NHL Trade Rumors – January 25, 2012.

The latest on P.K. Subban, Teemu Selanne, Mikhail Grabovski, Ryan Suter and more.

LA PRESSE/RDS.CA: Mathias Brunet and Luc Gelinas believe it would be a huge mistake if the Canadiens were to trade defenseman P.K. Subban, pointing out his value by how many minutes he’s logged and being thrust into a role of increased responsibility at such a young age.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Canadiens were to get a player of equal or greater value in return, they absolutely should not trade Subban. For those calling on the Canadiens to give up on Subban and trade him, remember this name: John LeClair. Remember how well that worked out, Habs fans? Do you really want to see history repeat itself again? There’s an old saying about not knowing what you’ve got until it’s gone. Those calling for Subban to be traded would be wise to remember that. Unless the return is a top first line center like Evgeni Malkin or Ryan Getzlaf, or a defenseman like Shea Weber or Ryan Suter, Subban should not be traded.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Helene Elliott reports Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray once again insists he won’t trade Teemu Selanne. He’s also still contemplating if it makes sense to trade one of his core players for another core player, a move which will be determined by the players performances.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Selanne were to ask to be dealt, Murray would do it; otherwise, he won’t. It’s also apparent he’s not shopping his core players for draft picks and prospects, but would only consider it if he were to get another core player in return.

Are the Leafs shopping Grabovski?

TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan reports the pending UFA status of Maple Leafs center Mikhail Grabovski could see his name surface in the rumor mill leading up to the trade deadline. Koshan claimed Leafs GM Brian Burke is getting calls about Grabovski, but he’s developed into a solid performer and it would be tough to part with him, especially as it could further erode the confidence of Grabovski’s struggling friend and linemate, Nikolai Kulemin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s believed Burke isn’t shopping Grabovski, and I doubt he moves him unless he can find a suitable replacement in return or in a separate deal.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reports GMs say the St. Louis Blues could get  better value now if they shopped goalie Brian Elliott now that he’s under contract. It’s believed, however, they’ll instead shop Ben Bishop, who’ll be eligible for UFA status this summer if he doesn’t play 30 minutes in 15 NHL games this season…Lightning GM Steve Yzerman is “pulling back” from his search for a goaltender and defensemen, as he’s not in position to move draft picks or young players for rentals…Friedman hopes Wild GM Chuck Fletcher isn’t getting pressure from above to shop any of his promising young talent for quick fixes…Blue Jackets center Derick Brassard is off the market, but it’ll be interesting to see what interest winger R.J. Umberger, just off IR, might attract…A couple of teams have heard Nashville Predators defenseman Ryan Suter is off the market as the club is firmly in the playoff race and they’re still trying to re-sign him. A source also said Predators GM David Poile isn’t interested in giving up defenseman Jonathan Blum/first round pick for Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky….”A couple of teams” think Buffalo’s Paul Gaustad might be a good fit with the San Jose Sharks. Another could be Minnesota defenseman Marek Zidlicky.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see the Blues inking Elliott as a “sign and trade”. If they trade a goalie, it’ll be Bishop…Good move by Yzerman to be patient, since there’s nothing in the market right now that can help his team…Same goes for the Wild, but it’ll be interesting to see what Fletcher does…The Jackets might be reluctant to move Umberger, who wants to remain with the team…No surprise Suter’s off the market, I’ve said for months if the Preds are in the playoff chase, he won’t be moved…Hemsky at this point in his career isn’t worth a first round pick…The Sharks are likely to be active at the trade deadline, but it remains to be seen which players they target.

STLTODAY.COM: Bernie Miklasz reports Blues GM Doug Armstrong recognizes his team needs scoring punch, but he’ll wait until Alex Steen and Andy McDonald return from injury, then he’ll re-evaluate.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A wise decision by Armstrong. If those two return with no lasting effects from their concussions and regain their scoring touch, there’ll be no need to part with assets for additional scoring.


