NHL Trade Rumors – February 4, 2012.

The latest on the Oilers, Blackhawks, Jets, Rangers, Islanders, and Stars.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: John MacKinnon reports Oilers forward Ryan Smyth said a report out of New York claiming he’d agree to be dealt to the Rangers was news to him, adding no one has approached him about a trade. Winger Ales Hemsky said he’s like to remain with the Oilers, but admits his future seems uncertain. MacKinnon also suggested unless an offer for Sam Gagner was overwhelming, it makes no sense to trade an appreciating asset.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Smyth could be approached to accept a trade, provided the Oilers management guarantees they’ll re-sign him this summer as a UFA. Otherwise, I don’t believe Smyth wants to leave Edmonton. As for Hemsky, I’ll be surprised if he’s not moved at the trade deadline. I don’t believe Gagner is going anywhere, if for nothing else than it would reflect poorly on the organization to trade a player who recently became the third Oiler in team history to score 8 points in a game, and the first NHL player to do that in 23 years.

ESPN.COM/CHICAGO SUN-TIMES:Chicago Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman continues to search for help for his defense, but noted there’s currently nothing imminent, as there remains a number of teams still in the playoff race, meaning there’s a lot of buyers and no sellers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This could take up to the trade deadline itself for Bowman to find what he’s looking for on the blueline.

Is Parenteau a goner by the trade deadline?

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance believes the NY Islanders could be sellers by the trade deadline, but don’t have much to offer up. Goaltender Evgeni Nabokov and blueliners Mark Eaton and Steve Staios could be shopped. Forward P.A. Parenteau is also a UFA this summer, but the Isles would prefer to re-sign him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Parenteau has been suggested as good as gone by some observers, but they shouldn’t forget the Isles have been able to re-sign key players over the past two years to long-term extensions, so I wouldn’t rule out a re-signing of Parenteau.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger, responding to reader e-mail, reports he doesn’t believe the NY Rangers have interest in Jeff Carter. They like Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan a lot but it no longer appears Ryan might be available. They would also pounce if the Predators were to shop either Shea Weber or Ryan Suter, but there’s no panic in New York to make a big move right now, and they can wait until this summer to make a big splash via free agency…As for Jeff Carter, Dreger doesn’t buy the argument his big contract makes him immovable, claiming the LA Kings have moderate interest, while the Calgary Flames may take a run, though it would be difficult to fit that contract into their budget. Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke loathes mega-contracts, but Carter is the type of player Toronto’s been looking for in lots of ways.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Carter’s contract doesn’t make him immovable, as witness the Blue Jackets willingness to take it on last summer. It does, however, make him very difficult to move, especially at this time of year, when teams lack the cap space and willingness to take on such a big contract. The best time to move Carter is in June, when teams have more cap space and willingness to spend. As for the Rangers, I expect they’ll shop around for a depth player or two by the trade deadline, but I don’t expect them to pursue a big name star. They’ll do that this summer.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: The Stars have placed winger Brenden Morrow on IR for at least a week as he’s still bothered by neck/upper back pain which makes it difficult for him to turn his head.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That should likely kill off the speculation of Morrow being dealt at the trade deadline, especially if he’s still bothered by this pain, or still on IR, by the deadline.


  1. After seeing the last couple of weeks I’ve changed my stance abit on Grabo and Clarke. I’d have to say though it’s pretty evident Shenn will be moved somewhere , somehow for a #1C. We will see sooner than later I hope. Is anyone hearing anymore rumours out there about a possible deal involving @RickNash??

