NHL Trade Rumors – February 21, 2012.

The latest on the Blue Jackets, Kings, Panthers, Senators, Sabres, Flyers, and Rangers, plus a look at which teams have the cap space to make deadline moves.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH:Aaron Portzline reports Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson is still waiting for the right price for Rick Nash. He also said no player was off-limits, other than those with movement clauses in their contracts. Sources also say the Blue Jackets have received inquiries about R.J. Umberger and Derick Brassard.

TSN’s Darren Dreger last night reported the Flyers are out of the bidding for Rick Nash at the current asking price. Dreger feels the NY Rangers are the front-runners.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jackets might have an easier time moving Umberger and Brassard than Nash and Jeff Carter at this time of year. Still, there’s always a possibility a desperate team – hello there, LA Kings – might be willing to move on Nash or Carter. Speaking of the Kings…

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Helene Elliott reports this week could be the most important of Dean Lombardi’s tenure as Kings GM. His team is in danger of missing the playoffs, and if that happens it could cost him his job. If he lands a scoring forward it might salvage the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Kings are the lowest scoring team in the NHL. A team like that usually doesn’t make the playoffs, and if not for Jonathan Quick’s goaltending, the Kings wouldn’t stand a chance. Lombardi must bolster his offense or his team’s playoff hopes could be in jeopardy, as could his job.

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Mike Beradino reports on what Panthers GM Dale Tallon might do to bolster his club at the trade deadline. One thing Tallon won’t do is acquire a quick-fix, stressing the importance of finding a deal which helps his team now and in the future.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators team owner Eugene Melnyk didn’t close the door on the possibility of GM Bryan Murray trying to move the contracts of expensive players if it could bring the Senators young players. That prompted Garrioch to speculate defensemen Sergei Gonchar and Filip Kuba could be on the move, though Murray told Melnyk no changes are necessary.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kuba’s a UFA, Gonchar has one year left on his contract. Murray doesn’t believe changes are needed, so why would they move Kuba and Gonchar? I’ll be surprised if either guy is dealt by the deadline.

BUFFALO NEWS: The trade deadline looms over the Sabres roster.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio believes shoring up the Flyers defense doesn’t address their real problem: goaltending. “There is a feeling the Flyers would move Bobrovsky if they could get a cheap, reliable goalie to fall back on if Bryzgalov fails to pull himself together’, writes Panaccio. “Evgeni Nabokov of the Islanders would be a perfect fit.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unfortunately, Islanders GM Garth Snow has repeatedly said he’s not shopping Nabokov. Ultimately, the Flyers are probably stuck with the goalies they started this season with, for better or worse.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Pat Leonard reports Rangers forward Wojtek Wolski acknowledged the possibility he could be traded by the deadline.

TSN.CA: Matthew Wuest of CapGeek.com looks at which NHL teams have the cap space to make moves at the trade deadline.


  1. I wonder if Philly considers sending Bobrovsky down to the farm and tells Michael Leighton to dust of his pads. That might spark the team a bit given what he has done in the past when very little was expected.

    Yeah I know Leighton is 30, but he is also a UFA at the end of this season. There would be no better time for him to put on a show, and maybe ( although Bobrovsky did not do it ) its the kick in the ass Brymouthoff needs. Bobrovsky gets to ride the bus for a while with a lot less lunch money, and so then maybe he gets the message too.

  2. That was also my way of saying no way the Islanders give up Nabokov, so forget about it.

  3. Dean Lombardi has done everything right EXCEPT deadline deals. He picks winners at the draft, he brings in good free agents in July, but trade deadline deals have sucked. The worst was probably Penner. I seriously hope Lombardi doesn’t contemplate giving trading chips out of desperation. My hope is that the Kings get either a long term fix or a cast-off on the cheap.

  4. i am a die hard ranger fan but i dont think this year wolski got a fair chance he fell in the avery catagory torts dont like him so wont play him so what can we get for him nothing instead we play a defenceman as a foward who takes a lot of penalties

  5. Murph – I’m pretty sure Bobrovsky can’t be sent down as he’s started too many games and crossed the threshold of being eligible for waivers. Same with Leighton, I believe he would have to clear re-entries before being brought up.