  1. Did you seriously just put Malkin and Subban’s names in the same sentence? Wow. That’s hilarious. Way to be credible.

  2. Wow, I usually respect Spector’s notes but in the case of PK Subban I think you are really over rating his value. Can this kid be a star? Maybe but it is way to early to tell if he will ever live up to all the hype. He also looks like he could be a bit of a cancer in the dressing room with his “me first” attitude. Saying that the return for him would have to be a Malkin or Getzlaf is just nuts! I have been following trade rumors for weeks and the asking price for Getz is said to be astronomical. I have read blogs stating that Burke would have to gut the Leafs to land this guy. I have seen Grabs+Kuli+Schenn+Kadri+ 1st for Getz listed as a fair trade and now you are trying to say Subban alone can get that type of talent. Sorry but you need to give your head a shake!!!!

  3. Does anyone believe that Subban’s value even comes close to the return listed? Getzlaf? Weber? Malkin?!? Is you want one of those, particularly Malkin, there would have to be a lot more than just Subban.

  4. Correction “if you want one…”

  5. San Jose would be a good fit with Gaustad, question is, what would be going the other way? Draft picks?
    Retaining/trading Grabovski will be an interesting decision. Right now, the Leafs have Bozak, Connolly, Grabovski, Lombardi (converted to wing for now) Steckel. With Colborne all but assured a spot next year, what do we do? We have no true number one center, and about five to fill in the bottom three. I really like Grabovski, he’s a great two way center. But is there room? In an ideal world yes, but part of me thinks He won’t be traded and he’ll walk. What I would like to see the Leafs do is go hard after Boyle (NYR) (big) IF the Rangers were willing that would make our bottom three centers Colborne 6’5, Boyle 6’7, Steckel 6’5, and we would still have Bozak and Connolly to fill in for the top line. Without having a true number one center, that’s looking like more of a Burke team to me. As much as I like Grabs, I see him fitting in better with Nashville or Chicago.

  6. I think you are wrong about Hemsky. His play has improved lately and if he stays healthy until the trade deadline, he would be worth a first round picks. First round picks are often traded for rentals so the team picking him up doesn’t need him to stay healthy for years, just the next 3 months. If you think you are a playmaker away, there are not many better going to be available at the deadline this season.

    That said, if the Oilers trade him, I hope its in a package that brings back a serious defenceman, not more picks.

  7. PK has pushed my buttons this year as much as anyone, but unless he is an enormous problem in the dressing room that cannot be resolved any other way, or unless the return is handsome, he should not be going anywhere.

  8. Here’s a good clip of PK about current events, knowing he has to improve etc. He’s more realistic then most the fans making up these rumours, that’s for sure.


  9. Durt agreed, I don’t know what the leafs are going to do but they have 3 or more extra forwards when Armstrong, Boyce come back if you count colborne as one, and with grabovski being a UFA Burke will have to make a decision on him before the deadline. If they were giving a choice inatrade I would give up bozak and keep grabovski. Most of the time he leaves ou wanting more but then he has a game like last night and you see how talented he is. With teams seeking players that can step in now and not prospects or picks, the leafs might be in a good position with a couple extra players.

  10. Burke has stated Grabovski isn’t being shopped and he won’t move him. Everytime in the past Burke has made this statement he has stood true to his word. Grabo isn’t going anywhere and will walk at the end of this season for nothing unless someone blows Burke’s socks off. I’d normally say it’s a bad decision but if all Burke was ever offered for Grabo was a second rounder (as reported) then screw all the other teams, I say keep him try and sign him and if not then let him walk. He’s an awesome player so don’t give him away to some other team for squat.

  11. I echo Lyle’s comments about not trading Subban…. you should give up on young defenseman (read: Luke Schenn). I doubt Subban is a large enough factor in a deal for Malkin (lets be realistic that he is NOT going anywhere) or Getzlaf. Now, he could be part of a package for Getzlaf or Ryan, but the Habs don’t have enough other pieces to make that deal happen. the Ducks would want two “now” players and the Habs dont have any to give up… a deal like Plekanec, Subban, Tinordi (or high end prospect) + Pick would have to be a deal for Getzlaf… and that doenst help the Habs in the slightest.

    I doubt the leafs trade Grabovsky. he has shown that he elevates his play when the games matter most, has become consistent in his scoring and defensive play, works hard, and plays with some grit. that is the kind of guy you want on your team in the playoffs, so more likely the Leafs keep him; but also makes him more attractive to a team that is looking to make a run….

