NHL Trade Rumors – January 16, 2012.

The latest from the Edmonton Journal and Calgary Sun… Should the Blue Jackets consider “the nuclear option”?…More on the Flyers efforts to replace Chris Pronger…Thee Leafs need size at center.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reported if Detroit Red Wings defenseman Brad Stuart should become an unrestricted free agent this summer, his old team, the San Jose Sharks, could be interested in him, as could the Anaheim Ducks…The Philadelphia Flyers have been monitoring Nashville’s Ryan Suter…Would the Flyers trade Brayden Schenn because they’re playing Sean Couturier more?…The Lightning won’t seek a goalie now, but rather in the off-season, perhaps for Jonathan Bernier, Josh Harding, or Cory Schneider…While the Detroit Red Wings would love to sign Ryan Suter as a UFA this summer, the player they’d really like to sign is Zach Parise….The Oilers would love to land Ryan Ellis from Nashville but the blueliner the Predators would prefer to move is Jonathan Blum….The Washington Capitals are looking to move defenseman Jeff Schultz…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stuart would probably prefer to sign with a California team if the Red Wings don’t re-sign him, as his family lives there…Schenn has been injured a lot this season, so if the Flyers were to shop him it would likely be in a package deal, as on his own he won’t attract much of a return…I think if it comes down to it, the Red Wings look for a quality defenseman to replace Nicklas Lidstrom this summer over pursuing a top forward like Parise. Then again, if they can afford both, they’ll certainly try to sign them…Don’t see the Predators parting with Ellis.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis reports Teemu Selanne hasn’t fully closed the door on a possible trade this season if the Ducks fall out of playoff contention…The Florida Panthers had interest in Sean Avery before signing John Madden….Several GMs say they’ll be watching the fate of the Phoenix Coyotes, as captain Shane Doan might be available, though Coyotes GM Don Maloney denied he would trade Doan…Not many GMs believe the Ducks would seriously shop core players like Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry or Bobby Ryan, but many are “kicking the Ducks’ tires”…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Selanne might not close the door on a trade, but it also doesn’t sound as though he’s looking too hard at that option…Avery is likely to remain buried in the minors for the rest of this season…Doan’s not moving as long as the Coyotes remain in playoff contention. The Coyotes hope to re-sign him long-term, but of course that’ll depend on the ownership situation…The Ducks won’t move those three stars.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Michael Arace wonders if the Blue Jackets will consider “the nuclear option” and make sweeping changes, from the front office down to the roster, while Aaron Portzline wonders how long Scott Howson will remain in the GM’s job.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We could get a good idea in about a month’s time. The Blue Jackets are expected to shop several players, notably Vinny Prospal and Derick Brassard, but not Rick Nash or Jeff Carter. If they do go for sweeping changes, those will likely occur this summer.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli on how the Flyers attempt to replace Chris Pronger on the ice, while stuck with his salary whether he’s playing or not, owing to the fact he was 35 when he signed his current contract, though with him on LTIR, they do get a cap cushion equal to his $4.92 million salary for this season, which could be used to replace him with another player. Seravalli suggested if Pronger’s injuries forced him from the game, he could remain on LTIR for the remainder of his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For now, it appears the Flyers will see how Erik Gustafsson performs before making a decision on acquiring a defenseman before the trade deadline, and whether they pursue a big star like Ryan Suter (provided he’s available), a promising blueliner carrying an expensive contract (Luke Schenn), or an affordable veteran option like Carolina’s Tim Gleason.

TORONTO STAR: Rosie DiManno believes the Leafs need to bolster their size at center, but not by moving Luke Schenn.


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Columbus adds Carter to the list of players to shop. They have been terrible since they came into this league, how long can you go on this way without making sweeping changes? Unlike their bottom feeding buddies The ducks, who have put together a little win streak, the jackets are not looking like they may climb out of the basement. With Carter’s apparent unhappiness and his injury problems, I don’t see how he would be better off being kept instead of traded for 2 or 3 elements which would help the blue jackets to finally reach some sort of respectability.

  2. The First thing Columbus needs to do is find a General Manger. Letting Howson do the rebuilding is crazy.
    The second thing they need to do is quickly decide if any upcoming RFA are worth keeping. Anyone not signed by trade deadline needs to be traded for assets. Picks / Prospects etc.

  3. I would love to see Josh Harding in a Lightning uniform and our best shot at him is the off season when he set to become a UFA. I think he would test the market. He is capable of being a no. 1, but doesn’t want to stay Backstrom’s back-up for another 2 years. Yzerman won’t trade any prospects or draft picks this season seeing as we are going to have some premium picks.

