NHL Trade Rumors – Friday, February 17, 2012.

The latest on the Stars, Flyers, Maple Leafs, Hurricanes, Avalanche, Jets, Devils, Capitals and Sharks

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika reports Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk doesn’t see himself as a “seller” despite trading Nicklas Grossman yesterday to the Flyers, preferring to see himself as “active” near the deadline. Heika suggested Nieuwendyk can either retain the draft picks he received for Grossman, or shop them in other trades. Heika also believes there’s a chance the Stars could land Rick Nash, and thinks the Stars should see what Mike Ribeiro and Steve Ott could garner on the trade market. He also doesn’t consider Lightning defenseman Pavel Kubina a player the Stars would be interested in.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It remains to be seen if Nieuwendyk becomes more “seller” than simply “active”. If he puts Ribeiro and Ott on the market, he’ll be a seller, even if he doesn’t like the term. As for landing Nash, the Stars aren’t believed on his “wish list”, and if that’s the case, there’s no chance he’ll join the Stars.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports Flyers GM Paul Holmgren was coy about the possibility of making a major move by the deadline. “I don’t know if I’d use that word. Probably not. It’s not something we talk about at length….“I like our team. I still do. I know we’ve struggled here, of late. We’re trying to get it figured out”, said Holmgren. Panaccio also reports recently acquired defenseman Nicklas Grossman, a UFA this summer, could be more than a rental player for the Flyers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m sure some rumormongers will seize on Holmgren’s comments as confirmation he’s pursuing Rick Nash, but from everything I’ve heard and read, that’s not the case.

WASHINGTON POST: Katie Carrera reports the Capitals have no interest in trading veteran winger Mike Knuble.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff admitted he’s spoken with a number of his peers in recent days, adding there’s no one on the team considered “untouchable”. Chevaldayoff has no interest in “rental players”, and confirmed he hasn’t held contract talks with pending UFAs “Jim Slater, Tanner Glass, Kyle Wellwood, Tim Stapleton, Johnny Oduya, Randy Jones, Mark Flood and Chris Mason.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There might not be any “untouchables” on the Jets roster, but it’s a safe bet the ones who get shopped are those pending UFAs, rather than guys like Ladd, Byfuglien, Enstrom, Kane, Burmistrov or Pavelec.

NJ.COM: Dave Hutchinson reports the Devils are looking at adding a defenseman, with Wild defenseman Marek Zidlicky as one candidate.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater dismisses talk of the Avalanche pursuing Rick Nash. He also believes the Avs could trade a defenseman, listing Shane O’Brien as a likely candidate. He also feels” teams might be real interested in guys like Ryan Wilson, Ryan O’Byrne and Kyle Quincey, but we just have to wait and see if any get moved.”

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Chip Alexander reports a decision on a new contract for Hurricanes forward Tuomo Ruutu could come by early next week.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz reports Sharks GM Doug Wilson isn’t ruling out re-signing recently-acquired center Dominic Moore.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg for those last two links.


  1. “Panaccio also reports recently acquired defenseman Nicklas Grossman, a UFA this summer, could be more than a rental player for the Flyers.”
    Gee, you think so Tim? I don’t believe Holmgren would have ponied up two decent picks for a player he sees as a non-star rental. If he was pursuing 27 year old Grossman, I’d think Holmgren would have also kicked the tires on a guy like Kyle Quincey as well.

    Given Zidlicky’s declining stats, age and injury history, I can’t see him garnering very much in terms of return. It would seem to be more a matter of Minnesota clearing the salary off of their books for next year, or to add a UFA piece.

    Ruutu’s recent injury could hurt his trade value enough to justify signing him to a new one-year deal and re-evaluating his status with the team over the next 12 months. With the reported asking price that Jim Rutherford was asking for Ruutu, his perceived value to the team on the ice would seem to be much more than he can garner in a trade.

  2. Why do you put Maple Leafs news when theres not one thing about the leafs?

    This is the second time I’ve seen that in the last few days.

    Are you simply trying to get more traffic because you know maple leafs fans drive the hockey market?

  3. So Mike Heika thinks the Stars might be interested in gutting their team by trading Ribiero and Ott and then try to land a big fish like Nash? Is he on meth?
    On a side note, I’m note a huge Ribiero fan, but gotta love that OT goal last night, whatta beaut!

  4. I like the Grossman pickup for the Flyers … it’s the kind of bigger, minute-eating D-man that they need more of. Not sure of Holmgren is finished yet but I wouldn’t be suprised if he sticks with what he has this time around and maybe makes another “smaller” deal like this one. Sure hope he holds on to all of the great young talent he accumulated over the summer in Schenn, Read, and Couturier … and doesn’t give up on JVR just yet.