  12. I think the Blues are going to be pretty scary next year with the addition of Tarasenko, kid is unreal. As for now, it seems they could trade Bishop and get some depth at a position they need help to make a solid playoff run. Seems they have a good thing going with the Elliot/Halak tandem so why break it up?
    Subban = not going anywhere

    @GCW: I agree with you there, although if they are able to get a first rounder I’d say it’s worth the pick. I would say the Oilers flip their first round pick for a solid d-man in the off season as they dont need another prospect.
    Hemsky to wild for their first rd pick? They could use a bit of extra offense and doesn’t take any of their current prospects out of their system.

  13. Montreal has a rep of making horrible trades and poor management around defensemen. They lost Strait, Souray, Marc-Andre Bergeron and Komisarek for nothing, they signed injury-prone Markov to a huge extension and are not even sure when he will be back.

  14. You say John Leclair I say Mike Ribeiro, Sergei Kostitsyn, Grabovski,D’agostini…..

  15. GameRooster: Did you seriously just suggest I considered Subban comparable to Malkin, when I was clearly indicating the only reason the Habs should trade him was for equal, or GREATER value, which Malkin is? And which, by the way, I would never expect to happen? Way to misread my point.

  16. @ DOM
    I think the only real loss there would be Streit…Souray doesn’t deserve the money he makes, Bergeron is journeyman and Komisarek is a constant whipping boy in Toronto…Markov has been having a hard time the past couple years, but they had no choice but to re-sign him. Plus his contract is reasonably priced and is not a huge long term contract. Their problem is up front, the forwards cant score.

  17. Walter, you’ve made the same mistake as “GameRooster”. What I meant by mentioning those players is that the Canadiens shouldn’t consider moving Subban, unless its for a return of equal or GREATER value. Hypothetically speaking, if the Canadiens had the opportunity to acquire Getzlaf, Malkin, Weber or Suter in exchange for Subban, then of course, they should do it. In reality, of course, that’s not going to happen. My point is merely to highlight Subban’s value to the Habs, and why trading him would be a stupid idea, unless you’re getting star talent in return. I’m not saying the Canadiens can get Getzlaf, Malkin, Weber or Suter for Subban, ok? Sheesh!

  18. Chris, see my response to GameRooster and Walter.

  19. Here come the apology messages….

  20. I think Grabovski will be a key forward for the Leafs down the stretch and, hopefully, in the playoffs. Sure would like to see his linemates pick it up though.

  21. Spector did you say Subban was traded for Malkin and Getzlaf? LOL LOL

  22. BCLEAF–> I think Grabovski is a good player, just inconsistent. If I were BB, Bozak would probly be my odd man out of that centre cluster. I think Lombardi is a great 3rd line centre, and can step and play wing on the 2nd line if need be. His speed is huge!

  23. No GM is going to say his player is going or that they expect him to walk so they have to trade him,trade value goes way down.
    grabbo has been a good player but if the Leafs were really going to keep him i would think he would already have a new contract.
    they are going to give liles a new contract and keep him so grabbo must have already decided to test the free agent waters.
    with all the centres already on board and none being a 1st line centre burke is not going to watch him walk for nothing.
    i can see grabbo and a dman going in a deal,maybe even a little more,for a big forward or centre.
    too many forwards and dmen plus some marlies ready to move up spells trade.
    the only way grabbo stays if connolly or lombardi go and he gets resigned before the deadline like liles will.

  24. @GCW No way is Hemsky worth a first round pick. First rounders are not often traded for rental players, but if they are it’s for a Kovalchuk type rental. Someone who can take you from an average playoff team to a serious contender, not Hemsky. If he gets traded i’ll be surprised if he gets anything more than a 3rd rounder. He’s a talented, but soft and injury-prone player.

