NHL Trade Rumors – January 13, 2012.

Could Luke Scheen be dealt for James van Riemsdyk?…Is Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula pushing for trades?…Is Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan being shopped?…Will injuries force Penguins GM Ray Shero to make a move?…Which teams might have interest in Teemu Selanne?


Scheen trade bait for van Riemsdyk?

TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan wondered if Maple Leafs defenseman Luke Schenn might be trade bait to land winger James van Riemsdyk from the Philadelphia Flyers.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi reports the performance of Erik Gustafsson, who recently returned from injury, could determine if the Flyers make a move at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So far it doesn’t appear anything is imminent between these two teams, though I’ve read and heard reports the two teams have talk, and the Flyers have been scouting the Leafs in recent games. Leafs GM Brian Burke is renowned for making major moves well before the trade deadline, so it’s expected he could pull the trigger soon. Whether it’s with the Flyers remains to be seen.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Bucky Gleason reports Sabres owner Terry Pegula isn’t pushing his management to make trades, pointing to injuries as one of the main reasons the Sabres have struggled this season. Pegula did express his unhappiness over how the season has unfolded.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s rumored GM Darcy Regier has been shopping around in search of help for his struggling Sabres, but I think the problem is currently there’s not a lot of teams to deal with which have what he needs. That should change in the coming weeks as more teams fall out of the playoff race, but it remains to be seen if that’ll happen in time to provide the Sabres with the kind of players they need to get their season back on track.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports via Twitter Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney said there’s “no truth whatsoever” to recent trade rumors about Coyotes captain Shane Doan.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Coyotes remain in the playoff chase in the Western Conference. They’ll need Doan in the lineup if they hope to clinch a berth.

POST-GAZETTE.COM: Shelly Anderson reports Penguins GM Ray Shero is resisting the idea of placing injured stars Sidney Crosby and Kris Letang on LTIR and using the savings to bring in depth to help his struggling team. Letang is expected back in the lineup soon, while Crosby has begun skating on his own.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s not to say Shero won’t make any moves in the coming weeks, but he won’t put those two on LTIR unless it appears they won’t return to the lineup by the trade deadline. If he gets Letang and Crosby back before then, it’s better than making a trade.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Looks at the teams which might have interest in Teemu Selanne.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Selanne asks to be dealt, it really doesn’t matter which teams might be interested in him. So far, Selanne says he has no interest in being dealt.


  1. If the Flyers are going to give up JVR, I’d hope they’d be able to get a better D-man then Schenn (ie Suter, Weber). Don’t like that deal at all.

  2. Buffalo needed a tinker and shopped too much in the offseason. It annoys me to no end watching GMs making all these signings and overloading their team with heavy contracts. Tallon did it in Florida, but he picked up some of his old Chicago guys and some players to get him to the cap floor (and I actually agree with many of them, like Fleischmann). I still don’t know what the Kings were thinking when they traded for Mike Richards.

    As much as I hate the Rangers, they made the right play. Sign one guy and shut up the rest of the summer. “Pick one thing in the store… that’s what you get to keep.” Helps when you’re sitting on one of the league’s three best goaltenders, though… long live the king.

    Let the JVR rumours continue:

  3. Hard to believe Burke would trade Schenn straight up VanRiemsdyk since the last thing we need is another winger. I wonder if it is Komiserik that is in play with a prospect such as Kadri which would make room for VanRiemsdyk. I can’t see it being Scheen and Kadri which is why I thought Komiserik with his improved performance.

    This one is tough to figure out considering VanRiemsdyk is a winger and the Leafs are stocked at that position. We could use a bigger winger as an upgrade but that means sending one back the other way. The Flyers are in need of a solid Dman but the Leafs can’t over pay with a guy like Scheen and a good winger???

  4. Hate to burst all the hopes and dreams of Leaf fans, but your roost doodler Kadri is gonzo. Burke never wanted to draft the idiot in the first place. Last choice for Leafs and they weren’t happy about it, clearly.

    He’ll go in a trade and is at top value right now.

