NHL Trade Rumors – January 17, 2012.

Would the Blue Jackets part with their first round pick for Ales Hemsky and  Sam Gagner?…Will Mikko Koivu’s injury push the Minnesota Wild into the trade market?…Are the Blackhawks still seeking a center?…Are the Senators planning any deals?…Is there a trade which could save the Sabres?…Are the Ducks shopping George Parros to Vancouver? Read on for the answers.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson, responding to a reader’s question, doesn’t believe the Columbus Blue Jackets would part with their first round pick (likely to be the first overall pick in the 2012 entry draft) for Ales Hemsky, Sam Gagner and the second overall pick. Matheson also thinks it’s probably other teams might have interest in Oilers fourth line forward Ben Eager.

Harding to become trade bait for a scorer?

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports the recent shoulder injury suffered by Minnesota Wild captain Mikko Koivu could throw the team into larger state of flux, leaving them with only 11 forwards. Russo said he’s been told GM Chuck Fletcher has been trying to make a trade before delving into the prospect pool. The only player who might net a top-six forward is goalie Josh Harding, noting the Tampa Bay Lightning might be looking for a goalie as long as it’s for the future. Russo noted Rangers Wojtek Wolski and Erik Christensen might be available, though it wouldn’t sufficiently address the Wild’s need. Columbus’ Derick Brassard has been taken off the market since Scott Arniel was fired as head coach. Hemsky, Tuomo Ruutu and Vinny Prospal might be available as rental players, but not as long-term options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There doesn’t appear to be many options available to Fletcher, but he has shown the willingness to make bold moves, so we shouldn’t rule out that possibility.

SUNTIMES.COM: Adam L. Jahns reports Chicago Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman would like to add a second line center but finding one may be unlikely, as it could prove too costly. Adding a winger, as well as a defenseman, appears more likely.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hemsky, Prospal and Ruutu could be targets for the Blackhawks up front. If the Canadiens drop out of playoff contention soon, Hal Gill could be an option, as could Carolina defensemen Tim Gleason or Jaroslav Spacek.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: James Gordon interviewed Senators owner Eugene Melnyk, who said if his teams “continue on our road and we’re healthy, we’ll certainly look at doing something prior to the trade deadline and, at the very least, we’ll be looking at doing something.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Don’t expect a major move by the Senators. At this stage, they would only wish to tweak the lineup.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Sabres goalie Ryan Miller doesn’t agree with the premise management must make a move now if the season is to be saved, expressing doubt such a trade exists.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If there were a season-saving trade to be had, the Sabres would’ve made it by now. If they sink much lower in the coming weeks, the Sabres will become sellers.

TSN’S Bob McKenzie reports via Twitter the Vancouver Canucks and Anaheim Ducks haven’t had a single discussion regarding Ducks enforcer George Parros.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Canucks critics have for some time claimed the team lacks a tough guy to match up against the Boston Bruins and other physical teams. Looks like some with over-active imaginations envisioned Parros as a good option.


  1. The Parros to Vancouver rumor was started by former Blue Jackets GM Doug MacLean who claimed on Sportsnet that he knows as 100% fact that the Canucks and Ducks have talked about a Parros trade.

    Anyway, as a Bruins fan I’m glad the Canucks wont be getting George Parros. I have too much respect for him to want to see him wearing the same uniform as that bunch of divers and whiners in Vancouver.

  2. Something needs to happen in Buffalo, a major trade or firing. Too much money was spend poorly in the off-season not to have any consequences

  3. If George Parros joined the Canucks I’d shave my stache and try (and fail) to cry.

  4. I want George parros in buffalo. That’s just a start but George would begin changing the soft culture in that locker room. That team as it is constructed now can not compete again Boston, the rangers, and most teams in the east. The style of play coming out of the lockout is gone . This so called core players haven’t won and won’t win. Blow this team up

  5. Canucks don’t need parros as the rangers are coming out of the east. Cheap shot artists as the bruins are,driving Raymond into the boards while his head is between your legs that’s wwe not hockey,have been exposed by the Canucks. As Carolina showed us the bruins will have a parade to the box now that the refs are allowed to call against the rats such as Marchand.

  6. Sabres need Centers not Parros. Jeff Carter might make Leino earn his contract. Sell off the UFAs and package the picks for more talent in the middle. Adam might replace Gaustad or be packaged for veteran name. Darcy is once again on the hot seat, this time with a checkbook in hand. Do something!

  7. Buffalo become sellers? That’s a good one.

    Who’s going to buy? Their summer was a string of really bad/overpaid contracts. Hope Pegula likes writing his name on a cheque cuz he’s going to be signing some unpleasant ones with too many donuts on them.