  25. I am beginning to suspect that Yzerman believes the answer to the Lightnig goaltending issues are in his own system. Tokarski is a long shot, but Riku Helenius and Vasily Koshechkin are doing VERY will in there respected leagues. Both are lightning property and could fill a 1a/1b roll. When Yzerman first took over as GM there was talk then of Kosheckhin coming to Tampa bay, but he was already signed in the KHL. Riku was sent to the SEL for unknown reasons ( maybe a log jam at the AHL level). Perhap Yzerman just has to be patient to the end of the season (seeing as the playoffs are a long shot) and bring one of them over.

  26. wait did you just say PK was in the league of Malki…just kidding lol great site Lyle!

  27. Agree with Diceman – for example, Mike Fisher was traded for a 1st rounder, but he had more years left on his contract and is a centre. I’ve watched Hemsky the last two games and frankly, IMO, he looks awful. He does not make any contact with opposing players (so as to not hurt his shoulder) and he makes no effort defensively. I wouldn’t offer anything more than a 3rd rounder.

    I think it’s pretty obvious what Lyle was trying to say re: Subban. Must be a bunch of 10 year olds trolling this website. If the Habs give Subban away for anything less than a star-caliber player they will regret it.

    Re: Leafs trading Grabovski. Doesn’t make any sense. He’s the best centre on the team by a mile and I’m sure Burke is trying to re-sign him as we speak. I would get rid of Connolly, Lombardi and/or Bozak, who combined do not add much to the team really.

    Also, how is having three centres over 6’5″ impressive when two of them are 4th line players and one hasn’t proven himself to be an NHLer. Ask guys like Datsyuk, Toews, Sedin, Crosby, Stamkos, etc. whether being 6’5″ is important!

  28. BB is in a tough position, one that other GM’s would love to be in! This is the first time in YEARS that the leafs had so many young prospects with a handful ready to seriously challenge for a spot next year! Fans, remeber, when the leafs had injuries to Con, kom, lom, arm….the lineup with the call-ups played admirably! The leafs enjoyed a span of high goal outputs!
    No doubt we need a big top six or even two, but there is no reason to give up the farm when many of our players are actually drawing strong attention!
    if you want Getz, I would not give up more than Schenn, 1st draft and possibly McCarty. Schenn will be a Pronger type defenseman. He has starting to shoot more and has this confidence about him. I would try to sign Grabo…if he wants to try UFA then do it sooner than later while value is high!

  29. The Toronto Maple Leafs will announce today that the club has signed defenceman John-Michael Liles to a four-year contract extension. Sources tell TSN that the deal is worth $3.875 million a season.

  30. the only player on this list that is likely to be moved is suter. the ducks arent gonna trade teemu, and i doubt he wants to be moved. he already has a cup. grabovski is too good for the leafs to trade for anything. hes not really worth a 1st, so anything they’d actually get for him is not going to improve the team. subban is a very good offensive defenceman, if the defensive montreal dmen could stay healthy no one would be talking about pk. suter might get traded to a team needed that d man that have the ability to overspend. nashville is only gonna make a trade to improve their team in the long run. anything short term, and they might aswell let suter walk after having the maximum available negotiating period. its just that simply the teams who want suter dont have the assets, and the teams with the assets dont have a reason to acquire him short term.

  31. i can see burke shopping grabo, you cant tell me your going to go far with Bozak, Grabovski and Connolly down the middle. Thats way too soft of centres with the upcoming playoff push. Grabovski to hawks for that 2nd line spot.

    As for Subban for Malkin, i can’t believe people actually took the bait on that, Spec is better than that, 95% of people on here knew what he ment.

    whats going on with Markov? is he done for the year? been way too quiet

  32. Subban won’t develop as he should if the Habs continue to make him the plough horse , he needs another top dman next year to share the work load. Habs can’t expect a 22 year kid to shoulder that much ice time night in night out. Lots of talk of Markov for next year but the guy is not getting any younger , has had injury problems and more importantly has only played a handfull of games in the past 2.5 years. Him staying healthy and playing like he was a couple of years ago is a risk. Their focus via trade or UFA should be a mentor for Subban first and foremost. I am a big advocate that you build good teams from the back end up.

    The mention of the glut of centers in Toronto w/o a #1 is so true and an interesting dilema. Likely something that can’t be addressed until the off season.

