NHL Trade Rumors – January 26, 2012.

The latest on Tim Thomas, Zach Parise, Jeff Carter, and Sam Gagner.

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports Tim Thomas’s decision not to attend the White House ceremony honoring the Bruins Cup championship because of his political views could be the first step in Thomas and the Bruins parting ways. Thomas’ “no-movement” clause expires at the end of this season, and he has one season left on his current contract, while Tuukka Rask, a restricted free agent this summer, should be ready to assume the starter’s job next season. Shinzawa suggests the Bruins could reap a significant return for Thomas if he maintains his current performance.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Prior to Thomas’ snub of the White House ceremony, there was no thought anywhere of the Bruins shopping him. With all due respect to Shinzawa, I think he’s over-reacting here. Sure, it’s possible Thomas could be moved this summer, but it simply makes no sense to trade the guy who carried your team to a Stanley Cup title, who’s won the Vezina trophy as the league’s top goalie two of the past three years,  is a likely nominee for it again this season, and could well backstop the Bruins to another Cup this season, because of his political views.

NEW YORK POST: Yet another report suggesting the New Jersey Devils have to decide if they’ll re-sign Zach Parise or trade him at the trade deadline rather than risk losing him for nothing.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I stand by my previous comments: I don’t see the Devils trading Parise as long as they remain in the playoff hunt.

Jeff Carter available?

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger reports Columbus Blue Jackets center Jeff Carter is “100 percent available”, though his hefty contract could prove difficult to move. Dreger said the Toronto Maple Leafs, despite recent rumors, have not spoken to the Blue Jackets about Carter, nor are they interested in him, as GM Brian Burke wants nothing to do with that contract. The Jackets apparently want a return similar to what they gave up for Carter, that being a good young player and a first round pick…Dreger also reported Edmonton Oilers center Sam Gagner might be moved at the trade deadline. He said the Oilers aren’t shopping Gagner or saying he’s available, but every time GM Steve Tambellini talks to other teams about a defenseman, Gagner’s name comes up.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s that contract which leads me to conclude the Jackets, if they are shopping Carter, won’t find any takers…Gagner, on the other hand, could be a moveable piece if the Oilers hope to land a quality defenseman, though that might not occur during the trade deadline, but perhaps in the off-season if it appears they can’t bring in one via the free agent market.


  1. if Burke doesnt want to touch Carters contract, why would he be interested in Getzlaf who will commmand a simular one next off-season. hell, it might cost Toronto more in $ terms, but less in years?

  2. Because Carter is one of the most underrated players in the league, and our boy Getzlaf is awesome.

  3. I meant overrated.

  4. It’s clear that Burke has no plan to build a long term winner in Toronto. Building thru trades rather than the draft is EXPENSIVE and short term thinking ( win now, worry about the future later) ( Calgary is a current example) rarely works. Burke has almost run out of salary cap and yet the leafs are iffy to make the playoffs. Clearly he is over spending for players. His next decision is does he trade more picks away to get into the playoffs or does he back off, trade parts for future picks and start to build for a long term future BUT mostly likely miss the playoffs for a year or two more.

  5. The value of the contract is not horrific, but the length is just ridiculous. I’d love to see the new CBA put time limits on contracts since it is apparent GMs are never going to learn.

  6. I dont think Burke has a choice but to make a very serious run for the play offs this year. I dont think the owners or the fan base are going to support a trade that brings in future draft picks at this point (i believe 3 years since he got there).

    With that said I dont see Carter and Kessel meshing well on a line together so this is probably accurate when they say the leafs have no interest in Cater.

    And i still highly doubt Getzlaf is a available,

  7. Just to still it up a little…Does Grabbo and Schenn get you Subban

  8. I’m a huge Bruins/ Tim Thomas fan, however a lot has been coming out since this occured as to Thomas’ seperation from the team and teammates throughout his time in Boston. Rask has been doing pretty damn good and I think Thomas could provide in trade a high draft pick or picks that the B;s could use to bolster thier young nucleus of players.

  9. I wonder if the Bruins would consider moving Thomas to Tampa Bay to play with his best friend St. Louis? Maybe Thomas and Ference for Connolly and Garon. Imagine Connolly and Segiun playing together for years to come.