    Right now, there is NO good solution to Philly’s goaltending issues. Bobrovsky is a better goalie than the media and fans give him credit for, he just has no help from his defense.
    Bryzgalov is another issue altogether. He just has no confidence in himself and in Philly, that dog doesn’t hunt. Ilya has to spend the offseason with a shrink to get some ice in his veins so he can perform under the pressure of a contending team instead of a pretender like Phoenix where he put up half-decent numbers (aside from last season’s playoff collapse, ironically when there was pressure).

    I thought Bryz was the wrong move for the Flyers when they made it and would have been better off signing Vokoun or Giguere as a short-term mentor for Bobrovsky. I think Paul Holmgren is slowly coming to that conclusion too, but there’s just no way out of it now. Bryzgalov has been god-awful at most points of the season and is the main reason why Philly is mired closer to the bottom of the playoff race than the top of it.

  6. I am a die hard Buffalo Sabres fan. What will the Sabres do at the trade deadline? Are they buyers or sellers this year. No one seems to be safe on the Sabres roster and for good reason. When Mr Pegula said he wanted to bring Stanley Cups to this city gave Darcy Regier his checkbook and said go get me some players who can bring a stanley cup to Buffalo, I don’t think this is what he had in mind.

  7. Philly is scared to bring up Leighton b/c he has to clear waivers…Otherwise he would have been there already.

  8. I’m NOT a Philly fan but Giggy in Colorado might make sense if he’s available – making a move with a Western Conference team makes sense and he probably wouldn’t cost you much. He’d be a calming influence on Bryzgalov and has a Conn Smythe under his belt – seems like a good fit – Holmer should give them a call…

  9. Typical Flyer beat writers suggesting another band aid, and you wonder why the culture haven’t changed. Sure, why not give up a young, high potiental goalie in Bobrovsky for an old, semi washed up goalie in Nabokov. Just a silly suggestion.

    “The trade deadline looms over the Sabres roster.”………………………….sorry Spector, this update speaks for itself!

  10. IF and that’s a big If the Sabres decide to move Miller then Burke should be using everything in his power to land him. This type of goaltender doesn’t come along very often and with two more years at only $6.25M for Miller’s experience on top the fact he’s only 30 yrs old makes the most sence for the Leafs out of any trade bantered about so far. Forget Nash, Carter, and all the others mentioned. The Leafs need Goaltending more than anything and Miller would provide that stability the Leaf defence needs.

  11. I think it’s silly to suggest that it would not be possible for The Flyers to get a goalie like JSG or Nabby, especially when they have assets like JVR. The Flyers are very deep at forward position. I expect JVR + Bob to be moved for a package that brings back a goalie. What team would not want a top 6 forward???

  12. I’d love to see the leafs land Miller..it’s their most glaring hole at the moment..on a side note..Swiss and I may be the only 2 ppl in the world that can spell “sense”

  13. Has anyone noticed that when A goalie from the west comes and plays for a eastern team, they struggle? Smith, Bryzgalov and Giguere? Yet a eastern goalie goes (or goes back) to the west they play better? Elliot, Luongo and Smith?

  14. i would like the flyers to trade bob and van reimsdyk for bernier and penner

  15. “@ JD…Dean Lombardi has done everything right”

    Not sure that’s how I’d describe the Doughty and Cammalieri contract negotiations, or the Gagne signing.

  16. To me it makes no sense that the flyers keep Bobrovsky, I’m almost positive that he is going to be an UFA this free agency. He seems like he has a promising future if given the right opportunity, however it is pretty clear he doesn’t do well in a backup role. Why would the flyers let him walk at the end of the season for nothing in return? Bryz is the goalie for this year and unfortunately for years to come. That being said, what kind of return could the flyers expect for Bob? Why not package Bob and JVR and ship them to Avs, get Giguere and David Jones and draftpicks/prospects as a return?