  33. I like people on this site either don’t read or just don’t understand.

    @Oilers, Hemsky won’t get you a first round pick, keep dreaming. His play of late and of this season is maybe worth a 3rd or a C grade defensive prospect.

    @Habs, Trading PK would be insane. Although I don’t consider him a top 20 or 30 Dman in the league yet, he has the potential to be a real annual All-star; as well as a top Dman in the league. Problem is currently; Montreal is the biggest mess in the league. They make the 2009/2010/2011 Flames look like a “got it together” franchise. Which means that you never know if PK will be moved; although any GM with half a brain wouldn’t do it… You can’t really say that Mr.Gauthier’s got it together at the moment.

  34. Liddy Youre right. If the Leafs had Datsyuk, Toews, Crosby, Sedin or Stamkos, having a 6’5 center wouldn’t be as important lol! Logically you would put Colborne as your number two, Boyle as number 3 and Steckel as a fourth. Really Colborne should start out as a third, but he’s an eventual top six, and that was my point.

    Re: Subban. People need to start actually reading comments before they respond. Lyle was odviously saying Subban would be PACKAGED! Like honestly, nobody here has ever stated Subban is worth Malkin/Getzlaf straight up. This all started yesterday and is beginning to be a problem. Now without reading the original comment, other idiots will post their comments based on another idiots reply. It’s a vicious cycle of stupidity that all started because of a few misinformed people. Sigh….

  35. I’ve heard this Brian Boyle to Toronto thing a lot but I don’t get it. Is this a real rumor or just a wish list from toronto fans since the guy’s big? It doesn’t make sense to me that New York would trade their big center whose become an integral part of their team, right in the midst of a season with stanley cup aspirations….where did this come from?

  36. Sorry – overreaction on my part. But I honestly can’t imagine any package the Habs could possibly put together to even merit mentioning Malkin in that conversation.

  37. I disagree on Ales Hemsky having little to no value…

    He is a tremendous skater – Great speed with the puck and a solid setup man on the PP.
    Now let’s not get carried away and think he is going to be the final piece that puts your team over the top but on most competitive teams I believe he’d be a solid addition to the lineup. Granted he’s as soft as they get, and a complete band-aid but I believe he could definitely help a team in needs of a PP boost-top 6 forward for a playoff run.

  38. I wouldnt trade PK Subban straight up for Ryan Sutter. Look how long it took Sutter to even become a revelant D-man. Even Webber didnt develop as quickly as Suban (but I would easily swap PK for Webber). Bottom line is: Habs are not trading PK as he is one of their 3 or 4 respectable assets.

  39. You guys are fools to think Spector is saying Getzlaf or Malkin would be the return on Subban. He’s saying that type of trade would have to net huge return for Subban and if so, would include lots more than just Subban. He should NOT be traded as his current value is great, let alone what he could be. Ease up on PK fools!! He is not the problem in MTL

  40. toronto will need some wheeling and dealing to land a top notch Center. i don;t know if teams are willing to give away a top center talent for prospects that havent worked out YET! (Kadri Schenn)

    i just dont understand the thinking behind Montreal organization lately. Every week its something worse for montreal… Early jump on trading Halak (i think they coulda got more), re-signing Markov when hurt, Cammalleri trade in middle of game, and the big one Gomez 0 goals in almost a calendar year and now possible Subban trade, good luck brining UFA players into there

  41. @Diceman,

    Durt started the Boyle thing and a few of us think it makes sense. More of a wish than a rumour.

    2 days ago I suggested trading Grabovski, and yesterday I suggested trading McArthur. Last night they rack up 6 points between them. They must be reading this blog.

  42. Lyle, correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the message you were trying to get across was simply “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” when it comes to people asking for Subban to be traded.

  43. Looks like Yzerman might be able to get his Goalie Niittymaki on Waivers today.

  44. Subban’s value to the Habs is high, only because their d-corps is pretty weak right now. But the HIGHER value Lyle is suggesting is still WAY too high as PK’s career trajectory does not look to be on the same career arc as Weber, Suter, Malkin or Getzlaf. He, most likely, would never be as valuable to Nashville, Pittsburgh or Anaheim as those 4 players are to their teams at any point in his career. So, as I said, maybe his value is high to the Habs but it would drastically drop after a trade, IMHO. I could see a (if he was a couple years younger) Brian Campbell as an equal value for Subban or a young centre that hasn’t reached his potential yet (JUST like Subban) Schenn from Philly. That’s about it. For Malkin it would have to cost MTL Subban and 2 first rounders. For any of the other 3 guys; Subban + 1st. Again IMHO.

