NHL Trade Rumors – February 6, 2012.

A summary of several teams which could make moves at the trade deadline…A look at which Southeast division teams face becoming buyers or sellers…Is Ales Hemsky worth the risk?…Blackhawks won’t trade for a goaltender.


Horton's injury status could affect Bruins trade deadline decisions.

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen looks at several teams which could be active, either as buyers or sellers, at the trade deadline. Of note: Nathan Horton’s injury status (concussion) could determine if the Bruins become buyers, re-signing defenseman Jason Garrison seems the Panthers priority, the Senators are shopping for offensive help and could target Carolina’s Tuomo Ruutu, if Sidney Crosby can return to action this season, it’ll have a larger impact than any trade the Penguins could make, the Capitals might be aggressive again at the trade deadline, and the Jets won’t part with young assets at the trade deadline, but could move some veterans.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: David Shoalts suggests the temptation to make deadline deals could be strong for Capitals GM George McPhee, Florida GM Dale Tallon and Tampa Bay GM Steve Yzerman.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples wonders if it’s worth the risk for the Oilers to re-sign Ales Hemsky, suggesting if they do it should only be a one-year deal.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Adam L. Jahns reports the Blackhawks won’t be shopping for a goaltender at the deadline, sticking with Corey Crawford and Ray Emery.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As you can see, it was a light day for NHL trade rumors in the aftermath of the Super Bowl. Don’t worry, folks, with the trade deadline two three weeks from today, I’m sure there will be plenty more rumors, and undoubtedly some trades, to ponder between now and then.


  1. I think Yzerman will make a deal or two, but nothing of real note. He’ll do some window shopping, listen to a few offers and haggle a bit, but at then end of the day we’ll still have a similar roster. I could potentially see Bergeron, Kubina, Gervais or Moore going somewhere, however I wouldn’t mind resigning Moore for the right price. Only a complete moron would take Clark or Roloson.

  2. Isn’t the trade deadline three weeks from today?

    • Yes, it is. Wishful thinking on my part that it’s two weeks away…;)

  3. Anything from leafs country? Should Burke make a big seeing that the team right now has great chemistry? I would like the big power forward but I don’t want to give to much up.

  4. Great, Florida’s being discussed. Might I suggest Huberdeau and a pick to the Leafs for Kadri and Aulie? Win-win as I see it.

  5. With Florida, Washington, Winnepeg and Tampa looking as though one will make 3rd and the others will miss this year, it will be interesting to see which team makes the biggiest move, you would have to think that if Washington can make some kind of shake up that team would take control of the play off spot, but they seem just be lost.

  6. The only team I can see squeezing into the playoff picture in the east is Washington, with Ottawa coming out. The Caps have had a lot of secondary scoring as of late, but I can’t see Ovy sitting on his hands for the rest of the year. Ottawa has been better then expected, but I think they’ve come back down to earth.

  7. Yzerman is unlikely to do anything but unload at the deadline, and then try to aqcuire players leading up to the draft. No, they will not be trading any of their top-3 or Hedman.

    I’ve heard rumblings that the Caps are really not happy with Ovechkin lately, esspecially his decision to miss the all-star game. The Caps pay him top-dollar to represent their franchise and be a face of the game… two things he chose not to do… I’m not saying they are going to trade him, but the recent past feud with Boudreau, inabiity to work under Hunter’s system, and friction with his teammates doesn’t bode well for his future in Washington. these are the kinds of deals tht happen very, very quietly (Think: Thornton out of Boston, and the Heatley/Hossa swap)

  8. With the southeast being so bad, people shouldn’t forget about TB, only 7-8 back from WASH-FLA(which is prob coming back to life soon and only 9 back from ottawa with 4 games in hand, just saying lol, should go down to the wire either way

  9. @NikK

    Ovechkin will never be traded from washington, they would lose to many fans if that ever happen, plus who wants to be the guy to trade a future hall of famer who scores 50-60+ goals every year when his head is on right, Joe and hossa/heater are not in the same class

  10. I am shocked that either Bishop or Elliott have not been dealt from St. Louis yet. I know they re-signed Elliott but that low figure makes him even more valuable to a team looking for goalie help since he will not cost much. If he stays keeping the Blues great goalie situation stable then Bishop has to go. They can’t lose the best goalie in the AHL for nothing.