  4. Not sure why no one is talking about them but the Sabres will make some noise by trading a few big names. Don’t be surprised to see them make some big moves in order to make the playoffs

  5. teams putting 35+ players on LTIR to gain cuhion is going to be a ploy we could see more and more. I am sure the Flyers would rather have Pronger in the lineup right now but he has 5 years left on his contract and has already been hampered by major injuries can’t see him playing much longer let alone into his 40’s . Might be an interesting proposed change or sticking point during the next CBA

  6. seems like Blue Jackets need to clean house, GM, scouts, player development, everyone. The only players they have drafted that have even made a noticeable long term impact has been Nash and Johansen(sp?) and even he is only a year or two in at best. Blame that on the behind the scenes guys and then most free agents they have signed have been overpaid busts, blame GM on that one. Don’t watch alot of them so if I missed anyone….

  7. Nevermind the “nuclear option”, the Blue Jackets, along with about six to eight other NHL teams, should consider the “fold option”.

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought a team was unable to place a player on the LTIR until a league doctor authorized it .. a team doctor doesn’t have the authority to do so.

  9. If Detroit gets Parise, I quit watching NHL hockey. Bad enough Rafalski went there… did I ever hate that, losing my fav Devils defender to one of the teams I hate the most in the league and then watching them plague the playoffs and win the cup (I want the two detroit/pittsburgh years of my life back, I really really do… so much a waste of my time). It would be just as bad as the Rangers or the Penguins getting Parise.

    Won’t surprise me, though. It’ll just be really sad.

  10. Dom,

    I really do not think Buffalo is going to do much trading. The big names on the team that would be tradeable have huge contracts. Every player who another team would be interested in makes minimum 4 million per year, so they will be hard to trade, especially because some have had a poor season ( ie Leino).And Erhoff has a no trade, so they had better hope he comes back to the form he had in Vancouver. I still think that injuries have been their biggest problem, and they just need some time with healthy players.

  11. Poultsy good point , here’s the sccop : in short the team Dr. makes the call, the league can challenge , not sure if they have done this in the recent past i.e Ian Laperierre

    (d) Bona-Fide Long-TermInjury/Illness Exception to the Upper Limit. In
    the event that a Player on a Club becomes unfit to play (i.e., is injured, ill or disabled and
    unable to perform his duties as a hockey Player) such that the Club’s physician believes,
    in his or her opinion, that the Player, owing to either an injury or an illness, will be unfit
    to play for at least (i) twenty-four (24) calendar days and (ii) ten (10) NHL Regular
    Season games, and such Club desires to replace such Player, the Club may add an
    additional Player or Players to its Active Roster, and the replacement Player Salary and
    Bonuses of such additional Player(s) may increase the Club’s Averaged Club Salary to an
    amount up to and exceeding the Upper Limit, solely as, and to the extent and for the
    duration, set forth below. If, however, the League wishes to challenge the determination
    of a Club physician that a Player is unfit to play for purposes of the Bona-Fide Long-
    Term Injury/Illness Exception, the League and the NHLPA shall promptly confer and
    jointly select a neutral physician, who shall review the Club physician’s determination
    regarding the Player’s fitness to play.

  12. I can’t see Columbus moving Jeff Carter as they gave Voracek a first and a third for him. Given the length and term of his contract, his poor performance this year and his issues staying healthy, Columbus’ chance of finding a willing trade partner and getting a respectable return for him are slim to none. Columbus doesn’t necessarily need to completely clean house – they have some respectable pieces. Howson needs to be shown the door. Number one offseason priority needs to be a goalie.

  13. The ONLY way the Leafs get better upfront is by trading Luke Schenn ….Burke knows it and the league knows it ……they have no choice but to trade Schenn if they want to get better …they also need to trade Kadri and some core players such as Connoly… Mcarthur ….Armstrong…. ..Komisarek …..and any Goalie for an upgrade to a goalie…..The leafs will not make the playoffs if they do not get these 3 components no matter the cost .

    1) A player that has cup experience and key component in the dressing room
    2) They need a player such as Cal Clutterbuck ….Matt Cooke …Max Talbot good skater with hands who plays hard nose hockey for turnovers
    3) Upgrade on Goaltending …..no matter what goalie they can trade for a return.

    The Leafs are deep on defense……. trade Shcenn and a key prospect to get a power forward.
    Kadri has flashes but not an impact forward in this league SORRY!!!!