  5. I stated it on the other thread and I’m gonna state it on this one; JVR will NOT be going to the Leafs. No way. Not gonna happen. Not a chance. NOPE. The d-man the Flyers pick up will be Tim Gleason and the Flyers will only have to give up prospects cause Carolina has to rebuild. Schenn makes too many mistakes for playoff hockey right now. Maybe he’ll improve, but trading JVR for Schenn HURTS the flyers immediately. Gleason for prospects doesn’t. I know Burke gets Leaf nation all giddy with all the moves he likes to make and I’m sure he’ll make a splash sooner or later, but relax a bit Leaf fans. JVR isn’t gonna be a leaf. Maybe Ryan or Getzlaf will, but expect to pay Kessel prices or more for one of those guys. Burkes proven he’s dumb enough to do that….oh well, whatever hirts the Leafs, makes me happy. Go Sens Go!

  6. Schenn for JVR would hardly be overpaying. JVR was drafted 2nd overall and is only in his 3rd full season in the league. He’s one year older than Schenn. I’d do this trade in a heartbeat. Big wingers that can score are hard to find and it would increase their size up front. They can always trade a winger in another deal.

  7. IMO if the Leafs trade Schenn a center has to be coming back, i do believe the JVR rumours but i dont believe its Schenn their looking at, I can see Schenn in a package deal involving
    (ie) Getzlaf,Staal,Carter,Nash,…….or someone player of that calibre

  8. Not saying Scheen for JVR would be over paying. I said Scheen plus one of our wingers such as Kuli, Kadri, MacA for JVR would be over paying. Straight up is reasonable but that leaves us with way to many wingers.

    It almost sounds like Burke leaked this one to the media to get a bidding war going from other camps. He covets a top line center so there is a good chance he’s using this media attention, JVR for Scheen, to get some action started for a #1 center. After seeing what he’s done in the past I firmly believe a big trade is in the works. I think Scheen, Kadri and this years first are all in play if I can believe the comments coming out the Leaf camp through the media. The Ducks could use Scheen, Kadri and a first rounder. Gotta love the big moves Burke makes…

  9. It’s entertaining to think that Toronto will pick up any of Anaheim’s top players. I am still not convinced any of them are even going to get moved, let alone to Toronto.

  10. If Leafs are going to make the ‘big deal’ and seek say Getzlaf then the deal is going to be like

    Getzlaf for Schenn, Grabo, 1st

    Young defenseman, roster player, draft pick. I don’t think the Leafs are going to pull off anything big but if they did

    Lupul – Getzlaf – Kessel
    Crabb – Connolly – Kulie
    Kadri – Lombardi – MacArthur
    Brown – Steckel – Boyce

    is a pretty good forward line and that is without Bozak and Armstrong in the line up, plus Frattin and Colbourne to think of. On defense we still end up with Liles, Phaneuf, Franson, Gunner, Aulie, Komisarek. Which is again decent.

    With the glut of forwards I would seriously hope we move someone (MacArthur or Armstrong) to try and shed cap space and see goaltending help.

  11. @MJR
    You may be right because if I was the Ducks I’d probably ride it out and see what next year brings since Getz and Perry are still under contract next year but you never know what the owner and GM are thinking when it comes to current team profit/losses, plus with the new CBA coming it may prove to be the right time for a rebuild in someone’s mind (obviously not the fans). Then again Burke will use the media to stir the pot and try to pry one of these top centers away from someone. Maybe sucessfully, maybe not.

  12. All this talk about Ducks trading Ryan or Getzlaf is crazy at this point. Maybe a month ago but the reality is that Ducks cannot / will not make the playoffs no matter what deal they make. What Murray has to decide is does he resign the players that are due to become RFA end of this season or trade them and get whatever draft picks he can, and some will just not get him anything, but a 7th round pick is better than nothing. Those players are:
    Selanne ( If he waivers his NTC )
    Koivu ( If he waives his NTC)
    Dan Ellis

    Point #2, bring up and play prospects that are in the system and lets see what they can do and by all means put Kyle Palmieri on the Getzlaf line and PLAY HIM. He has shown he can score in the AHL, lets see if he can score at NHL level with a NHL center feeding him.

