NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – November 18, 2011.

The latest on Ryan Suter’s contract talks, the Kings and Devils are reportedly talking trade, the Oilers are getting thin on the blueline, and the latest on the Lightning and Blackhawks.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper recently reported Ryan Suter’s agent met earlier this week with Nashville Predators GM David Poile to discuss a new contract for the defenseman, who is eligible for UFA status this summer. Agent Neil Sheehy said there’s no timetable for a deal to be done, but described contract negotiations so far as “healthy”, believing the Predators are making every effort to re-sign Suter, who wants to remain with the Predators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt the Preds will make every effort to re-sign Suter, and probably will, but it’s not going to be cheap.

Could the Kings listen to offers for Brown?

THE FOURTH PERIOD: recently reported of rumored trade talks between the LA Kings and New Jersey Devils, with both teams dispatching scouts to watch the other club. The Devils are believed to have interest in goaltender Jonathan Bernier, but sources say the Kings aren’t moving Bernier. Kings forward Dustin Penner is believed available but a deal to the Devils is unlikely. It’s also rumored the Kings may be willing to entertain offers for forward Dustin Brown and defenseman Jack Johnson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t buy the notion the Kings could “entertain offers” for Brown, their captain, or Johnson. The Kings are currently third overall in the Western Conference, and have won four of their last five games. They’ve no need to move either guy at this stage.

EDMONTON JOURNAL’s Jim Matheson reported via Twitter the Oilers defence corps is getting thin, with Ryan Whitney, Cam Barker, Andy Sutton and Corey Potter sidelined.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch wondered if the Oilers might have interest in Senators defensemen Filip Kuba or Brian Lee.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: At this point, I’m guessing, “no”, though if it came to it, the Oilers would probably prefer the younger, affordable Lee. I think if they do hit the trade market, they’ll look for something better than Kuba or Lee.

TAMPA TRIBUNE’s Erik Erlendssen recently responded via Twitter to a reader asking if the Lightning might have interest in Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Cody Franson, saying the Bolts might have some interest, but not enough to make a move.

NHL.COM’s Brian Hedger reported via Twitter he was told by an “insider” a few weeks ago the Chicago Blackhawks signed Ray Emery was for trade value, wondering if the Leafs might be interested in Emery.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Emery would certainly be a better option for the Leafs than what’s currently available, but are the Blackhawks really willing to move him at this point? We’ll find out soon enough.


  1. I’ll post it here too. D’Amigo and a 2nd or 3rd rounder for Emery. Too much? Too little?

  2. And if Brown is available, there will be lots of teams interested. Kid plays with heart and hits like a mac truck.

  3. Do the avs have to do something to stop the bleeding?

  4. Maybe the Oilers could grab Allen out of Carolina for Gagner or Omark? I hope the Oil stay very very very far away from Kuba or Lee, I’d rather see Chorney get that ice time.

  5. True the Kings have been playing better of late but scoring, especially 5 on 5, is still a real concern. However, other than that everlasting Parise-to-the-Kings rumor I don’t see how a deal with the Devils improves their scoring. And I certainly don’t see how trading Brown or Johnson helps either. That being said I think Bernier is available for the right deal, and will be moved by next fall. And there’s a burgeoning battle between two very good offensive defensemen with Martinez and Voynov. One of them may have to be moved.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lombardi make a deal before the Christmas freeze even if the Kings continue to play well, unless their scoring really improves.

  6. Dustin Brown and J Johnson? Sign me up!

  7. go kings

  8. I’d love Emery with the Buds. He would be a very solid fit I think and would be great to split games with Reimer.

    @DurtMCHurt I am not sure D’Amigo + 2nd or 3rd is the way to go though, only cause I don’t think the Hawks would have great interest in him and I think they need defensive depth more then forward. I’d try and see the possibility of manufacturing a trade (maybe bigger) around Aulie.

    I am really hoping Burke keeps Franson and resigns Liles. A future with Phanuef, Gunnarsson, Schenn, Gardiner, Percy, Liles, and Franson sounds more then solid to me. But Emery in now would be something I’d love to see.

  9. Nobody wants Penner, period. Everyone would want Johnson, and many would want Brown.
    Leafs should ride out what they have.
    Nobody wants Senators’ defenceman.
    The Oil need help badly on defence, but they would be foolish to trade Gagner or Omark to get help, unless that player is young and signed/locked up.

  10. JJB, if Aulie was thrown in, I’d only be cool about it if Bickel was coming back. But I hear ya. Maybe we could throw Mikus or Gysbers at em.

  11. @Durt, they’re not going to deal Bickell to pick up some guy from the minors. They (Hawks), are going to want a guy to add physicality now. They’ve got a few guys in the minors who can bring it, but are a year or two away. I’m not saying Bickell won’t go, but they’re going to want to add to the NHL team, not the AHL one.

  12. Hoog, I hear what your saying, but I never meant Aulie for Bickel straight up. Me and JJB were just discussing a package deal. If Aulie where to ever be traded (not likely IMO) I’d want something good coming back. That’s all I was saying.
    Anyway just because Aulie plays in the A doesn’t mean he should be there. Most teams he would be in atleast the bottom pairing. The Leafs are just radiculously deep on defence right now.

  13. if brown and johnson are both available, hopefully la recent trade partners the flyers will scoop them up. either would look great in a flyers uni, especially johnson. they already play like flyers the might as well cut the formalities and get it done.

  14. Lee could be had for a song. I’ve watched him play just about every game he’s played in a Sens uniform and h’s underrated when people say he’s not worth much. I get that he shouldn’t have been drafted in the top 10. I think he could help a team in need of a d-man.

  15. why not Franson for Omark straight up?

  16. @motocitysmitty

    Last thing the Leafs need is another small, soft forward. If the Leafs turned down a 2nd round pick + a player for Franson then why would they accept Omark? The Leafs need size and grit up front, not a soft 24 year old European who still hasn’t established himself as a full time NHL player.

  17. This is where GM’s really seperate them selves from the wannabee’s Tamby better get on the phone and show he can trade with the best of them. Lots of teams are looking for forwards, especially young ones. The oliers have them in spades, if you need to put 2 or 3 of them topgether to get a stud at the back then make the deal. Clearly their weekness in the back is now reaching the forwards. If Tamby just walks arround smilling like he usually does the season is done. Look anyone can pick a good player when you finnish last, Being a good GM is a bit more than that though.

  18. Mark Fraser for nothing to Oilers…