NHL Trade Rumors – January 10, 2012.

Updates on Zach Parise and Derek Roy, plus the latest on the Blue Jackets, Jets, Oilers, and Penguins.

NJ.COM: Rich Chere reports Devils winger Zach Parise admits money will be an important consideration as to where he signs this summer, but said playing for a Stanley Cup contender will be the overriding factor.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s likely to ramp up more Parise trade rumors in the weeks leading up to the trade deadline, but as I’ve noted before, as long as the Devils remain in playoff contention, they won’t trade Parise, even if he’s still unsigned by the trade deadline. GM Lou Lamoriello has done this many times before with pending UFAs (Bobby Holik, Scott Gomez, Brian Gionta, Brian Rafalski) and I see no reason why he won’t follow the same ploy with Parise, regardless of the rumors of the club teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

Roy the subject of trade rumors in recent weeks.

BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington reports Sabres center Derek Roy is brushing aside recent trade rumors about him, claiming he remains focused on improving his play and that of his team. Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray is believed to have scouted Roy and winger Drew Stafford back in late-November.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sabres GM Darcy Regier is probably listening to offers for Roy and Stafford, but he’s not going to just give them away. Right now, he’s seeking a deal that will improve the Sabres playoff hopes, meaning he’s seeking a “hockey trade”, that being a swap of comparable players. I don’t see that happening with the Ducks.

USATODAY.COM: Kevin Allen speculates there will be some roster moves coming for the Blue Jackets in the wake of management firing Scott Arniel as head coach. Allen noted GM Scott Howson denied having any desire to trade team captain Rick Nash. The team has several potential UFAs, including Vinny Prospal, Samuel Pahlsson, and Kristian Huselius.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ignore the Nash trade rumors, he’s not going anywhere. The players I expect will be dealt will be Prospal and young center Derick Brassard.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Tim Campbell reports Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff will continue to evaluate his roster, but isn’t in a hurry to make a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Jets make a move, it’ll be closer to the trade deadline, depending on where they are in the standings. I suspect if they’re in playoff contention, the Jets will be buyers, but Cheveldayoff will tweak, rather than make a major move.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson responded to a reader’s question about the possibility of the Oilers shipping Nikolai Khabibulin and Sam Gagner to the Chicago Blackhawks, claiming there’s no chance such a move occurs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blackhawks have been through the Khabibulin experience before, and don’t wish to repeat it. Given the injuries currently piling up for the Oilers, I think Gagner will stay put.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance speculated on the possibility of the injury-ravaged Pittsburgh Penguins making a move to shore up their depth, listing Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky, Carolina’s Tuomo Ruutu and Anaheim’s Niklas Hagman and Jason Blake as options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Penguins GM Ray Shero tends to be patient and waits for the right moment to make a move. He’ll continue to evaluate his lineup over the next couple of weeks to see how well they perform despite the loss of key players to injuries, and will likely wait until February to make his moves. Affordability will be key, both in salary and in what he’d have to part with for a return.


  1. It was also reported that there have been no talks with parises agent and there are no talks planned any time soon.
    What the hell is Lou waiting for ? What happened to doing everything he can to keep his franchise player ?

  2. Pahlsson had a lot of really good years with the Ducks, and since the Ducks are desperate for 3rd line help, wouldn’t surprise me if ……….

  3. What about Derek Roy and Drew Stafford for Ryan Getzlaf and something small like a Hagman

  4. Figure the Pens would take a chance on Gilbert Brule, half of a 1.8M salary and not giving up any assets.. they are pretty hurting..

  5. Dom:
    I would be happy without the something small. Kassian can move up and help the team now.

  6. Dom, it would more likely be Roy, and Stafford for Ryan, Hagman and a pick if that were to go down. Then Getz and Perry stay together on #1 line and Roy and Stafford on the second line. I think the ducks need a second line center so they can move Koivu down to the third line. That would shore up the depth at Center fot the ducks and give the Sabres a little cap room and a big scorer on the second line. I think the “Cap Room” is what the Sabres would bite at… But i dont know the Sabres situation….