  11. NikK- I agree with everything you posted regarding Ovie. I don’t think the Caps move him at this time just because it seems that their owner, Leonsis, is crazy for the guy and he is their marketing boy. Maybe in a couple years of possible 70 pt seasons by him and then he can ditch him. Again, agree with everything you said. Leonsis just loves the guy though.

  12. Not sure who would want Ovie? I used to love this guy but now not so much. I watched Bruin game and he was pouting the whole game. He blames his team mates for everything. He needs to grow up and play like he did before he signed the big contract. So much skill but know head.

  13. Chris…are you serious? Joe , Heatly and Hossa not in the same class? Do you watch hockey at all? I would rather have Thornton and Hossa over Ovie anyday of the week especially after you factor in his $9.5 mill cap hit. How is Ovie a 50-60 goals scorer every year? he didn’t get that last year and he won’t again this year, out of 7 years in the NHL he has only gotten to 50 four times (after this year). Yes thats still impressive but the last two seasons he has been inconsistent and terrible, hey at least Hossa and Thornton are two way players and contribute elsewhere when there not scoring, Ovie is ONE DIMENSIONAL and cap hits TOO HIGH!

  14. Wow! Zach Hamil (bos) and Anthony Stewart (car) on waivers today. I’d be shocked if both weren’t picked up. Simply wow.

  15. If all the media attention and criticism of his play/leadership and the seeming inability for the Caps to win in the playoffs to go deep, wonder if one day soon Ovie just goes home in the off season and just stays. Any KHL team would sign him in a heartbeat for a boatload of money.

  16. Chicago doesn’t need a goalie, they need help on defence. Bowman moved Campbell and his ability to skate the puck out of their own zone and replaced him with Montador & O’Donnell, nothing against those two but they’re stay at home dmen and can’t be expected to skate the puck out. Leddy & Hjalmarsson are a little young yet to have that kind of pressure put on them. that leaves Seabrook & Keith who have the ability but Quenneveille has been playing them so much they’re fatigued and starting to make mistakes. Chicago had a roster that won the cup and little by little Bowman has dismantled it, his one addition to the Hawks Cup roster was Hossa and his contract cost Chicago the grit that won the Cup for them.

  17. I really hope Bryan Murray is not buying anything.. unless it is for a defenseman that can skate.

    Phillips, Gonchar & Carkner can’t handle speed… which was very evident against the Leafs on Saturday.
    Kuba has been doing okay this year.. Karlsson is at this best offensively and still in the learning how to play defense… Poor Cowen playing with Gonchar… he won’t learn much from him…

    If only the Sens could grab someone like Ryan Murray in the next draft… but he will go top 5 most likely… unless Murray becomes a sellar.. then maybe the Sens will fall that far. Murray is such a great skating defenseman… something the Sens really need. Karlsson can’t do it all.

  18. I had said that i don’t think ovie will be dealt becasue of the Leonsis factor as mentioned by Smielman.

    But, they are recently pissed about him sulking and not going to the ASG- exaclty why they pay him to represent their team. My understanding is that his teammates already feel that he quits on them too early and now mgmt/ownership is starting to think along the same lines. I highly doubt he is traded at the deadline since it is unlikely they will get back value. Besides, he has a NTC which limits their ability to move him.

    As for the comparison to Thornton, Hossa, Heatley:
    Thronton is a HOF player and has been one of the best players in the league for over a decade.
    Hossa is better than Ovie right now, esspecially given his 2-way game.
    Heatley isnt there anymore, but when he was traded for Hossa, they were both 100pt players and Heatley had 50 goals for 2-3 seasons in a row (Ovie type numbers). So the comparison isnt off.
    At this point, Ovie is not even better than Kovalchuk (who may be an MVP candidate if NJ makes the playoffs).

    Again- unlikely he gets dealt unless that relationship continues to erode… but IT IS ERODING!

    Lots of teams would be interested (and rightfully so- if you could get him to be motivated again he is still a force) but where would he want to go? I would imagine LA, NYR, Tor, Mtl, Van, Det, Chi, SJ. Other than those cities I can’t see him waive his NTC.

