NHL Trade Rumors – February 20, 2012.

An NHL trade deadline primer, updates on Derek Roy, Evgeni Nabokov and Sergei Gonchar, plus the latest on the Sharks, Coyotes and Penguins.

TORONTO STAR: Kevin McGran presents a comprehensive primer for the upcoming NHL trade deadline.

BUFFALO NEWS: Bucky Gleason reports Sabres center Derek Roy could be facing his final days in Buffalo, though management has not indicated to him the possibility he could be moved. Roy claimed ignorance about being mentioned in trade rumors, adding he wants to remain a Sabre.

Isles and Nabokov to talk contract.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports contract talks will begin soon between the NY Islanders and the agent for goaltender Evgeni Nabokov. There’s no guarantee Nabokov will re-sign, but GM Garth Snow reiterated he’s not shopping the veteran goalie at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That won’t stop the speculation, from sources outside the New York area, Nabokov could be available, but it’s obvious Snow has no plans to move him.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators defenseman Sergei Gonchar doesn’t want to be dealt, pointing to the club’s improvement this season as one reason he wants to stay.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators have no reason to move Gonchar, who has one year remaining on his contract, and provides a steady veteran presence to their blueline. My guess is he stays put.

MERCURYNEWS.COM: Mark Purdy reports the struggling San Jose Sharks need to add scoring punch. “The names are out there, the possible acquisitions and usual suspects who could add some juice to the roster: Teemu Selanne, Ryan Smyth, Jarome Iginla, Tuomo Ruutu, and especially Rick Nash. But here’s the bad news: None of those players may be available to be picked up in a reasonable deal, or even available at all. Things seem to be breaking that way.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg. Of those players listed, Selanne, Smyth and Iginla aren’t available. Ruutu might be, but the Hurricanes are trying to re-sing him. Nash is available, but the asking price is, as Purdy noted, likely too rich for the Sharks. If the Sharks are shopping for a scorer, and I wouldn’t doubt GM Doug Wilson is, he’ll have to find an affordable option. My suggestions: Montreal’s Andrei Kostitsyn, Colorado’s David Jones, Buffalo’s Drew Stafford.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Jim Gintonio reports Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney is likely to be quiet at this year’s deadline, expressing his happiness over the club’s performance in the past two weeks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Coyotes are riding an eight game unbeaten streak (7-0-1) and are within two points of first in the Pacific Division. Little wonder Maloney could stand pat.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Dejan Kovacevic doubts the Penguins will be active at the trade deadline.


  1. Mr Spector …I agree with you almost 99% of the time but there are 3 reasons why they need to move Gonchar ASAP……..#1) .$5.5 million is one reason ….
    2) I believe that Murray wants to make a huge run at Shea Weber and Gonchars salary is %90 of what Weber would get or want ….
    3) Hes too Old for the direction of that team and brings nothing to the table!

    I see Murray trying to land a big fish defenseman if he gets the chance!
    I am a Leaf fan so just an observation!

  2. nabakov to tampa. selanne has a cup and he should either retire as a duck or jet. i dont see him chasing the cup on detroit. they won 23 games at home, i’m not sure he’ll help unless they only play him on the road. i wonder if burke’s trying to get a 3 way deal done to get nash and jvr.

  3. Here is my Biggie Trade
    Since Ducks are withing shouting distance of 8th place, doubt Murray will do anything big BUT here is one he should consider, go to Kings today and if Kings are still thinking of making a big move before deadline, offer them Hagman for Penner. That would clear out 4.25 in cap space for the Kings whereas Hagman is only 1.5, that frees up 2.75 million in cap space for Kings. What does it do for Ducks ? Penner had some good years with Ducks playing left wing next to Getzlaf, in effect Penner would have a 20 game trial to see if he has anything left with a center he has some success with.

  4. I disagree with Dejan Kovacevic. I think the Penguins will be active at the trade deadline. What may be different here is how much that activeness pays off in a deal. I have full confidence that Shero will be looking at any way to better improve the club but a deal will come down to the right players at the right price. I suspect that will come most likely as some depth on the back end or a useful winger.