  7. The Pens are going to be shattered with the Neal lose. He was playing huge on the #1 line. They need depth big time. If Crosby wasnt hurt, then losing Neal would hurt as bad as it does. I dont know why they dont put Crosby on LTIR and use his cap $’s to make some minor fixes. (unless they have done that) At this point, I would think he would shut it down for the season, or atleast until near the end to make a playoff run…

  8. I meant LOSS not lose.

  9. Ducksfan93 – If the Sabres did your purposed trade then they would have absolutely no centres besides Luke Adam, Paul Gaustad – which are not first line centres. Ville Leino and Brad Boyes have not worked out as centres either. Getzlaf is the more logical trade for the Sabres, he would add much needed size and toughness as well

  10. Khabibulin to the Lighting ………….. i think it makes sence ! , id say khabibulin for a 4th rounder and rolo ?

  11. Dom…I am a Kings fan so I hate the ducks by nature, but I’m sorry Stafford and Roy aren’t going to get you Getzlaf. A big scoring power forward who can play center is in HIGH demand right now, there are alot of teams that would blow that package out of the water.

  12. Why would the Ducks want Stafford & Roy, two classic UNDERACHIEVERS. Just what the Ducks need, two more of these types. Murray needs to get back to “Ducks” style, hard working, chippy, defensive minded, enough of this Marshmellow hockey. Ducks couldn’t hold a three goal lead unless the other team lost track of time and went home early

  13. You people are really over-valuing your players. Yesterday two Leaf mediocre players were going to fetch a Ducks’ first liner and today two mediocre Sabres will fetch either Getzlaff or Ryan.

    Get serious, people.

  14. Alforducks, what makes you think your ducks will be buyers? I can’t see them wanting to spend an asset to get Pahlsson when they are so clearly out of the playoff picture.
    Dom and Ducksfan, the two guys above me said it all. Terrible trade proposal. But in all fairness Dabroons, I’ve seen some pretty lopsided trade proposals come from your fanbase too.

  15. I survived Niedermeyer and Rafalski; I won’t survive losing Parise. Free agency is the Devils’ achilles heel right now.

    Lost – Gomez, Gionta (both good losses to me), Holik, Rafalski, Niedermeyer, Mogilny (when he still had years left in him)… Rafalski and Niedermeyer were huge blows.
    Gained – McGillis, Tallinder, Volchenkov, (sort of) Kovalchuk, Mogilny (when he was done), Malakov, Zubrus, Rolston … almost none of these signings have panned out for the better.

    See a problem here? NJ will not be able to replace Parise via trade or free agency. It would be the biggest blow to the franchise they’ve ever had.

    If Parise did admit that, I don’t see anything good coming out of this for the Devils; their dire straits aren’t going to allow them to throw cup contention, especially if they don’t make it past round 2 of the playoffs this year. They’ll have some very tough years ahead of them in the margins/non competitive playoff positions. It’s not that they don’t have prospects, but since the loss of Scott Stevens, the team has not had a capable team captain (and yeah Niedermeyer is not a good team captain, even if he wore the C in Anaheim; Pronger did the leading there). It’s too bad that a franchise with such success is on the brink of a collapse like this.

    If Parise didn’t admit that, then this guy is causing a pretty bad scandal.

  16. I think Zach Parise will play anywhere, given the right money, and given the chance to be the big name on the team. I think the main factor on him leaving Jersey, is the Kovy deal; and how even though he is a certified all-star and should be a franchise player… he was brushed aside for an under achieving Russian; that never should have been in Jersey; his playstyle doesn’t fit that team.

    I think it’s time for Columbus to move on. I know they love their Nash, but really, he’s lead them to an appearance in the playoffs once; and to be perfectly honest, the team they have currently should have been in competition to be 6-10 in the West, not bottom feeders.

    Roy could fetch a decent return to be honest. I think he was put off by the large amount of spending Buffalo did in the summer, because his career stats indicate a top liner, or at minimum a second liner on a team that is in constant competition for a cup ( 0.8 ppg player, including his first year and some injury seasons is serious business, means he’s a 65 point per year player on average). He’s had a couple down seasons, but if Buffalo were to move him, they’d get a nice return.

  17. Scratch that last part; this article was from NJ.com lol

  18. If I had to choose a new direction for Parise, think Detroit, think Philly, think the Rangers… think all the teams you hate. He won’t be playing for any Canadian team; Minnie is not a cup contender. He’ll go straight to a rival team that has too much talent already.

