NHL Trade Rumors – February 7, 2012.

Will the Maple Leafs make a trade by the deadline? Does Rick Nash want out of Columbus? Does Jarome Iginla believe he’ll be dealt at the deadline? What’s the latest on the Kings, Avalanche and Sharks? Read on to find out!

TSN.CA: Bob McKenzie reports there’s a “real chance” the Toronto Maple Leafs could stand pat at the trade deadline, citing a lack of availability of top-six forwards in this year’s trade market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Good heavens! You mean Brian Burke won’t be able to land Jeff Carter/Rick Nash/Ryan Getzlaf/Bobby Ryan/Corey Perry or any of the other top flight superstars the Leafs have been linked to for weeks?  Zounds and gadzooks! Seriously, if there’s not much out there to deal for, it might be best for Burke to stand pat, especially if his team keeps playing as well as they have since the All-Star break. No point making a trade just for the sake of doing so.

It’s been suggested in some quarters Burke should shop center Mikhail Grabovski as part of a package to bring in a center who can help the Leafs. Well, as one person noted on Twitter last night, “You know which team could use Mikhail Grabovski to help them make the playoffs? The Toronto Maple Leafs”.

SPORTSNET.CA: John Shannon reports he’s received “a couple of calls” from friends of Columbus Blue Jackets right wing Rick Nash, claiming Nash is unhappy with the direction of the Blue Jackets and wouldn’t object to a trade, though he won’t be the one to seek it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this story, and probably won’t be the last. I spoke with a Columbus sportswriter last week about Nash’s potential availability, and they told me that as long as Scott Howson remains the Blue Jackets GM, Nash won’t be going anywhere. So, unless Nash demands a trade, it doesn’t appear Blue Jackets management will ask him to accept one.

Iginla once again dismisses trade talk.

CALGARY HERALD: Vicki Hall reports Flames captain Jarome Iginla once again dismissed speculation about his trade status, saying he intends to stick with the Flames to the end of this season, adding he still believes the Flames can make the playoffs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Iginla won’t be traded this season, and while I don’t believe the Flames will shop him this summer, don’t be surprised to see his name pop up again in the rumor mill this summer.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Helene Elliott reports the Kings would like to bolster their anemic offense, but a lack of available talent and cap space could make the picking slim.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: What? You mean the Kings aren’t about to pull off a blockbuster to acquire Jeff Carter or Alexander Semin or Zach Parise? Now what will the rumormongers do? Seriously, Elliott is spot on over the Kings situation, and while management will do what it can by the deadline, there may not be much they can bring in at this point in the season to significantly improve their offense.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports Avalanche forward David Jones, an unrestricted free agent this summer who’s been struggling this season, is aware of the trade rumors swirling about him, but remains focused on trying to help the Avs make the playoffs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the lack of depth in available talent so far in the trade market, maybe the Avs can exploit that by shopping Jones to teams seeking offense.

MERCURYNEWS.COM: David Pollak reports Sharks GM Dean Lombardi  Doug Wilson could be shopping for a scorer by the trade deadline. Speculation has him interested in Columbus’ R.J. Umberger and Carolina’s Tuomo Ruutu.  Wilson declined to talk about rumors or what he might be seeking if he is in the market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wilson has a reputation for being active near the trade deadline. This season probably won’t be any different.

USATODAY.COM: Kevin Allen takes a look at the Western Conference and which clubs could be buyers or sellers.


  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but Dean Lombardi isn’t the Sharks’ GM anymore…

  2. Er, you mean “Sharks GM Doug Wilson”.

  3. I have a feeling that this might be the most boring deadline in recent history. The looming absence of a CBA beyond this season has a lot to do with it, IMO.

  4. I don’t really see Burke making a big splash because most of the good ones are not moving at all this deadline. Maybe he will move to get a bottom 6 depth guy with some size but that is about it.

    Nash will not be moving this year, but I hope for his sake that he gets dealt in the offseason

  5. I agree with you, dumbassdoorman. Going to be a snoozefest.

    I also think that A. Kostitsyn is a good match for the Kings. He’s a UFA from an out of conference team who can put the puck in the net (at points). Worth a gamble because he might score enough to help the Kings out but it’s low risk as they probably don’t need to give up much for him, or carry his salary next year.

  6. Your sarcasm and general disposition in your “SPECTORS NOTE” is starting to wear thin. There is no reason for the holier than now act. Simply discredit the unfounded rumors rather than make a scene. Every time I visit this site you are carrying on about this or that being so ridiculous. If discrediting bad rumors is such a detriment to your daily life then stop doing it. I know it would increase the frequency of my visits to the site.

  7. What action I think will happen will happen closer to the deadline.. just too many bubble teams right now to know if they are buying or selling.