  19. Ovi will never be traded but if he was, every team in the league would want him.

    @Patrick I’m not sure I get that trade. Huberdeau may potentially be better than both Kadri and Aulie on his own and I se no reason Florida would want to give up on him already and lose a pick in the process.

    @Gameon You’re dead on about Campbell. He took a ton of criticism because of his contract but people did not realize his worth to the team. The hawks aren’t great in their own end, and Campbell’s ability to quickly skate it out or make a quick great first pass allowed them to rarely play in their own zone. Not sure if you’re criticizing Bowman tho, but he came into an impossible situation and did a pretty good job all things considered getting some great prospects and Stalberg from the Versteeg deal. Campbell for Olesz does hurt but he had to unload that contract any way possible, regardless of how solid Campbell was. The cap hit was too crippling.

  20. gameon, Hossa won the cup with Chicago. He wasn’t added later.

  21. Patrick, are you insane? Typicaly Laff fan, thinking two minor leaguers will get them a player selected 2nd in the draft PLUS a pick. If Tallon doesn’t fall for that “great” deal, then I’m sure Murray will trade Getzlaf and Perry for those two. NOT!

    Making Ovie the captain was the biggest blunder the Caps ever made. What possessed their players to vote a lazy player as captain. I’ve seen them practice and loafs in practice. Rare for a pretty young player (exception Crosy) to be made a successful captain. Captain is a job for a respected veteran like Knuble.

  22. Ovie takes ridiculous penalties and has become a selfish player.

    Love to see San Jose pick up Ryan Malone from TB. They don’t have too much to trade for him though…..

  23. @Dabroons

    I think age doesn’t play as big of a factor as it used to. There are plenty of ‘young’ Captains out there: Crosby, Ovechkin, Toews, Parise, Callahan.

  24. Yeah stealing Huberdeau for Kadri is a win win…one way win…for the Leafs!

    Dream about it.

  25. Mr. Richardson, have you heard any rumblings about what Holland might do if Howard is indeed out 4-6 weeks. Conklin did not look good saturday night and although MacDonald played alright, I just don’t see him carrying the load. The wings have been pretty bad on the road this season and I think Holland would like to lock up home ice for the playoffs (obviously). My thoughts on potential fillers are: Nabokov, Nittymaki, Maybe even a shot with Roloson? I personally like Khabibulin.

    Who knows, maybe the rumors were true for once and Holland will trade for Miller….

  26. It msut be first timers night;

    I never thought of Joe Thornton as a Hall of Fame candidate.

    Has he won anything but his way out of Boston when he and his agent wanted the treasury there or a trade?

  27. Durt- I can’t seem to find the waiver news anywhere u posted earlier. Got a link for me?

  28. 10-4 GMike

  29. Thornton is going to finish his career with 1400-1500+ points, an Art Ross, Hart, 1st overall pick, several 100pt seasons… everything except a Cup (which there are still some seasons to accomplish). There are lots of guys in the HOF without a cup and some that will be going in without one either (Mats Sundin, Jarome Iginla, Alex Ovechkin).

    So, to me, he is a HOF candidate at least based on his body of work as the best (or one of) centre in the 2000’s. If Ray Borque doesn’t go to Colorado is he a HOF player?

  30. Bourque was a poor example as he had 6 Norris vs 1 Hart/Art Ross… but you catch my drift.

  31. I’ve read in a few places Ruutu is gonna cost what Kaberle cost the Bruins. (Colborne, 1st and a 2nd)…. So – can see Weircioch or Da Costa plus a 1st. I’d really hope that the 1st rounder is conditional on re-signing Ruuutu or at least making the playoffs. I’m fine with keeping the rebuild mentality and not making a single move though. Obviously the rebuild is working, so why muck wiith it. Let the cross-province Brian make the stupid moves and let the Sens sit back and wait 3-4 years and become a legit powerhouse again.

  32. I really think that you cannot overvalue Ruutu… he has scored 25 goals once…
    Sure, he brings it physically, but to pay 3 assets for a depth player?
    I wouldnt trade a single 1st rd pick for Ruutu, let alone young pospects like Kadri, Colborne, Butler, Da Costa, with a Hell-No to Zibanijad.