    Just like Cujo skipped to Detroit.

  19. I think you guys are undervaluing Roy and Stafford. Roy in his last 3 seasons has 81, 69 points and 35 points in 35 games. I think that is pretty comparable to Getzlaf’s numbers on his own. Stafford had 31 goals last season. That to me is better then Kadri (who has done nothing in the NHL level) and Colbourne (who is an automatic allstar according to leaf nation because he is one of their few prospects)

  20. Everyone says it is time to move Nash, but I am at a loss to imagine who has the capspace and budget-room for him. Also, what kind of package would it take, and who could offer it? I cannot imagine him leaving before free agency (which is several years off I believe).

  21. Dom – Roy is a favorite of mine, but he is sure no Getzlaf; the numbers don’t tell the story. Stafford has some impressive talent, but there is a reason you want to get rid of him. Streaky, disinterested play and an obvious lack of maturity. Like Ryan with half the talent. I knew Buffalo would regret that contract. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he is an important player in three or four years.

  22. First off, it’s pretty hard to label Niedermayer as a bad captain. He worked his ass off and won everything there is to win in the game of hockey. And he did it with class the entire time. Pretty good guy for young players to model themselves after. And not only that, he captained the Ducks to a Cup and won the Conn Smythe. What more was he supposed to do? Pronger may have done some of the leading but it takes more than one and the leader doesn’t have to talk all the time. Just look at Yzerman and Sakic …

  23. Who would you rather have on your team in a playoff battle? Ryan Getzlaf or Derek Roy?

  24. @Dom — it would take a lot more than Roy & Stafford to get Getzlaf.. and I really believe Anaheim will not be trading him.

  25. I was a oiler fan when they came into the league, NHL hockey is done. I would rather have a root canal than watch what is considered pro hockey.

  26. @ Dave…hahaha, you won’t watch pro hockey but you take the time to comment on a NHL rumor site. Go have a root canal!

  27. Dom – I agree with you that Roy is undervalued as in the past he has scored almost a point a game. He’s not a “big superstar” but he does get you points and is creative – makes things happen. What people forget is that he is coming off a torn quad tendon injury – a major injury that cut his season short last year. The problem with Roy is that he has a reputation of being lazy and has a poor work ethic. But, when he is healthy and on his game – he can be dazzeling and a game breaker.

    Stafford on the other hand is inconsistent – he has been a 30+ goal scorer, but not on a consistent basis – he is normally a 30+ point a year guy. You would think that for his size and speed he would be a physical player and be considered a “power” forward – but he isn’t. The thing is with Stafford is that he hasn’t lived up to his expectation and I’m sure there are a few teams that believe a change of scenary will correct that – so he is a viable trade candidate.

    I can’t see Darcy trading both Roy and Stafford for Getzlaff – but I can see him trading Stafford and Gaustad, along with a d man for Getzlaff. I can see Stafford, Gaustad and either Sekera or Gragnani going to Anaheim for Getzlaff. While I would love to get Bobby Ryan, I just don’t see Darcy doing the trade when what we need right now is a physical center who can provide leadership. Another player talked about in the rumour mill is Ribero and he may be a more doable trade.

    The thing with the Sabres and I’m not making excuses – but they did add some key pieces with Reghr, Erhoff and Leino. Let’s face it, the team did not gel and have instant chemistry – then injuries took our playkakers out of the lineup – Boyes, Hecht and Leino. While these guys may not burn up the nets – they do make the plays that lead to our scorers getting goals. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kassian and McNabb and some of the other younger guys, but they need a little more seasoning. We’re now starting to get some of our guys back – Gerbe, Leino, Hecht and Boyes and you can see some chemistry developing.

    I think one change that Lindy should make is moving Kevyn Adams back to player development and bring in Scott Arneil as an Assistant Coach. I think the change would send a message to the team as well as the fan base.