  8. Jim: So, I’m not allowed to have an opinion of my own, on my own website, over the validity of trade rumors reported by the MSM, is that it? So I’m not allowed to have any fun at all discrediting some of the wild and wacky rumors which fly around out there? I see, duly noted…and ignored. Don’t like it, don’t visit. No one’s forcing you to come here. And that’s not sarcasm.

  9. Are these the same sportswriters in Columbus who guaranteed that Dineen was the next coach of the Jackets 2 seasons ago, the same writers that think Mason will still recapture his rookie form and write how awesome Mason is when he wins a game (5 stories this season), and the same writers who won’t write anything negative about the players since they want to be the players’ friends? The truth is… Nash is a professional and would help the team out however he could. Any team would be lucky to have him. I hope he can win a cup with his hometown Maple Leafs. He’ll never win any here in Columbus with this owner and management.

  10. spector jim is just gelous

  11. Jim:

    We come here for Lyle’s opinions and even his sarcasm. Nobody cares about your opinions; if they did, you would have a website people visit and discuss.

  12. Go critique something else Jim. Like my butt……

  13. I have to wonder if “Jim” is one of those “insiders” reporting that Paul Holmgren has a deal in place to trade the entire Flyers roster for the entire Kings roster. That or “Jim” is Brian Burke himself and he’s just really upset that you dare to suggest he can’t pull off one of those trades. After all, he’s done those same trades repeatedly on NHL ’11 on his X-box at home.

    “Jim” if there’s no insight, opinion, humor or sometimes a pointing out of a harsh reality, what exactly are you looking for? A listed rumor with simple 1 word responses that say Confirmed, Plausible or Busted? Even Myth Busters gives more of an explanation than just a fancy metal sign.

  14. Lyle keep up the good work,you dont ass kiss,like other reporters,you are entertaining as well as informative,jim can always hang out at Eklunds site

  15. Jeff Carter’s biggest issue is that his playing style is more suited to being on the wing rather than playing center. He needs to play the right flank alongside a pass-first center to be effective. Even then, he usually shoots from too sharp of an angle so that a missed shot ricochets all the way around back into the defensive zone and the offense has to regroup and start from scratch.

    @ Jim – Those types of baseless rumors and wishful thinking beg a reaction akin to Lyle’s. I think anyone with half a logical mind can see why those types of names won’t be moving between teams at the deadline.

    @ dumbassdoorman – That’s a great observation about the expiring CBA. We saw the landscape of the NHL change dramatically in 2005 and I think the GM’s are wary of it happening again. I don’t think the changes in the upcoming CBA will be as dramatic as before, but getting saddled with a long-term contract for a significant cap hit is like tying a millstone around your own neck as a GM.

  16. Jim is obviously Eklund and worried about his livelihood. I actually appreciate personality in reporting and debunking, particularly when the idiocy seems to get worse every year with regards to speculation.

  17. jim, if you dont like what it says dont read it……

  18. Common Cheesehead… were on NHL 12 now 😛

  19. Lyle, keep it going, sarcasm is welcomed here, i enjoy the reads every morning. iggy isnt going anywhere.

  20. Finally Bob Mackenzie sheds light on a realistic scenario. Odds are Burke doesn’t make a move if he cannot acquire the superstar he seeks.

    If the Skarks are seeking a soring foward and covet Umberger and Ruutu, then they are searching in the wrong closet.

    Spec- keep up the good work.

  21. Don’t think people mind the sarcasm… the trade season is such a snooze this year that everyone knows these rumours are stupid. Poor reporters have nothing to talk about.

  22. So eklund’s name is JIM. I see! lol

  23. LAKINGS88 | Tuesday, 07 February 2012 at 5:09 pm
    The kings shouldn’t of traded Simmonds that was the heart and soul of the KINGS he did all the dirty work that’s why the kings can’t score they don’t have players like that I really hope Richards gets it going cause he sucks right now and that deal is a bust so far. They should of waited and traded for Stastny in Colorado last summer, At that time Colorado needed a goalie so they could of offered
    1st round pick, J. Beriner for Paul Stastny !!
    Dump move by the Kings GM looks like rebuild is coming again

  24. If any hope for the kings this season and not to hit thier cap they should really look at these players
    A. Kostitsyn
    C. LaRose
    T. Ruutu
    or make a deal with colorado trade M.Richards and Pick for P. Stasnty and D. Jones

  25. Spector expressed his opinion , so did Jim

    Spector reacts to the facewash by dropping the gloves and getting a couple of good shots in

    It is Spector’s site afterall, he hold’s the trump card

  26. I was at the Leafs game last night. Grabo is a keeper! If trade talks are the tonic that makes a player switch on, we need to talk about more players!

    Jim, please go away and leave us alone.

    Spector rules!