  33. I don’t follow Boston close enough to know a lot about Zachary Hamilton but it says 8th overall pick in 2007, is that correct. If so anyone have any info as to why they would be waiving him and has he really dropped off that much. I don’t see how both he and Stewart can pass through without being claimed.

  34. Oh ya Farley, Burkes known for making stupid moves. (heavy does of sarcasm)

  35. I think Ruutu’s worth is a late 1st round pick. That’s it. He is a god depth player that would help any playoff team, but he is no superstar and he’s only a rental as he’ll be a UFA this summer. Maybe this is the reason he is still available, the ‘Canes are just asking for too much?

  36. @Jrd18 In 2003, when he was 14, Hamill had 203 pts in 61 games. In 5 yrs. with the Silvertips in the WHL 262 pts in 250 games. In Providence in the AHL 118 pts in 215 games. In the NHL 4 pts in 20 games over 3 yrs. The Bruins have given him a chance each preseason to crack the line-up and he just hasn’t done it. Those in Prov. say he floats too often. At 23 he still isn’t strong on his skates or physical enough to win battles. He’s costing $1.3, and this is his last year on an entry level contract. He’s done nothing to show he has any value and he’s no longer waiver exempt and needs to be sent down. I don’t think Boston has any plans to resign him at the end of the year.

  37. Gravitymike thanks, sounds kind of like a tourist situation? Somebody to take a chance on his past skill and see if a change of scenery might do I’m good. Bit of a high contract for such a gamble, but only a couple months left and if the gamble doesn’t work your done with him at year end.

  38. *Turris

  39. Is it just me or am I wrong? A first for Ruutu? Wow, you can keep him Rutherford. He is a useful player but to give up that much for a rental or even if he had a year left just doesn’t make much sense to me. You can say that the draft is weak after ten players or so but I’d still rather take my first rounder even in the 10 to 30 range.
    @farleybear. You are joking right. I mean Brian making all those mistakes, just think where the team would be if he made no mistakes. And please, don’t quote the Kessel trade because it doesn’t hold any water. Besides even if you think that was a bad deal he evened it up with the Kaberle deal. Typical sens fan.
    @patrick, please be realistic.
    Even though trading Ovechkin sounds far fetched I bet that one more season of not performing like he has in the past will result in loud rumblings from the capitals faithful. Problem is is his salary, therefore I believe they are stuck with him. When it becomes unbearable in Washington and they can’t trade him he will run home to mommy.
    If those two guys going onto the waiver wire shocked you, just wait because a few more names will be added to that list shortly.

  40. There are plenty of guys in this league now putting up 90 pt seasons, due to the league being so high scoring as opposed to the clutch and grab years of the past. Joe Thornton has excelled for this reason only and is not a HOF’er as someone earlier described him. He couldnt lead himself out of a paper sack let alone a team to any kind of worthwhile playoff victory. Unless he wins a cup, and I mean he wins it, on his back, he will just be another point producer with nothing to show for it.

  41. Ruuttu is a good all around player ( 2nd – 3rd line ) but I would not overpay for a rental player unless I was really close to the cup ( let’s say top 6 in the league )

    @gameon , good point re: Campbell , I think it was more a move based on big contract rather than we don’t value what you bring to the team. Talon knew exactley what he was getting.

    Most of the available defecnemen are stay-at-home slugo type players , not many good skating & puck moving d-men available at this time of year.

    The closer we get to the deadine the less I see a blockbuster unless it’s a couple of fringe teams trying to shake things up.

  42. Its hard to watch Ovi play these days. If he doesn’t have the puck on his stick, he doesn’t care..he just glides slowly, stands straight up and he’s out of the play. I can’t stand it. I would love to see the Caps unload him this year rather than wait a couple years. Teams wouldn’t mind picking up his contract now (could still be one of the best in the league) as opposed to two-three more years of subpar performances(average overpaid player). Trade him to whatever team he wants and get some players that care about playing for the team and not themselves.

  43. Ovechkin has clearly lost his way; he seems to think he is getting paid to be a goon instead of the skilled scorer he was up until the past couple of years. I wonder if he is unable to take direction from his coaches. I believe he remains a great talent but it seems that if he continues on this path he will fail to live up to expectations.