    Point #3, If you want to trade one of the big veterans such as Getzfaf, Perry, Ryan, Lydman etc then
    do it at the June Draft. June draft is when the ( I almost won the cup) teams look at the one big piece they need and they are willing to trade to get it ( like Burns going to SJ). Not saying you do trade one of the big Vets, but if someone like Washington offers ya the world, TAKE IT.

    Point #4, Sign one or two USEFULLY UFA’s in the summer rather than 5-7’s career AHL’s like Gordon, Smaby, waste of time and money.

    Point#5 If a undrafted high quality College FA is available, spend a little money and sign him, stop taking the cheapie way out

  13. @JJB
    Doubt that deal works for the Ducks since Grabovski is a UFA at seasons end that is unless the Ducks negociate now for a new deal with him. I would hate to lose Grabovski since he is dangerous and one of the best two way centermen in the league. His size, face off percentage and lack of playoff experience hinders his worth to a lot of teams so I think Toronto would be better off keeping him and due to his low value on the market. Connelly and Grabovski would be a very good 2nd and 3rd line center for the playoffs.

    Don’t be fooled Bob Murray won’t get fleeced again by Burke after the Lupul, Gardiner fiasco. If anything he will be much harder to make a deal with after losing so badly with that trade. Burke will have to over pay and make up for that one sided mess just like Chiarelli had to do in the Kaberle deal after the Kessel deal looked to be a one sided fiasco last year. Kaberle and two first rounders for Kessel and Colborne doesn’t look so bad now. How the hell will Burke make up for Gezlaf, Lupul and Gardiner for Beauchemin and ????. lol

  14. Once again, Toronto fans & media overvalue their “assets”. Luke Schenn hasn’t impressed me much in his Leaf career, struggling this year to say the least, and is barely scraping by as a #5-6 on a slightly-above-average-at-best Toronto squad. Those kinds of defensemen are a dime-a-dozen in the NHL.
    I realize that JvR is having a bit of a down season, but he did impress the Flyers brass with his performance in the postseason last year. He is a former 2nd overall pick, signed to a long-term deal and entering the prime of his career. I doubt that Paul Holmgren is desperate enough to give him away for a pittance.
    Jaro Spacek and Tim Gleason will both be available at the deadline, as could be Jordan Leopold. I would expect Holmgren to chase one of those players over Schenn and they wouldn’t cost him JvR to get.
    @FireWilson: JvR for Komisarek (#12 on the “most overrated players” list) would be a colossal bonehead trade for a GM (Holmgren) who doesn’t make many mistakes. Best to let Burke sink with that millstone tied around his neck than to offer him a life vest by trading for his albatross contracts.

  15. I wouldn’t mind acquiring a player like L.Schenn, he’s currently not the player he can be, but I beleive that to be a lack of mentorship (is that even a word?lol). He could really use mentors such as Pronger and Timonen. And the Flyers could really use a right handed dman. Problem is, he doesn’t exactly fit the Flyers’ current need for a top pairing PP dman .. which is why I think Franson is the target here, not Schenn.

  16. Regardless of trade value, I’d just rather have Schenn then JVR. I can see why people who have no ties to either team have an opinion one way or another, I just think that if we were going to trade Schenn (in a package for a blockbuster), I would want to be blown away with the player coming back. I’d be ok with that. It’s the cost of doing bussiness.
    Although I’d love to have JVR, he doesn’t knock my socks off. So if the cost of JVR is Schenn or bust, I’d rather bust to be honest. I’m sure another deal can be made if we’re patient.

  17. @THewes
    I never said Komiserek for JVR straight up. As usual people read what they want. I said ” I wonder if it is Komiserik that is in play with a prospect SUCH AS Kadri”.

    Speaking of a dime a dozen… 20 goal scoring wingers are the biggest dime a dozen in the league. Hard hitting, shot blocking, 22 yr old shut down defencemen taken 5th over all are not a dime a dozen. The Leafs should keep Scheen, JVR isn’t worth it. We don’t need another 20 goal winger.

  18. And a quick note, for those who don’t actually watch Leaf games, don’t think you know what you’re talking about when it comes to Schenn. Offensive defencemen are easier to gauge based on goals, assists, plus/minus, powerplay time etc. Schenn is a defensive defenseman, you have to watch him play and kind of know the position to have such an absolute opinion one way or another. Saying he’s garbage based on stats blatenly shows your hockey IQ.

