NHL Trade Rumors – December 16, 2011.

Options for the Flyers to replace Chris Pronger, the Maple Leafs could tweak their roster, the Oilers may need to shake things up, and the latest on the Avalanche.

Weber a trade option for Flyers?ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun and Scott Burnside examined the options available to the Philadelphia Flyers to replace Chris Pronger, who’s out for the season and playoffs to post-concussion syndrome. The Flyers could take a closer look at which defenseman are available by the February 27th trade deadline. If Nashville’s Shea Weber or Ryan Suter are available they’d be obvious targets, but the Predators want to re-sign them. Ottawa’s Sergei Gonchar could be another target, while the Carolina Hurricanes could shop UFAs-to-be Tim Gleason, Jaroslav Spacek and Bryan Allen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: They also noted the Flyers could get some cap relief by placing Pronger on LTIR, which would enable them to go over the cap ceiling to add another defenseman if required. If Pronger is forced to retire, however, his salary still counts against the Flyers cap, as he falls under the “over-35″ rule, but the Flyers could get around that by keeping him on LTIR. Don’t expect Weber or Suter to be wearing a Flyers uniform after February 27th, as the Preds won’t move either guy, especially if they’re still in the playoff chase. The Senators would love to dump Gonchar’s salary, but it remains to be seen if the Flyers would want to take him on, especially when they’ve also got to re-sign Matt Carle or lose him to free agency next summer. Gleason and Allen could be more affordable, short-term options. For now, Flyers GM Paul Holmgren won’t panic, as his team is still playing well, but he could take a good look at what’s available come mid-February in the trade market.

TORONTO STAR: Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke isn’t planning a major overhaul of his roster this season, but instead some “fine-tuning”. Burke also doesn’t intend to give up on his struggling players like Clarke MacArthur, Mikhail Grabovski and Nikolai Kulemin. Areas of concern for his roster include their penalty kill, lack of second line scoring depth and size at forward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ignore the silly rumors of Burke landing Rick Nash from Columbus or Eric Staal from Carolina. I don’t doubt Burke could make a move or two, perhaps even one which raises an eyebrow, but I can’t see him landing Nash or Staal, as both teams have denied those players are available.

EDMONTON JOURNAL’s Jim Matheson took to Twitter to suggest the Oilers management needs to shake things up following the holiday trade freeze, as the Oilers are currently only two points ahead of where they were at this time a year ago.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Expect Ales Hemsky and Sam Gagner to remain in the rumor mill heading into the New Year.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater responded to a reader’s email asking which players the Avalanche could move which would land a first round pick. He feels Paul Stastny certainly would land one, but wonders if the Avs should give up on him, and how difficult it would be to move his contract. He also feels David Jones, despite his current slump, might land one.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stastny’s name keeps popping up in trade rumors (he’s often linked to the Maple Leafs), but I’m not fully convinced the Avs are ready to move him.


  1. Lyle, re. TO Star story: killjoy!

  2. As far as I know, Pronger is already on LTIR.
    Pronger might not be the fastest skater but he’s a force on the ice and in the locker room. Pronger eats big minutes….we’re talking 25 a game. So far they’ve been doing it without him however this extra taxing on guys is going to wear them down as the season progresses. They don’t need an overpaid defensemen, they don’t need a goal scoring defensemen, they just need a steady-as-she-goes type defensemen who can help quarterback the PP and chew some minutes. They don’t need a guy to try to fill the void of Pronger, nobody can do that besides Pronger himself. I hate to say it but his career is now in limbo, he’s 37 and suffering from ‘severe’ post concussion symptoms. I think Philly would be stupid to go after Gonchar, that doesn’t even make sense to me, he’s overpaid and ever since he left Pittsburgh, he’s had a hard time, not to mention, he ain’t getting any younger either. Spacek….I hope not. The Weber or Suter rumours are interesting but Philly might have to wait until July to make a move on that one and who knows, maybe Pronger heals and makes a come back next year…that being said makes Philly not wanting to go after a defensemen making big money with years left on a contract. I seriously think that Philly could pry either Weber or Suter from Nashville but it’s gonna come at a steep steep price, one that I don’t think Homer will pay, especially since his “different team” is playing so well. I don’t know what they’re gonna do but they need to do something, as Lavy said last night, “there’s nobody else in the organization that chew big minutes like Pronger does”….if that’s not an invitation for a trade…..

