NHL Trade Rumors – Friday, February 10, 2012.

The latest on the Islanders, Maple Leafs, Senators, Ducks, Canucks, Oilers and more.


Could Marty Turco return to the NHL?

ESPN.COM: Scott Burnside reports former NHL goalie Marty Turco has an “out-clause” in his current contract with Salzburg in the Austrian elite league should he sign with an NHL team before the February 27th trade deadline. Burnside claims a number of NHL teams are keeping an eye on Turco’s progress.

SPECTOR’ S NOTE: Given the lack of available goalie options, it’s possible Turco might return to the NHL by the deadline, though he’d have to pass through waivers first.

Pierre LeBrun reports sources say the Boston Bruins, San Jose Sharks and NY Rangers have interest in Phoenix Coyotes winger Ray Whitney if the Coyotes should put him on the market by the trade deadline. The Coyotes, however, remain in the thick of the Western Conference playoff race…Islanders GM Garth Snow said he has no intention of trading goaltender Evgeni Nabokov. LeBrun suggests the possibility the Isles could try to re-sign Nabokov, who’s a UFA this summer…Senators GM Bryan Murray continues to monitor the trade market, as does Leafs GM  Brian Burke…The prevailing thought around the league is if the Anaheim Ducks were to move one of their big players, like Ryan Getzlaf or Bobby Ryan (and that’s a big “if”), that move won’t happen until the off-season. The Ducks could still trade defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky at the trade deadline but they won’t just give him away. Niklas Hagman could also be shopped…Lightning defenseman Pavel Kubina has a limited NTC in which the club would have to ask him which five teams he’d accept getting dealt to, but so far they haven’t asked him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As long as the Coyotes remain in the playoff chase, Whitney won’t be moved…If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Don’t underestimate the Islanders ability to re-sign key players. A year ago, Nabokov wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with the Isles. Today, he’s playing well and has praised the club’s direction. I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of his opting to stay…I don’t believe the Ducks will move Getzlaf or Ryan, or Corey Perry for that matter, this summer…

Craig Custance looked at what the Edmonton Oilers might do at the trade deadline, suggesting the NY Rangers and Boston Bruins would be very interested in Ryan Smyth if he were to agree to be dealt, while Nikolai Khabibulin might be an option for teams seeking a goalie. Ales Hemksy and Andy Sutton are also mentioned as potential trade bait.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Khabibulin lacks a movement clause so the Oilers can move him if they wish. I think that’s something they should give serious consideration, since he’s only got one year left on his contract and is at the age where his NHL career is winding down. I have my doubt Smyth will agree to leave Edmonton again.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ed Willes on the Canucks having to face a decision over what to do with their goaltending tandem. While Willes acknowledges the Canucks could get a good return for Cory Schneider, he wonders if it might not be best to try to move Roberto Luongo in the off-season, despite his expensive, lengthy contract, citing an “NHL front office-type” who believes a number of NHL teams would be willing to take on Luongo’s contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sure, it’s possible, and one shouldn’t dismiss it, but let’s just say I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I’m a Canucks fan hoping they keep Schneider.

TSN:Darren Dreger last night reported the Maple Leafs aren’t shopping defenseman Luke Schenn.


  1. The Ducks arent going to trade Getz, Perry or Ryan PERIOD. That would be one of the dumbest moves in their history if they did that. As far as Lubo goes, I can see hm being moved, but they would have to be getting a top 4 d and a player/pick in return. He is a valueable piece on the back end. Even though his cap his is around $5.5 mil per season, he is only being paid $3 mil or so. I know he loves it in So. Cal, so he will probably end his career here as long as he isnt traded. Hagman has really turned his season around here in Anaheim. When they first claimed him, I wasnt to happy about him taking a spot on the team. But he has worked out great. I would love for the ducks to resign him for a reasonable contract. Like 1-2 year at $1.5-$2 mil per.

  2. The Edmonton oilers are not trading wayne gretzky..”that would be one of the dumbest moves in their history if they did that”……just saying…you can never say never about any player on any team

  3. What makes ANY fan think that in the last year of a collective bargaining agreement , the Ducks are gonna take a player like Visnovsky who is due a whooping $5.6 mil for another year and get a pick AND another top four defender (who obvoiusly would have yto be making less than Vis or why make the trade?)

    Must we all be such homers and think that our left-overs can bring us dinner at a five-star restaruant?