  17. I honestly don’t understand why Nabokov isn’t available? Unless he loves playing there now and Snow is positive he will resign. They’re not making the playoffs and it seems likely that he will walk for nothing on July 1st to go to a cup contender. Why lose him for nothing unless you can get him resigned before next week…

  18. And of course immediately after that post, just read that Nabokov has begun contract negotiations with the islanders. Perhaps he does want to stay there after all…

  19. I just want to comment on Murphs point about the Islanders not giving up Nabokov They claimed him off waivers last year and he was so pissed about it that he held out and didn’t play a game for them. The only way for him to get off Long Island is for him to play this year (which he is contractually obligated to) for the Islanders and basically showcase his talents to the league before he becomes a UFA on July 1st. He is playing really well right now and can bring back a good return. They would be stupid not to trade him because he will walk away for nothing at the end of the year, correction he will run away at the end of the year

  20. @tuxedo

    I would have made Doughty sit out personally. I think the contract is too expensive, but what are you going to do. Camamlleri was asking way too much money for a guy who had only been in the league a few years. I would suggest that the fact that Cammalleri has had to call the moving truck several times in his short career speeks volumes. I like the Gagne signing. Unfortunately he is injured. That’s a risk you take.

  21. The Kings have the pieces that Columbus wants for Nash despite Leaf fans hoping for Nash to come there. Carter would be a more likely option for Burke but his contract, although long term affordable , is not a Burke type of contract nor is Carter’s lack of puck distribution skills exactly good news for Kessel or Lupul either despite his overall good numbers.

    Goalkeeping though is where I’m most concerned as Gus and Reimer are not consistent enough to be #1’s on anybody’s team must less a team as inconsistent at defensive duties as the Leafs are. Depending on ride to the rink that day, both can either stop bullets or both can whiff on beach balls.

    The best goaltender out there who’s not actively being shopped is Ryan Miller but Darcy Regier would never agree to trade him directly to Toronto especially since Miller has an excellent career record against the Leafs. Miller’s preference is to play on the West Coast where his wife is and any deal involving Miller being moved is likely an off season thing when teams have more disposable income

    As badly as the Leafs stink under Wilson, it would not surprise me in the least for Burke to do little or nothing and let things basically stand as is, watch it sink, and then be forced to let Wilson go when they miss the playoffs..again.

  22. Philly has had goalie issues for a while, and the next guy brought in plays well for a short time, and then fades, the market is hard on goalies, and they don’t get help from the team defensively. They need a goalie that doesn’t care what is said, and just goes out and plays, there aren’t many like that anymore

  23. Even so nyi should still fetch something than resign him in July

  24. The Kings are fine they dont need to blow up there roster for one player Especially Nash or Carter with there contracts no thank you, OK, Kopiter WAKE UP… Brown WAKE UP CAPTAIN… Richards WAKE UP these guys need to get it going that’s what the problem is I’m sick of these guys not showing no heart especially Kopiter he looks so lost on the ICE and Brown is just so simple and predictable it’s sad….As of trades just keep it easy go after Drew Stafford & Brad Boyes from Buffalo guys that drive and can shoot the puck …or even maybe David Jones from Colorado or Chris Stewart of St. Louis …..Don’t trade Johnson unless you get a good return and keep Bernier till the draft (more value and can get a 1st rounder or a top prospect in return in the summer)…If kings don’t make the playoffs please trade Richards for Paul Stastny and get rid of Williams and Gagne !!!!
    Let Penner, Stoll, Hunter,Mitchell and Frasier walk as FA unless we can trade them for picks in the deadline or package them in a deal !! Go After Zach Parise hard pay him the money !!! imagine the line up for next year !

  25. dubinsky for nash? the guy has a high of 24 goals and is at 25 pts in 50+ games this year. way overrated!

  26. Agreed on Dubinsky and Del Zotto… they have a half decent year and suddenly the announcers talk about them like they’re the next big thing, just because they’re wearing blue shirts.

    If I was Howson, I’d worry about dealing with the Rangers. They’re not likely to get what they’re looking for from them. Rangers are where they’re at because of one reason: Lundqvist… the rest is smoke and mirrors.

  27. Next years line up
    Parise(FA) Kopiter Stanford (Buf trade)
    Semin (FA) Stastny (traded Richards) Brown
    King Toffoli Brett Connolly(trade for Bernier with TB)
    Clifford Lewis Nolan
    Doughty/ Hickey (prospect 1st round)
    Greene /Forbert(prospect 1st round)
    Scuderi Voynov
    Quick /
    Not KINGS ANYMORE-Johnsn,Beriner, Loktionov,Williams,Gagne, Penner,Stoll,Frasier,Richards,Richardson,Mitchell,Parse, and Kings Assistant coach Kompan what ever is name is !

