

  10. If Lombardi thinks Bernier is that good ( and he may be) he will wait until Summer and trade Quick.
    He will get more for Quick, no matter how good you think Bernier is, he is still unproven and LA knows
    more about him than anyone else.

  11. @ alforducks

    If Lombardi traded Quick, Staples Center would be in flames. Quick is on track to be a Vezina finalist and likely the best goalie in franchise history (yes, even better than Vachon). It would be a massive mistake to trade Quick. Having watched Kings’ games, it seems like the Kings play better in front of Quick. Bernier is expendable at this point and I hope he goes on to become a Hall of Fame goalie. Unfortunately, it’s just not going to happen on the Kings.

    P.S. If anybody from Homeland Security is reading this, the Staples Center in flames line was a metaphor. Please don’t send me to Guantanamo Bay.

  12. I think Doan’s unwillingness to accept a trade has more to do with living in the Phoenix area where his ranch is, than leaving the team itself. He has made it perfectly clear for years that he will continue to stay in the Phoenix area no matter what, and I think he would retire rather than moving if the team is relocated.

    I would love to see the Oilers make a move for Bishop, he definitely fits with the franchise and for the cost (trade bait and financial). I think Khabby is gone by the deadline. With Nabokov probably not moving, there are teams looking at him.

    Bernier and Schneider are probably off-season moves if they move at all. If they go, I see it at the draft, where they may draw more in return than the deadline.

  13. @ alforducks,
    bernier might have i higher ceiling than quick but he is unproven and quick is the first goalie to stabilize the king’s crease since kelly hrudey. lombardi simply can’t gamble on bernier reaching his potential, he has to keep the kings strong by keeping quick even if that means getting less return and giving up on the possibly better goaltender.

    this might be a first but i agree with pretty much everything lakings88, i’m kinda shocked, except that the kings should try to sign parise rather than this “Praise” player that i know nothing about. 😛

    if quick goes down with an injury the kings will be screwed but you could say the same thing for lundqvist, fleury, howard, price, broduer, or anderson went down. sure they have veteran back-ups (who are back ups for a reason) but if lombardi trades bernier he would surely pick up a veteran just in case either in the deal or a separate one. and zatkoff isn a nice option too.

  14. Quick is one of my favorite netminders. I believe Bernier should certainly be moved to pick up some forward help. The Kings are deep in net, deep on defense and with the salary coming off the books if they can pick up a top 6 guy and make a key signing or two then they can be set for years to come.