NHL Trade Rumors – December 21, 2011.

The latest on the Buffalo Sabres and Edmonton Oilers.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson suspects the Oilers, who need a Kris Letang-type defenseman, will try to get a blueliner when they shop Ales Hemsky near the trade deadline, adding he wouldn’t be surprised if the Oilers were eyeing LA Kings defenseman Slava Voynov…He doubts the Tampa Bay Lightning would have interest in Oilers goalie Nikolai Khabibulin…He also believes a package of Sam Gagner and a fifth or sixth defenseman might not be enough to land a top four defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt the Kings part with Voynov or have interest in Hemsky this time around…Khabibulin is now too old and expensive, and like Matheson, I doubt the Lightning want to go that route again after gambling on Dwayne Roloson this season…Gagner’s value could increase near the trade deadline.

Should the Sabres move Miller?

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Jerry Sullivan wants Sabres owner Terry Pegula to act, either by firing GM Darcy Regier, or head coach Lindy Ruff, or forcing a trade by shopping Ryan Miller, Derek Roy or Drew Stafford.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports Pegula’s lieutenant Ted Black said they appreciate the frustration of Sabres fans but is calling for patience….LeBrun also reports the Anaheim Ducks won’t be shopping Teemu Selanne, but GM Bob Murray could start entertaining offers for Bobby Ryan again if the Ducks haven’t improved by the trade deadline. Craig Custance meanwhile suggested the Ducks could be a possible destination for Ryan Miller if the Sabres were to shop him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For now, there’s not going to be any panic moves by the Sabres, who still remain in playoff contention in the Eastern Conference. If, however, the team hasn’t improved in a month’s time, it could put pressure upon the front office to shake things up. If Miller were to be dealt he’d likely want to go to a California-based team to be near his actress-wife, but we shouldn’t assume that’s going to happen this season. I do agree that if the Ducks haven’t significantly improved by February the Bobby Ryan trade rumors will flash up again. Ryan for Miller, perhaps?  Just spitballing here, folks, not saying it’s gonna happen.


  1. Oh, because the Kings acquiring Edmonton’s deadline bait worked SO well for them last year…Seriously, after acquiring Penner last year, I can’t imagine the Kings would let themselves be fleeced by the same team again this year.

  2. Wow Sabre’s fans. The guy buys the team less than 10 months ago and already they are looking for blood. Ruff and Regier are very solid front staff which has shown by their long tenures. The lousy play as of late has little to do with them and more to do with underachieving players. Let’s see where they are come February and what shakeup they will try to do.My guess is that they will move one of the top 6 as opposed to Miller since he is the backbone of the team. Enroth is fantastic, but would you rather go into the playoffs with two solid goalies or one?

  3. The Buffalo News and WGR (radio station) are ridiculous with wanting everyone fired. Jerry Sullivan wouldn’t be happy if Buffalo won the cup every year, he would complain that there is nothing to complain about and that the team is too boring because all they do is win. Jerry is “popular” because he is controversial…funny thing is I hear he is popular, but everyone I have ever talked to say they don’t read his articles.

  4. Ryan for Miller? I guess maybe but a three way deal would probably make more sence. I don’t think the Ducks have completely given up on Hiller just yet… Besides the Ducks aren’t going to carry almost $11.0M in salaries for a goalie tandum (Miller at $6.25M and Hiller at $4.5M)

  5. I would say the Sabres need to stand pat. They had a pretty major roster overhaul last season and I think the team just needs time to gel. The standings are so tight that a nice little win streak will put them right back in the playoff picture. Everyone thought NJ was out of it last year and look what happened. I do although like the proposal of Ryan for Miller…Enroth has showed he can start.

  6. Miller for Ryan?

    Lyle, I do not think this will happen, but at least if it did it would be one of the most legitimate straight up trades to grace these pages, and therefore technically possible.

    The Sabres are still fighting through injuries, and I believe still trying to adjust to all the new faces, veterans ( Regehr) and hyped up players ( Leino). Those new faces are also having to adjust to Lindy Ruff, who I think is a great coach, similar to a Barry Trotz, who can derive great performances out of good players, and good performances out of average players.

    Give them some time. This year has been a major culture shock to all in the orgaganization. An owner with a significant quantity of, and legitimate money, who is willing to spend it. They are like some working stiff like me , who dreams of winning the lottery and putting a 52″ TV in every room of the house. Then when they do, and the house blows, up they realize they did not organize the electrical supply requirements properly.They all need to step back, think and adjust, and then come January, look out .