  3. If the Preds ever entertained the thought of moving Weber or Suter, Philly seems Luke a logical destination. The Flyers have an abundance of prospects, and excellent forward depth which could benefit Nashville. Plus they are in opposite conferences and will only have to see each other twice a year.
    The only Leafs I see being moved this year are Liles and/or Lombardi. Liles is a good guy to have but the emergence of Gardiner makes him expendable. With everyone healthy, Franson, Aulie are out and that still gives us 7 D. Lombardi has been less effective with a diminished role. He hasn’t been able to crack the top six. I think he’s a very effective second line center on some teams, so maybe another GM takes a chance. I think with more minutes you will see him get 50 points a year. Other then that the Leafs should stand pat. We have a good young core, I don’t think we need a superstar to be a threat anymore. We’re finally a good team.

  4. Have to disagree with Liles going anywhere this year and wouldn’t be surprised if Burke re-signs him before the season is done. He’s been their most consistent defenceman all year and hasn’t been the soft defenceman that he was advertised to be. Toronto’s two oldest players are Connolly and Liles, both 30. If anything, Burke will be looking to add a veteran at some point, not trade one of the only ones he already has. And what would the return for Liles be? Burke only had to give up a 2nd for him. How many years will it take for that pick to be anything of value, if the player develops at all?

  5. MC totally agree Liles isn’t going anywhere, if anything they should keep him around for a couple more years until Gardner matures, look at what happened to schenn his second year, keep Liles. As for any other moves, I hope Burke doesn’t make any. Leafs don’t need anymore 3rd line guys and they do have a decent top 6 when everyone is healthy. Unless they can get a legitimate top 3 forward (preferably a centre). Just get rid of dupuis when Lombardi comes back.

  6. I still think the leafs need a big (sundin-like) first line centre… doesnt have to be as good just a guy that is someone who can be expected to play first line… Maybe if were lucky Colborne fits the bill in a few years but if we want an actual shot at going anywhere in playoffs (if we make it) were gonna need that guy… i would not be opposed to doing the phil kessel type deal for this player… It would sting a lot less than when the kessel deal was made because at that point the team had no prospects, no depth, no anything where as now were not bursting but the hit the propsect pool would take wouldnt be as bad

  7. MC and Jrd18, then what do you do? If you keep Liles (which I agree on him being a good defenceman. Always aggressive, not soft, good veteran leadership) guys like Aulie, Franson, Blacker aren’t going to have a shot at cracking the roster. I only said I could see him moved because he would have pretty good trade value (more then the low 2nd we paid) and we could use the room on the blue line. Would you guys move another D (keep in mind Komi is injured, doesn’t have a ton of trade value, and Burke seems really high up on him) or stay stat quo?

  8. P.s TSN is reporting lots of chatter regarding Turris today. Ottawa still involved, Leafs, Vancouver and Florida probably out. Could happen today folks!

  9. in case anyone is interested Turris is gonna get dealt today

    Oh boy. Forward Kyle Turris may have a new NHL home before tomorrow.

    TSN’s Darren Dreger:

    “Things are heating up on the Kyle Turris trade front. Sources indicate a deal could come down today.”

    According to ESPN.com’s Pierre LeBrun, the Phoenix Coyotes and Ottawa Senators reportedly spoke this week. However, LeBrun doesn’t get the sense that Ottawa is the frontrunner.

    Dreger also reports the Calgary Flames and Winnipeg Jets are out of the “hunt”.

  10. p.s. it also said leafs are on trade freeze and are out of it so my toronto friends it’s not gonna be kadri and komisarek lombardi and gunnerson as you all wish hahahah

  11. IF the Sens do move Gonchar — they would have to take salary back to stay above the cap floor. Any team taking him will also need to have the room next season as he has one more year after this one. He also has a NTC.
    As for Gonchar to the Flyers he definitely does not have the defensive skills of Pronger.. but offensively he would make their PP pretty potent. The Sens PP has suffered greatly without both Kuba & Gonchar (Can’t believe I just wrote that).
    I just don’t see any team right now taking on Gonchar’s contract considering it may handicap them with the new CBA coming.

  12. Flyers have no reason to make any huge moves this off-season. They will pick up depth for the playoffs, but not a big name.