  5. Anaheim might well catch up and make the playoffs. It’s not the first time they’ve done second half heroics… if you look back on the past, they’ve done it a few times.

  6. Killer, your # 1 reason for moving Gonchar is also the #1 reason they can’t or won’t be able to move him, assuming that they actually want to. At his age $5.5M is a big salary and his contract goes for one more season. Not saying it can’t happen but I believe it’s less than likely. As per Weber, should he come available no doubt there would be a number of teams that would be seeking his services not just Ottawa.
    My continued belief is that the Senator’s are not going to be active this trade deadline unless it’s for an inexpensive rental (if there is such thing) or a player who can figure into their medium to long term plans.

  7. Also to add to Renzir’s point, there are a lot better teams than Ottawa looking for Weber. If he moves it will be to a team better than Nashville, not another team that struggles to make it out of the first round.

  8. I’m pretty sure with what Nashville just paid for Gill, they aren’t moving anybody.. and are buyers making a run at the cup. Weber isn’t going anywhere.

  9. Speaking of Nashville, if the Sens aren’t going to play Konopka, the Preds could use him. Konopka has won over 58% of his face-offs and the Preds are below 50% on the season. It would be a nice depth pick up for the postseason.

  10. Jones would be a good fit in Boston , especially with Horton’s uncertainty and Peverly on the limp

  11. @HABS_FTW excellent point. Gill was VERY pricey and they over-spent bigtime to get him. That raises the bar and market price for everyone else. Not that Gill is a bad player but….he’s long since not a #1 or #2….Look who Nashville already has there……
    As for Maloney standing pat….With as much organizational depth as he has….their current injuries will dictate what he does or does not do, as well as their playoff position. He has shown an amazing ability to get good deals over the years.

  12. pens need to add secondary scoring, back-up goalie and physical presence, get rid of the figure skating wingers.

  13. Sharks definitely cannot fit Stafford under the cap. I’d prefer to see them go after a guy like Teddy Purcell.

  14. Gonchar has a full NMC until 2013…. So, if he doesn’t wanna go anywhere he doesn’t have to.

  15. I see there being very little movement, or a bunch of 4th line guys, too many movement clauses, and too many teams getting close, or way too far away. Now come draft, and it could be interesting

  16. Selanne is presumed to be unavailable because the Ducks have stated they aren’t shopping him and that is most likely because since he has a NTC he has expressed that he isn’t interested in being a rental and the subsequent upheaval of his life.

    HOWEVER, San Jose is an organization in the same state that Selanne has played for and if by next Monday the Ducks don’t think they can finish their push for 8th I think there might at the very least be some discussion between Doug Wilson and Bob Murray.

  17. Pens trade TK and 4th rounder for Rutu or Kostetison; a depth winger so they can keep Neal/Malkin/Kunitz line together when Crosby comes back. Also Crosby will have quality wingers in Dupis/Trade Intake. Now you two huge production lines, a power line in Staal line, and a depth line. With great defense and Flouer in the cage your all most unbeatable.

  18. Nash won’t be dealt until the end of the season. Only the Flyers can offer what Columbus want right now. Better wait.

    Ruutu will stay in Carolina. He’s a fit in Carolina.

    Kostitsyn will be dealt by the end of the week.

    Moen will be dealt before the the trade deadline, if healthy.

    Habs could be part with Plekanec as well. Gionta would leave too if he was healthy.

    Gauthier made two good deals (Cammalleri and Gill). Even if he’s gone by the end of the season, he will at least leave the house clean for the next GM, Pat Roy.

  19. Hey Ryan (sweet name!) the Leafs don’t have the assets to acquire both Rick Nash and JVR.

  20. No, we don’t want Kostitsyn’s bad attitude and questionable work ethic in Pittsburgh. Why go for a less talented, younger Kovalev when we tried the real thing last year.