    Sadly, as a Leaf fan, I know they can, and will, bring it on…

  7. I don’t understand why several media outlets have been suggesting the Sabres move Roy and/or Miller. Simply radiculous. They must work out of Toronto 😉

  8. I have to say, if the ducks were to trade Ryan for miller it would be alot bigger than that. I think it would have to be a Miller and Stafford/Roy for Hiller and Ryan. I am a huge ducks fan and i wouldnt want that to happen at all… But with that deal… money would work out well… I think the Ducks would end up taking a little more in that deal.

  9. Don’t know why Murray insists that he won’t trade Selanne. Seeing how competitive Selanne is I have a hard time believing that in late February with Ducks in 28th to 30th in league standings Selanne will not want to spend the last few months of his career going for another cup ring, especially if it is with someone like Vancouver who has good mix of European players.

  10. Or maybe Selanne would prefer to head back to Winnipeg if the Jets are in contention… One can dream. lol

  11. Downie, Purcell, Bergeron Tyler Johnson (prospect) and a first for Miller.

  12. @AJ you also got to blame them for signing Leino to a huge contract and make him play center when he is not a center that goes on coaching and the GM

  13. @Boltsnation why would buffalo do that? mainly because its like trading miller within the division with the way realinment sets up next year

  14. Does the Buffalo News not notice the number of key injured players the Sabres have? Why not wait until they are back in the lineup and how they do then.. before calling for heads…

  15. Why does Ruff get an endless amount of rope? Don’t forget what happened to this team last year. Ruff is stale and the bench should be overhauled along with the roster. Sometimes a coach takes a team a certain distance, and can go no further; the job shouldn’t be a reward for long service.

  16. I think Ruff will get the axe before Miller and company get traded. We have seen it 6 times this year already. Coach first and if that doesn’t work then players are moved… Except in Toronto…

  17. First thing that you out-of-towners must understand is that Jerry Sullivan is an NBA guy and knows squat about hockey. Since Buffalo has no NBA team (thankfully), he spends his time on the Bills. When that gets old he talks about hockey as if he knows something about the sport.

    He wrote his very first hockey column of the year yesterday – that shows you what he thinks of hockey. And when he does write, it’s always fire this guy, trade that guy, etc. Basically he doesn’t have a clue, so don’t consider him a Darren Dreger or Bob McKenzie. He’s no where near their league.

    The Sabres aren’t going to fire Ruff 10 months after Pegula tells the media that “He isn’t going anywhere.”. They will bide their time and wait for their 7 injured players to return before hitting the panic button.

    The Ryan/Miller trade is a joke. Too one-sided for the Ducks and I seriously doubt that trading Miller is on management’s mind or in the Sabres’ future.

  18. LMAO Oilers want Voynov GOOD LUCK !
    Lets do this
    Oilers get
    S. Voynov
    KIngs Get
    J. Eberle
    A. Hemsky
    That ‘s what the Kings should DO!

  19. Okay….Off-Topic: This is from yesterday and I just have to bring it up again, since this is usually what we talk about on here.
    For any Leaf fans wondering why everybody hates them, check this post by DaveyBoy:

    Daveyboy | Wednesday, 21 December 2011 at 2:09 pm
    Tux, your statement,”As far as cheering a Toronto team, most people out here hate the Leafs enough to refuse to watch or talk about them” is about as funny as I’ve ever heard. Take the blinders off and look around kid, the Leafs are Canada’s Team. Most opposing rinks are half filled with leafs fans, most posting boards are filled with Leafs fans. It might be wishful thinking on your part.

    Got that? Kids? Sheer volume of poorly educated “fans” is what makes you “Canada’s team”…….
    Actually, this is about as stupid as a debate gets, but for arguments sake, the Habs are Canada’s team. The tradition of winning helps, as does the gorgeous finesse hockey that endeared them to a generation of non-fans, as does the quiet arrogance with which they carry themselves. There are more Habs fans out here anyway. But whatever…..the point is, a lot of you feel persecuted….so remember DaveyBoy’s condescending moronic crap and ask yourself how many times I’ve heard it.

  20. Lindy Ruff can coach the Leafs any time, in my opinion. He’s the real deal.

  21. re: Miller-Ryan: as was mentioned, the Ducks would likely have to send Hiller to Buff. as well or negotiate a 3-way trade …. Hiller to CBJ (Brassard) or TBay (?).

    re: Tux. He has a point.
    Being from BC, the only Leaf fans I know are from Ont. My Austrian neighbour who immigrated here in the early 70s is a huge Habs fan for no particular reason, just that was the team he identified with when assimilating into Canada. Maybe a Euro-French thing or that they were a winning team (makes it easier to like). The Habs draw way more fans in Van. than the Leafs. It seems like in BC, Canucks and Habs go 1, 2 respectively. Flames/Oilers could be in the mix too, depending where the sampling is taken, lots of transplants.