    Toronto is still looking pretty good to make the playoffs, I think. They are having a pretty good season. Obviously they were running higher with a healthier Reimer. Maybe a swap-like trade will be in the midst in mid January.

    What more can Oilers management do? They are a team full of rookies. They rushed these youngsters for the past three years or so. It may feel like they have been there for a while, but they are still in their early 20s, or teenagers. Maybe improving the defense with more vets will help, but for a forward? Not much that the Oilers can do. Maybe they can try to land a veteran with Hemsky going the other way to address the issue of having a veteran forward that can actually play close to a full season. Hemsky simply is too much of a risk for the Oilers at this point. But, I expect the Oilers to go after draft picks and youth with Hemsky.

    Colorado’s management lost its credibility when trading Stewart and Shattenkirk for Eric Johnson, who has been very unimpressive. It seems like that they (management) have no idea on how to build an identity for this team. They may not even be able to build around the right guys, in this case Stastny. The guy is making huge bucks. The Avs are not going anywhere this season. It wouldn’t surprise me if they trade Paul.

  13. I def think we keep Liles if he resigns the same contract for one or two years, we need a veteran presence and Komi isn’t going to be inserted back into the line up with the way Franson is playing. He is tied for 1st in goals amount defenseman for our team with nearly HALF the games and has the same amount of points as Gardiner with again nearly half the games. People seem to forget that Franson is a big bodied guy as well and last year was a top 4 defenseman on the best defensive league in the team and is rounding back into form.

    Also Aulie is playing like absolute junk and I am not nearly as high on Gunnarson as I once was. I think the future of the Leafs blueline is Phaneuf, Schenn, Gardiner, Franson, Percy … defenseman like Gunnarson, Aulie, Holzer, Blacker I think could be shopped at some point and maybe this season if it could help bring a big bodied forward. I’d be more then happy to ship Gunnarson at the deadline to bring in a big bodied forward and keep

    Phaneuf – Gardiner
    Schenn – Liles
    Komisarek – Franson

    As our D-Corps going forward. Gunnarsson, Kadri, + could bring in a decent return on the trade market this year. But ya never know and I am glad to hear we are not near the Turris stuff! TO doesn’t need him.

  14. stastny linked to the leafs, just like every other player lol.

  15. Oilers have to make a move. The Oilers are still not a playoff team, Tambi has to see this soon. Even with Potter back the Oilers defense is awful. The back end doesn’t have one piece I would build around. The team needs to trade for some size up front (top 6) and a young puckmoving D man. With no changes to the Oilers, by deadline time the team will be sellers again. Hemsky will be best trade chip for a young defenseman. Hope the right deal comes along soon!

  16. Durt, with Toronto it seems like there is always a d-man hurt so having an extra isnt a bad thing. Saying that though I don’t agree with having a young guy like Aulie sitting around in the press box like he is now, look at how long it has taken franson to adjust to that. I just dont think you should be putting all that pressure on Gardner if you can keep Liles for a couple years. Now if you have to move someone I would move gunnerson, I think Aulie could replace him and do a better job. I’m not to familiar with blacker and holzner as I haven’t been paying as much attention to the marlies as I probably should.

  17. This is where the Kings should in move in for a trade with colorado
    KIngs get:
    Paul Stastny & David Jones
    Colorado gets:
    Jarret Stoll
    Justin Williams
    Andrei Loktionov
    3rd Round Draft pick

  18. @ ALL,

    I have not really seen him play, is Turris worth alll the chatter he is getting?

    Regarding Aulie, I get killed every time I say it, but I think he actually plays better with the Leafs than with the Marlies, and I think he is just as good a partner with Phaneuf as Gunnarsson. I have said for a long time I think Gunnarsson is going to be the one if a defenseman gets traded. Leafs have tougher D, Phaneuf, Komisarek, Franson, and as many offense minded D, Liles, Gardiner, so I think he has the most trade value, and we can compensate for his loss.

    I cannot understand the dumping on Dupuis, I think he has been pretty effective. Sometimes not being noticed is a good thing, he quietly does his job. Think of Sjostrom in his first season with us, very effective but not a standout.

    I agree with Durt, Lombardi is probably the most expendable centre to move if something good comes up, as he cost little or nothing and still has a bit of value left in him for a team needing a centre who can rotate up and down the lines if needed.

