NHL Trade Rumors – December 8, 2011.

An update on Columbus’ Derick Brassard, dismissing the possibility of the Oilers trading Sam Gagner, and Canucks GM Mike Gillis comments on a rumor he’s shopping Roberto Luongo.


Will Derick Brassard be dealt this season?

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Michael Arace reports sooner or later, the Blue Jackets will trade center Derick Brassard, because his career has stalled, and recent comments made by his agent, lashing out at Brassard’s handling under head coach Scott Arniel. Arace acknowledge Brassard’s trade value hasn’t soared this season because of his poor production and recent scratches from the lineup, but suspects Brassard’s $3.2 million per season cap hit could “look better in the coming months”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt there is some interest in the 24-year-old Brassard, who might thrive if he were playing elsewhere, but it’s not just his cap hit for this season that’s a stumbling block, but also that it has two more seasons after this one, making him an expensive gamble. That’s why I have my doubts he could be moved during this season, though I could see him being dealt in the off-season, when teams have more cap space and willingness to absorb contracts like Brassard’s. Still, I can acknowledge the possibility the Jackets accept another “bad contract” in exchange for Brassard’s. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples reported Oilers forward Sam Gagner has shown improvement in recent game, doubting the Oilers would part with him, as he remains a valuable depth player.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Staples acknowledged if the right offer came along the Oilers could consider moving Gagner, but I agree that if he continues to improve the Oilers probably won’t move him.

TSN’s Ryan Rishaug recently “tweeted” the reaction of Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis regarding trade rumors about goalie Roberto Luongo: “Not a chance”.


  1. Somebody pleeeeeese make a trade with Darcy. My Sabres need help !!!!

  2. what else is gillis supposed to say…….

  3. Doug,

    Mr. Moneybags (Pegula) handed out a lot of dough this year, and while some of it was needed, and I think he has been / will be great for the Sabres organization, he has in some ways paralyzed Regeir from doing too much. Most teams cannot or will not pay players what Buffalo has, and therefore trades will be hard to stomach.

  4. Regarding Luongo, I think Gillis misinterpreted the question. He probably thought he was being asked by Rishaug if he thought any other GM would be interested in Luongo.

  5. Would somebody please make a trade, the hockey world is so boring right now, last night I ended up watching the Baseball winter meetings recap on MLB. Let’s at least get a few rumors going that’s worth fighting over. Still not a chance I will be bored enough to watch the NBA.

  6. @ alforducks,

    I am not aware of any trades but I have to think Tampa might want to shake things up, and also your Ducks. Curious to know what you would do if you could pull the strings in Anaheim. Would you give Boudreau a chance or would you ship some guys out, or go for the rebuild. The last one is what I would do.

    NBA – Naturally Boring Athletics…I am with you on that one. Would almost rather watch Nascar. Yuck!

  7. Murph
    What would I do with the Ducks ? Nothing until February. Could they get back in playoff race, yes but they would have to play GREAT hockey for a long time, don’t see it. Why wait until February, because teams over pay for veterans to get ready for the cup run. I would not trade young players or picks / prospects.
    I would trade off the older guys for picks / prospects, bring up a few of the AHL guys for a look see, work hard on the June draft and fill in with free agents in July. Who would I trade ? Koivu, Parros, Foster, Ellis, Beaucheim, Visnovsky, & Lydman and anyone else over 30. Visnovsky & Lydman would bring the most value as defenseman seem to bring a lot ( Kaberle comes to mind). I do have one wild one and that is if someone offers the world for Getzlaf or Perry, I take it. After this year each one has one year left on their contract, signing both year after next at what is being paid for these types of players will BLOW THE DUCKS CAP ALL TO HELL, so if some team whats a really good top 3 forward now, ok but it will cost a ton. I’d keep Ryan, signed thru 2015 at a reasonable price, Keeper.

  8. Are the Kings ready to make a change?
    Seems they are now below .500, last in offense and have far too much talent to be floundering in such a tight conference. Perhaps Murray is done? Maybe he has lost the team? who knows, but I am glad they are beneath my Yotes…..