  19. After reading all these leaf fans vastly over value Schenn and Kadri, I think they have a better shot trading Luke straight up for Gretzky.

  20. Hendy, to say Burke never wanted to draft Kadri is ridiculous. Bryan Murray asked burke about a trade to move up in the draft to get Kadri (sens were two picks behind them) Burke said no way and got Kadri, Sens got Cowen. I like how it turned out though

  21. First off I think schenn is a decent player. He hasn’t been that good this year but i guess that is why his mins were cut. That is not what the Flyers need right now. Just because toronto has coveted JVR for a bit now doesn’t mean they will get him. Both have big upside but for this year it don’t help each other. JVR has been hurt all year with a hip, knee and abdominal tear. It not worth trading him unless its in a package for a Top 4 guy. Not to say that schenn doesn’t have that potential. The Flyers just don’t need potential right now.

  22. Eric…wow what a homer comment to make. Please tell me what exactly has JVR done in his career to be able to land Weber or Suter? Ya nothing at all. At this point he is potential ONLY and is overpaid to what he has brought to the flyers this season. Personally I think JVR for Schenn is a good trade for both teams, but if anyone has to sweeten that deal its the Flyers (and I hate the leafs), because dmen are more valuable than wingers due to league wide needs, and Schenn has done way more in his career so far. So please quit over-valueing your players.

  23. MJR1..what the Kings were thinking when they traded for Mike Richards? Are you serious? Do you even watch hockey or know anything at all about it? I will tell you why the Kings traded for him Not only does he have the capability to score 80+ points and 30+ goals but he is great at faceoffs and PP not too mention that he is one of the best two way centremen inthe league and probably the best at killing penalties, all this and has a nice cap hit. Lets see who the Kings gave up (whom I miss as a Kings fan, but doesn’t compare to what they got back) Simmonds is a third liner, and Schenn well he is terrible once again this year and is potential only. Don’t get me wrong I like these two but they definately don’t add up to Richards at all. Hey thanks for analysis but don’t quit your day job.

  24. @ FireWilson — “Grabovski…..one of the best two way centermen in the league…” I just spat coffee on my keyboard. Great call.
    I’m with Durt here, Luke Schenn is a prize stallion. He may not make sense as a deadline deal this year, but I think Leaf fans are valuing him correctly. As for some of their other players…….I have to clean up my keyboard.

  25. Canadian King is right. Mike Richards is “one of the best two-way centremen”; Grabovski………well, I like him.

  26. selanne will finish as a jet. he’s already proven himself loyal to the ducks, now he can come home to winnipeg where his wife and kids already want him to be. his oldest son was born in the peg and is a canadian citizen. selanne for 6th rounder.

  27. I would give up Roy Sekera, and Gragnani for JVR. Just do SOMETHING.

  28. Typically it takes defensemen five or more years to develop their game and Schenn is no exception. He isn’t having one of his best years but he also isn’t really stinking the joint out either. He is known for his aggressive in your face style but I think is having a hard time adjusting to the new rules on hitting. He will be okay. Personally I think the d-man heading out will be Gunnarsson. He isn’t overly agressive but usually gets the job done and has some offensive up side. Gardiner will be taking his spot in the long run. Getting JVR would be okay but as stated the leafs have plenty of wingers, unless it is a trade for and immediately ship him off to someone else to help land that centre. If they do get JVR then I would expect MacArthur to be shipped out in a trade instead.
    As far as Murray is concerned I really don’t get all the “he got fleeced crap”. At the time, Lupul was a player who had nothing but problems with injuries, who knew he would turn around and have a career year. You can’t say Burke knew this would happen. Gardiner was a first rounder who many said was over-rated and probably wouldn’t make the big league. Give Burke credit for this one as he disagreed.
    The ducks got Beauchemin, the man they wanted and he is still playing for them.
    I really hope Burke does not sell the farm. Colborne, Frattin, Blacker and others are the future in Toronto. Now if they trade one, lets say Kadri, it wouldn’t hurt all that much. Personally I think the leafs should give the kid a while longer to prove himself but hey I’m not the GM. I just hope he doesn’t give up to many picks, but that being said the leafs are not the team the bruins traded with any longer and won’t be giving up top five prospects.

