NHL Trade Rumor News – May 5, 2012.

More speculation on the Penguins, Senators, and Canucks. Enjoy!

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Eric Duhatschek examines the recent spate of rumors suggesting Pittsburgh Penguins center Jordan Staal might be on the trade block, as well as suggesting the Penguins have to determine Sidney Crosby’s plans going forward, and where he fits into the team’s future plans. Duhatschek also pointed out GM Ray Shero’s comments regarding the uncertainty over what could be contained in the next CBA. Ultimately, he believes Staal, Crosby and Evgeni Malkin will remain in Penguins colours next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sure, the thought of Crosby, Malkin or Staal on the trade block this summer would make for sexy headlines, as well as provide a welcome distraction from the potential bummer of depressing CBA negotiations, but the reality is Shero isn’t facing any pressure this summer to move any of those players, and he may have no intention of doing so. If the salary cap doesn’t decline for the first three seasons under the new CBA (it’s expected to rise to as high as $69 million for next season), Shero could easily afford to re-sign the trio.

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan recently looked at potential options for the Senators to pursue in the off-season, citing former Senators forward and pending Bruins UFA Chris Kelly or Islanders winger P.A. Parenteau for their forward lines. If they are forced to cut Filip Kuba loose, Brennan listed potential free agent defense options like Florida’s Jason Garrison, St. Louis’ Barrett Jackman, or Carolina’s Bryan Allen. If they opt not to re-sign Matt Carkner, Colorado’s Shane O’Brien could be a good replacement.

Should the Senators trade Anderson?

Brennan also believes the Senators should shop goaltender Craig Anderson, as his trade value after his performance this season will never be higher. Brennan feels it would be worth the risk of promoting little-used goalies Robin Lehner and Ben Bishop, while Anderson in a package deal “could answer the need for both a proven, point-producing forward and a defensive defenceman”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And unicorns! Don’t forget unicorns for everyone! OK, I kid Brennan, but only because I don’t believe GM Bryan Murray will consider that option. He’s committed to Anderson, who proved himself as their starter this season, especially in their entertaining, hard-fought first round series against the NY Rangers.  Lehner and Bishop, while certainly promising, aren’t ready for prime time yet. One or the other will earn themselves the backup job to Anderson next fall, with the odd man out either playing on the farm, or being packaged in a trade. Brennan’s list of potential UFA targets are more sensible, and there’s a chance they could woo back Kelly, though I expect the Bruins will work hard to re-sign him. 

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Tony Gallagher recently wrote the Canucks won’t have sufficient cap space to get into the bidding for top UFAs like Zach Parise or Ryan Suter, even if they do clear Roberto Luongo’s $5.33 million per season cap hit from their books via trade. Gallagher does, however, suggest the Canucks could have a chance in landing Nashville’s Shea Weber via trade if the Predators decide to move him this summer, pointing out “at least has a few young, cap-friendly defencemen who might interest the Preds should it come to a trade.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gallagher also points out Weber probably wouldn’t be available if the Predators lose Suter to free agency. If Weber did become available, however, I doubt the Canucks could afford him, since he’d be carrying a contract worth at least as much per season as the $7.5 million he’s earning this season.


  1. Don Brennan is a bigger idiot than even Garrioch the Hut, if that is possible. I can’t believe he left out Suter and Parise.

    IMO, the biggest advance in the next CBA would be a restriction in the 2nd contracts. Also, they should close the loophole that these players are not eligible for arbitration. To summarize: rookie cap continues, add a 2nd contract cap, and arbitration for 2nd contracts.

  2. Spector, I think you are wrong about Shero not facing any pressure to move Staal. This summer his trade value is going to be at the highest and there is no guarantee that Staal wants to play third fiddle to Malkin and Crosby for another contract. At the deadline if they don’t fool him into not taking the next step in his career and resign him, they would be foolish to trade him then because they’ll be in another probable playoff push. Or lose him for nothing next summer.

  3. I’d love to see Kelly back in Ottawa, it was a shame they traded him but if he would come back that would provide a great player for younger guys to learn the defensive game from. Why would you trade a goalie that lead you to the playoffs on a team that was supposed to come bottom 5, that you signed to a 4 year contract the previous year to be the starter and a mentor, and most importantly when Lehner and Bishop aren’t ready for full NHL status? stupidity. After taking a step forward it’s not worth taking 2 steps back

  4. Shero has to look at how well Malkin played while Crosby was out and how his play dropped slightly when Crosby returned.

    Evgeni needs to be “The Man” to play at his best.

    Staal has shown clear 2nd line potential.

    The return for either Crosby or Malkin would be huge.

    Pens need to decide which one they want carrying the team and EXPLORE what the other could bring.

  5. Vancouver

    I think the Canucks need to employ a mini-depth rebuild! That team isn’t built for the playoffs, they need a gritty top 6 forward and some true defensive forward depth IMO. If they can move some cap, maybe this is possible.


    I think some people might underrate the Senators as a positive destination this summer. I’d love to see Kelly back with us as he was an important part of the team. But I also question if they will even attempt to make a big splash. Filatov, Stone, Silfverberg, Puempel, Da Costa, and Zibanegad are all going to get a hard look this summer. Clearly not all will make it if any, but it might be hard to over look them.

    Though if Murray can land P.A and Garrison that would be a huge plus to the Senators! I really do think that the Sens should possibly shop Lehner! Bishop is going to be amazing and can make a great duo with Anderson in the NHL! A lot of teams seem to be seeking goaltending and Lehner could get a good deal this summer.


    If they ever shop Malkin = Gone, Staal = Stay! Staal gets what he wants as a #2, Malking needs his own team fetches amazing package of players and draft picks that will keep Pitts great for years. I’d still love to see a deal at the draft of Malkin for 1st OA, Hemsky, Eager, Omark, Paajarvi!