  9. @ alforducks, So you want a trade , how about this one; Cody Franson to the Oilers for Sam Gagne, straight up. What do ya think?

  10. Daveyboy:
    If I was the oilers I’d do it. Oilers are loaded at forward and thin on defenseman.

  11. @Azhockey

    You mean your Quebec Coyotes? =o) kidding.

    3.2 is hard to move; and unless CBJ is willing to take junk back… Brassard will find himself having a Matt Stajan role, i.e playing not a ton of minutes, then riding the box once an AHL player shows promise. These contracts are tough, 48, then 55 @ 22 & 23 years old… then nothing… that hurts. You’d expect this guy to break 60 this year with the addition of Carter in CBJ. Too bad.

  12. @ alforducks

    Totally agree with your plan. It would have to be a blockbuster deal to get Perry or Getzlaf.

    My choice would be Getzlaf, and as a Leaf fan I would part with Kadri, one of Franson or Aulie and a pick.

    I think while the Leafs are starting to gain depth at centre, they still do not have a bonifide #1, although I give Bozak a lot of credit for his play this year. There is no way I see Anaheim giving up Perry and I just cannot see Kadri cracking the Leafs. He is talented but not strong enogh for a Brian Burke team. Burke would hate to give up Franson or Aulie, but for Getzlaf he just might, and these two teams have a great history of trading with each other, although I think Toronto has gotten better results as of late.

  13. Too bad the Jackets didn’t hold onto Mike Commodore. Commodore + Brassard might have just landed them Scott Gomez. Or would it be the other way around…?

  14. Burke already stated he wasnt trading Franson. Now, he could change his mind but I dont see it happening especially since Aulie has been a disappointment so far this year.
    As far as Brassard is concerned, why dont they just trade him straight across for Stajan. Both make about the same and both need a change of scenery. Calgary could throw in a 6th or 7th.

  15. Oilers would want more then just Franson for Gagner. That might of worked a month ago, but one player is a second line forward that plays both center and wing, the other player plays on nights when his team is down a d-man. Not a chance Tambi would make that trade Straight up. Don’t take offence leaf fans, just in the real world a 7th defenseman isn’t worth a 21yr old second line forward to anyone.

  16. Turnovers are killing the Sabres – liked the grit and effor they gave for most of the 1st period last night – but Erhoff is killing them, maybe trying to do too much. I think the team needs to make a trade and get another Kassian type player. Maybe trade Roy or Stafford – personally, I’d like to see a Stafford and a D-man traded for Ryan – Darcy could even throw in an Ennis. I like the chemistry that Adam, Kassian and Leino have and we just need to light a fire under some arses.

  17. When is the no trade period for the holidays ?

  18. @ Doug – No trade starts December 19th I believe

    @ James – Franson has more skill, Aulie has more grit. Depends what Burke needs to keep or what other teams want or need. Aulie played quite well with Phaneuf for last part of 2010-11 seson.

    @ Oilers fan – No offence taken, not saying a stright up trade between Gagner and Franson is equal, but it all comes down to does Edmonton need a defenseman ( Leafs 7th but where would he be on the Oilers?) more than Toronto needs another second line Centre when they already have Grabovski, Connolly, Lombardi, (and theoretically Bozak is a second line centre), and Joe Colborne in waiting in the Marlies. That would dictate whether either team has to add an additional piece, prospect or pick.

  19. @James

    I can see that working for both clubs and I think they have the same amount of term left.

    But I have to be honest I think they would have to throw in a 3rd or 4th rounder to make it work.

    Brassard is younger and has more potential to become something, the league already knows Stajan is a bum and has been a bum.

    I would rather see Stajan get waived and play in the minors so Byron can come back up.

    As for Luongo being traded I honestly dont see it ever happening,

    Sam Ganger is over rated IMO and was hyped during the beginning of the oilers rebuild, if they could get Franson and a 2nd or 3rd i would do it.