  29. I can’t see the Leafs trading Schenn while they are in the playoff hunt. More likely is they move him at the draft to move up and take a center with size like Forsberg, Faksa or Beauce. Or do the same with Kadri. The problem with Schenn is that Wilson doesn’t seem to realize that he plays best when they give him a lot of minutes. When he is only playing 12 or 13 minutes a game he has trouble getting his feet moving. Yet another reason why they should get rid of Wilson and replace him with someone who knows how to deal with younger players. My guess, another year of Wilson and then Dallas Eakins will be the coach.

  30. Selanne to the Kings for Alec Martinez or Davis Drewiske and a 3rd rounder.
    Kings get help with their offense and PP. Ducks get a d-man that can play in the NHL and a pick. Selanne doesn’t have to move and can have another shot at the Cup.
    I would suggest giving up more but Sleanne is just a rental and will go back to the Ducks next season.

  31. What has JVR proven? Not a top 6 forward but like Schenn he has potential. So if Schenn is overvalue so is JVR.

  32. Another quick note. We seem to be listening to the media too much on this Schenn for JVR nonsense. In an interview a couple of days ago, Burke admitted he will be actively seeking a trade, and that he isn’t affraid to use draft picks. He also said he couldve probably made the playoffs last year had he traded some of “the kids” for 30 year old veterans. I don’t think we can totaly discount him moving a young player for another young player, but it sounds like he’s more interested in not giving up a young core roster player for immediate help. I think he likes the core. This whole thing sounds like a rumour based more on uniting the Schenns in fantasy land then actual insider information.

  33. Schen was the Leafs best player last year and has not been that bad this year. With what we have invested in the hit leader from the blueline I would rather keep him

  34. I could see a Leafs d-man ( not Schenn ) to the Flyers for Simmonds or Talbot.
    Simmonds is what the Leafs thought they were getting when they signed Colby Armstrong, Talbot has lots of playoff experience and is solid on the pk. The Leafs biggest worries my be getting the same decent goaltending they are getting now down the stretch and into the playoffs.

  35. I tend to sort of agree with Farley. There’s just too much uncertainty on the Flyer’s blueline (is it Pronger’s season or career that’s over? What is it going to take to resign Carle? Will
    Suter or Weber be available this summer? Etc) to make a big commitment to bring someone in now. The Flyers will bring trade for defensive help, it may be Gleason or it may be a Leaf but whomever it is will cost a pick or prospect and not much more.

  36. Leaf fans are so delusional. They think their team will trade for every big name on the market and the other team is willing to take scraps like Kadri, Kulemin, Colbourne, Crabb. Whenever the leafs win a game their entire fan base gets extremely excited like they have just won a playoff series but if you go to the Air Canada Centre you sit among suits that do not even know the rules and regulations of hockey.

  37. @James To clarify nobody is saying Murray got fleeced at the time of the Lupul/Gardiner trade. You are right about your assessment at the time the trade unfolded. We are talking about now. It’s obvious he lost that deal big time and all I’m saying is that Murray knows how bad it looks and will look for some make up sex if Burke wants to wheel and deal again.

    @Tears Yes, I’m in love with Grabovski. I think he’s the most conscience two way center on the Leafs and is probably one of ten best two way centermen in the league. He has so much talent and when on his game is one dangerous sniper. With a +14 last on years stats I’d say he was on his game all year. This year not so much up until the last 4 games. I hope that wasn’t a McDonalds coffee you spit all over your key board, I hear its full of chemicals. lol

  38. @Tux
    Where are you? Why aren’t you bashing us Leaf fans today?

  39. Burke isn’t giving up Schenn , Kadri and this years 1st for Getz….No way. Thats stupid. I could see this years first, Kadri, Gunnarson, or Franson…I wouldn’t pay that price for Getzlaf. We have a big center coming in Colborne…patience and don’t trade the farm.