  4. Ducksfan 93
    What you are saying is stay the course – Status quo. Look at the last 4 years or so.
    Fall asleep the first three months of the season, fall way behind, then rush like a bat out of hell
    and either just make the playoffs or just miss the playoffs, then get a medium first round draft pick
    and start over. Ducks are not a team, they are a bunch of talented individuals. Having one big line
    and a whole lot of little else is pointless. Night in and night out the Ducks depend on one line to
    win it or lose it, this is not a “TEAM” and it is becoming a OLD TEAM in key areas.
    1) anyone not signed for next year by trade deadline should be traded for picks or prospects.
    Why let them just walk away and get nothing ?
    2) In the case of Selanne since he has a no trade clause, if he wants a shot at the cup, ask him
    for a list of teams he wants to go to. If he decides to stay make sure he understands that next
    season your not going to wait until September until he decides if he wants to play again or not.
    If not signed by July 1, then use the money on July 1 for free agents.
    3) Ducks are now playing a lot of road games and may be out of race by trade deadline, if that is the
    case bring up Kyle Palmieri and put him next to Getzlaf and see if he can score with Getz’s feeding
    him. Then put Colgliano between Perry and Ryan and see if he can be the feeder for those two.
    4) Sit down with Koivu right now and either get him signed for next year as your 3rd line center.
    If he says no, then he has no plans to return and ask him to waive his NTC and get a list of teams
    he wants to go to.
    5) While Visnovsky is a real good offensive D-man he leaves a lot to be desired on the defensive side,
    If you can’t move him at trade dead line, then move him at the June draft. Both he and Lydman are
    getting up in age and while both would bring a lot back today, may not next year. One needs to
    go now and the other next year while their value is high.
    6) Murray has to stop letting players walk away and getting nothing back. Instead of treating them like
    heroes he needs to treat them more as assets.

  5. Ducksfan, I agree with you that they arent trading any of the Big-3. The offseason is a different story, but even then i doubt it. If you are looking to rebuild, the best starting point is young superstars.

    I dont think they will get a top-4 D back for Lubo. He is great offensively, but any team looking to acquire him isnt going to give a top-4 Dman back as they likely need those guys for their playoff push. If they trade him I expect the return to be similar to what the Leafs got for Kaberle (prospet + 1st rd pick). The only roster player they would get back is a depth player with an overpriced contract that is expiring to make the $ work.

  6. Visnovsky
    What is he worth ? Depends upon who’s asking and how desperate are they ?
    First lets define first round draft choice, not all are created equal. If it’s Boston’s
    or Vancouvers then they are not worth all that much. If it’s Minnesota’s who may
    or may not make the playoff’s now it becomes more valuable.
    Desperate ? A team like Boston won’t be desperate because they just won the cup
    whereas a team like San Jose just might as they are getting older by the day and
    their ship is close to sailing. A team who has not won the cup recently but who thinks
    they have a chance will be more willing to part with assets than a team who won the
    cup recently. A team who really needs a offensive D-man and who thinks they can win
    the cup will over pay for Visnovsky whereas a team just trying to sneak into the playoffs
    won’t overpay or overpay very much. Another factor is who is available and frankly as
    each year goes by less and less is available as teams are re-signing players rather than
    letting them go and signing FA in the summer, thinner markets mean higher prices

  7. Alfordducks: You make a lot of good points but you’re forgetting what the landscape looks like right now. Last year of the CBA and no GM knows what parameters he will be working with next year. For that reason alone, Visnovsky’s $5.6 million cap hit next year becomes an albatross for any team interested in aquiring him. Based on his performance this year and his cap hit next year, I don’t think Murray is going to find anyone willing to overpay for him. Having said that, a first round pick is definitely not outside the realm of possibility – that is, if Murray is even listening to offers for Vis. The Ducks need to add defensemen, not trade them away.

  8. Ryan, Getzlaf & Perry were the best line in the NHL last season. Sure the team got off to a slow start.. but that can happen to any team.

    Those 3 players are the key to the Ducks… and are not old players.

    They make a big mistake if they trade any of them… especially Getzlaf. He is a true #1 centre.. and not every team has one of them.

  9. Boston is going to have to make a few moves now that Horton could be out awhile.
    Possibly a forward like Ruttu or Stafford.

  10. Lou will be the one moved, it;s pretty even up right now numbers wise, but youth and mental edge go to Schneider.

    They’ll find a taker for Lou , I’m sure….enter T-bay.

    With the way Bitz is playing and the fact there is a few guys out with injuries at the moment that can provide some size and punch, there is no need to rush out and do anything just for the sake of doing something.

    I have faith in Gillis

  11. Lotta smoke, no fire.

  12. If the Ducks trade Hagman, are the Flames still on the hook for half the contract?

  13. The only way Nabakov will stay in Long Island is if none of the top teams in the league make him an offer. The Wings likely were looking for him to mentor Howard but he is playing great and may not need a role model. I think Nabby is looking for a cup team before he retires and I don’t see one that is ready to sign him.

  14. Yeah I highly doubt Murray is gonna trade any of our big 3 in the middle of a playoff race, especially when they are starting to tear it up! But I tell you what It would be great to get another Solid dee. man that can score.