NHL Trade Rumors – February 23, 2012.

Latest on the Devils, Blackhawks, Avalanche, Penguins and Wild.

NEW YORK POST: Mark Everson reports the New Jersey Devils could be looking to add depth to their defense corps before Monday’s trade deadline. “The Marek Zidlicky situation remains unresolved, with the Devils perhaps unable to handle the rest of his $4 million salary”, reports Everson. “As a precondition of receiving advances on future revenue from the league, The Post reported a secret payroll budget was imposed on the Devils. That budget, separate from the salary cap, may not have room even for the $1 million left on Zidlicky’s salary this season.” One option could be Montreal’s Chris Campoli. Winnipeg’s Johnny Oduya is unlikely to be moved with the Jets back in playoff contention, while other options (Bryan Allen, Lubomir Visnovsky, Jaroslav Spacek) are expensive.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Even with a possibly tighter budget, I wouldn’t rule out Lamoriello finding an affordable option for his defense.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Adam L. Jahns suggests Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman might be forced to part with one of their promising rookies (Marcus Kruger, Jimmy Hayes, Andrew Shaw, Dylan Olsen) in order to add a puck-moving defenseman and another forward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Such a move won’t come cheap, and if Bowman does move one of his rookies, or another top prospect, it cannot be for simply a playoff rental, but someone who can help the roster in the future. Otherwise, it could be simply a waste of promising talent for a quick fix which might not pan out.

DENVER POST: Mike Chambers believes the Colorado Avalanche’s fine performance in their 4-1 win over the LA Kings means they won’t be sellers by Monday’s trade deadline, as they’re now only two points out of a playoff berth in the Western Conference.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Joe Starkey says forget about the Penguins trading struggling defensemen Zbynek Michalek or Paul Martin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I know some Penguins followers have called for one or the other to be traded to bring in better players, but their salaries are difficult to move, and as Starkey suggests, the best bet is to retain them and hope they rediscover their game.

TWINCITIES.COM: Ben Goessling examines possible moves by the Minnesota Wild by Monday’s deadline, suggesting goalie Josh Harding and blueliners Marek Zidlicky and Greg Zanon could become trade candidates. They won’t, however, mortgage their future by trading prospects like Mikael Granlund or Jonas Brodin.


  1. How have the leafs not picked up Steve Ott by now what is Dave Nonis..Brian Burke ..Dave Poulin ..Cliff Fletcher ..and Rick Dudley doing……Birke was suppose to go fishing last month….WHAT???????
    This is insanity to have this many HIGH END EXECUTIVES …in Hockey and dsplay a team on the ice like the Toronto Maple Leafs ……HELLOOOOOO……….YOU NEED A FRICKEN GOALIE………and Kessel will fade away in the playoffs when it gets too hot for his style………dont you guys see this …HEEELLLOOOO!
    This is major TONG To Brian Burke ……we really need a goooalie and kessel is too soft ….this is the softest team in the league and we all saw what happend to the soft team in last years CUP FINAL ….the Sedine took a bitch slap while Luongo wtched his star player catch a beating infront og his crease with a bag of pop corn in his hands…..

  2. It is beyond me how or why the likes of Joe Colborne …Nazim Kadri and Jusi Rynass are still in a Marlies uniform ….Burke is shopping around for talent you have in your own back yard ….why not try sitting TIM CONNOLLY and put KADRI in ….why not try sitting Lombardi and put COLBORNE IN…why not try sitting out one of your awefull goalies and put in RYNASS…..looking for help from 29 teams start to use your own depth players to contribute because your money guys arent!
    Why even sign Connolly at $.75 when you had Kadri and Colborne for less than that combined…..GROW YOUR TALENT INTO THE UNIFORMS …they are HUNGRY TO WIN…..

  3. If you have seen the list of teams the Leafs are going to play over the next 5 games …they are in BIG trouble without a good new goalie….