  40. I don’t think Burke will trade Schenn to the Flyers for JVR! The Leafs have no need for anther winger and the Flyers need a D-Man with more offensive skills! If such a player is available is questionable. And I don’t think that there is a no.1 center available at the deadline! The Ducks will not trade Getzlaf, the Avs are still in the play-off race so they will not trade Stastny and I don’t think the Blue Jackets will trade Carter! May be I forgot someone? And I have to admit I did not expect the Cammalari trade….

  41. @Durt…..so is there NO stats that apply to defensive d-men?? If you ask me, +/- is a GREAT stat to use for them. No one can watch all the games, but we can watch a few and get a good idea. According to you, the only people that have an accurate view on Leaf players are their fans. How convenient. I think your problem is you’re watching too many Leaf games a nd not enough of other teams. You have homer glasses, my friend. The WORST evaluator of talent, is a fan.

  42. Anyone that say Schenn is better than JVR (right now) is a Leaf fan. I’m a fan of neither, and I’ve seen about the same amount of game by both, and JVR is easily better than Schenn. Its no contest at this point. Not to say that it won’t change, cause it may. But right now, if you’d take Schenn over JVR, you’re, well you’re a Leaf fan….Cue the verbal assault.

  43. In fairness to Scheen’s +/- figure this year he has been saddled most nights with defending the penalty kill which is killing his +/- figure. Wilson can’t figure out a system he wants these guys to follow so they are running all over the place doing there own thing. Not Scheen’s fault. Totally sku’s his +/- figure which is what Durt is referring to when he says you can’t always judge a Dman only by his stats.

  44. I am not ok with JVR for Schenn straight up (BTW all it’s Schenn not Scheen, he’s an actor…and crazy). Lets take a good hard look at who JVR would replace on the 2nd line because there’s no way Burke trades Schenn for a third liner. MacArthur has one more goal (13) and one less point (21) in 2 less games and Kulemin has 4 less points (18) and has struggled this year. From what we’ve seen out of JVR we would be giving up Schenn, who is having a bit of a rough year, for someone we already have in Kulemin or MacArthur. Is there an upside to JVR we haven’t seen yet? More than likely, his playoff coming out party is the sole reason he’s even mentioned in these rumours for Schenn, other than that he’s not proven himself as Schenn has already last year and even some nights this year.

    For me personally, right now knowing everything, I do not make this trade straight up unless there’s more coming back or a guy named Schenn is not involved.

  45. I recall Burke being mic’ed-up a draft a few years ago fielding trade inquiries about Schenn whispering “I am not going to give up my future captain” or similar to Nonis. Sure, since then a lot has happened including Phaneouf fielding the C and team quite well. But i think Burke values Luke Schenn higher then the rest of the league, being quite defensive in style of play etc so if he were to be traded i dont think Burke throw in much more..

    Dont know how much sense that made, beer is kicking in and second language checking out. :)

  46. farleybear: sorry i missed your comment but i agree completely with you. somewhat my point as well.

  47. @FireWilson……..hahahahhahah. good stuff. I am Tux. Seriously. I retired the name and attempted to retire the shxtty attitude along with it. I am tired of correcting people…..I just want to be a fan and celebrate the sport. Funny thing is, I think I am more of an asshole now than before. Still bashing your stuff. I am the least of the Leaf-bashers around here though…..definitely like some of their players. Anyway…..I will probably keep changing names and trying to find a clean slate (I was also Guerin’sBackecheck). I am sick of feeling the hate, but I keep getting sucked in by the million morons on the net. If you notice a handle that’s actually clever, that’ll be me…..most likely peeing on your morning thoughts.

  48. Farleybear, “Saying he’s garbage based on stats blatenly shows your hockey IQ.” you did read that at the end of my comment right? If you have seen him play a few times, you are definitely entittled to your opinion. I said for those who base their opinion about a defensive defenseman based on stats (I meant stats alone) then you don’t know what your talking about. I feel that way about any shut down style defenseman, not just Schenn. Plus/minus can only take you so far. How often are they playing against the top line? How much pk/pp time do they get? Do they play infront of a weak goalie? Is it a run and gun team or trap? These effect +/-.

  49. @Tears
    Good to hear you didn’t retire. One day you actually got my blood boiling which normally doesn’t happen. I generally laugh off all the over the top bashing which made the name Tux famous. Well if you’re looking for a new name you can always use my name from last year “Stir’n the pot” although once Wilson gets fired I will need it back.