    And who are they going to sell? Other teams desire their more untouchable players and wouldn’t want anything to do with the guys that they’re trying to get rid of. That leaves… Derek Roy?

    If the Sabres are going to make a move (a blockbuster), it’s likely going to involve Ryan Miller, who’s clearly not what he was the last several years. Otherwise, you’d have to dismember their defense. Buffalo might take notes from Jersey last year and trade trade off ONE forward to see if that changes the culture of the team. When Jersey dealt Langenbrunner (sorry to say), things got way better.

  8. On Sportsnet this morning they said the Canucks may have some interest in Travis Moen from Montreal. While he may not be classified as a goon, Moen does bring a combination of size and skill and isn’t afraid to drop the gloves if called upon. Moen is a good agitator and could be a major shift disturber on a line with Laperierre. I don’t foresee the Canucks making major wholsesale changes to bring in big names, but rather low cost minor additions such as this.

  9. 1cnkgm – What exactly did “Carolina show us”? Certainly not that there would be a Bruin parade to the penalty box…Boston had only 1 minor penalty in the Carolina game which was incurred after all the scoring was over. The Hurricanes did not have a power play in the entire game (the Boston penalty was off-setting). Instead, the Hurricanes showed that it is possible to win against the Bruins when Boston takes a night off…but this season that has been the only time the Bruins look vulnerable – when they take nights off.

  10. A Bruins fans calling other teams players divers and whiners…that’s a first.

  11. Blackhawks should look towards a physical grinder type forward and a stay at home d man who could clear the crease. Hal Gill could be a good option and wouldn’t cost much.

  12. I hope habs make an offer on Parros if he’s available,god knows we could use him to play against goons like Boston!

  13. Schenn and kardi just made healthy scratches for tonight….trade?

  14. bruins fans dont whine, bettman gives em whatever they want. no need.

  15. yes, the canucks have a couple divers on their team, speaking up against the inequity of penalities, however, is not whining. The Bruins have figured out the glaring issue in the NHL regarding penatly calls – Refs even up the amount of penalties between teams, especially in the playoffs and especially if one scores on the powerplay. That being said, the bruins take there 6-8 penalties a game on vicious cheap shots that could injure players (check to see which team leads in misconducts) while still getting their Power play time as well. The issue is their competition gets called for penalties that aren’t penalites that allow the skilled bruins to score on the PP. If Boston was called for the same penalies AND their Brutal rough housing, their penalties would amount to the double digits…

  16. You heard it here first…Ryan Miller is going to Chicago with most likely Patrick Sharp coming back.

  17. There is a problem in Buffalo and Miller is right – only the players can take the steps needed to “right the ship”. It is finally refreshing to hear Miller hold himself accountable and he is right when he says “this locker room is going to be pretty much the same, if not completely the same and we gotta find it from in here [points to chest]. You can’t sit and wait for somebody else to [bleeping] do it.”

    With that being said – Darcy can make a change and bring in a leader and a winner. Someone with a Drury type of mentality – Doesn’t have to be a “first line” guy, but a player that can add a veteran presence, energy and skill. At this point, I would rather keep Roy and trade out Stafford. If in the next week or so it becomes evident that we are sellers – we do have some UFA’s/RFA’s that we can trade (Boyes, Hecht, Gaustad, Kaleta, Ennis and Gragnani) all for a total salary save of $10-12MM. This could allow for us to go after someone like Parisi.

    I’m sure Darcy is working the phones, but right now we are not sitting in the drivers seat as most of our “assets” are down in value. As we see the season slipping away – the Sabres may need to focus on next year and get as much as we can out of what we have – the thing is….I don’t want to undervalue our players just to make a trade. Perhaps the Sabres need to bring in another type of assistant coach – someone like Drury.

  18. I’m not understanding the article about Edmonton and Columbus. I followed the link and read the article. First, I hate when people say number 1 pick and number 2 pick. What does number 2 pick mean? Do they mean SECOND ROUND PICK, the team’s second pick in the draft (regardless of round), or the second pick overall pick in the draft (regardless of the team taking the pick).

    At the 2008 draft, the Kings had two first round picks. Their first picks was Drew Doughty at number 2 overall, and Colton Teubert at number 13 overall. Doughty was the Kings number 1 pick, and Teubert their number 2 pick at the 2008 draft. For the overall draft, Doughty was the number 2 pick and Teubert was the number 13 pick.

    In the article, the writer suggests that Edmonton would trade their number 2 pick. Does this mean the writer is assuming that Edmonton will end up with the second overall pick or is he offering Edmonton’s second round pick. I’m assuming it’s the latter.