  28. Dean Lombardi has done a good job, not a great job! he has drafted some really good talent and some really bad too. the same for his off season signings!

    Gange was a good sign, he didnt pay very much for a guy that would be awesome to have in the playoffs (if they make it this year). everone knew that he was injury prone, so it was a gamble, it didnt work out for the regular season, but still maybe a good signing for the playoffs.

    everyone knew penner was lazy and needed the right motiovation, and what would be better than to bring him back to where he played his best!

    as for drew doughty and that drama of a contract, well, it was defently ugly, and that had a lot to do with DD’s agent and Dean (very bad past with every signing between those two, and truth be knowin, if it wasnt for DD calling Dean without his agent knowing, they probably would still be in a stand off!), but wait and see, drew well be a sure thing on the blue line and NHL awards for years to come, he is just having a bad year, like the rest of the kings!!

    for all these reason that people throw Dean Lombardi under the bus, i dont! Penner was a bust, but he could have been a huge plus and gange could have (and still could be) a huge lift for a young team. evey GM has these types of deals that if they work out they ae amazing and if they dont, well its a sad thing but not the end of the world.

    but what i do throw him under the bus if for some of the complete bone head things he’s done with the young tallent!!! Teddy Percel, i mean come on!!!!! serioulsy???? im still in awe over that! and another prime situation is moller! he’s now playing in the swedish elite league. these are just two of many many examples of young guys who could have help out tremendously with these scoring problems.i know i’m not a GM and that everyone can make mistakes, but i have alwayed question his judgment of talent.

    the kings do need to do something to get the ship back on track, but im not sure if carter or nash is the answer. i do belive those two could really do wounders on that team, but then thats a lot of money spent on star power, and that means people who do the gritty hard working jobs like stoll get left out. i think someone ryder, Krejci, Marchand, Lucic, Pacioretty, Wheeler……… would be all that it takes to get things rolling again in tinseltown.

    but as i have stated, i am not a GM, just a fan. i well always queston GM’s judgment and decisions, cause its always easyer when the fans are not in the spotlight and dont have to worry about losing their jobs because of a bad trade! Thanks for all the updates and rumors Spector! i have been telling everyone i know about your site and to follow you on twitter!! keep up the amazing work!!

  29. As a Leaf fan I am torn between doing the “big” deadline deal and staying the course of the rebuild. With that said I think the opportunity to do the proper rebuild was done in with the Kessel deal. The truth of the matter is Burke was wrong about where the team stood at the time and wasn’t expecting the picks to end up being as high as they were. To his credit he has said that he misjudged the talent of the team but unfortunitly it wasn’t until the trade was completed.
    We could look at the “what ifs and shoulda, coulda, wouldas” all we want but it isn’t going to change the fact that the Leafs are no longer in the place to do a proper rebuild through the draft. That dosen’t mean that I want to sell the farm for 1 guy right now. It almost never works out that the team trading for a superstar gets what they paid for (see Scott Gomez). I see Rick Nash as a huge risk to the Leafs because they will have to undo most of the good they have achieved to aquire Nash. As a skeptic I loook at Nash’s numbers this year and his career highs and say, “really not that impressive.” That cap hit is something I would expect for a Malkin, Crosby or Stamkos type player. Someone who is a centerpiece for a team. Maybe Nash is that for the BJs but that could be because they really don’t have anyone else to put up that title on. What I mean I think Nash’s worth to the BJs is exaggerated beyond what it might be for another team in a strong hockey market. Do you think that the team that gets Nash is getting the face of their franchise? I don’t.
    I would rather see the leafs make a pitch for Miller, the leafs have a much better track record with Goalies, “Joseph and Belfour” as the most recent sucesses. I know they weren’t brought in by trades I an just pointing out the sucsess level they had. Too many times this year I have seen the team competing only to be deflated by that “weak” goal. Anyone who watchs the Leafs will know what I mean. Sure up the net and you will see this team not only make the playoffs but maybe even frighten a team or two along the way.