  50. Shero recently said he’ll see if the injured guys are back by trade deadline then he’ll deal. By the injured guys however I think its certain he means Staal and Letang, Crosby isnt in the equation since he may be out longer, especially since it’s a month away and he’s still having symptoms.

    However, I don’t see how Shero isn’t forced to do something, even minor, if the team continues to lose,play badly, or ducks below playoff contention.

    In that case he’ll bring in a rental forward, maybe a center. Gagner in Edmonton would fit the bill, or a similar.

  51. @ supersabre Typical sabre fan . Knows nothing about hockey. Kadri , kuleman and colborne are not scraps. Stick to booing your players and running them out of town when things don’t go right. Buffalo city of losers. How many times do you guys have to keep proving that.

  52. @FireWilson penalty killing has absolutely nothing to do with +/-.

  53. Ya, I’m not calling Schenn (relax and focus, @North of The Border, it was a typo and doesn’t REALLY matter, does it? Sheeesh, I’m typing on a BlackBerry, so gimme a break) absolute garbage. I watch some Leaf games and ALWAYS watch game highlights and read A LOT of press, probably more than the average hard-core hockey fan. Schenn makes a lot of mistakes for his position. He’s not ready to be part of a team that has a great chance to become Stanley Cup Champs. He could cost them their goal. Schenn would be a great addition for a rebuild (ummmmm hello, Anaheim?) Where his mistakes don’t matter as much and a team can attribute it to growing pains and be more forgiving. Philly doesn’t have that luxury. They are in “win now” mode. Schenn doesn’t give them that. Sorry, if you don’t like that, but them’s the facts. Another thing, Philly is a much better team that the Leafs, agreed? Probably not, but….Schenn may look good on the ice in the Blue and White cause he’s playing with lesser players than are what’s on the Flyers roster…. He wouldnt look nearly as good in Flyer Orange.

  54. @Farleybear
    OMG When you are on the ice on the penalty kill and you get scored on that’s a minus 1 for you. If you are a plus 40 while you are on the ice at even strength but get stuck out on a shit pk and get scored on 35 times while you are on the ice that adds minus 35 to your total +40 at even strength making you a plus 5 over all. Get it…

    Schenn is generally put out on the ice on the Leafs shit PK and therefore he is only a plus 7. If Wilson could ever get his PK in order Schenn would be a plus 15 or 20.

  55. Sorry should have said even strength or on the pp. Better clarify that before I get dumped on.

  56. @firewilson, you better do some research pal. YOU. ARE. WRONG. Stop arguining with me and go and read it for yourself. I am not gonna argue about things as simple as this.

  57. @FireWilson….You’re gonna feel real silly when you find out how wrong you are lmao…”Get it…”

  58. @ Fire wilson….here, I did for you what you need to do yourself before coming on here talking all stupid. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plus-minus….next time, do your research before you go off on someone pal. This is grade 2 two stuff.

  59. I’m glad I read up on it though, so thank you. I had no idea that when your team scores a short-handed goal, that’s a plus for the team scoring that goal and a minus for the team on the PP. But as far as a a player getting a minus for being on the ice during a PK that gets scored on? Nope. So Schenn and his “+40″ are safe lmao!!!!! Now, can we get back to normal business? *eyes roll*

  60. Evening Gents,late to the party i see,lol.
    relax and stop all the schenn stuff.
    Right now Leafs JVR and Flyers Gunnarson/Macarthur but they are far apart on what else goes to Leafs.

  61. MJR1..what the Kings were thinking when they traded for Mike Richards? Are you serious? <–

    So those Kings have really improved, have they? They decided to trade for a team captain but didn't bother getting rid of theirs (Dustin Brown)… bet that's just awesome for the dressing room. Why do you think Philadelphia dealt him (they wanted Pronger wearing the C). And consider who the Kings could have gotten for those two players instead of someone who's going to bump heads on their team.

    And the Kings offense should be striving having picked him up… (looks)… nope, dead last. They're a sub-500 team right now at 21-23…

    Schenn isn't exactly playing big minutes in Philadelphia, and Simmonds is a chirper and will be a factor to a team in the future as an agitator. And if an agitator scores at a pace of 40 points a season, that means good depth.

