NHL Trade Rumors from the Blogosphere – September 1, 2011.

In today’s tree house o’ fun, some Montreal Canadiens rumors involving -surprise! – Scott Gomez and Andrei Kostitsyn, plus speculation the Kings might be shopping Jonathan Quick. Enjoy!

A  WINNING HABIT: Steven Ellis listed the NY Islanders, Colorado Avalanche and Phoenix Coyotes as three teams under the cap floor who might have interest in disgruntled Canadiens winger Andrei Kostitsyn, though the latter’s recent addition of Daymond Langkow probably means a trade isn’t likely. Ellis suggested Kostitsyn might be better off reunited with younger brother Sergei in Nashville, and claims sources told him the NY Rangers have expressed interest, looking for someone to play on the wing with either Brandon Dubinsky or Brad Richards…Ellis also claimed the Coyotes, prior to the acquisition of Langkow, had contacted the Canadiens about center Scott Gomez, and claimed “pretty much the same teams” which are interested in Kostitsyn are interested in Gomez, adding the Winnipeg Jets were also interested, and wondered if a swap of Gomez for unsigned RFA defenseman Zach Bogosian might be possible, as Montreal “really wants a top-four d-man” because of Andrei Markov’s injury history…Ellis also claims the Canadiens remain interested in Rangers forward Erik Christensen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Well, the Coyotes are definitely out of this mix, as Langkow’s salary pushed them over the cap floor. The Islanders are reportedly more keen on adding veteran depth to their defense than adding another forward. The Avs have been very quiet of late, but I was suspect they too would prefer to bolster their defense. As for the Predators, I wouldn’t look for them to make any moves to possibly bolster their offense until early in the season, once they’ve had time to evaluate their roster, and even then, they might not have interest in Kostitsyn the elder…The Jets management claims to have no intention of trading Bogosian, so we’ll have to take them at their word. I believe them. They’d also have no interest in Gomez’s expensive contract. As Eric Engels recently observed, if the Canadiens were going to shop Gomez, they would’ve done it in late June/early July, when there were more teams with more cap space willing to spend. Makes no sense to do so at this time of year, especially for a team like the Jets, who appear intent on keeping payroll between the mid-range and the cap floor…As for the Canadiens wishing to “add a top-4 d-man”, that doesn’t make any sense at all. They currently have Markov, budding superstar P.K.Subban, steady Josh Gorges, reliable Hal Gill and veteran Jaroslav Spacek. If they wanted a “top-4 d-man” in case Markov got hurt again, why the hell bother to re-sign him in the first place? Like I said, this makes no sense, especially considering the Canadiens real need is for more skilled size at forward….As for Christensen, why would they want an average sized, checking line forward with a lengthy injury history?

GATHER.COM: Larry Seely claims the latest rumor floating around the internet has the LA Kings shopping Jonathan Quick, if backup Jonathan Bernier plays up to expectations this season. Seely claimed “several teams around the league are in need of a goalie, and the Kings could use Quick to add a defenseman”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While it’s possible Bernier could push Quick for the starter’s job with the Kings this season, the latter isn’t being shopped right now, and Bernier would have to push Quick out of the job by mid-season for the Kings to seriously consider it. Even then, I’d have my doubts, unless Quick made it an issue. Furthermore, there’s currently no market for goaltenders, which is another reason I don’t put any stock in this rumor.As for the Kings wanting another defenseman, with Drew Doughty, Jack Johnson, Matt Greene, Alec Martinez, Rob Scuderi and Willie Mitchell on their blueline, they aren’t in need of another defenseman at this point. 


  1. Spacek is no longer a top 4 guy, and this is his last season. Gill is winding down, and probably there to mentor the young guys as much as he is there for his own playing time. If he is back in a year from now, it will be in a third pairing capacity with Gorges being prepared to fill his role. Markov and Gorges are still wild cards due to injury. Yemelin is hoped to be a big bruising shut down guy, but who really knows if he will adjust, and if he does not, he will be headed back to Europe.

    While I don’t believe Gomez for Bogosian is ever going to happen in this lifetime, I don’t really agree with your reasons. I’m not convinced Gauthier would not be interested in another top 4 d-man if the option was there… especially since Bogosian is still very much in his own space of development.