  5. The Sharks should take a run at acquiring Rick Nash. They have all the necessary components to do the trade, also the CAP space required.

    Nash could be one of the CORE pieces to build around going forward as his contract is long term.

    Come on Doug Wilson you know you want to pull the trigger on this deal.

  6. I don’t see any d-man (Zidlicky included) that the Devils should pursue. Though Foster has a few goals, they don’t like his defensive play… so maybe they want to try for another PP Q-back but nobody’s available. Zidlicky is not going to solve their concerns, not with Andy Greene and Adam Larsson both back/coming back in the line-up. The only d-men said to be available the the Devs should even consider pursuing is Jack Johnson or Luke Schenn, and either of those players will come at too hefty a price.

    Flyers are all talk; their trading is done.

    Rangers would be mentally retarded to go after Nash. So would the Bruins.

    I think Colorado should try to get Nash… that’s one of few teams that could both afford him and actually have him make an impact in their line-up without befuddling their team chemistry.

    Sharks should also be done making deals other than depth stuff, like a fourth liner.

    Carter will likely get moved and for a bucket of nails. Nash is staying put.

  7. burkie better do something – the ship is starting to sink slowly

  8. Ok, this time of year brings out all the g.m’s, even the ones that don’t get paid, so…… here’s a few moves I think would benefit the leafs that I haven’t heard talked about by anyone. I would like to see the leafs try and pick up Steve Ott of the Dallas Stars. This is the type of player who you hate to play against but love on your team. I remember how much I couldn’t stand Darcy Tucker when he played for Tampa. I would love it when him and “Stumpy” Steve Thomas would duke it out when the Leafs and Tampa played. But when tucker became a Leaf I realized that the leafs got a player who brought it night in and night out. He was a pest that could ignite the crowd with a hit or fight and piss every opponent off constantly. Steve Ott would help against a team like Boston or the Rangers in the playoffs and would be a great fit on a line with Armstrong. He would also be the next fan favorite for leaf fans and might not cost all that much to get.

    Another player I believe would help the leafs is Shane Doan. The leafs lack a real proven veteran presence and Doan would be just that. He would help a guy like Phaneuf and be a great guy to have in the playoffs. If Phoenix falls out of the playoff race Brian Burke should make a pitch for this guy. I would also like to have Ray Whitney if he wasn’t so close to the end of his career. This guy has flown under the radar and done nothing but produce. If I could talk to Brian Burke for ten minutes I am sure that he would realize that my ideas for the leafs are nothing short of genius and he would hire me right on the spot as assistant g.m. But that wont happen so I’ll just continue to grace the Hockey Buzz website with my insightful and incredible blogs.

    P.S Most Toronto sports writers are knobs! and this is my first of more blogs to come for this great site so tune in you hockey nuts

  9. @ Eric & MJR – I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Philly picked up another depth defenseman if the price is right.

    Colorado might have the pieces and the cap space to take a run at Nash, but would the Avs be on Nash’s list? That’s the big question right now. It’s possible that the same 4-5 teams keep coming up in rumors because those are the teams on his list. Lest we forget that Nash is driving the bus here, not Howson.

    If the Kings are in on Nash, then Johnson & Bernier are surely going the other way plus a younger forward with upside.

  10. @THewes – Actually, the Flyers have traded high picks for a rental. See Adam Oates in 2002. The Flyers traded a 1st, 2nd, 3rd round picks and a “at the time” highly touted goalie prospect to Washington for the Oates rental. Obviously, it didn’t work out and he left.

  11. I can see this being a very boring trade deadline this year. Players like Nash, Carter have minimal market because of the demands. I can see ruutu being resigned and hemsky being dealt but it seems as though selling GMs want alot for players that aren’t in real high demand for the possible asking price. But as we see on the deadline day selling GMs will get desperate.

  12. I have heard the Sharks are going hard for Rick Nash. Because I trust the source, they’re the favorite as of now IMO. But it is still just speculation at this point.

  13. The Devils should try to get Cody Franson. He gives them much needed size on the back end and a threatening shot on the PP (on the right side) to draw some coverage away from Ilya who plays the left boards. Plus he is a player they can keep for a long time.

