NHL Trade Rumors – December 27, 2011.

With the NHL holiday “trade freeze” set to expire at midnight, here’s a look at some of the speculation which popped up during the Christmas long weekend.


Could Oilers try to move Smyth?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reported teams have started asking questions about Oilers winger Ales Hemsky’s shoulders and offensive struggles. While Matheson believes it’s time for Hemsky and the Oilers to “turn the page”, he points out the winger’s injury history won’t land a high-end NHLer. He also believes the Red Wings, Predators, Penguins and Rangers could have interest…Matheson expects the Ducks could get inquiries about Teemu Selanne near the trade deadline, but the only team he’d see Selanne agreeing to be dealt to is Winnipeg if they’re in the playoff chase…He also considers it possible the Oilers, if they “frame it right”, could approach Ryan Smyth about a trade to a contender near the trade deadline, assuring Smyth they’ll re-sign him in the off-season as a UFA…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers should’ve moved Hemsky last season when his value was higher. They’ll probably get a draft pick for him now…Ducks GM Bob Murray insists Selanne will retire a Duck…There could be interest in Smyth, but let’s face it, he only seems happiest, and plays his best, as an Oiler. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stick with him for the rest of the season, and re-sign him to a one-year contract this summer.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch recently reported league sources believe Carolina Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford will hold a fire sale near the trade deadline, trying to move “potential UFAs Tuomo Ruutu, Bryan Allen, Jaroslav Spacek and Tim Gleason”. Garrioch also wouldn’t be surprised if Joni Pitkanen’s name comes up in trade talks. He has two more years at $4.5 million per season left on his contract…Garrioch also reported Senators GM Bryan Murray didn’t rule out making a deal near the trade deadline for another competitive young player. The Senators acquired Kyle Turris from Phoenix prior to the holiday trade freeze.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wouldn’t be surprised if all those Hurricanes UFAs listed by Garrioch were dealt by February 27th, but Pitkanen could remain with the Hurricanes given his salary and remaining value to the Hurricanes…While Murray could make another move for a good young player, he also noted he had to be careful, as he didn’t want to give up something which could hurt them long term.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Adam L Jahns recently reported Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman and his staff are preparing for the February 27th trade deadline, and has the cap space to be active. He’s willing to give up draft picks and prospects to bring in the players he believes are needed to improve his roster’s weaknesses, specifically secondary scoring.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bowman is likely to seek “rental players”, pending UFAs on the final year of their contracts. Expect them to be linked to some of the players noted above, but I think their main interest will be in landing a good second line center.


  1. Lyle
    Good morning. Is there a web site that list all the box scores ( scoring summaries) of all the World Junior Games going on in Alberta. I am trying to find stat’s and all I can seem to find is short stories.
    Thank You

  2. Alforducks, you can see all the box scores under the Stats section on the iihf website.

  3. go to tsn.ca for that Lyle

  4. Hemsky still has value, he is a game breaker when he is motivated and if you put him on a team where he can be a second line player with a good center he could really help someone in the play offs.
    Obviously he is not going to sign in Edmonton and so he should stop salking and start playing hard. Right now when her is healthy he is taking the spot from someone who wants to be on the team.

  5. Hey alforducks, try the IIhf ( International Ice Hockey Federation) website iihf.com. They have all the stats from this years tourney and every one before it. As well, they have all sanctioned iihf tourneys from the past, ie. Olympics, World Championships etc.

  6. I bet he could be had for a second rounder but he would be a star in detroit .

  7. Any chance Sabres make a deal for a real #1 center ?

  8. To: Scotty / Tony / Jeff / Joe

    Thank you to All

    To: Doug – what would you give for Ryan Geztlaf ?