  19. count me in for Liles must stay,he has been great this year and has lots of years left in him.
    i too have been a gunnarson is the guy to go voter and aulie is better.
    once aulie settled in last year he was very good,hitting/blocking,clearing and will throw em if needed.
    even on offence gunnar has not been much better.

    hey habso,lots of players get linked to the leafs,they will trade and actually have players other teams want,unlike the habs that have price and nothing else.
    the only thing hab fans have to look forward to in april is one word ……………………………fore!

  20. so if Turris is going to Ottawa, who do you think will be going the other way?

  21. “Stastny’s name keeps popping up in trade rumors (he’s often linked to the Maple Leafs), ”

    Is there a player rumored to be on the trade block that isn’t linked to the Leafs?

  22. I have a financial trade for the ownership in Philly. If Pronger really is done for good and you still owe him 5 1/2 more years at $5.0M /year on his contract then we Leafs will take that contract off your hands put him on LTIR (which won’t affect our cap) eat the $27.5M owed on the rest of his salary but you have to give us Van Riemsdyk for free to do it… Now we probably have to give you a player back in return ie NHL rules so we will ship you Lombardi. lol

  23. AceNewton, if it happens at all likely a prospect and/or draft picks. I don’t know that much about Phoenix other than their ongoing financial issues and the likelyhood that they will be moved sooner than later if they can’t resolve their ownership issues. Under these circumstances I can’t see them wanting to take on a lot of salary if a trade is made.
    Any posters able to suggest what types of player(s) are needed by the Coyote’s?

  24. Wow, all this dumping on Gunnarsson as opposed to a month ago when everyone was ready to cast his name and Phaneuf’s for the all star ballet. Why does Phaneuf get off scott free on all this dump and trade Gunnerson chatter? They are partners, and I see Phaneuf making just as many errors as Gunnarsson sometimes more. Leave the D alone the issue is team defence not dumping on a quality guy like Gunnarson. Wilson’s system and the brutal way he has them handling the pk is the problem, not Gunnarson play.

  25. @firewilson
    I don’t think anyone is dumping on gunnerson I’ll I have said is if I were to trade a d man it wouldn’t be Liles, and I’d pick gunnerson. I see his limit of play as reached and the play of the other d-men as young and unreached and possibly better. All of this talk is minus komisarek of course who is probably untradable.

  26. @Jrd19

    Gotcha. I just think Gunnar is a much better player then he is showing right now. I think he can be a top 4 guy for the rest of his carrear in the right system. You saw it last year when he and Scheen took over at the end of the year as the top two Dmen logging the most minutes of any pairing. For some reason he and Phaneuf have lost their gel and I personally think Phaneuf is over rated. Don’t get me wrong he is a decent defenceman that helps the Leafs defence core I just don’t think he is as good as they make him out to be. Anyways this is a trading forum so enough about whats wrong with the Leafs.

    I can’t see Burke making any big moves unless we go in the tank. To trade away all that youth he has accumulated seems like a step backwards.

    Turris is turning into this years version of the Kaberle spectacle…

  27. @ FireWilson,

    Like JRD I am not dumping on Gunnarsson. I like him, always have. I just think he is the most “movable” D man when you consider his salary, term, ability and trade value to other teams. Regardless of what people think of the rest of the D, they either cannot be moved easily for whatever reason, or are “untouchables” in the mind of Toronto management. I would like to keep all of them. Even Komisarek was starting to show some promise before he got injured. Like it or not this area is where Leafs have some “ready to play” depth, and may have to tap into it to get something done if they want to enhance the top 3-6. I am not saying they need to, but I am not the GM!

  28. Lyle, what do you think is going on with Bill Watters and Jim Rutherford?
    From listening to Watters interview Rutherford on 640 over the years, I understand they grew up together in Orillia, they both have summer homes up there, they socialize and their wives are friends. Why would Bill put Jim in a position to have to put out a fire pertaining to his star player? If we can assume they have not had a falling out, could there be more to this? Or is Watters desperatly trying to become relevant in the hockey media world because he was ousted so unceremoniously? Kinda strange to try and accomplish that at your friends expense.

    • Rutherford said he wasn’t moving Staal and Ward. As far as I’m concerned, that’s all we need to know. Not sure where Watters was getting his info regarding his “Staal to Toronto” rumor, but I doubt it came from Rutherford.

  29. expect a big trade with jesse blacker and kadri involved