  22. Ruff won’t get fired. Look how well all the new coaches are doing so far this year. The only exception is Hitchcock.

  23. I’ve been a Ruff fan as well if only because he always seemed to get the most out of his teams every year even when they seemingly lose their best players due to money. Now that the Sabres finally have an owner who’s able and willing to spend $ to improve their line-up it’s kind of ironic that people are calling for his head.
    My guess is that he wouldn’t be unemployed for very long. Any suggestions as to which team might want to hire him to replace their existing coach?

  24. The Sabres performance this year has been very frustrating to date. Injuries have really hurt the team and it showed up last night as essentially half the team were Amerks. Lindy is one of the best coaches around and for years he has gotten the most out of mediocrity. We all forget that Danny Briere was considered too small to play in the NHL as he floated between the Yotes and their AHL team, then when he became a Sabre, seems he bought into Lindy’s system and became a “star”. The one thing that Briere and Drury brought with them was consistency, energy and a “desire to win”. When you have so many rookies playing at one time, and add in some new faces in the lineup, mistakes are going to happen. It also doesn’t help if some of your veterans are not scoring and seem to give up at times.

    Maybe it is time for Miller to go – Miller and Stafford for Hiller and Ryan sounds like a good trade to me. The money is about right, all four get a change of scenary and it is a dramatic enough trade to send a message to both teams. It’s really unfair of any news reporter or columnist to call for Lindy or Darcy’s head at this point because the team has had so many injuries and they really haven’t had a chance to gel. The Christmas break will be a blessing for the Sabres as it will give them some time to heal. I don’t really see getting a Kaleta back as being enough of a change, but getting a Boyes, Hecht, Leino and Meyers back are vital as they are “playmakers”. I do like some of the callups – like Szczechura, Kassian, and McNabb as I think they work their tail off. I only wish Stafford and Roy showed as much desire and fire. Anyway, enough on speculation – everyone have a Merry Christmas!

  25. If there’s a team that needs and should push for Miller, it’s Tampa. But if you ask me, the Sabres would be fools to deal Miller. His struggles are ONLY because of the injuries on the Sabres roster.

  26. Ya that gorgeous finesse of scott gomez is so endearing… youve convinced me… im changing teams now

  27. That’s your comeback? The Habs are having an historically bad season…..tanking and firing coaches. Meanwhile you guys are planning the parade. The standings however, show a 3 point difference. Think about that.

  28. The reason leafs fans are so defensive and loud is because people like you make it their mission in life to show how “stupid leafs fans are”

  29. since when have we been planning a parade… most of the leafs fans ive talked to have been talking we might make playoffs this year finally which i dont think is unrealistic… maybe were planning a playoff parade? who knows

  30. Tux – I am with you, 3 point difference, Montreal Fires their coach, and the Leafs are talking contract extension for theirs……..bizarre.

    And in other news- The Leafs are going after Scott Gomez in the hopes they can trade Komisarek back to the Habs…..haha , at least you;ll get a smooth skater in return, if it doesn;t work out, you can send him down to the Marlies where he and Jeff Finger can dominate……..maybe.

    I personally hate the Habs, but the rule of the rest of Canada is “Anyone but the Leafs”

  31. I realize this all seems pretty hateful, but i came on this morning to find a guy calling me “kid” (oh yeah, I like that). And saying, “proof’s in the pudding, we’re everywhere, therefore, we’re your flagship”. Okay D-bag. That “Canada’s team” shxt really bugs me. And I’m not a real big Habs man either.

  32. I think people need to keep the generalizations in check. Every team has some proportion of asshole fans with rose-tinted glasses and an ignorant bias. So in absolute terms, a larger the fanbase is directly proportional to the # of idiot fans. The concentration of media in To. also helps spread the gospel, so to outsiders this proportion may seem larger than it actually is.

    I hope all 4 Cnd teams in the east make the playoffs, won’t happen, but will be entertaining hockey down the stretch .

  33. The only team that is Canada’s team is Team Canada. There are very few of us who pick up another Canadian teams torch just because their arena is in Canada. The Bruins had more Canadians than the Canucks last year. But this is a discussion for another day.