  30. Hey, I think Homer made a great move in bringing Bob over from Russia. The kid’s got the potential, he’s in his sophomore season, did great as a rookie, but playoff fever got him. Giv ehim a couple of years to mature instead of constantly speculating that it’s always a goaltender issue. Sorry but if the defense can’t shutdown TWO shorthanded goals, one of them being on a 5 on 3, then it isn’t a goaltending issue. Let’s see what Grossman and Kubina do as the blue line’s been beefed up with a rental player and potential future asset to the team…Snider always prep for a Cup run whether he’s got the right team or not…Yeah, they may flounder in the playoffs, but with 9 rookies on the roster, you gotta give them credit for helping out as much as they have…Instant experience, thrown right into the fire this season should equal a head start for next season…

  31. Man, I bet Dean feels Dumb now I remember The Penguins offered Malkin for the kings 2nd pick (Doughty) in the draft that year and Dean rejected that trade wow …Also I don’t believe the kings didn’t trade Beriner & Brown and there 2nd (Doughty) for Stamkos in the draft either that year two big time bad moves by Dean

  32. @MJR you’re funny.

    del zotto is all of 22yrs old and has grown a ton in a year on the defensive side of the game. dubinsky may not be putting up the type points they would like him to put up right now, but he’s one of their best penalty killers, plays all forward positions and will eventually start scoring.

    as far as smoke and mirrors, 1st in and 11th in scoring is probably why they are where they are. playing strong against the leagues best is probably another. and lastly, team chemistry, which bring us all the way back to why you cant get rid of dubinsky and del zotto.

    read funny tweet about reimer. maybe optimus reim can transform into a #1 goalie. lol

  33. also, i dont think anyone is saying either of them is the next “big thing”, but we all know their value to the team.

  34. How perfect can it get, Colombus and the Sharks play tonight. I hope Nash has his bags packed for California weather. The Sharks picked up D. Moore right before we played Tampa maybe it’s time for DW to work some trade deadline magic.

    We have the cap space the trade pieces and the need for some more scoring, ala Rick Nash. Come on DW let’s get this thing done today.

  35. the only fair trade for rick nash will be player for player. maybe player and a pick/ decent prospect, for him. columbus wants to rebuild their franchise one on trade. gms are learning that if u pay someone 7.8 mill they better damn be the best in the league or close to it. i hope no one trades for him. they will regret it.

  36. @THewes – good point I should have thought that through


    I think Nabokov realizes his best chance to be an undisputed number one lies in the Islanders. Every where else he will have to share the net ( Detroit with Howard, Philly with Bryzgalov etc). He could probably headline in Chicago or Columbus, but Chicago says they are not looking for help in goal, and what the Isles would have to package Nabokov with to land a Nash or Carter level player would decimate their roster, and put them no further ahead, which is why the Isles will not let him go at this point. What the Isles could try to do is sign him and if it makes sense trade him at the draft. Or sign him to keep as he has some excellent young players in front of him who will develop, and more on the way at the draft.

  37. Murph, they gave Leighton a chance in last years playoffs and he proved to be worse than both Boucher and Bobrovsky!

    I wonder if Philly can bury Bryzgalov in the minors and go after a Josh Harding to end out the year?

  38. @ipossessactualhockeyknowledge

    The Sharks don’t need Nash to be the face of their franchise, He would be just another excellent piece to add to our franchise, kind of like Heatley except he’s a little younger and grittier.

    Maybe DW will work a 3 team trade to bring Nabby back and land Nash, with Colombus getting Neimi and other players to help Re-build their franchise. That would the Coup of the century.

  39. @Joey

    Great post I agree 100%. I would think Buffalo wouldn’t move Miller to a competitor (the Leafs) but no harm in trying. If I was Wilson I’d be praying that deal happens because it’s the only thing that could help save his job.

  40. @LAKINGS88 Where did you here that he turned down Malkin for Doughty? Or that he was considering trading Bernier, Brown, and 2nd overall pick for Stamkos (which would have been an awful mistake anyways)??? Did you make those deals up, or do I just not know about them? They seem like video game trades…

  41. At Diceman
    Pens offered Malkin three years ago on Draft day (when the kings had the 2nd overall pick) but Dean said no ….it was on NHL Network and Kings websites it was the the time Pen’s where looking for a D-man….The Stamkos trade was just me saying the kings should of made that move when they had the 2nd overall pick they could of made a deal with Tampa Bay that year and switch picks with adding players you know