  2. If Ryan Smyth is moved out of Edmonton at the deadline, they would surely bring him back in the summer to continue his tutelage of their young trifecta (Hall, Eberle, RNH). Some would suggest that it’s been partly his influence in the locker room that has led those three to excel when they’ve been healthy, although they are greatly skilled individuals so not taking anything away from them.
    Hemsky on the other hand, if Tambellini gets an offer from a team anxious to add a skilled (but injury prone) playmaker to their roster, he would be nuts to decline it.
    Trading Sam Gagner right now would be in extremely poor taste unless it’s a gross overpayment. Hemsky and Sutton should be way higher priorities for Edmonton in terms of garnering returns in trade.
    Given that Parenteau is a contributing complement to John Tavares, the Islanders probably should be serious about re-signing him to a reasonable deal rather than moving him for future pieces. The Isles have been stuck in a perpetual re-building cycle for so long that maybe fans & media are used to entertaining the thoughts of moving out contributing NHL players for picks and “meh” prospects, but sooner or later Charles Wang will have to ice a contender to keep the fans on board. One guy Garth Snow should be looking to move would be Nabby. At this point, he’s played very well and could look extremely enticing to teams in need of an insurance goalie going into the postseason. Lord knows the Isles need insurance goaltending as much as anybody given DiPietro’s ship-anchor of a contract, but Al Montoya’s been decent for them and is just entering his prime career years, unlike Nabby.
    Howson may not be crazy about Jeff Carter’s contract, but that’s pretty much the going rate for 30+ goal scorers in the NHL and let’s face it, Columbus needs all the offensive firepower they can get. Columbus should be building a second line around Carter rather than square-pegging him into the round hole as Nash’s pivot.
    Given that Dallas has played very well for decent stretches of the season, I’d expect Nieuwendyk to try and retain Morrow in the summer in an effort to continue building a contender in Big D… especially given Gaglardi’s recent comments about spending to build a winner.

  3. First I admit that I am not a leaf fan/follower. As I understand it, they are looking for a center. Carter does not make sense for them as it seems to me he is much better playing wing so he really does not fit Burke’s needs. I can see Carter having value and getting moved but I’d throw him on the wing if he was on my team. IMO

  4. Darren Dreger mentioned the L. A. Kings had some interest in Clarke MacArthur and Nikolai kulemin. Just wondering if anyone else has heard any more about this and wondered what could possibly come back to T. O. If a trade did happen?

  5. Hemsky has little to no trade value. He is soft and injury prone and plays on the perimeter. Players such as Ruutu and Moen have value because their games are more suited to playoff hockey. They will be in demand at the deadline. I will be surprised if the Oilers can move Hemsky.

  6. I think Carter to the Leafs would be great for us. His contract doesn’t bother me all that much, cause it’s a solid hit for a #1 centre cap wise. My biggest issue with trying to get him is we need to move a contract and a biggish one. I think you’d have to look at Tim Connolly going the other way as we would have too much depth at center. Problem is convincing him to go as he has a modified ntc.

    A deal for both teams

    To Toronto: Jeff Carter, 2nd Round
    To Columbus: Tim Connolly, Luke Schenn, Nazem Kadri, Ben Scrivens

    I believe this fits both teams nicely. TO gets their #1 guy, CBJ maintain a cheap cap hit #1 guy for this year and next, get a young top 4 defenseman, a future top 6 forward, and a chance at a good goaltender. No need for drafting, all of them are young with NHL experience.

    Toronto has enough d-man and young ones with Franson, Gunnerson, Aulie, Gardiner, Percy, Blacker to be fine moving one of them, Kadri is talented but I feel that Wilson hates the guy and handles him poorly, and with Gustavsson, Reimer, Scrivens, Rynnas, Ouwya all pretty much being highly touted guys in some way we can move one.

  7. The Isles have the proper young offensive players to compete, they just have to stabilize te D and get a consistent goaltender. It’s tough though with Dipeitros (spelling error, I know) contract. Poor guy is cursed with horrible luck

  8. @JJB- i dont think the CBJ can afford to take on all that salary right now. they would be paying almost double if they traded JC and brought in those players for next year. probably cash they dont have. if anything, theyre looking for prospects/picks.

  9. I’m not taking anything away from Sam ganger cuz what he did is pretty amazing but if you were to tell oiler fans that we traded ganger for a decent prospect d man, I think they would have jumped at it before Thursday nights game. Now al I’m hearing is he has to stay, no way you can trade him. I don’t really understand that, I mean he had one amazing game and now he is untouchable?