    • If Gauthier really wanted a top four d-man and was concerned about the injury status of two of his currently blueliners, why waste his time re-signing Markov? Or Gorges? Or Gill? Why did he let Hamrlik go? Now, if one of those guys gets hurt, it’s quite possible he could jump into the market for one, just as he did last year trading for Wisniewsky. But honestly, he has no reason to shop for a defenseman now. Not with Markov, Subban, Gorges, Spacek, Gill and Weber already in the lineup, Woywitka’s recent addition (there’s your insurance), and Yemelin waiting in the wings.

  2. Unless something comes along that would be foolish not to take (namely the comedy that is Gomez for Bogosian) we’re looking at the Habs roster now.

    If Montreal was keen on another top 4 d-man, why would they have let Wiz go? We could have made the cap dollars work no question. Top 4’s are not signing here for 1 year, which is what Gauthier was wanting.

    With Price and PK RFA’s next year, plus a new collective agreement, it was smart for him to not commit to anyone else long term. Even if he was to trade for one, I’m not sure how many top 4’s with only 1 year left on their contract were available.

  3. ugg.. starting writing that before I seen your response Spec 😛

  4. We let Wiz go because he wanted and got more than he was worth. The time will come when we will be very glad we are not stuck with that contract. Gill was signed for his intangibles, and how he will prepare the young D for years to come. Markov is risky, but a risk just about every GM will take because if he works out he’s gold. Gorges is signed for one year, which no one really saw coming. Perhaps he is not a permanent fixture after all. Spacek is on the downturn, and I’m not convinced he will be around for the whole season. Woywitka is injury insurance… Sopel or Mara by any other name. If you could get Bogosian in a trade, would you give up Weber?

    I’m not thinking injury insurance. And I’m not suggesting any such deal is in the works. I am simply saying that if you have a chance to improve your team for the long term, you do it… and you figure out the details later.

  5. If, IF, the Canadiens were to pull off Gomez for Bogosian it would also include a 2nd line center from Winnipeg and a defenceman from the Canadiens. Most likely, it would be Spacek or Gorges which would make sense for both sides. then you top 6 would be Markov, Subban, Gill, Bogosian, Weber, Gorges/Spacek, with Yemelin as number 7. Woywitka is AHL bound for sure until a injury arises. That would make more sense because then if Markov or Gorges gets hurt you still hav Bogosian to fill a top spot. Not saying this is something realistic, but if there was a deal it would include a Dman from the Canadiens for sure and have to have a center who can net 45-50 pts. just sayin’….

  6. Casey, Bogosian isn’t available, so it’s a moot point. If Gauthier were truly shopping for another top-4 defenseman, he wouldn’t have wasted time and money re-signing Markov if the concern is over his injury history, nor waste time on Gill’s “intangibles”. He’s not pursuing a “top 4 d-man” right now, because he has no need to do so. He’s already got a deep defense, and should Markov and Gorges remain healthy (I’d say expecting 70 games each is a good expectation for both), there’s no need to look for more.

    No, Casey, the Habs more urgent needs are at forward, where they’re still lacking skilled size.

  7. I agree that it is unlikely that Bogosian is unavailable… and that PG is not likely shopping for another D. I can’t confirm since Kevin Cheveladyoff and Pierre Gauthier cancelled our morning coffee today.

    I’ve never argued either of these points to be the case.

    My point is simply this. If any player becomes available that improves your team significantly, you probably do the deal.

    We don’t want Bogosian because we already have D is not a valid argument. If Doughty is suddenly available… and no, I’m not suggesting he is.. but if he is, do you say, “no thanks, we’re good on D”

  8. The Kings rumor is off for multiple reasons:
    1. The Kings don’t need any more defensemen. We have more defensemen than we need. We have Hickey, Voynov, Martinez, and Campbell that we are having hard time finding spots for.

    2. Quick has been a Vezina-esque goalie for the last three seasons. Why would we trade him and not Bernier? The Kings don’t need prospects (which is really what Bernier still is) we need proven. Quick is proven. The rumor would make more sense if Bernier was the one being traded.