    Kings aren't going to keep Mike Richards for long; this summer, they're going to trade him again. Either that or they're going to deal Brown. It was a pointless deal for them to pick him up.

  62. Schenn is leading the leafs in pulse – for d-men. +7. We are not moving him. And the only reason why burke would want JVR is because he born in the USA. Look at the last yank you got komisarek. Should of just gave finger 4.5 mill and brought him up for the AHL. Leafs need a shut down line. JVR would be a great second line winger to play with grabo and Kulemin. But then Frattin has proven he can play that role and in a year or too hopefully will be a solid 2end liner. Pulse Frattin has size witch burke is talking about we need.

    On my leaf trading Block is

    Komisarek – 4th round pick might be asking too much.

    Connolly – why did we even sign this guy then give Bozak the # 1 spot

    Lombardi – Trade for a real 3rd line centre. Don’t need a former 2ends line centre who might become one again when we already have grabo doing that job just fine

    Macarthur – either put him back on the second line or trade him

    Bozak – just never going to be a 1st line centre and not good enough in his own end to be a 3rd line centre

    Leaf line up

    Lupul – Trade for someone – Kessel

    Kardi/Frattin – Grabo- Kulemin

    Crab – Colborne/trade for one – Armstrong

    Boyce – Steckel – Brown

    we all no there nothing we can do to help our d out i think we got a pretty good group.

  63. Kadri’s getting there; I saw the game last night… but he still might hinder second line scoring. He likes having the puck, but doesn’t always know what to do with it. That’ll come with time… I liked seeing him on the wing in the power play, though; he looked comfortable there, and he caused two very good scoring chances (both ringing off the post).

    I love the Leaf transition; they’re doing what Montreal did last year. Phil Kessel or Mikail Grabovski turn on their rockets and start flying and they get sprung with an outlet pass. This pushes the d-men straight into their zone and causes many attacks. It’s no wonder Kessel is up there with Lupul in points… using your speed causes the game to happen faster than people have time to think. I was entertained, because I love rush games with scoring chances.

    I still don’t think Burke should tinker too much, but I did notice that Schenn was out of place, playing 2nd line minutes. I think right now, the Leafs could use a forward that gets into dirty areas and has tenacity because the Leafs blast a lot of rebounds; someone who wins body battles should strive playing top six.

    If I had a choice of which top six to move, it would be Kulemin while his stock is still holding up from his last year.

  64. MJR, that was a good objective analysis of the Leafs. Thanks for being one of the few non-fans to not just bash our team cause most people do. And you actually know what your talking about.

  65. Brad Williamshe, first it’s plus, not pulse. Second, not that I always follow what nationality a player is, but I can tell you Komi was not the last American Burke aquired. And Wilson didn’t turn around and “give” the first line job to Bozak, he earned it by outplaying the rest of our centers, and having good chemistry with Lups and Kessel. Also Finger already earns his full pay even though he plays in the AHL. It’s a one way contract not a two way. Not that I like to nitpick, but your
    post was hard to read.

  66. Granted this blew up by way of Kimelman re-quoting the Philadelphia Daily news, and his first reprint had thsi possible deal as a secondary option. Yes, Leafs need bigger forwards, and Flyers might like to add dee for the run…
    When intially hearing about a Schenn brother reunion, I immediately thought it would the Maple Leafs trying to get Brayden not the apparent reverse.
    Ignoring the current “surplus” at dee in Toronto, wouldn’t Burkie be willing to try and get Brayden, who might be feeling a tad rushed into the NHL, at a position where the benefits long-term might be very beneficial?
    And I keep wondering how Luke’s declining role in Toronto translates to a larger one in Philly. Flyers run well around the present cast of old, young vet and newbie at forward, and do look to have some surplus, but I am not which defender fits best for Phyers run as a now addition.
    I wonder if the “discussions” are locked on not only the Schenns, JVR, but Kadri, Komisarek, Hartnell and others. This may be a pre-draft day deal and not a pre-playoff type move, that starts with discussion and not action.
    Since the nhl.com