    Burke better start treating this year as the year to make a significant move no matter the cost of some non tradeables or he will be left fishing in BC again in the spring for salmon watching the playoffs on line …….JUST DO IT BURKE PULL THE TRIGGER …..there is no tomorrow !!! Your this close

  14. Parise will sign with a good team that has a chance at a cup but that will be in July. Detroit, Boston, Washington and maybe New York. Some teams would have to make room a team like Boston has plenty. I think Boston should sign Suter there forwards are young and good.

  15. FYI

    Pronger was 34 when he signed his contract–but it took affect when he was 35 and that is how people found out that it is based upon the age when the contract takes place and not when signed. Flyers thought they pull a fast one

  16. @LeafsGM — why would Burke trade his youth? You have to give them time to develop. Defensemen take a lot longer to develop than forwards… and Kadri has not even been given a full NHL season to get that experience.

    The Leafs are so desperate to make the playoffs this year — it appears from an outsider they don’t have the patience with the young inexperienced players in their lineup.

    But to trade youth as you suggest and bring in ‘goons’ like Clutterbuck, Cooke — really? Talbot is a very good playoff performer.. he would be a good addition to any team going into the playoffs.. but I don’t believe Philly let’s him leave. Trading for a power forward… if teams really have a good power forward.. why would they trade them?

    As for Parise… he said he wants the $ — but also wants to go to a contender… the question is.. what contender really has the cap room to sign him…

  17. How has connolley become a core player????????? hes played what… 35 games for us?

  18. I’d love to brad Stuart back in SJ.They would have a scary defense if they had him back(and get rid of Murray)Id also love to Parise in SJ if they can get rid of Havlat for picks/prospects Parise would be a great addition to the team.( I DON’T want to see him in Detroit either)But for now the sharks really need a 2nd/3rd liner that can pk and add some scoring pop. I really think this is the year for the sharks.

    Lets go Islanders

  19. I agree with LeafsGM’s post. If Burke doesn’t start making some significant moves now, the Leafs will be a mediocre team for the next 5 years even with all our youth. Burke was the one who started this win now movement even though most Leaf fans were ready to ride it out for some tough years. It all started when Fletcher traded for Martin Gerber at the end of the 2008/09 season because he was tired of losing. Gerber came in and single handedly won about 10 games vaulting us from 29th place to 23rd by seasons end and there went a chance to get Tavares, Hedman, Duchene, Kane or Brayden Schenn and instead we got Kadri. Then the next year we all know what transpired when we finished 29th and had no first round pick and missed out on Seguin. Burke chose this course to win now because he feels he is to smart to have to finish at the bottom for three years in order to build this team. So far he has done a great job picking off other teams outcasts even though the jury is still out on the Kessel deal when you see him disappear against teams like Boston and the Rangers when it matters most. Burke will need to address this issue because these teams aren’t going away and Kessel can’t get the room to use his speed as these big teams take the body ever time they get a chance. Normally we would all be content to wait for the youth to develop but that’s not the message we have been told by Burke. Times a wasting…

    I am humbled and appologies are in order. I never thought to look up such a simple fact as it just seemed obvious. Thanks for schooling me…

  20. Brad Stuart would be a welcome addition to the Ducks defense as we do need a veteran presence who can eat up some ice time before our young guns on D (Fowler, Sbisa, Schultz, and Vatanen) take over…Beauchemin and Lydman are not enough, and Visnovsky would be long gone.

  21. Burke shouldv’e built his team with picks when he had the chance.
    Kessel was a quick fix and a great player but he wouldv’e been better off with:
    Seguin,Hamilton and Knight in the long run.
    I’d be pissed if I was a Leafs fan.

  22. I know Burke said lets win now but I disagree, while it would be nice I don’t want to truly give up anything. Why? Leafs are a team that will continue to make money and are in no stress to make the playoffs. I would LOVE to continue to lose for a few more seasons if it meant getting a stacked farm team, taking the time to develop our prospects and build our franchise the same way and model as the Red Wings. Shrewd drafting, good player development, getting people to WANT to play for you and thus signing great deals, with an amazing coach.

    We hate the Wings because they are so damn freaking good. I honestly think with the proper development, time, and patience that Colbourne could be the center answer for the Leafs. He is big, can use his body, and can score. He needs to mature and work on all the small parts of his game. I know everyone says it, but we need to do it, model this franchise after the Wings (not as easy as I wish it was) and become a franchise that is considered a perma contender. In the past 2 decades only one team has been a constant and that is Detroit, time to wake up and smell a winning formula.