  10. Yeah, poor Rick Dipietro, laughing all the way to the bank on a 15-year contract in which he might have to work all of three…

  11. How is sam gagner an appreciating asset???? hes having arguably his worst year of his career and his stats have stayed stagnent from his 1st year… the guy has one spectacular game (yes it was amazing) but that doesnt all of a sudden forgive his lack of anything really before it… before the game i believe he had 5 goals 18 assists… not much of an asset if you ask me

  12. habsolutely416……you are absolutely right CBJ will want a #1 pick coming back to replace the one they gave up to acquire JC that and a upside prospect and a roster player all collectively shedding salary but adding youth.

  13. So I guess this is lesson learned for the rest of the NHL. If you don’t want to be traded, score 8 points in a game. Hear that Dustin Penner? Lol!

  14. For anyone interested in just how Gagner is playing.. for the so called worse season of his career.. 23 points in the last 25 games. Took awhile for him to recover from his injuries at the end of last season and start of this one. There is one player and one player only the Oilers should be trying to move at the deadline.. Khabby.. everyone else is more valuable if they were to be moved during the summer. I’d sign hemsky to a 4yr/16mil contract.. then if he doesn’t respond and become what he once was, there are still gm’s that will take a gamble on him. I mean we already pay horc $5.5mil for sitting on his hands.

  15. can they renegotiate his contract if they do trade for him? i think if they acquire him cheap they can tell him to renegotiate it or spend the rest of it in the minors

  16. @oilerfan – he hasnt responded yet so why resign him? they already have enough youth to develop

  17. Oilers would be crazy to give Hemsky 4 mil a year. The guy has some skill but he’s just not a good hockey player. Aside from then fact that he’s injury prone, he’s soft, has no hockey sense, and refuses to shoot the puck, constantly over passing. They should take the 3rd round pick or whatever it is they can get for him and move on.

  18. @JJB that’s a bit much for Carter , there’s no way Schenn should be in that package.

    the team that would love to hook Schenn would be the Flyers

  19. I wonder inthe Kings would be interested in bringing Smyth back for a playoff run. I’m sure Lombardi loathes the idea of dealing with Tambellini again but they’re in desperate need of more goals especially in the down-low dirty areas. Smyth isn’t the scoring threat he’s been in the past but might be worth the gamble if the price is low, is familiar with LA and the team, and could go back to EDM this summer.

  20. Carters contract might not be as burdensome as some think, depending on the negotiations for a new CBA, if there is a rollback in salaries as there were last time, given his ability, it would bring the money down to a very reasonable amount, and the last 3 years are a big drop to $2 million

  21. Sam Gagner has 1 awesome game and now everybody feels he’s worth a kings ransom…..terrible judgement call.

  22. I’m hearing either Carter or Nash are close to bring traded to who or what for is a mystery lol.

  23. @Puckhead…agreed, its an anomoly…just the media making more outta something than there is, no different than TSN daily rumors and shakers…same as this site in fact…but here we all are looking and throwing our opinions in like they really matter or like we know what the hell we are talking about. tI will be funny however if someone gives something of worth to get Gagner based on the great night he had…knee jerk reaction…then again, oiler fans still really want to believe hemsky is worth something of value to another team….not sure why Dregger keeps saying the kings have interest in him….it’ll be a cold day in hell before the kings do business with the oil again…

  24. @fergy22 – The Flyers want to snag Luke Schenn? Who’s stated that? Aside, of course, from the media who base their opinion off the fact that Brayden plays there. Nothing against Luke Schenn, but having a one-dimensional defenseman making $3.6M for the next 5 years doesn’t sound like a great idea. It’s doubtful that Holmgren wants to move out any pieces of the young core that he’s assembled, so I think they would rather pick up a rental blueliner like Gill, Spacek or Hannan for the playoffs and reassess their needs in the summer. If Nashville doesn’t re-up with Ryan Suter, he could be had without giving up assets. If Pronger truly is done, the Flyers can use part of his LTIR space to fill the void he leaves.