  14. Trade to happen if BB can make it happen
    Schen/MacArthur/Kardi/komaserik and a second round pick to the Blue Jackets (leafs move 12 million in cap)

    Nash and one of:
    Phalsson, Huselius, or Vermette comes back

    Phalsson and Huselis are RFA’s while Vermeete is locked in until 2014. In moving nash and vermeete they move back to the leafs $11.5 million

    if they move one of the UFA’s they get something for them

    they can always package Komisarek and kardi for another pick and a prospect to a cup team (moore goes for a 2nd rounder 9th team he’s played on)

  15. so another boston player doesn’t get suspended…hmmm can’t touch players on US teams who are leading the league heading into long away stretches.

    So the next suspension will be from Calgary, Toronto, Winnipeg or Vancourer. two of which are trying to get in the playoffs and one that is trying to stay in and the other is too close to the top of the league

    “way to go betteman and I’ll wait for Gary to tell me what to do Shanny (i got no balls shannahan)”

  16. The Sharks should go with Greiss and Niittymaki in goal and include Niemi in an offer for Nash.

  17. “Schen/MacArthur/Kardi/komaserik and a second round pick to the Blue Jackets (leafs move 12 million in cap)

    Nash and one of:
    Phalsson, Huselius, or Vermette comes back”

    First, the package from the Leafs might not even get Nash, let alone Nash and another top-end forward. Komisarek is a throw in for salary cap purposes, I suppose, but who says Columbus wants to take on his contract? I will grant you that it works from a salary cap perspective, but barely and it certainly precludes Toronto from adding much more at the deadline, while depleting the defensive depth severely.

  18. @ JTCar – Hence why I qualified my statement by including the phrase “non-star”. Adam Oates was a star player in the League for years and Bobby Clarke panicked when two of his centers when down with injury. While a good player and exactly what Philly needs right now, Grossman’s body of work doesn’t compare to Oates’.

  19. There is no way Nash goes to Colorado. As someone else pointed out, Nash would have to approve a trade to Colorado first. The biggest factor is that Avs ownership doesn’t seem, my opinion, interested in adding any major salary, at this time, unless they can move major salary i.e. Paul Stastny.

    ANY star player being traded to the Avs is a pipe dream for now. I think they’ll make some trades but the guys they will target are more in the mold of a Trent Hunter. Lo risk with some potential to score again.

    If these guys are going to make the playoffs, it will be with what they have.

  20. Monkman…..really? I mean come on, really?! You honestly believe there’s some conspiracy theory to only penalize canadian teams? Pathetic

  21. monkman
    Who should be suspended and for WHAT.
    Are you talking about the clip on Marchand which wasn’t one.
    Boston probably has the most suspensions in the league and it’s the reason they are slumping of late.
    They can’t play a physical game because their all afraid of being suspended.
    We have been on the receiving end of late hits and concussions with no suspensions or even penalties.
    Horton concussion by late hit to the head no call or review still out.
    Peverley knee to knee hit from Gill no call or review possibly out for season
    Boston is a marked team and are going through games without any powerplays.
    Lucic is afraid to hit anyone because he will be suspended if he hurt someone.
    Watching every Bruins game you can see they are very afraid to make a big hit anymore.
    Shanahan is ruining the game and turning it into a non-contact sport.

  22. I wonder… if nobody’s “untouchable” on Winnipeg, what would it take to get Dustin Byfuglien?

  23. I’m not saying the Avs will get Nash, but they’re one of the only teams that should be bidding. Plus, they’re not doing their team any favours by missing the playoffs over and over again. If they want to be that greedy, it would still be in their best interests to actually make the post season, which they’re still out of right now. They’re one of the few teams that SHOULD change themselves (not buy) in order to try to make the playoffs. Maybe they should have picked up Gill.

    And Nash can be convinced. It’s not like those teams he picked are ironclad; the GM would go to him and say “listen, if you want out, I have a deal in place with x organization who you could help make the playoffs and take a good run at it since they’re offering up really good prospects” rather than “listen, if you want out, the Rangers are selling me the farm and you can go get your ass kicked there instead of here for the rest of your career”.

    If what the rumoured Rangers offer is stands, the trade would be even dumber than the one Columbus made for Carter. I don’t care what Del Zotto’s +/- score is, my +/- score woudl be good, too, if Lundqvist was playing behind me.

  24. Monkman
    Just wanted to check stats and point out:
    The last 14 suspensions only two were Canadian teams and both were Rene Bourque.
    Out of those 14 three were Boston players.
    Google search Hockey suspensions this year.
    Will find what your looking for.

  25. Might want to check out what classy Vancouver fans did to Lucic’s church also.

  26. I completley agree with isharkfan, Niemi should be part of the trade for Nash. Niemi isn’t fit to hold Nabakov’s jock, he is like a sieve in goal.