    Every team int he league has had its moment of “gorgeos finesse” or some other endearing team attribute. Its all perspective. The Leafs have had nothing but bad news, and a couple of years ago the Habs were headed for the final four. Now the tables are turned, so what.?

    What makes the current NHL so enjoyable for me is that every night it is any teams game to win. Winnipeg beats the Bruins..who would have thought..

    It is a good thing that fans are passionate for their teams..win or lose. Fairweather fans or bandwagon jumpers are phonies and lessen the game.

  34. Tux, you know where I stand, so forgive the bias. But did you really base your “Leafs are not Canada’s team” opinion on the Habs being a bigger draw in BC? no disrespect but that’s a tad narrow. Personally I always thought the Leafs were more like the Yankees and Montreal being like the Red Sox (reverse winning tradition) but I wouldn’t consider that being arrogant. I could really care less what the rest of Canada thinks of Toronto, we are the most loved and hated city in the country. Personally I would give that trophy to most cities in Quebec. 3/4 of them wanted out of Canada and still everybody hates TO. I’m getting a bit off topic… Anyway, we need a bigger litmus test then BC. They are known Toronto haters, regardless of hockey. Remember the infamous coors light billboard add in Vancouver? Colder then most torontonians. Clever? Yes. But also the reason I haven’t baught a bottle of that swill since. And let’s not forget the fact that you went out of your way to carry over some Leafs hate from an argument you had yesterday.

  35. Sorry, I should have said Leafs are heading in right direction. I was not trying to imply they were headed for final 4, in case I forced a coronary on any Leaf haters.

  36. With Ontario having 40% of Canada’s population and BC at 13% and Alberta at 11% I’d say that is pretty much the reason that most rinks have a large number of Leaf fans across Canada. As for the US the only other places that are full of Leaf fans are usually in bad hockey markets with a lousy fan base such as a lot of the southern teams or teams with a good fan base but a crappy team. You rarely hear much from Leaf fans in places like Philly, Boston, Chicago, or NY (Rangers). Then you also have the teams placed in markets with a struggling economy such as Detroit, Buffalo Washington, where the cheap price of a ticket is a dream for a Leaf fan. That doesn’t leave a lot of markets that can compete on the basis of population, as a hockey market, as a stellar team with a big fan base taking most of the tickets or by not having cheap tickets available. I’d say that would be the reasons you hear so many Leaf fans in so many arenas.

  37. You’re all being more than fair. I was just responding to that one comment; which I think is representative of the attitude that turns people into “Leaf-haters”.
    Durt, if you reverse everything about your baseball analogy it is spot-on. 16 cups in 24 years? That’s domination and centrality to the game that only the Yankees can compare to, also the age of the club. But it really is a stupid argument.
    And you must have missed a step because I am saying that numbers are not too important, but when it comes to numbers, I think the Habs have them out here (which was the original argument).
    Anyway, I also love the parity in the league. I choose a favorite in every game; depending on who’s in town, I will often cheer the Leafs and enjoy their speed in a big way (but back to the way back original point, most people I know out here won’t).

    (As to classic bias and rivalry, I honestly was raised to hate the Leafs for no really obvious hockey reason. I think it has more to do with politics and dominion that Ontario asserts in that arena.)

  38. Tux, I said reverse winning tradition. Being Montreal Wins like the Yanks, but gets runner up when it comes to popularity. Leafs get love/hate/popularity like Yanks, win like Boston…or Chicago lol! Either way I think you misunderstood the baseball analogy.

  39. The Oilers will continue to drop in the standings, then timid and cautious GM Steve Tambellini will begin to unload a few vets. I think hemsky, gagner, omark, peckham, khabby will become “available” close to the deadline. I just wish Lowe and Katz would see this and Edmonton Media would just recognize that this is not a playoff team.
    If Shea Weber becomes available at deadline time the Oilers better be first in line. A few other defensman I would be calling about are Travis Hamonic, Keith Aulie,Cody Franson, Jared Cowen, Luke Schenn. These are just some good WHL Defenseman I’ve watched, plus I think the core defenceman should be canadian kid. Just canadian hockey pride. Hemsky plus picks and prospects would land some of those guys?
    The Oilers are too small and lack toughness in top 6. A Zack Kassian (Buff),Kyle Beach(Chi), Carter Ashton (Tamp) type forward for the 2nd line RW wing spot is another hole. Oilers need size and grit in top 6.

    Just hope when Oilers unload at the deadline, They get these two pieces.