  42. I think trading for Nash is a little too much unless Columbus lower’s the asking price, I really think now after reading and checking Salaries Kings will move in and get Carter and reunite him with Richards. I know Carter has that 10 year contract but the kings are desperate and I don’t think they have to offer as much as they would for Nash, Here is a trade that should work for both teams plus remember that the jackets want to get rid of that contract too not just the player
    Kings Gets:
    J. Carter & C. Mason
    Blue Jackeys Get:
    J.Bernier, D.Penner, S Voynov, T. Hickey(Prospect 4th overall 2007)
    Than the kings should go after Kulemin form Tornoto since his stock has dropped offer J. Stoll and Hometown prospect T.Toffoli

  43. Ryan: We’re stuck with Bryz, he has a NMC and if im not mistaken he cant be demoted.. i think he would be buried already if they could. Lets just hope and pray that the new CBA allowes teams do buy out one or two contracts, otherwise we will have 8 more horrible years of frustration and the leagues most expencive back-up goalie. I hope they bech Bryz until he retires or waives his NMC so he can play presurefree in the minors. And then go with BOB next season as a starter and then go with cheap goalies until the end on Bryz contract. There are Goalies we can get for under a mil a year in europe that wouldnt suck as bad as bryz does.

  44. @ poppaD20 – Bobrovsky has one more year after this one at 1.875M, then hits RFA. Moving him at this juncture, especially given Bryz’ inconsistencies, would be extremely ill-advised.
    Bobrovsky should have been given a mentor instead of a competitor for his job last summer. Vokoun or Giguere would have been perfect, and at a price point that would have allowed Holmgren to add key pieces through UFA (Suter? Parise?) this coming summer. Bryzgalov looks like the Flyers biggest mistake in recent history, topped only by drafting Yanick Dupre. Maybe.

  45. So they go from 8th to 1st in a year and suddenly there is team chemistry cuz they pick up two players? Yeah, I’m not buying it. If they stay 1st this time next year, well then I might have something to buy into.

  46. The Penguins have never offered Malkin to anyone except the Hockey Gods.

  47. In my opinion, Trading Nash and Carter could become a media disaster, with the All-Star game in Columbus next year. They comeback there as members of other teams.

    Don’t forget, you have to put butts in the seats between October and January, and after. Nash and Carter are the guys that will do that.

  48. @ Newfie
    You forgot to mention Matt Moulson. The Kings need a winger that can score. Mouslon has 25 goals so far this season following two 30+ goal seasons with the Isles.

    The Kings have done some weird stuff letting go of talented kids for nothing because they didn’t do well at the NHL level playing 3rd and 4th line roles.

    IF they do swing something with Columbus, I would rather have Carter than Nash. Longer term but more reasonable price (especially if he can score 30+ goals and help get Richards on track)

  49. Sportsnet.ca has Dallas shopping Ribeiro Ott and Souray.

    I know the leafs have a boat load of centre men who are not #1, and he would not be adding any size but Ribeiro could be a decent upgrade from bozak to feed kessel and lupul ?

    Should be a lot of interest in Ott and Souray as well.

  50. @JRD 18..I think Ribeiro would be a good choice for the Leafs He has good vision and creativity on the ice. His offensive instincts are very good. Great patience with the puck, as well as soft hands. Plays with attitude and doesn’t mind getting under opponents’ skin and he’s under contract for another year too at $5 million. Now having him between Kessel and Lupul would likely be a nice fit

  51. All this talk about goalies is understandable except one. Ryan Miller. He is not going anywhere mid season. I point out the fact that he is starting every game while Enroth is sitting rotting on the bench. If and when he does become available, there is a specific list of assets that will be addressed. Sorry to say it Leafs fans, you don’t have any of them that you are willing to part with.
    I can see a deal being done with Enroth, but it will need to be for a big centre who can put the buck in the net. We can all see the Leino experiment isn’t working.

  52. All this talk about goalies is understandable except one. Ryan Miller. He is not going anywhere mid season. I point out the fact that he is starting every game while Enroth is sitting rotting on the bench. If and when he does become available, there is a specific list of assets that will be addressed. Sorry to say it Leafs fans, you don’t have any of them that you are willing to part with.
    I can see a deal being done with Enroth, but it will need to be for a big centre who can put the puck in the net. We can all see the Leino experiment isn’t working.