    Bruins and

    They are in serious trouble as 4 of the 6 are interdivisional and 3 of the 4 are all MUST WINS to stave off those teams from taking the # 8 spot …in essence they cant loose a game in the next 6 games ……what are you going to do now Burke ????
    At worst please bring up JUSI RYNASS for a couple of games and see what you got ….send the Monster back down ..if you bring him up and he doest clear waivers which he should at this time of year and he is a UFA anyways …

    OH WELL!!!!

  4. Hmmm Maybe Montreal can Send T Kaberle to Chicago , for a cheaper prospect or a more work in progress one like Kyle Beachand Simon – Dany Pepin ….:o)

  5. If the Devils have an internal budget, and can’t even afford an extra million for the remainder of the year, how are they going to resign Parise??? Letting Salvador, Foster and Poni walk frees up a few million, but you have to replace them. Maybe Broduer takes a paycut, but by how much? I just don’t see it. Am I missing something?
    G Note, what’s with the rant dude? The article didn’t even mention the Leafs. Calm down, have a chi tea and read a book.

  6. The budget is only for this year… and Jersey are now working on a deal that might relinquish their debt.

    Either way, the only defensive option for the devils is Visnovsky; none of the rest of those guys are even remotely an improvement to what they already have. I’d take Taormina over the lot of them hands down.

    The best move is no move right now. Unless they get a deal that blows their mind, there’s no reason for them to trade for another 3-4 d-man, something they’re swelling up with on the team and in the minors.

  7. Re: Leafs..
    For a team that is the so called “Canadian Team” playing in the Hockey capital of the world.. the Leafs sure don’t look or act like it.. The Toronto Maple Leafs should be the New York Yankees of hockey… always a power house, rich and loaded with talent. The truth is.. it’s embarassing to state that Toronto is what we claim it to be in terms of status… the leafs are more like, the Blue Jays of baseball.. crappy, no potential of ever winning a cup in the near future (5-10 years) and a Management staff with big fat wallets.
    Ughhh… Come on Burke.. do something!!!

  8. I love how none of these rumors involved the Leafs in anyway, but magically the comments do. Leaf fans, you have a play off spot. Right now! Yes they may lose it, but it’s on the other teams to catch and hold that spot. I say, having seen all of the chaos in nets, go back to Reimer and just clamp it down. 1-3-1 or some version of it. Let Kessel get you a lead then play Devil’s hockey.

  9. MJR, why is the self imposed budget only for this year though? Is there a promise of more stable ownership next year? On one hand I’d love to have Parise on my team, but if the Devils can’t afford him and end up losing him, well that’s a big problem for the league.

  10. Why would the Leafs bring up Rynnas? He has played so poorly this year he is now in the ECHL. The starting goaltender next year could very well be Ben Scrivens, that is if Burke doesn’t bring in anyone during the summer. Interesting that the Sharks are in town tonight, because the case of James Sheppard is a cautionary tale for young players. Had a very good season in the Q, the Wild rushed him to the NHL because he was a inexpensive player that they controlled, he struggled, has never found is game, and may very well be out of the NHL in a few years. Rushing players like Kadri and Colborne accomplishes nothing. You don’t see Detroit rushing all of their players to the NHL. Most of them play a good three years in the AHL before being given a chance to play full-time in the NHL. Kadri and Colborne still need to learn how to control the puck. Staying in the AHL for the rest of the year, playing in their playoffs with the Marlies, and then maybe even spending next year in the AHL is the better move.

  11. @DS:

    A good post, but the careful balance of allowing players to ripen on the vine in the AHL (ala Detroit) takes an ownership and front office commitment you don’t often see in sports, let alone hockey. Plus, the benefits of losing time on the entry-level contracts is disappearing – most players either get the big second contract or simply exist on a year-year renewal.

    It also helps when you draft as well as Detroit. Only Filppula needed time in the minors between Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Franzen.

  12. Durt, I would imagine that any “internal cap” will not apply in a decision to resign Parise. realistically they need him, so they will allow leniancy.