  28. New Jersey is going to lose Parise. He apparently stated recently that money will be one of the big factors in signing a new deal. The devils have no money(rumoured close to bankrupcy) so Lou may be restricted by ownership as to how much he can spend. Also, if he holds to his trend of signing players after deals expire and rely on loyalty to the team I guarentee he will lose Parise for absolutely nothing. I don’t think I’ve heard Parise state he would definitely stay in Jersey.
    If Buffalo is to get Getzlaf, Roy and Stafford being fine players will not be enough. As stated above many teams would outbid that, so Buffalo would have to add a 1st as well, and I’m not convinced that would be enough to outbid other teams. Dom you are right that the Toronto youngsters do not compare(yet) but Roy is getting older and Anaheim will be looking towards the future not for the next one or two years.
    As for Columbus, trading Nash would be in my opinion the thing to do. If they could get two really good prospects and a high draft and one second line and one third line player, make the deal. Nash has not really shown a great deal in the last few seasons and even with Carter added has not impressed that much. The future in Columbus doen’t look to be all that bright with what they have on the ice and at the top. Time to really shake things up.
    Dabroons, not all of us leafs fans are delutional. It upsets me as much as it does you that half of the leaf fans out their live in la-la land. Of course every fan of every team has the tendancy to over-value their teams assets and I am no exception.
    There is a long road yet to the playoffs and the Jets talking about being buyers prior to the deadline makes me chuckle. The Jets wont make the playoffs, I just don’t see it happening. They are playing way above their heads and the bubble will soon burst. The Thrashers always played well in the first half and then faded towards the end. Besides, who would they offer in exchange for a game breaker? Kane, Bogosian, Enstrom, Little, Ladd, I don’t think so.

  29. TearsforColtonOrr   |  Tuesday, 10 January 2012 at 4:46 pm
    Everyone says it is time to move Nash, but I am at a loss to imagine who has the capspace and budget-room for him. Also, what kind of package would it take, and who could offer it? I cannot imagine him leaving before free agency (which is several years off I believe).

    The Dallas stars are a perfect fit, as he has said he prefers a small market team and the stars currently have over 12 million in cap space.

  30. Who’s a better bargain, Nash at $7.8 or Parise at say $6.5 ? I would take Parise, but if he does hit the open market and commands upwards of $7+, I would probably have to pass. I think he would be a nice fit in Dallas but if his standards truly are Cup contender, then that may not be a desirable destination, though they are in better position than NJ is.

  31. Dom, I haven’t read anywhere here, or anywhere else, a Leaf fan offering Kadri and Colborne in a straight up trade for Getzlaf. Any respectable Leaf fan will admitt it will cost more then that.

  32. I think everyone has a tendency to overvalue their own players to an extent. This is mostly because you watch your own team on a regular basis and see many of the intangibles of each player, while the exposure to players on other teams is often limited to Sportcenter highlights, NHL.com stats, or the odd few games a year when they’re playing your team.

    General rule of thumb when it comes to trades: if you feel your team could do without a player, so do most other teams. If you have a player that you’d be ok with trading because he doesn’t currently add anything to your team but might one day (underachiever or prospect), other teams will not see them as golden either and therefore they will only fetch a modest return. And above all, merely compiling a group of these players together doesn’t make them more valuable to a team but usually less since more roster spots are filled to achieve a similar output to the superstar you’re trying to get.

  33. DurtMCHurt
    I’m not thinking this year for Pahlsson. If price cheap enough I’d send low draft pick so that we would have
    him and hopefully sign him BEFORE he becomes a RFA. Ducks have had terrible 3rd lines the past few years.

  34. The Ducks won’t take Roy & Stafford for Getzlaf. They just won’t. I would offer Miller + Roy + Adam and a dman or 2nd rounder for Getzlaf & Hiller.

    Miller would love to go to the West Coast and be closer to his new wife. Getzlaf will give the Sabres a 1st line center. Hiller can fill in at goal until Enroth is ready for prime time.

    Adam just may be that 1st or 2nd line center in a few years. Miller will give the Ducks security in goal. Roy will be their 1st line center until Adam is ready. And the Ducks can always use a promising dman – Sekera, MAGS, or Weber.

  35. Alforducks, Pahlsson is 34 and a UFA a years end. If you want him, pick him up in the offseason. I doubt the Blue Jackets will resign him, why waste the pick.

  36. the Ducks wont trade Getzlaf to Buffalo for anything less than myers, kassian and a first rounder along with roy . thats what he is worth and thats what other teams would need to offer to make a deal happen.
    Buffalo would still win the trade

  37. Getzlaf for Roy, Kassian, Myers and a 1st rounder is a little extreme

  38. Why would the Ducks want forwards in exchange for forwards? Like seriously examine the fundamentals of a deal. I don’t care how good people think Roy and Stafford are, they play the F position. Think the Ducks are looking more at the D position.