  45. And before you jump down my throat too Lyle, I GET the point your trying to make, I’m just monkey-ing around with names you suggested.

  46. Diceman, ya that was me. Admittedly just a wish, not an actual rumour. Thanks for clearing that up Murph.

  47. Innovator-good call. I was saying the same thing today.
    Cut Spector some slack here guys!!!!
    Obviously it would take more than just PK to land someone like getzlaf, and Malkin was more a comparison to the talent the habs should aim for. Subban will not be moved, because it is impossible to accurately say what his value is. The sky is the limit for this kid, and when he’s playing well, he is pretty much unstoppable. But questions about his attitude, and a bad habit of really awful turnovers, and some mental lapses bring his value back down.
    As a leafs fan, I would love to see PK shipped out west for good as it only makes sense IMO not to want him playing your team 6 times a year. But the Habs would be making a huge mistake if they shipped him out.

  48. Hey Mr. Richardson, I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the goalie situation in Tampa. Its a mess right now, is it time they call up Tokarski to give him a look?

  49. I wonder if the Bruins would consider moving Thomas to Tampa Bay to play with his best friend
    St. Louis? Maybe Thomas and Ference for Connolly, Roloson. Imagine Connolly and Segiun playing together for years to come.

  50. Why would Yzerman trade Connolly for Thomas? Honestly?

  51. They wouldn’t. Maybe if Rask was involved but Boston wouldn’t want to do that.

  52. Anyone suggesting trading Bozak should expect a third rounder in return at best.
    Grabo should notch a late first rounder but doubt he gets moved.
    MacArthur an early second rounder at best

  53. Thomas has an NTC / NMC clause which stipulates he cannot be traded or sent down to the minors prior to July 1st 2012, but I am sure after yesterday Ed Snider would have loved to kick his ass out of town. Before anyone jumps on it, please do not, I am not starting a conversation on that, because its politics, not hockey.

    Sticking to hockey, here is what I don’t get. Everyone talks about Carolina moving Ruutu or Gleason. Thats fine, do it. But honestly they are so far out of contention, they need to go the Edmonton route for a few years. Whatever they get for Gleason and Ruutu does not get them anywhere now assuming they get players in return, and nowhere for a few years if they get draftpicks or prospects.

    And to me that means you keep Ward, unless someone offers you the moon and the stars. Maybe Tampa trades for him in return for picks / prospects, although Tampa might need to clear cap space.
    They are pretty deep with talent, they just need a reliable keeper, and tell me Ward would not jump at the chance to play with those guys.

    Trade Eric Staal and his 8.25 million per year for some high draft picks and a few reasonably priced veterans to get you through the rebuild with the kids like Skinner. Staal is 27, and if it takes them 3 years to rebuild he is 30, with his best playing years wasted. The canes have some good talent in the pipeline, Brett Connolly, and even some proven NHL bloodlines in Jared Staal, the Sutters, and Zach Boychuk, Johnny’s cousin.

    As I am a Leaf fan I would love to have Staal. I would give back Grabovski, a first and third round pick and either Gunnarrson or Franson. Leafs can afford the spare parts and have a full cupboard of prospects for the future so they can afford the picks. This saves the canes from the same situation thy had with Brindamour, when they failed to build around and behind him after they won the cup

  54. Wow, Liles locked up at almost $4.0M for another 4 years… That’s $18.5M on 4 defencemen (Liles, Phaneuf, Scheen, Komi) which is just shy of 30% of the current salary cap on those 4 players for 2.5 more years, none of which are Norris trophy contenders. Imagine if they lower the cap in this years CBA.