  27. Jeez, fellas. That collective response to Jim was a bit overblown, dunyathink?

  28. I can see Calgary trading Jerome Iginla for some younger scoring assets – like Pavelski and/or Clowe. The thing is, the Sharks are in a jam as Havlet has been injured and prior to the injury he just wasn’t scoring. Actually I would love to see the Sabres trade Stafford/Roy for Pavelski and Clowe, but it ain’t gonna happen. Who knows if Darcy will make a trade, but Wilson has been known to make some big impact trades and I think Iginla would be a great addition – might get them to the final round of the playoffs.

  29. @Jim … have to agree with the prevailing sentiment on this site … I appreciate responsible journalism and blogging that explores possibly relevant issues and scenarios rather than that which tries to sell ad space with inflammatory speculation and far fetched hypotheses. My friends and I can do that at the bar after our weekly hockey game.

    @northby9 … I think A.K. would be good for the Kings but if the Habs sell him cheap I’m going to have a coronary. Way too much time and money put into this guy not to get equal value back for him and, since I don’t see that happening, I really hope the Habs keep him and let him stay on Eller’s wing next year. The man needs a real, prolonged chance.

  30. I can’t help but believe the story about Nash being unhappy I mean a great player and competitor like him HAS to be fed up at some point.

  31. Rick Nash needs to do something in the league before he can be considered a great player. He’s good, but not great.

  32. I don’t see Andrei Kostitsyn as a good fit for the Kings. His work ethic has come into question on the past and doesn’t fit the hard-working defensively-aware mold that Lombardi covets. Last time he took a risk on a

  33. I don’t see Andrei Kostitsyn as a good fit for the Kings. His work ethic has come into question in the past and doesn’t fit the hard-working defensively-aware mold that Lombardi covets. Last time he took a risk on a player he didn’t really like Lombardi ended up with Dustin Penner and we can all see how that’s working out.

    Best move the Kings can make is “re-assign” assistant coach Jaimie Kampon and replace him with special advisor Bernie Nichols to run the forwards and PP units. I know Nichols doesn’t really have any experience but he can’t do much worse than his predicessor.

  34. Thanks for the support, folks, appreciate it!

  35. @nikk
    Nash is the kind of player that seems to be in synch with the energy and commitment level of his team. If you put Nash in a traditional hockey market (basically any Canadian team and a few in the states), he would most definitely return to his old form.
    I have said before that it would be more beneficial for Columbus to move Nash and Carter now, and I feel the statement still holds true. But more specifically, I think that they should move Carter now, and wait to move Nash at the trade deadline. Think about it……

    Moving Carter now would define what you would try to get for Nash. Let’s say Carter brings back a first, and some good, young player/prospects. The word would be out that you are indeed in favor of making more moves. Having a monster like Nash ready to serve up on a platter would probably be too enticing for certain teams to resist.

  36. You’re right, it is your site and no one said you aren’t allowed to do anything, I was ust indicating that it seems to be a reoccurring theme. Simple observation that lately it seems more like whining than “having fun”. If your readers aren’t supposed to express their opinions too, then why do you allow us to leave comments?

    Or maybe I’m just “gelous”…whatever that means

  37. @LeafsFan…that was part of my sarcasm that “Jim” was behind the times and still on ’11while the rest of us on ’12, Lol.

  38. Just adding my voice in support Spector. I really enjoy your site (and your commentary!); it’s my first source for hockey stuff.

    As far as “Jim’s” secret identity, I’m going to have to go with either Bruch Garrioch or Larry Brooks.

  39. gelous – a person full of envy and covered in gelatin ?

    let’s move on guys , no one likes being called out , except maybe Sean Avery

    I always try to be pleasant no matter how far fetched a comment or opinon may be. It’s human nature to get your back up if you think your being shown up.

  40. Question for people who follow the LA Kings or Western Conference. All we’ve heard about for the last few years is how loaded the Kings are with young talent but they never seem to play very well and have trouble scoring goals. Why is this? Have they not produced enough young offensive players? They obviously have Doughty, Johnson, Quick, Bernier and Loktionov is a good prospect, but is there anyone else in that system that can score? Seems like they should be moving some of their defensive prospects for help up front.

  41. Jim: of course you’re allowed to express your opinion here. Just don’t be surprised if I retort to something where I believe you’re off-base, which you are in this instance.

  42. The fact is if there wasn’t someone “in the know” to weigh in on baseless rumors, this entire site would turn into everyone talking about their supposed fantasy deals being imminent. A.K.A. everyone proposing the best way to land a superstar while giving up a bunch of junk for their favorite team. I mean, that already happens here like 25% of the time, but if that’s all this site was I would not visit.