  20. Listen Up – Here’s the Trade

    Chicago Cubs Fans, can I get a Cubs fan – We sent you Albert Pujols & CJ Wilson
    You send us Toews & Kane

    Let me know when you got them

  21. @Doug Murph is right, no trade begins the 19th ends the 27th.

  22. @azhockeynut
    I think the Kings problem is behind the bench. They’re better players than the numbers show and it just seems like Murray has lost them. I don’t see what a trade would do to fix them. I think Lombardi fires Murray and hands the team over to assistant coach Stevens. I’m not sure Stevens is the right choice but he may be the best available choice.

    No way I’d make that deal for Getzlaf if I’m the Ducks GM. Kadri doesn’t look like. Blue-chip prospect any longer, Franson and Aulie are interesting but not super and a pick doesn’t help the Ducks today. Getzlaf and Perry are superstars and won’t be gotten for mediocre packages. If I’m Bob Murray I don’t trade Getzlaf or Perry to the Leafs unless I get Schenn in return, which I don’t the Burke would do.

  23. I don’t know who is over rating Gagner, he’s never been projected to be a superstar. He’s a nice little guy with offensive hands and a little bit of grit. If you’ve watched him play at all in the last month you would see he’s been one of the better players on the team. Stat lines aren’t giving him a fair shake, snake bitten to say the least. Renney has been going to him alot recently, looks like one of the only players on the team right now he has faith in.. Franson wouldn’t work in Edmonton unless we unload Gilbert. Which would be awesome! And adding draft picks to a trade with Edmonton won’t work either, oilers have more then enough prospects.

  24. Yeah Kadri for Getzlaf. Good one. How’s the weather in your ass?

  25. @tuxedo

    How dare you?!
    We ALL know that Kadri for anyone is a valid trade in leafs nation! IMO, I’m unsure of why the Kadri for Ovi rumours haven’t started yet. If they haven’t… here you go all, I’m going Eklund style and saying that I have insider track that Ovi for Kadri is being thrown around.

  26. Franson should not be the 7th D on the Leafs blueline. I still swear by it that they are giving Gunnarsson the big minutes with Dion in hopes of building up his value then trading him later in the season. Personally, I see Gunnarsson as a player who’s reached his developmental ceiling… he’s a little soft, and for a so called PMD, really doesn’t have good hands. Franson may lack a little in footspeed but he is big, has a heavy shot, and can play physical. I do NOT want the Leafs to move Franson – I could deal with Gunnarsson being moved, most likely in a package deal as I doubt he would be the centerpiece of any trade. For a team that needs a defenseman, Gunnarsson has proven he can play “competent” for 20 minutes or so a night… if a former 7th round pick can bring anything worthwhile back in return that’s a huge positive as far as I’m concerned.

  27. Miokid, you’re a funny man!!! lol

  28. @ Tuxedo…I have never dissed you like that. Read the full posting … I said Kadri , Plus Franson or Aulie, plus a pick, and I never said what round. By the way,the weather in my ass is absolutely splendid, thanks for asking.

    D POC makes a good point. I have said since the start of the season I thought Gunnarsson would be trade bait, but he is still here. Perhaps his value is being grown with minutes. If we did not have Liles and Gardiner I would say we need to keep him, but we don’t. I am okay with Franson or Gunnarsson going if we get something other than picks in return . We have a lot of good prospects in the system, finally.

  29. @ Murph do you really think that would pry Getz;af from the Ducks? YOu have to be joking. Leafs fans, you have to understand one thing… Kadri BLOWS!!! he cant even stick around on the big club…. And dont take Burkes words when he says that if he isnt going to gettop 6 minutes hw should be down in the AHL to get the minutes. That is a load of crap. Getzlaf and Perry came up and was playing on the 3rd line in the same time frame (career wise) as Kadri. He is over rated. If the Leafs really wanted Getzlaf, it would take Grabo, Scheen and a 1st or 2nd. Not just Kadri, a depth D or highly toughted Prospect and a pick.