NHL Trade & Free Agent Rumors – November 21, 2011.

Could New Jersey Devils captain Zach Parise test this summer’s UFA market? Could the Senators trade a defenseman? Antoine Vermette to the Hurricanes?  Islanders seeking a center? Read on for the latest.



Could Zach Parise leave the Devils to pursue a Stanley Cup ring?

NJ.COM: Rich Chere reports Devils captain Zach Parise, who is eligible for UFA status this summer, wants to win a Stanley Cup, and will have to decide if he can win it with the Devils. Chere writes, “Although the Devils say they’d like to sign (Parise) to a long-term deal, it is likely he will test the market.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This will likely provide further fodder for the rumormongers claiming the Devils will trade Parise, but we shouldn’t be too hasty about this. Parise has repeatedly said he’d prefer to remain with the Devils. Both sides avoided arbitration last summer by agreeing to a one-year contract, allowing them more time to negotiate a new contract. If Parise were to “test” the market, that doesn’t automatically mean he’ll sign with another team, but rather could allow the Devils to match the best offer. Yes, it’s possible he could be dealt if the Devils are unable to re-sign him, but I wouldn’t leap to the conclusion it’s an inevitability.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Bryan Murray isn’t planning to make any trades at this time with his team in the thick of the playoff race, but has depth on defense he could use if the need arises later in the season to address needs elsewhere on the roster.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reported “there’s talk” of the Columbus Blue Jackets shipping winger Antoine Vermette to the Carolina Hurricanes for defenseman Bryan Allen…Blue Jackets center Derick Brassard is a healthy scratch and available but his $3.25 million per season cap hit makes him too expensive…The NY Islanders are said to be seeking a second line center and could shop winger Kyle Okposo…Matheson wondered what the Oilers could get from the Blackhawks if the latter were interested in Sam Gagner to play second line center with Patrick Kane…The Hurricanes are shopping defenseman Tomas Kaberle, but his $4 million per season salary isn’t attracting interest…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vermette does have some trade value, but he also has a cap hit of $3.75 million per season. Not sure if the budget-conscious Hurricanes would have interest in that…Brassard seems untradeable at this time…Not sure if the Isles would shop Okposo, but he’s definitely slumping big time this season, and the struggling Isles need to shake things up…Dunno why the Blackhawks would want Gagner as a second line center, when Kane is playing so well (14 points in his last 11 games) in that role…Good luck moving Kaberle, whose stock has fallen off significantly over the past year.


  1. would it not be a surprised to see a “bad-contract for bad-contract” swap between the canes and blue jackets?

  2. Parise, your always welcome in T.O. Lol!

  3. I think the Devils will try to keep Parise and give in to what he wants. It would be crazy on their part to sign Ilya to big bucks and let their own player go. Then again, Lou has a history of letting his key players go.

    Parise can test the market and not have an issue. I think Colorado will be the one signing in July if Parise is unsigned by July 1.

    As for the Blue Jackets. What will Allen do to make that team better? He will improve the defense, but not the goaltending.

  4. @ Micki:
    seems like a lot of RFA’s ad UFA’s… most of which are young and COL will want to keep

    Parise would be crazy not to test the markets this summer. I like the Devils, but they probably made one of the worst signing since DiPietro’s thru-2021 contract… They are losing a ton of cap next year… mind you they still have to sign two goalies, 3 defensemen and have 9 forwards signed for next year… will be a tight squeeze for Parise there, and I’m sure a lot of teams will be offering him contracts the Devils cannot afford.

  5. Mio,

    The Avs will still have tons of cap space. Hejduk will get either the same, less, or possibly retire. David Jones is not a huge loss if they let him go, especially if Parise signs with them.

    Mueller will not be re-signed.

    McClemment is overpaid for his role, so I think he is gone after this season.

    Winnik will be kept, but not a huge raise either.

    Porter is having a bad season, I doubt he stays.

    Yip, easy to keep.

    Lindstrom will probably go back to Europe.

    The core players will be kept and they will get long term contracts, like Duchesne, Quincey, and O’Reilly, but the Avs will still have a lot of cap space.

    I just see Parise fit with Colorado.

  6. One big reason Parise won’t sign with Colorado – he wants to win a Cup.

  7. What! Carolina wants to trade Tomas Piece of Krap-erle!!! Too funny!

    What’s really shocking is that ownership gave Rutherford an extension over the summer. He might have done the worst job of any GM during the off-season.

    Meanwhile, after a very slow start, Joe Corvo is playing great for Boston.

  8. Parise testing the UFA market this summer is a given. If its a Cup he wants, if won’t be with Jersey or Toronto in the immediate future either unless of course Burke can dazzle him with BS and we all know he’s pretty good at that.

    Kaberle has been there 2 months and already he’s worn out his welcome. Too funny really that nobody saw the writing on the wall while he was in Boston so Carolina signs him for 3 years and apparently stuck with him too. Probably got a NMC too.. Looks good on you

  9. lighten up ya wingnuts! how many of you smart fellers played in the NHL. You mostly talk crap!

  10. When Matt Carkner is back the Sens will have 8 healthy defensemen. Something has to give… someone is going to be traded…. They will probably try Lee & Kuba… both have been playing decent hockey for the most part… and they won’t get a lot for either… but Rundblad has to get back into the lineup.

  11. Okposo has been a heathy scratch for like 3 games in a row, that sounds like more than just a wake-up call. I imagine he’ll be off the island by Christmas. it’s a shame, i think he could be a quality player in NYI’s young core but it just doesn’t seem to be working out for him.

    I don’t see how New Jersey could match the best offer made to Parise this summer and still ice a competitive team under the salary cap, let alone a championship team. if being on a contender is in fact Parise’s first priority he will have to join a new team whether he wants to or not.

  12. Another option for the Sens is to send David Rundblad to the AHL for a while. He’s been sitting out as Brian Lee continues to play well and Binghamton could use him (their coach recently described the atmosphere in the often losing dressing room as ‘no place for young players’).

    The Sens may get desperate for a second line centre as Peter Regin is still far off and although he has some talent young Stephane Da Costa is struggling in the second line role (was benched for a period last night, went 0/3 on faceoffs and is about 33% on draws for the season).

  13. Carolina’s GM should be fired for giving Kaberle that contract.
    New Jersey better trade Parise before they lose him for nothing
    like Dallas losing Richards last year.
    Why keep a player who is going to leave when you could get a nice package
    of picks and prospects for them.

  14. trade Beriner & Martinez from LA to NJ for Parise

  15. Sandy and Da lil guy, I believe that Rundblad gets sent to Bingo short term, which would help him to adjust to the N.A. game, and Kuba get’s moved at the trade deadline if not sooner. By nature of the position there’s a strong chance of injuries on defence so Rundblad will likely be re-called before too long. Why is it that Lee’s name keeps being mentioned? He’s playing well when he gets the chance, isn’t expensive and is still young. I like Carkner for his toughness but I see him being moved before Lee due to his age and the fact the team already has lot’s of ‘grit’ (Konopka, Neil, Smith, Cowan etc.), if it comes to that.

  16. Put Carkner on 4th line wing. Same way Phillips started out.

  17. Told you long time ago Parise will end up in Boston. Savard is done and once his contract comes off the books they will have the room. Only thing is I think they should spend the money on Weber.

  18. Something to think about, Parise is from Minnesota, his finacee is from Minnesota and the Wild should have a lot of money to offer him next summer. My guess is that if he doesn’t re-sign with the Devils, he’ll be with the Wild next season.