    And yeah, Niedermeyer is “not a good” team captain. Yeah he wore the C for the Ducks, but here’s what he did for the Ducks before Pronger: lost in conf finals against Edmonton (Pronger). After Pronger: won the Cup. Niedermeyer and Stevens; Stevens wore the C, and since Stevens is gone, Jersey hasn’t gone to the second round, including the very next year when they were laughed out by Philadelphia in five in the first round.

    Yeah he’s won everything and he’s a great defenceman on both ends of the rink. He did not lead in Jersey… that was ALL Stevens. He needed Pronger to win in Anaheim.

    And I haven’t agreed with many winners of the Conn Smythe Trophy… they awarded it to Giguere one year when Brodeur broke the SO record in the playoffs. I call giving the conn smythe to the captain a crutch pick.. which means they’re undecided so they just give it to the captain… what with all 11 points he got in the 21 games compared to Pronger’s 15 in 18. The ONLY reason they didn’t give it to Pronger is because they didn’t want to reward him after he got suspended for crushing Lidstrom with a high hit.

  39. Ya moegillknee, Myers is a saught after defenceman, a corner stone for any team. Including him in that rather humongous package is overkill. I’d say in that package, Roy and Myers would be fair, add in a mid prospect or a second rounder if you need to, that’s as far as I’d go.

  40. If Parise want’s out you have to trade him for the best package you can get.
    No reason to save him for the playoffs.
    It will hurt the future of the franchise.
    Look what Boston got for Kessel.
    Could probably get 2 firsts, 2 high prospects and a current roster player.
    I’d take that before I lose him for NOTHING.

  41. I don’t see the Sabres trading Roy and Stafford together for Getzlaff and I don’t see them even considering Myers in a deal. I can see a Roy, Ennis and d-man (Sekera, Gragnani or Weber) or a Stafford, Gaustad and d-man (Sekera, Gragnani or Weber). That would give Anaheim a C, W and D. Consider that Roy is 28, Ennis is 22 and the d-men range from 26-24 or Stafford is 26 and Gaustad is 29 – Anaheim would still get some years out of the players. Trades are funny things – you just never know what a team is asking and what they are willing to give up. But……it is fun to play armchair GM.

  42. Wow … some of these trades are horrible!!!!!!!!! Buffalo fans over value the players they have and OBVIOUSLY Anaheim overvalues the players on their team ALSO!! I wouldn’t give you Myers plus ANYONE for Getzlaf!! Roy and Stafford will not work for Getzlaf Either! I am a Sabres fan and Roy (who is 28) and Stafford (who is 26) are not that much OLDER (as is in some of the posts) than Getzlaf (26). I would say Miller, Stafford, and Pyseck (prospect) for Getzlaf and Hiller. If people want to bid to high on Getzlaf than FORGET it! Not worth that much! Then trade Roy, Stafford, and anyone but Myers, Vanek to whomever and get younger!

  43. Getzlaf ( or Perry or Ryan ) won’t be heading to Buffalo unless Ryan Miller is headed back the otherway which means multi-player deal.

  44. I think I just might take that deal – Miller/Stafford (hell, I’d even throw in Guastad) for Hiller and Getzlaff.

  45. DucksFan93

    Your out of your mind if you think the Sabres would give up there “#1″ centerman for a player that’s pretty much underacheiving. The trade you are suggesting will make us even more weeker then we already are. We are looking for a star center not an underacheiving winger. We’ve got a lot of those already

  46. Im a diehard sabres fan and know that Darcy needs to make something happen. Will he? Thats for him to figure out. Brian burke already came out publicly and said what its gonna take to get getzlaf. 1 a level player (derek roy) hes not having a great season but hes very talented, 1 first round pick, and 2 roster players. Maybe stafford and sekera? The people that are saying trade myers and roy for getzlaf are completly out of there fucking minds. I personally wpuldnt trade myers alone for getzlaf because Myers is turning into the best defenceman in the league. Someone correct me if im wrong. Hes dominating 1on 1. the best forwords in the league cant press him. Darcy needs to package Roy however he needs to go alog with some more of these streaky players buffalo has.