  9. The Sabres looked good last night with the return of Hecht and Boyes (some of our playmakers). It is really the first time I saw the D play with some authority, chemistry and they seemed to gel. I believe Lindy is either trying to spark Staffords play or showcase him because he seems to be on the ice quite a bit lately. It will be interesting what happens when Gerbe, Leino and Ennis are ready to come back – who sits and who goes down? How can you send Kassian, McNabb or Adam back to Rochester? To me, I would like to see a trade of Stafford and maybe Gaustad or Kaleta for a Bobby Ryan type of player or perhaps a Joe Pavelski or Ryan Clowe type of player. Over the past few games it seems that Roy has stepped things up – coming back and helping out the D, forechecking and just flying around the ice more. I can’t really see Anaheim giving up Geztlaf, but maybe they would consider Stafford, Gaustad and Gragnani in return.

  10. I’d like to Roy go. A package of roy, gragnani, for geztlaf ?? I don’t care. As long as Roy is gone. Seen enough of him.

  11. Getzlaf wont be traded unless it is a big package in return. Like Roy, Myers and prospect and/or picks. But i could see a bigger trade with the Sabres. Bobby Ryan (which I would hate to see) and Hiller for Stafford and Miller. Money is around the same, the only down side is the Ducks would get older in net and they would be taking on more money. The upside is, you would have Miller in net for 4-6 more years, and with Gibson playing really well, he will be the next #1 in Anaheim and who better to teach him, Miller, who gibson looks like in net.

  12. Actually the logical thing to do IS TRADE Getzlaf. 1) Both Getzlaf and Perry have one more year left on their contracts ( ends June 2013) and frankly do not see Ducks spending 15 million to sign both. Seeing what others are getting 7.5 to 8 million each is what the market will demand and Ducks don’t have it.
    2) Ducks really need to get a lot of picks and prospects to rebuild with as it is clear that Murray will not spend money in the free agent market to acquire players, that means he has to draft his players and build within and to do that he has to trade some of the assets he has. Faceit Ducks have gone backwards with Murray and the scariest part is letting him make trades. 3) Best time to trade Getzlaf ( or Perry) is this summer just before the draft. Only one team wins the cup so there will be several teams who just missed who should be willing to make the big trade to get the missing piece of the puzzle and Ducks (Murray ) should take full advantage of that.

  13. I could see a Stafford and Miller trade straight up for Ryan and Hiller. I think all players involved would benefit. Some have recommended that Roy be traded – but how can you get rid of a “point a game” player. In my mind, Roy has been recovering from his injury and still isn’t 100%, but getting there. I’ve seen more from Roy the past few games than any other time since the season started that is why I think he’s still not 100%. Stafford has always been a streaky scorer and I don’t think his hot yoga regimen has helped this year relieve the stress he is now under.

  14. Alforducks,
    I cant say that I disagree with you… But if you trade Getzlaf or Perry, that would take away the whole core of your team. If you think about it, Blake’s 4 mil cap hit will be gone. And if they re-sign him for say, a $1 mil/ $1.5 Mil, that is saving the team 2.5 to 3 mil in space which will be used on Getz and Perry. Koivu will be gone as well. And there is Teemu (he is going to be gone). So you are looking at around $10 Mil, that they will have to spend. Regardless. Murray spends it or doesnt in free agency, they will get Getz and Perry here for the rest of their career. Is that the smart thing to do, I dont know. All I know is if you can get two NHL ready players and Picks/prospects…. I would take that. But one of those NHLers would have to be a young top 4 D-Man.
    As a Ducks season ticket holder, I think losing Getz will kill the moral of the fans. But most fans dont look at the future as some do. I, as a fan, personally think they wont trade him, but should if the right offer comes. but I will be very upset if it wasnt a trade that helps now and the future.

  15. Steve,

    I think Roy and Miller need a move just as bad as Ryan and Hiller. I didnt realize miller was only a year and hlaf older that Hiller. Miller would be a happy camper getting closer to his wife and Roy and Ryan get a re-boot. Plus it gives the Ducks a 2nd line center they need and can move Koivu to the third line. They only thing is, Roy can take over a game like Ryan can… But Miller can steal tons of games… Might be even… But, then again, I am just a fan and dont make the big bucks to make those tps of decisions

  16. If the Devils fade down the stretch, I would love to see Parise come over to the Hawks for a package of picks and prospects.