    Yes its all a whole bunch of forwards when both teams need defense, but the Penguins adding Yakupov, Hemsky, and Eager this year and then shopping the other two for defensive help and using the cap space left would be a huge increase for the Pens and would keep them as a scary ass team. Yakupov-Crosby-Neal devastating #1 line!

  6. I don’t see Weber going to Canucks. Not because of the money, but I doubt the Preds would ever want to make a western conference powerhouse better.

  7. Trade Lehner? You must be crazy. He has had more success in his first season (2010-11) in the AHL than Bishop had in his 5. Sure he did not have the best season this year playing behind a very inexperienced team and dealing with his own injuries. Lehner is only 20 yrs old and won the Playoff MVP in the AHL when he was 19 yrs old — one of only 3 players to ever do that — Price and I believe Roy were the only other 2.. Kurt Kleinendorst said if it wasn’t for Lehner.. Binghamton would never have won the Calder Cup. You don’t trade that. He will be the better goaltender. Don’t get me wrong.. Bishop is good as well and will be a good goaltender in the future. Bishop has been with the Sens for about 4 months. Lehner has been a prospect for over 3 yrs… Think about it…

    As for signing Kelly.. Murray might just do that. After Alfie is gone whether now or one yr from now.. Kelly does provide another veteran presence. Murray said after trading Kelly that it was one of the hardest things he had to do.

  8. If the penguins do trade a center I gotta hope Shea webber is coming back.

  9. Lyle how come you haven’t dismissed the Crosby out of Pittsburgh rumors yet?

  10. Here is what I would love to see , main components only , although there would be others involved .

    To Columbus : Jason Spezza and …
    To Pittsburgh : Rick Nash
    To Ottawa : Evgeni Malkin

    Seems ridiculous , but would be good for all teams involved.

  11. @JJB – your trade proposal from the Oilers for Malkin is so absurd I wouldn’t even know where to begin. If you think any proposal from the Oilers wouldn’t include one of Hall or Eberle as a starting point you should also start hoping for one of Lyle’s unicorns to make an appearance.

    • Agreed, if a trade of Malkin does happen and the Oilers out bid everyone else I could see Hemskey, Hall or Eberle and Gagne going to Pitts and maybe they can throw in Paul Martin as a slary dump. Edmontons D is so bad that they can’t turn down a free Martin, especially if your getting Malkin.

      To Pitts: Hemskey, Hall/Eberle, Gagne (and a draft pick)
      To Oilers: Malkin, Martin

      This will allow the Oilers to draft Yakupov and have him play with his countryman Malkin and still have the Nuge and either Hall or Eberle, and you can throw in guys like Paarvi Jones and Omark to round out the top six. If your the Pens you get some depth wingers you desperatly need and free up some cap space to go out and sign a legit shut down D man (maybe Suter).

  12. A deal centered around Malkin and Weber would be interesting!

  13. Sorry folks, Geno is not going anywhere. He has the longest contract of the three and is healthy, playing the best hockey of his career – and possibly the best in the league. There just is no way Shero would trade him this summer. As for Staal – the price is not what any other team has – it is what Pittsburgh needs. Packaged with Martin – a solid Defenseman who can move the puck, a top six forward and a top notch prospect or high draft pick. Best scenario with that – Toronto for Schenn, MacArthur & Kadri. Salaries equal out – contracts equal out. Penguins get what they need.

  14. Please dont rule out a few dark horses for Stall A few teams could emerge to be players:

    The Pens: Stall and Martin will be packaged

    The Ducks: 1st Fowler and Ryan
    The Isles: 1st Okposo Baily De haan
    The Avs : 1st Ladeskog Johnson Downie
    The Cains: 1st (Swap) McBain Sutter Skinner
    The Leafs: 1st (Swap) Kadri Schenn Aston

    The leafs are far and away the team that would be willing to part with the most. BB wants a Physical Two Way Rsponsible Center and Stall Get “His” Team and a foward that could be with the franchise for years to come IE Sundin

  15. why would Pitt trade the top player in the league a second rate winger, mac arthur, a minor league center, kadri, and a number 6 defenseman,shenn?

  16. The Staal rumors have taken a step up in legitimacy since Pens beat reporter Josh Yohe stated he believes there’s a decent chance Staal gets traded to CAR this summer. And that Brandon Sutter would be a staple in whatever return the Pens would get.

    I still believe Shero’s adamant about his big 3 system, however. And that he won’t trade Staal as fix to the team (the offense is hardly the teams’ probelm), but only unless he cannot sign both him and Crosby under the new CBA.

    Crosby and Malkin aren’t going anywhere.(And anywhere, ever in Crosby’s case.)

  17. That Leafs trade is absurd and I would hang up if I was Shero. MacArthur a below average softie winger, Schenn (say all you want about potential it IS only potential), and Kadri who from the sounds of it alot of Leafs Fans think isnt gonna pan out, for Malkin who is a HOF center in his prime? no way…….Any trade involving the Leafs and Malkin is at least involving Kessel and just as a starting point i’d expect another player or two (not garbage) a some form of draft picks. Malkin is questionably the BEST playmaking Center in the world I dont mind the leafs at all but come on guys really?

  18. I’m hoping Ray Shero isn’t putting too much faith into favorable CBA negotiations and has begun devising contingency plans. NHL GMs are gentlemen in the truest sense of the word: they all say one thing, and think another. Ray Shero shows, publicly, his intentions of keeping Crosby, Malkin, and Staal. Hopefully, in his own mind, he’s thinking of life without one or more of them and what return he could get.


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