    Where does that leave Gardiner, Aulie, Gunnarsson and Franson for playing time with only two positions available now that the other 4 are highly paid and will be expected to play. Franson and Aulie are RFA’s this summer and will be expecting a raise from their current $733k and $800k

    Burke is getting himself in deep.
    He is already at $53.0M commited for next year without Franson, Aulie, Kulemin, Grabovski, Crabb, or Gustavsson. Franson will be looking for around $2.0M, Aulie $1.5M, Kulemin $2.0M, Crabb $1.0M, Gustavsson $2.0M which totals $61.5M on a current cap of $64.0M. The remaining $2.5M will be needed for call ups (ie Colborne) and bonuses next year. The Leafs have no cap room for a top line center or enough money to resign Grabovski.

  55. RK: If Yzerman wants a goalie, he could grab Antero Niittymaki off waivers. Otherwise, his options appear very limited for the rest of this season. There appears a reluctance at this time to call up Tokarski.

  56. If versteeg is worth a 1st and 3rd, then Grabo is worth more than that.
    If Fisher is worth a 1st the grabo is worth at least that (given his age demographic).
    Grabo’s best value is in a package deal. As Murph suggest, try to land Eric Staal:
    Grabovsky, Colborne, Gunnarson, Pick.
    Unlikely to happen.

    I dont think the Ducks will trade any of their stars. It is my beleif they will still make the playoffs. They are far out of it at thsi point, but last year was the same situation.

    Just to start an interesting discussion:
    Would you trade T. Hall for C. Price?

  57. The difference with Grabovski and Versteeg/Fisher is those guys weren’t about to be UFA’s. Because Grabo is, I would think late first rounder and average prospect? Not totally sure though.

    I’d be shocked if Eric Staal went anywhere. The canes are bad but I’m not so sure they need to sell the whole team. Keep Staal, Ward, Skinner, and build around them.

    Personally I wouldn’t give up Hall for Price. I just don’t think Price solves their problems because they still have no D. Hall and a 1st (likely top or top 3) for Price and Subban? In a pure fantasy trade, I’d think about that.

  58. @fire ron wilson your exactly right. Theres a BIG trade in the works. All signs point to it. Its as simple as 1 million plus 2 million.

  59. Grabo has not been resigned yet likely because Burke is trying to make deals and would like to see how the dust settles on that. There is a good chance he’s trying to include Bozak in any deals he is trying to make for a center, but he might have to bite the bullet and include Grabo. The leafs are trying to make the playoffs this year so do not expect him to be traded for picks unless Toronto bombs the next 3 or 4 weeks. The deals that the leafs will make will be a few players for a top six upgrade. If Grabo does not go the other way he’ll likely get resigned.

    Liles actually signed for less than he is making this year almost 400k less so that will help out there. The Cap will not be going down. The league is posting more revenues every year and will continue to do so, and the players will not be getting less of the share thus the cap is not going down. Plus any deal Burke makes to get his center will cost a couple of players (Grabo, Kulemin, Mcarthur, Gunnarson etc) which will balance out any salaries. They will likely be exactly where they are this year with regards to cap space, but that is to be expected.

  60. No way do the habs trade subban
    He’s a true superstar to come . Look for him to participate in russia
    For all u subban haters I predict he will be one of the Norris candidates

  61. As I suggested yesterday, PK Subban against Matt Duchene or against Jeff Skinner could be a good transaction.

  62. walter17 says
    Wow, I usually respect Spector’s notes but in the case of PK Subban I think you are really over rating his value. Can this kid be a star? Maybe but it is way to early to tell if he will ever live up to all the hype. He also looks like he could be a bit of a cancer in the dressing room with his “me first” attitude. Saying that the return for him would have to be a Malkin or Getzlaf is just nuts! I have been following trade rumors for weeks and the asking price for Getz is said to be astronomical. I have read blogs stating that Burke would have to gut the Leafs to land this guy. I have seen Grabs+Kuli+Schenn+Kadri+ 1st for Getz listed as a fair trade and now you are trying to say Subban alone can get that type of talent. Sorry but you need to give your head a shake!!!!

    did he say straight up…no…it just said if a plyer like that was traded for, obviously more would have to be involved to make the deal…you must be a leaf fan thinking they can get whoever you guys want for all your garbage players which is half the teaam…..smarten up.