  43. I’m glad the leafs wont(hope) make a trade! They have a young team who are finally starting to gel and have fun. Lupul is a keeper! He seems happy all the time, shows strong leadership and will be this good for a few years yet! He was highly scouted when drafted, injuries had put a hold on his potential. Leafs must be thrilled he’s healthy….great gamble BB.

    BB always had a knack for seeing past some players problems and giving them a second wind! It hasnt always panned out, but when it did/does, it has a positive impact!

    leafs have good young talent ready for the jump! Give this team and the players a chance to develop. Regardless of the outcome, they are a hell of a lot more exciting to watch! Unless some outstanding offer comes around, stay pat! This team will make the playoffs this year….maybe even be a dark horse to go further than predicted, but, they will definitely be Cup contenders in the next year or two.

    This team is being built similiar to Vancouver(duh) and Detroit, build a team and sytem that will guarentee a strong competative team for years!

    Lastly, I was wrong in suggesting they could trade Luke!!!!!!!! He is starting to play better offensively and is playing with confidence and smile…..have you noticed that all the players are always smiling and happy?! Luke will be a force! Although, he needs speed skating lessons on the off-season.

  44. @ phil

    If Rich Nash needs his team to be able to elevate his game to Elite, then he isnt the kind of player/leader everyone is making him out to be. Many players in the past have played in so-so markets on terrible teams and have always managed to be very successful if even only at a personal level. Aside from one really good (not great) season he has not come close to the “potential” that he has.

    That does not sound like a Franchise Player or Elite Player to me.

    I absolutely agree that they should move both Carter and Nash now.. but teams acquiring those players should understand that they are not going to be the beacon of light that will forever change the fortunes of their franchise. Good players, but not great players. So would you trade away 3/4 assets for that kind of player?

    I love Bobby Ryan, but same story. He isn’t worth Elite Player price on the market.

  45. NikK, well said!!! i wouldn’t give up the farm for Getzlaf either right now! He hasn’t exactly been lighting it up the past few years! I can see the fuss if he was a top 5 scorer!

  46. Personally I would categorize Nash as elite. Whenever I watch him he is always dominant and to me he would put any team over the top. I don’t think he will be traded but I would love to see it just to see him get a chance to play with some real talent in a winning environment. This year in particular he looks so frustrated on the ice. I believe the rumors that he is not happy, just don’t think it will lead to a trade.

  47. Lyle…. I’m doing my best to bite my tongue (fingers?) regarding Jim. 1,2,3,4,5,6….. Woosaa…. I’ve been too angry on here lately but I’m glad you and the other reg posters of the site said something… I was about to make it awkward… Again. Lol. 😉

  48. Lightning have recalled another defenseman from Norfolk which makes 8, is something up it TBay?

  49. Jim I think Lyle seems repetitive cause nothing has happened yet. YOu can only repeat youself in so many different ways, Hey Lyle do you think Iginla is going to be traded?…mmm sarcasm

  50. @DS,
    to give my opinion on your question, as i sort of mentioned in an earlier comment lombardi has a very specific idea on how to build a team and a very specific type of player to draft/sign. He believes a team should be built from the net out, with character guys who work hard and are defensively aware. that’s all fine and good, i don’t think anyone can argue that those are winning traits for a team. unfortunately there aren’t a lot of great goalscorers that are also industrious and conscientious. so yes the Kings do have a lot of good young players both on the team and in the system but there are few truly gifted offensive threats, even less so with brayden schenn now in philly. The Kings are a very good team in a number of senses but simply can’t score enough goals to be a great team. There aren’t any true snipers on that team and are reliant on scoring by committee.

    yes, trading some talent from the backend for talent up-front would seem like a logical choice but it’s not always that simple and not something lombardi is keen to do. toffoli and weal would probably be considered the kings’ best choices for “anyone else in that system that can score” but both are undersized and young.

  51. @Jim – you can always express your opinion on the boards here, the thing is that nobody will care what YOUR opinion is.

    The Leafs will deal a D-man before the deadline. With the signing of Liles to a longer term deal it makes more than 6 NHL Dmen signed for next year. I imagine the Leafs would love to trade Franson for a solid upgrade in the top 6, but at the same time they could also stand to deal him. Best case scenario the Leafs would deal Komi to a team trying to hit the floor, the Avs would be a candidate for this as they have 48M to spend to the cap ceiling next year. Note: that would be ideal, however, more than likely not happening. I think the fans view on Komi is much that of Toskala and Blake, if you get rid of them, who gives a damn who comes back in return, the contract will be gone!

  52. Jim 0
    Lyle 2
    …..actually Jim -1…I work for a Jim, so Jim loses 1

  53. Hey Eklund…er…I mean Jim,

    Stop your whining…I for one will come to this site more and more just to read Lyle slam the rumour mongers…..

  54. Can we get a couple extra linesmen in here to break this brawl up???

    Talk about third man in rule….lol jk