    Okay, rant over.

  19. 1cnkgm and who ever else needs an education the Bruins play hockey the way it”s supposed to be played- like men. They don’t bite- cry- wine and dive like soccer players. There big- strong- fast- young- skilled and awful good and will be for a long long time. Stop making excuses and pray your team does not meet them in a 7 game series cuz they will lose and they will cry.

  20. Lightning won’t trade for Harding unless it is a roster player. Yzerman has already stated that he won’t trade picks Or prospects.

  21. Bettman’s buddy is right – the Bruins play the same style the Ducks played a couple of years ago. Take as many liberties as you want because you’ll still end up even when it comes to power play opportunities. But at least the Ducks were only successful for one year, we’ll see about the Bruins…


    When they say #1 pick, they mean their first round pick, if they say second, then they mean their second round pick. That being said, it still leaves a lot wide open as getting Edmonton’s first round pick is a big difference than getting Boston’s first rounder. It’s all a crap shoot as unless the trade is made on draft day, you don’t know where the pick you will be trading for will end up being in the pecking order. First, where will the team end up in standings ? Second, how will the fare in lottery selection, etc. Also, what if it’s a 2013 pick, then even less is known. Can be dangerous, just ask the Maple Leafs, don’t think they ever thought that getting Kessel would cost them Tyler Seguin and Dougie Hamilton.

  23. So Edmonton would trade two players they’ve drafted themselves in the 1st round (Hemsky and Gagner) plus this year’s first rounder for Columbus’s first rounder? Why not throw in Hall, Eberle, and Nugent-Hopkins too?

  24. Hey BruinsMike, I’m a Bruins fan, love them, named my first born after Cam Neely. Shut up already about whiners and divers. Have a look at our reputation lately.
    Lucic on Miller was an absolute joke, He’s lucky Jeremy Jacobs is best friends with Bettman.
    Marchand on Salo, disgusting. Good way to end the career of one of the cleanest players in hockey.
    Why is it you have so much respect for George Parros, you related? Have you ever sat down for dinner or a drink with the guy?
    Do all the fans of both the Bruins and Canucks a favor and leave it alone. The best team won the Stanley Cup last year, and the best team won the game on Jan. 6th (awesome game by the way).

  25. Steve, Have you looked at the money committed already to next year for the Sabres? I’m going to say you didn’t. They have $58.5 mill towards the 2012-13 season. You have to replace your UFA’s and RFA’s with other bodies. The Sabres need to deal contracts that aren’t expiring at the end of this season. Problem is, Darcy has not made an in season trade in 10 years (this does not include the trade deadline). This team is in cap prison and will have a lot in common with the Devils of last year if Darcy doesn’t grow a pair and start moving out his garbage.

  26. Bruins fans please take off the holier than thou glasses, cheap hits lucic hitting miller1/2 his size yep pretty brave. The predatory hit by the rat Marchand on Salo, ya Salo was comin to get him and he had to protect himself lol. Did anyone else see Marchand punching Salo in the back of the head after they collided? What a baby, as for the coach and gm of Boston defending this guy just tells ya Boston has no idea what clean rough hockey is. Playing against Avery and Cooke has really given the Boston group the wrong idea of hockey. Thornton is one of my most respected players,tough gritty and classy. Never see him run smaller players, plays with the soft pads hits shoulder to shoulder and drops the gloves when needed. So obe1 I don’t cry when we lose to the bruins, for the record I took Boston all the way last year. But just as teams took note on what it takes to beat the Canucks so do teams see that the bruins are able to be taken advantage of on the power play do to lack of disapline. I also remember the whining and crying and lobbing done by the bruins when Rome hit a Horton while admiring his pass while crossing the blue line that was. Hockey hit, at least closer to one than my bruins examples. So I guess the bruins can “play tough” just as so long no one does .

  27. The Bruins have some great players, some good players and some of the other kind including an ” enforcer” but when another team (Vancouver) is rumored to be getting someone who can kick every ass on the Bruins including their toughest guy all you hear is whinnying by the Bruin faithful. What’s wrong Bruin fans are you afraid that your big tough team will have to stop punching two little non-fighting Swedes and have to answer for their schoolyard bullying tactics?
    Yes, the Canucks have a couple of divers and maybe even a whiner or two but the Canucks do not have a rat and a couple of players who like to pretend they are playing for the old Broad Street Bullies. Talk about throwbacks to the movie Slap Sot days.

  28. Scotty b. I Agee with you,the better team did win last year,( congrats ) , Canucks had a better game last meeting. Arguably best game to watch all season.