    @ Moleafs – I’ve heard that Carter is being actively shopped, but completely the opposite for Nash. If Columbus is hosting the ASG weekend next season, they need to have some star power to put in the game like Ottawa and Carolina has done the last couple years.

  25. @JJB and Fergy22.

    That’s not a large enough package for the second and Carter. Only reason Schenn is being mentioned in the same breath as JVR, is because Philly is dying for a Dman.

    To get Carter out of Columbus look more like this:
    Carter + 5-10 prospect (not a top guy, but someone in the organization with minor upside)
    Schenn, Kadri + a early pick (1st, 2nd).

    Carter’s a top 6 forward. Schenn’s a bottom 3 guy; Kadri’s a glorified 3rd liner. Don’t overvalue your own team, or you should probably just go back to watching hockey and not trying to think about it.

    If Carter is moved at this deadline, it will be to Calgary, they are more willing to take that contract.

  26. @THewes – Funny fact, holmgren calls burke on a daily basis trying to work a deal, he wants schenn bad and burke knows it. The trade would have happened already if one of the key players didn’t get hurt. That’s not a rumor, its the TRUTH!

  27. O geez, Gagner has three points outta the oils thre goals…his trade value is skyrocketing….he’s the real deal….really, for real

  28. just got back from the Leafs beating on the Sens , the Sens may end up being sellers the way things have been going, Gardiner is going to be a real keeper.

    @ THewes , Who stated the Flyers wanted Schenn ? he’s 22 years old , been in the league for 4 years already , will only get better , he’s locked in for the next 4 years , d-man don’t usually hit their stride until mid-20’s .

  29. @THewes , you have heard Carter is actively being shopped , and you heard this from GM’s, scouts, credible sources? or you read the internet rumors like the rest of us.

  30. @ that_one_guy – Yeah, because JVR’s health is the ONLY thing holding that trade back. Right.

    @fergy22 – I believe Lyle had a blurb on this earlier this week from the Columbus Post-Dispatch saying Carter was being actively peddled. Clearly, if I were an NHL GM or executive I wouldn’t be posting here, but the least you can do is acknowledge the rumours that have been reported here, that you and I are both reading.

  31. THewes , your not telling me anything I haven’t already read , let’s leave it at that

  32. Then why are you questioning it and making a big deal about it? =

  33. Two things on these young players who seem to be busts – Gagner and Schenn. Both are only 22, both have played 3-4 seasons in the NHL already and both have had mid-level success. I can see both these guys as very valuable NHLers when they peak at 24-26 years of age. You have to remember their mediocre success so far has been on very bad teams. If Edmo or the Leafs became considerably better you would see both Gagner and Schenn excel as 2nd/3rd liners.

    And color me crazy but as good as the Rangers have been, I can’t see how Sather would even opass of a chance to land a stud like Suter. If Nashville came calling and asked for Del Zotto, Sauer or Stall as the center piece of a deal, Ranges should jump on that without question.

  34. Gagner has played whole career in the NHL at center, this year he has played on the wing and is having a good year so far, what people need to remember is that he is the same age as Jordan eberle and has many years to improve, he has also never really played with talent. Which brings me to hemsky… Trade him! He is only taking up room on the roster and in the salary cap. He would work perfectly in Detroit and they have lots of solid d-men, nick kronwall would be the main guy I would be after but someone like Jonathan Ericsson would work well or even C Darren helm. He could also work well with the LA kings centers and great passing blueliners But we would not get much in return for him other than dustin brown but that would be an awful decision on the kings part.

  35. I think the Habs should trade Scott Gomez and Thomas Kaberle to Columbus for Jeff Carter and the Blue Jackets first round pick this year which will probably be Nail Yakopov LOL. What a deal. We can all dream.

  36. i think gagne has to stay. in 2 years horc’s contract and him will be gone, so will belanger . who will oil have for centre ice ? rnh, and gagne , prob landers in #3 position. why trade gagner when he will most likely be a 60 pt guy, and a +- plus player? let him play with the talented guys and he will be a solid #2 centre. i say sign him to 3 year contract , let horc and belanger have 3rd nad 4th line minutes, and move forward.