  40. Jerry Sullivan and the talk-show fans of his ilk don’t make much sense to me in their argument for Regier and Ruff to go. Out of one side of their mouth they are praising the big, tough, youth in the organization that have come up from the Amerks to fill in during the recent spate of injuries (was 9 opening roster starters for a game last week), yet talk about Regier not knowing how to get talent. The guy has been there..what?…13 seasons? Who the hell do they think drafted the future Sabres…let alone the talent on the opening day roster? Roy, Stafford, Miller, Gerbe, Ennis, Weber, Sekera, Meyers, Kaleta, Pominville, Enroth, Gragnani, Adam….were all players drafted by Regier…coached by Ruff that are starters on this team. The problem with the Sabres is they have never quite figured out their issues at center since Drury left. They have some good young talent coming up at the position and just signed Kevin Sundher (3rd. 2010 draft…229 pts. 294 pen. mins in 247 WHL games) to a 3 year entry level contract, but need a #1 desperately. Roy is a good player (70+ points/year), but is too small and doesn’t fit a #1 mold. I could only imagine what Vanek could do with a true center on his line. I personally wouldn’t like to see Roy go, but am not sure a Stafford/Sekera package would be enough to pry a true #1 center from somebody. I do like Luke Adam…he has the size/presence the Sabs need…he just needs to have ice time and become more polished. I would consider many of the young Sabres of the Kassian, Brayden McNabb ilk to be off limits (TJ Brennan a trade possibility?). The Sabres need that bigger, tougher presence and trading away their homegrown youth when they are finally going to produce would not be a smart idea.

  41. tim that was a good hockey post

  42. God I know. I derailed this thing. I am officially sorry and am going to totally drop anything to do with Leaf debates I swear to you all. I also hope Tambellini shows some kahones.

    Durt, this is the funniest shxt I have ever heard. Obviously the Yankees are the Habs of Baseball. Name a sport. Now name the first franchise that comes to mind. The oldest, most storied, WINNINGEST, most WORLD-famous, most consistently dominant…..loved and hated in great measure? The Yankees cheat by throwing money into it, and the Habs cheated by controlling the farm system (and thereby actually causing their opponents to resort to thuggery). Manchester United. (I don’t know NFL real well so I am guessing Pats?) The Yankees. The Habs. Give me a break man. ’19, ’24, ’25, ’30, ’31, ’44, ’46, ’53, ’56, ’57, ’58, ’59, ’60, ’65, ’66, ’68, ’69, ’71, ’73, ’76, ’77, ’78, ’79, ’86, ’93……this is seriously not up for debate. They are actually the greatest franchise in all of sport, bar none. And I am a Canucks fan. (the current habs rank like about 8th favorite with the way they are playing now. I only like about of their players.)
    okay, now name the dud, second-best…..the Red Sox, the Leafs….both under a mysterious curse…..well -loved, of course.

  43. i meant about 5 or 6 of their players: Subban, Camalierri, Price, Eller, Plekanec, Desharnais (-ish…jury’s out) and of course I may be Gill’s last defender; he is a master of the 5-on-3 PK and a classic warhorse.

  44. It’s probably the Steeler’s for NFL, right?

  45. Lord Stanley watched hockey, in MONTREAL, and was moved to donate a challenge cup, that mostly lived there before the NHL.
    (this is ridiculous. last time i totally swear.)

  46. Tux I don’t know if you’re not understanding my analogy, or if you’re disagreeing. Either way let’s drop it. My original point was that asking a person from BC if the Leafs are Canada’s team is dumb. People from BC tend to dislike Toronto as a city, so their opinion will be incredibly bias.

  47. Indeed let’s. You have to go way back in this thread to find the hairs I am splitting. And yes, I am whole-heartedly disagreeing with your analogy.

  48. Conneyworth would be a natural for Ruff if ever things go south for the Sabres and coaching change transpires.

  49. Ryan for Miller?

    That will not happen. Problem is with defense and secondary scoring. Hiller has been shaky, but the guy faces on avg of 40 shots a game. Look for Ducks to shop for picks and defense

  50. There is actually a better chance that the Kings would trade Drew Doughty than Slava Voynov.

    For one thing, Voynov looks better. Secondly, he makes only $850K. Third, he was drafted in the same draft class as Doughty just a few spots behind him.

    Not only did the Kings get jobbed in the Penner deal with the Oilers, Dean Lombardi filed a grievance with the league over the underhanded dealing by the Oilers in the Ryan Smyth trade as well. I doubt if he ever makes another trade with Edmonton again.