  23. wow, leaf fans are smelling playoffs and they want to go back to the cliff fletcher days of trading away picks for rentals.

  24. #1 Ducks Fan
    Correct, and I’d try and trade Visnovsky at the trading deadline as D’man also seem to be at a premium just before the playoffs.

  25. @FireWilson that was big of you. Sorry I was rude to you.

  26. I’m thinking Selanne would look good with Perverly and Kelly. Hired scoring gun and maybe Hamel to Ducks?

  27. @Farley
    I believe I may have started it. lol

    It’s all good I’m just enjoying the banter from everyone…

  28. Av’s could use Parise and trade Stastny with a 3rd rounder or a player like Joey Hishon. The Av’s have plenty of good centers and New Jersey would benefit from Stastny’s great vision and hands. Also, the Devils need a play making center, the Av”s need a consistent scoring left winger. Their Salaries are close enough that the Av’s can afford to sign Zach and Stastny would be cheaper than Zach after the new contract. Finally, if NJ needs a little more than prospects or draft picks, the Av’s could offer up a player like Galiardi. Colorado is very inconsistent and needs a great skating left winger just to find balance. This trade will probably not happen for many reasons because the Av’s are not contenders and Kronke won’t spend the money.

    Colorado Chris

  29. Clean the Management house, Howson and up don’t seem to be able to do the job. From coaching decisions to player selection, the organization sorely lacking. We have talented forwards, but alway fail on defense and goaltending, and this years decisions are horrible, to much focus on forwards.

  30. @alforducks: Totally agree with you! The First thing Columbus needs to do is find a new General Manger. Howson had the chance to build a team for years with all the high draft picks and the only noteable players he picked are Nash and Johannson!

    I think Suter or Weber will end in Detroit! I don’t think they’ll go after Parise!

  31. Well I’ve been following the Devils very closely all year, so let’s address some of these Parise proposals here.

    Parise would be a great fit in Colorado WITH Stastny there, so Colorado wouldn’t move someone they think would compliment the all star for the all star. However, Colorado dealt away their first round pick and that’ll cost them the chance at Parise. Now the only way Colorado does make the deal is if they trade away two good prospects (right wing/defense) and a 2nd pick (this year) for Parise and a salary dump like Volchenkov.

    The Wings will take a big run at Parise this summer. I know they have their eye on Weber… but I actually think Weber might get dealt to a Canadian market (Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton).

    San Jose is probably a player, but NJ won’t want Havlat. Think much younger… 20ish years old. I know Havlat and Elias are friends, but Havlat is a team liability (that’s why he gets traded all the time).

  32. @Juss76….
    I thought Maclean picked Nash…just saying

  33. If Weber is dealt, I can see him going to Vancouver. He is from there, the Canucks would love to have him, and it would be a great fit.

    On a side note, I would Suter on my Flyers……Timonen is UFA next year, and he is getting old. Has been a great soldier, but we are going to need to replace him. Pronger, in my opinion is done. Fingers crossed that the new CBA will allow a buyout penalty free. Then we can get rid of the BUM Breezy, and give the reins to Bobs….

  34. The only way the wings will get Parise is if they move Brendan Smith, but with Stuart going out west and Lidstrom not getting any younger, they need all the defensemen they can get. They also have a wealth of nhl-ready forward prospects, like Nyquist and Tatar, so I can’t see them vying too hard for him.

  35. “Burke shouldv’e built his team with picks when he had the chance.
    Kessel was a quick fix and a great player but he wouldv’e been better off with:
    Seguin,Hamilton and Knight in the long run.
    I’d be pissed if I was a Leafs fan.”

    Yes, clearly they’d be better off with a young center and no players around him at all. Do you think Seguin would single-handedly turn Toronto into a contender? Even having those draft picks back, the Leafs wouldn’t be substantially improved and may even be worse at this point, as they wouldn’t have Boston’s center depth to shield a guy like Seguin until he steps up.

    This is why I shake my head at the constant claims that the Leafs would have been better off to do what the Islanders and the Oilers are doing. Ignoring how well that’s working out for them (read: not as well as their fans would like), if the Leafs were to draft high and bring in a guy like Seguin, he’d immediately be compared to the various great centers the Leafs have had in the past. Try starting your career being compared to guys like Doug Gilmour and Mats Sundin, and follow it up with the media being all over you if you don’t score 100 points as a rookie. The last time the Leafs actually performed a strategy like this, all they managed to do was ruin the potential of a number of young prospects by bringing them in way before they were ready and throwing them to the wolves. Toronto isn’t Edmonton. It isn’t Columbus.