  13. Had to put a I on to my name to alleviate any confusion between James’.
    Anyways, I have to agree with DS, bringing up young players before there time can be disasterous for their development. The team has in the past brought young players up and usually has not worked. Luke Schenn started well but has struggled lately. In my opinion he should have played at least one year in the minors. I only hope that Gardiner develops into the player we all desire. He is a little different as he played college hockey but is still only 21. You would think by now leaf fans would have figured it out that patience is a virtue. Being a leaf fan myself I understand fully your frustration as I have had to replace at least one television. As for being the richest team, what the hell does that have to do with anything, it has been proven many times especially in the pre-salary cap era that trying to buy a cup doesn’t work.
    If the leafs were to bring up a goalie it sure wouldn’t be Rynnas as yes he has played at best only average. Owuya has been the most impressive but then again you would be rushing a young guy into a situation he is not prepared for. IMO Burke has turned this franchise around dramatically but I believe it is time for him to sit Wilson down and tell him that it just doesn’t seem to be working and let him go. Randy Carlyle is itching to get back to the NHL so hire him, NOW. Hey, if the devils can pull this kind of move off why not the leafs?

  14. It’s only this year because the financial situation changes with the new CBA as well as the fact that the current majority owner has until x time to pay the debt or declare it bankrupt and sell it to someone else for next season. Depending on how all that works out in the next four months, that time frame can still determine whether Jersey is able to ice a competitive team.

    It won’t stop the vultures from circling, but I think many a person dreams and hopes Jersey loses their star because they’ve been a force in the NHL. The body isn’t a corpse yet and there’s still four months to find solutions.

  15. stupid leaf fans, find your own postings.

  16. MJR, you can see why people would be sceptical of NJ resigning Parise though. Atleast to say it’s not a slam dunk due to financial reasons. I can see him walking at years end. Saying that, I’d feel bad for Devils fans, but it would suprise me if he stayed.

  17. Silly Bickleton Wigglesworth III, don’t feed the trolls.

  18. Adam Jahns say..”


    How long has he watched hockey?

    There seems to be a disconnect – Hawk’s organization wants NO long term contracts and any supposed move for a non-rental piece would have to clear upstairs and I really doubt the hawks are just throwing away Shaw, Kruger, Olsen, hayes or even Hjarlmarsson for a rental.
    Now Jeremy Morin or Ben smith may be had with pick or package, but they simply are not giving a lot for Spacek, Hamrlk, Schultz, or Visnovsky.

  19. Wouldn’t surprise me if he did… they’re paying him 6M this year… next year they sign him for 7-7.5M a year for 5 years. They fork over an extra 1.5 M or whatever and keep him for a lot longer while still maintaining their identity as a midspending NHL team rather than dropping to the Colorados of the group. 1.5M really isn’t that much to spend, plus it’s not like they’ll be forking a lot of money to Brodeur if he returns; he doesn’t warrant 5+M anymore.

    Their other pending UFAs, being that they’re depth players, aren’t commanding a raise. Maybe Ponikarovsky the way he’s playing for them. They would probably sign Salvador for 2+M a season and let Foster walk and let more guys from the minors in. The payroll would look similar to the one this year, except the fact that they’re forking over 11M for Kovy’s contract. But Lou gave him that because it’s the year of the CBA, so chances are, all player salaries are going to get hacked at least 10%. Essentially, they won’t be forking out that much more money if they keep Parise. They could also deal away some contracts for late picks if need be.

    And if they got a new owner between now and then, they could throw a good amount of money Parise’s way.

    I’m not THAT worried. But I do think that Lou made a grave mistake taking him to arbitration last year… if he signed an offer sheet for 8-9M a season, I’d have paid him that and the contract work would have been done for me. And if it was a team I saw a bleak future from, I’d have let them have it for the 4 1st rounders.

  20. I’m sick of see the leafs lose game after game burke says there’s no offer on the table for Nash. Well I think Burke, being from the states along with Ron Wilson they both want the leafs to fail why make one of the top teams in the NHL successful when the can pocket more money for themselves. The biggest think they need to do that should have been done last year was the firing of the head coach. And once again we are back to best friends and you wonder why the leafs have been falling fast and hard out of the playoffs this makes me want to become a Montreal fan I’m going to be sick now!