  63. I’m not completely convinced that when Andy McDonald and Alex Steen return to the Blues lineup, that the scoring will just suddenly start booming. They had trouble scoring when they were healthy. Maybe things will change, and I hope they do, but I just don’t see it happening.
    Who I’d like to see in StL? Perry (Ana) or Taveres (Nyi)

  64. @murph,
    no way are the ‘canes in the same boat as the oilers were. as you pointed out they have an all-star center and an all-star goaltender -both of whom are under 30. they have a stud in skinner and a group of good young players that will grow into quality NHL’ers. The hurricanes don’t need a full teardown rebuild like the oilers did. they just need to reload. maclean should trade gleason and ruutu and make any number of other veterans (not named staal or ward) available for young nhl players and prospects. i wouldn’t even bother with picks.

    a team doesn’t need much more than a star and goaltender to be a playoff team, especially in the east, but add a couple of other pieces -skinner, faulk and the like, as well as a good coach and a solid defensive system and they might even win a playoff series or two. and so what if it takes 3 years (it won’t) staal and ward’s best playing years won’t be wasted as they will keep carolina as a bubble team and help bring the youth along in the right way.

    lastly, brett connolly belongs to tampa bay not carolina.

  65. @Walter17,

    Lyle is not saying PK is worth those guys, he is saying unless there is a no brainer of that calibre of player coming back for PK then we shouldn’t trade him…So, no…PK shouldn’t be dealt..

  66. @RK because he needs a goalie and Thomas has proven that he is one of the best over the last couple of years, and to get something you have to give up something, Connolly is a rookie sure a 1st rounder but guess what Yzerman will have another 1st rounder ths summer. Niittymaki is not a solution for Tampa Bay goaltending issue.

  67. @ Bickleton,

    Thanks for the correction on Connolly ( viewing too many teams at once).

    I respect your comments but disagree.

    Anaheim has a few stars and a goalie ( at least previously) who was considered pretty good. Buffalo has Vanek and Ryan Miller. Columbus has Rick Nash and a former calder trophy winner in Mason ( a whole other discussion). All have other pieces and they are having a tough year. And then you have Carolina with Staal, Skinner and Ward.

    While your approach is not incorrect, what kills teams like Columbus and Carolina, Nashville and in the past Buffalo, is that as budget teams, they do not have the money for and the interest of significant players to want to sign and play there. Therefore the supporting cast in that model is always going to be somewhat mediocre at best when half of your top 9 players have to be budget picks. Nobody is going to ask to play for a team like that in that market. How many players asked to get traded to Edmonton before and in the early stages of their rebuild? Ryan Smith is an exception. And some teams, like Nashville, have been successful, but never have enough to get those extra key players to take them to the level where they have never been. Who wants to go to Nashville when they know they have to trade one of their best players because they cannot afford him?

    If you have a large enough core of younger players who are destined for future success on your team all starting out together, continually building up, it becomes a destination for better players to be added, like Chicago.

    And yes, they will reach a point where they might have to sell off assets like Chicago did, and try to resign the best ones, but that is the price you might have to pay today for a Stanley cup.

    I just think Carolina in its current form and standings will not attract the other players that they need to move forward, and will not for a while, so to me their best bet lies in a youthful rebuild. Sure, keep Ward if you want them to not get massacred, but on this team, at this time, I believe Staal is an asset that they cannot afford not to maximize for the future.

    Peace out!

  68. Grabo+komisarek for Brierre.. Solves toronto’s number 1.. Philly gets a number 2/3 centre in Grabo and patch up there defense problems with komi.

  69. Bern16 No way Philly does that, and it would have to be Schenn not Komisarek if they were to even listen. Probably need to put Colborne in that deal also. Briere for Grabovski, Schenn and Colborne, and if I was the leafs and giving up that much, I would rather try and get Getzlaf.

  70. I would trade subban and Price for Weber and rinne

  71. I think Burke is about to pull off a great deal with his old team…

    to Toronto : Bobby Ryan, Tori Lydman

    to Annaheim : Luke Schenn, Nazem Kadri, Ben Scrivens, Mike Komisarek, and a second round pick.

    Lydman is actually the one who will make the most impact !