    Let’s bring Nabby Back! and Nash

  27. To Columbus

    Goaltender – Halak
    Center – Berglund
    D-man – Roman Polack
    St. Louis 1st Round Pick

    To St. Louis

    Winger – Rick Nash
    Center – Sammy Paulsonn

    Trade helps both teams significantly. St. louis get the power winger that
    can truly score, and a steady 3/4 centerman for the playoffs. Plus this
    would allow for the movement of Stewart for another asset. Also allows
    St. Louis to bring up and sign Ben Bishop. St. Louis instantly becomes
    a contender, they have the cap room, and what a huge PR coup to boost
    ticket sales.

    Columbus gets a huge boost for a rebuild. A young proven goaltender,
    a quality young center with upside, who would be an amazing fit with
    potential first rounder Yakupov. Plus giving you two big young centers
    to build around with Johanssen. A very solid, if not overly offensive
    d-man who will be around for years, and a middle of the pack 1st round
    pick to perhaps grab one of the good D-men available.

  28. Old Soldier – best proposal i have seen yet. Halak is a goalie nobody has mentioned.
    The only problem is that nash isnt going to want to go to Missouri.

  29. @Old Soldier, change Roman Polack (no one wants him) with Shattenkirk and you’re closer IMO.

    @SharkAttack it’s funny you respond that way. I’m a Hawks fan, and in Chicago everyone wont stop talking about how they wish we had Niemi back and shouldn’t have let him walk, etc. And no one here wants Nabokov…..How quickly things can change.

  30. komisarek wont go anywhere he has a NTC and he surely wont waive it for the cbj’s! nash will go to the leafs, kings or sharks. the rangers look attractive but they can only send 3rd liners in return and nash is worth a lot more. the canucks wont trade schneider because of luongo’s playoff history. nash is a brampton native, he’ll come home for schenn, kadri, colbourne/kuleiman and grabovski

  31. St. Louis is a) a division rival, b) too high in the standings to care about acquiring an all star.

    He ain’t going to St. Louis.

    If CBJ moved Nash to Toronto, Grabo and Kadri wouldn’t be part of the deal, but Schenn and Kulemin highly likely (as part of deal).

  32. By the sounds of most of these posts Nash not only wants to play in Toronto but it’s likely a done deal with the usual suspects going the other way. I guess the rest of will just have to sit back and patiently wait for it to happen.

  33. @ Ranzeir……….YUP!

  34. Diceman

    The only good thing about getting Niemi is that it pissed off the Hawks Fans.
    Let’s face facts shall we, the only reason the Hawks beat my sharks a couple of years ago in the playoffs was because of the FEROICUS D, and Byfugliyen, not because of Niemi.


  35. SharkAttack are you nuts?! Niemi was incredible that series. That was the best hockey he played all playoffs. But yeah we’ll take him back in a heartbeat.

  36. Diceman

    It could be all of the California sunshine got in my eyes during that playoff series, but I definitely remember Byfuglyien GOING BEAST MODE throughout the playoffs that year.

    If the Sharks had had ANY kind of a defense We could have beat the Hawks. Unfortunatley DW moled the defense after himself that year, 5′-10″ and all Canadian, We had NO TEETH.

    I would love to see what we could do with a goal tender that could actually stop a few pucks.

  37. @THewes – I agree on both counts, Clarke did panic and Grossman definitely doesn’t even come close to Oates, even at that stage if Oates’ career.

  38. @monkman

    Regarding your proposed Trade to happen if BB can make it happen
    “Schen/MacArthur/Kardi/komaserik and a second round pick to the Blue Jackets (leafs move 12 million in cap)

    Nash and one of:
    Phalsson, Huselius, or Vermette comes back”

    You can forget about Komisarek: he is going nowhere. Burke loves him, and every one hates his contract. Your proposed deal minus Komisarek covers Nash dollar for dollar. If Howson wants four pieces for Nash, the fourth piece will be a current prospect (like Holzer), or a draft pick, and he will probably demand a first, and not a second. If a deal happens with Toronto, and those are the pieces moving, the only thing coming back with Nash is Steve Mason and his contract. As a Toronto boy, (Oakville actually) I could see the Leafs throwing him into their mix for fun, and building him up again. A former Calder Cup winner playing on a team with no defense needs some proper tutelage and a confidence boost which he could get in TO. If you think Reimer and Gustavvson compete against each other for starter, the arrival of Mason would guarantee a battle.The BJ’s have nowhere to go but up. Trade Carter for Bernier and a second round pick and start fresh.