  29. GoalieFreak; Absolutely ZERO chance of hawks trading for Miller. That would be the worst trade of all time, especially if they gave up Patrick Sharp. The team would be significantly worse and Bowman wouldn’t consider such a move. Not sure where all these Miller to Chicago rumors started, but they’re ridiculous. Not happening!

  30. Yes, Sabres need centers. No doubt. Need toughness too. I’m tired of seeing these guys playing soft. Boring hockey. Parros would be part of a package. Have u been to a Sabres home game ? BORING !!!

  31. George Parros is a Duck for life…end of discussion!

  32. George Parros is a Duck for life…end of discussion!

  33. there is an advantage to playing on and sometimes over the edge ( re: Bruins ). The opposing teams skilled players can’t wheel around with their heads down and go into the ‘dirty’ zones without being somewhat concerned about their well being.
    The Bruins have a talented team that can beat you with skill *( & goaltending ) or by pounding you with checks or fists ( & some illegal stuff too ). The modern day version of the Broad Street Bullies. They are going to be in the mix for the next few years and the hometown fans love it. Get used to it.
    Would be good to see the B’s and Canucks back in the final again to put this debate to sleep once and for all

  34. Thank you Scotty B. Man that was refreshing.
    I think Fergy has it right too. Teams like that are part of hockey; no point crying foul. What I can’t stand is the argument that the B’s are misunderstood and persecuted, and only get dirty after being provoked. That is some bull. Just be the tough team.
    As a Canuck fan (known to be quite a dick at times), I will agree that the best team won in the final. Sadly, they were favored by horrendous officiating, but probably would have won anyway. The media’s orgy of character assasination was extremely disappointing however. Shame on all the parrots.
    Anyway, hooray for rivalry.

  35. +1 to Scotty B, nice to see a Boston fan who can take off the blinders and manage some respect for other teams.

  36. Rome’s hit broke all the rules and was no hockey hit. He 1 – headshot, 2 – left his feet in the hit 3 – flanked (blindside), 4 – was late. Rome knew full well what he was trying to get away with when he made the hit. Horton was out for the rest of the series because of that. Vancouver would have made the trade off anyway. Game breaker for one of their pylons.

    Parros is a side show. Ducks can keep him. Sure he’s prestigious but that’s about all he brings to the table. Why not trade for the Hansen brothers while you’re at it? Lace up a pair of skates on Lady Gaga.

  37. As a Bruins fan I’ve seen bad hits and dirty plays on both sides of the ice.
    Vancouver uses sticks between the legs and teeth to irritate their opponents.
    Bruins use their fists.
    Don’t forget Savard,Bergeron and Horton have been on the receiving end of bad hits.
    Marchand is an aggetator but also a top scorer for us.
    I still don’t see the problem with his ducking to avoid a hit he’s done it a dozen times before
    even in the finals last year and never been penalized before.
    I don’t want to see anyone injured on any team but this is hockey not soccer.

  38. You Bruins fan will stop bragging around sooner or later, remember Thomas is only 38-39 yrs old ….lollll And forget about Tuuka Rask, he will NEVER be able to make miracles like Thomas does. So in about 2 or 3 years max, your reign will be done ! habs are going to takeover.Get Patrick Roy has a headcoach, and a real good GM. No Pierre Gauthier, or Bob Gainey like. Someone with caractere and passion, who knows whats a team needs to win. Hopefully they will sign A.Kostitsyn. And i think we should get bigger down the middle, even if it means sacraficing Tomas Plekanec + picks or ^prospects vs Staal or Getzlaf . If i where montreals Gm, I’d Ask whats the price to acquire Blake Wheeler out of Winnipeg a big tough body, at 6foot 5 he could surely contribute to montreals offense

  39. ^ Is this satire?

  40. Montreal will not be a cup contender for a minimum 5 years, and that’s only if they play their cards right. Their a dreadful team, and the misguided fans care more about their coach speaking french than they do having a winning team. Enjoy your rich history because the glory days are long long gone. The way they traded Cammallari was the most unprofessional thing I’ve seen in a while, and it only furthers the point that they just don’t have their shit together.

  41. “former Blue Jacket GM” that association in itself has just dropped the creditibility down to Eklund levels.

  42. “I still don’t see the problem with his ducking to avoid a hit ” — you have got to be kidding. Never played hockey? Sure sounds like it. Turtling is dirty and not an acceptable hockey play at any time. Ballard does it and should get his melon pounded for it.