    3. What defenseman is out there, available, and worth trading Bernier to get? None.

    The trade that still makes sense to me is (in principle) Bernier for Parise.

  9. Casey, you’re dealing with a hypothetical. That’s not what the blog post was claiming. The blogger was claiming the Canadiens were seeking a top-4 d-man because of Markov’s injury history. They’re not.

  10. @ Casey

    Improving your team is a relative term. If Ovechkin suddenly became available, and the Kings traded for him, I’m not sure they will ultimately have improved their team. You have to take into account the salary cap issues they would have inherited, locker room issues, and most importantly what we would have had to give up to get Ovechkin.

  11. @ JDBGiGC…. of course, and obviously. But if you have to give up too much, or if cap issues mean you have to release too much post-acquisition, then you are not really improving the team…

    @ Lyle… I didn’t realize we were supposed to limit discussion to the veracity of the blog. That has not been my experience here, but I can govern myself accordingly. I am well aware I was discussing a hypothetical… I didn’t realize that was problematic.

  12. Bogosian is worth a lot more than just Gomez. There would have to be something else going the other way.

  13. Casey: you said you didn’t agree with my reasons. I’m merely clarifying my point. If Gauthier saw an opportunity to land a player which would make the team better, of course he’d do it. But it depends on what the need is, and right now, that need isn’t for defensemen. Perhaps if one or more get injured again, yes. Not now.

  14. Overall, again barring some trade you can’t refuse, I’m in the boat that PG is good with what we have for NHL training camp. No offense, defense, notta.

    The cap space is nice, we’ve really lost no offense and gained Cole, and the D should be better with a healthy Markov back with PK gaining more on his game.

    We have Palushaj and co. looking to break the line up so I think management will want to see that. As well you look at other teams and how their training camps go. Trades can come from that.

    My money is nothing until after training camp, if at all.

  15. Let’s say the Habs want to move Andrei Kostitsyn and in return they are looking for scoring and defense depth – they could also swing a deal for Hecht or Boyes and either Morrisson or Leopold. Both forwards can score and both D-Men will add value over Spacek, Gill, Gorges or Markov (Gorges & Markov due to injury). The Habs have $3.9MM in cap space so I think the $ would fit.

  16. I say Quick will be traded to the Oilers. They need a #1 goalie. They have there future core players now they just need a guy to keep the puck out of the net until these guys mature. I think that would be the best option for the Oiler’s. I wish my Leafs had a team built like the oiler’s. Oh well.

  17. I don’t know, I don’t see Cole really doing well in Montreal, call it my distaste for his playing time in Edmonton, or his inability to transition to the western conference, but he was given every top minute chance to shine here, all we heard about was Cole’s incredible ability to drive to the net and make things happen, all we saw was the opposing D driving him to the corners or back out east..

  18. Dubinsky Anisimov and Callahan are the Rangers’ second line. Kostitsyn doesn’t really fit anywhere on the Rangers

  19. Of course the need is for a D-man, Lyle. Top-4 should be markov-Pk-Spacek-?? (insert either Yemelin or Gorges). It’s pretty easy to see that we need a top-4 D-man. I know Bogosian prolly ain’t for trade. But it doesn’t change the fact that your reasons *from the habs perspective* are just erroneous. Now we didn’t re-sign Hamr only because, when you think about it, he would be an low-end top-4 prolly looking for 2 years and I guess Gauthier saw it fit to just take his chance on younger and better. Otherwise, it’s true that Gauthier ain’t looking “b/c of injury history”.

  20. The only way Gauthier would move Gomez, is if the return player can bring more grit, size and as much skills. As per the Jets, it would make sense to add such depth at the center position but they have nothing to offer up front where only Kane and Ladd would be considerable options….

    The rumor for Bogosian might be in the works, and the only way it could become interesting is if another team is then willing to part with a top 6 forward that can help the Habs.

    i predict a 3 way trade if this comes down to being done…but i dont think it will

  21. Trade gomez to any team for a sevevth round pick in 2015. Just get rid of him.

  22. Way to go Zak, that makes us that much better! NOT. Gomez is tradeable. For the very same reason that Ch is a better team with him, than without him.