    I don’t really want to get involved with a Rome-Horton discussion, cause why split hairs on a dirty hit, but I will speak up if you’re going to fabricate a story to make it worse.
    “left feet” – Nope. Straight nope. Are you wearing invention goggles?
    “hit head” -Nope. Hit shoulder; his head hit the ice. Otherwise it would have been 2 minutes.
    “flanked” – Nope. Head on. Horton looking backward. (The Savard hit was blindside….you may need a trig course to get clear on angles)
    “Late” – YES!!!! We have a winner. It was a late hit. Not worth 4 games but very much suspendable. Optics kind of demanded that it be 4 games and I never made a fuss about it.

  43. habs should get the best gm and the best coach period, i seriously don’t give a damn if he speaks french or not( and i’m french by the way) i just want them to win period. but if we can get that speak both language, well its a plus ! i’m thinking of Patrick Roy, he paid his dues in the minors with the rempart, beeing both coach and gm, and was able to be a top team in each year he’s been there.

  44. How bout this; To the Wild = Parise ( replaces Koivu and is a MN native ), to NJ = Harding ( goalie of the future for the Devils ), Brodziak ( serviceable cheap center to fill the void at center ), Greg Zanon ( a defensmen that would fit in nice with the Devils style of play ). Yes I know Brodziak is not Parise but I’m not trying to replace Parise with Brodziak. Brodziak would simply be a body that the Devils could use somewhere down the middle. Harding would be the key that the Devils would be getting. Also lets not go crazy with the value of Parise he is a pending UFA potential rental. If it was a sign and trade then Minny could through in a prospect or draft pick or both if needed.

  45. Everyone whining about Team X being the dirtiest bunch of goons in the league, do us all a favor and shut up. Every team in the league has been the victim and perpetrator of dirty hits. The reality is, until enough time, hearings and suspensions occur, this will be the status quo in the NHL. It’s not a pissing contest, it’s embarassing. Grow up some.

  46. You can debate it all day and assert your point; I don’t play that philosophical game because it’s useless.

    Fact is, he got the series and they made the right call.

  47. @Kc wow that trade is god awful for NJ

  48. Jrd 18 sharks and leaf’s have been rumored to be talking and the Sharks have scratched ryane clowe could be a possible trade watch that story

  49. The Montreal Canadians had some great championship teams in past years ( ie 1976 – 1979), As some will say, the glory years. Hopefully any moves Montreal makes at trade deadline will only reflect the immediate needs but future needs also. Montreal will win again. Its just a matter of time, Although many of the non Habs fans are correct in saying the Canadians are not a good team at this time in their history, they need only look in their own history books before they throw all the B.S around. As for the french issue, you can’t blame the Fans of Quebec for their desire for some french speaking sons. After all their native french sons can’t be too bad considering the cups many have helped put in various Cities around the league. I will also agree Montreals GM has to go. We need a dam good hockey man in charge. Go Habs Go

  50. @ Tuxedo…love that phrase “Invention Goggles” LMFAO

    @ Alex. Seriously you need a dose of reality. The Habs are sinking. It’s OK, it happens to every team sooner or later. Then after years of rebuilding they will find their way back. Their is only one St. Patrick, and he came from Ireland.

    Patrick Roy will not solve the problems that Montreal has, except for consoling the media who will love him, as will the disillusioned fans that you are trying to distance yourself from. Roy has NHL player experience. Good. Il Parlez Francais. Bon. He has coached a junior team successfully. Good. He has zero experience in any capacity coaching at the NHL level, including the AHL. Bad. Non, tres fatale.

    Unfortunately Montreal keeps chasing away or firing any experienced Coach or GM who speaks French, and they are running out of prospects.

    If the Habs hire Patrick Roy, it will be because there is no one left, he speaks French, is a media darling, and reliable for a good quote in the newspaper. Not because he is experienced or competent enough to be the coach that Montreal needs.

  51. The Habs will chase Roy, but after the sideshow this year, do you honestly think Roy wants to come back and coach them? If he’s coaching anyone, it’s the Avalanche. Those fans didn’t boo him off the team.

    Roy is rich: he doesn’t need the stresses of coaching a franchise that puts too much pressure on itself. I’m pretty sure he’d rather coach a minor league team and have a good time with it than coach the Canadiens and have to talk with the media after every game and explain to them why they aren’t leading the league in points or winning the Stanley Cup.

    Martin was one of the good things going for the club and they fired him. Essentially the GM fired the coach because he failed as a GM and let good d-men go without replacing them.

  52. I know the Sens wont go the major acquisition route, but I bet they don’t go for the minor tinker either. They will make a decent splash and get a legit 2nd line winger like Hensky or someone along those lines…. Book it.