  10. KC – If the Bruins were to trade the reigning Vezina and Conn Smyth trophy winner they would want more then Connolly. I can’t see the Bruins moving Thomas unless the right offer with a top six forward comes along in the offseason. Rask’s numbers are absolutely incredible but he has only played 18 games

  11. While I think Carter is a really skilled player, he has shown overthe past couple of years that he is injury prone and for what he’s makingany team would want to get more than 1/3 to 1/2 a season out of him. I don’t think the $5.2MM is out of line (if he played the whole year), but I agree, the term is a little ridiculous – but than again he’s 27 and it ties him up until he is 37. Burke has taken a chance with Tiny Tim (who is also injury prone) and if he were to make a trade for Carter it might be double jeopardy based on their injury history.

  12. Kc do you just copy and paste the same message every day lol

  13. alforducks You’re spot on… wrong in a big way. Why not look back at the trades he made and tell me exactly how it is short term thinking. And building through the draft is certainly the way to go! Just ask the Oilers, Isles, TB, Panthers, Blue Jaclets, Kings, etc since those teams off the top of my head have been in ‘rebuild mode” for like forever.

    DinoRondelly: Its true that only after 3 yrs everyone thinks that if the team doesn’t get to the post season, this rebuild is a failure; however this is not applicable to teams that are not the Leafs. Some media, fans, haters, etc think the team should be in the playoffs this coming spring, I think if they make it great, but in reality, at this stage, the team is still rebuilding and really anything could happen as is the case with any young and inexperienced teams such as the Leafs especially this team with its current crop of young players that has been together for only about a year now.

  14. Leafstothebitterend: No. DO NOT WANT

  15. Carter will end up in Buffalo or Minnesota watch !

  16. I am with Casey , there needs to be a limit put on the term length of contracts for players
    any GM signing a player to a 6+ year deal knows that it likely won’t be his headache to deal with near the end of term. Especially the GM’s who sign players to these deals and the teams don’t win and players don’t perform. The front end loaded deals like Erhoff’s is ridiculous
    Seems like contracts like Gomez , DiPietro , Yashin ( to name but a few ) have not made enough GM’s take notice

  17. Dino has a good point about rebuilding through the draft as opposed to trades and signings, but it needs to be a balance. If you only rebuild through trades and UFA signings you have to overpay a lot in terms of dollars and prospects/picks. But if you only rebuild through the draft it’s hard to make it all come together. However, the best teams do build through the draft first, and add additional pieces around them (Blackhawks, Penguins, Red Wings). I’m not sure where Toronto stands in this balance, but they don’t have a whole lot of cap room left, so maybe they should look towards the draft now so they can have sustained success.

    KC, love the original and accurate comments. Keep it up.

  18. tim thomas not going to the white house to me sends the following message. ” im bigger than my team, im more important than the other 21 guys i live and die with on the ice. instead of going to celebrate with my boys our triumph of being the best team in the world, im going to be selfish and not attend a mandatory team event. (if it wasnt mandatory the team wouldnt have the option to suspend)” when it comes to hockey and brotherhood, ur always there and support your boys before your own personal agenda. he has no problem accepting the governments money to play for them, but he wont attend a ceremony?

  19. Why the hell would the Jackets think they could get back the same return they gave for Carter, when they are making him “100% available” because they don’t want his contract anymore?!

  20. LAKING88 – Buffalo cannot afford to add Carter, they need to drop salary in order to make any sort of trade.

  21. @ Leafstothebitterend

    You posted…

    “Just to still it up a little…Does Grabbo and Schenn get you Subban”

    No, but it gets a lot of laughs . Granted , Grabo and Schenn are not having their best seasons this year and Subban has the potential to be a very good defenceman when he grows up, but come on.

    Your trade value balance is way off. Its almost like asking if Scott Gomez and Hall Gill get you Shea Weber.

  22. I think everyone is blowing the Tim Thomas thing a bit out of proportion.We always get sick of athletes giving the same quotes and being boring.Well he decided not to go because of his beliefs well at least he decided to stand up for what he believes in.I dont agree with it but hell id rather him do that than the same old boring athlete and stupid quotes that they always give like ” one game at a time” and ” we got to give 110 percent out there”.And he never ripped any one a new one for there beliefs.I dont think the team really cares as long as he is stopping the puck and Boston wont trade him till after playoffs.Rask is doing great but unproven in the playoffs,Thomas has gotten the job done.Boston has to get Rask resigned to a new deal first.I think his contract is up at the end of this season.here is a great hypothetical Boston resigns Rask ,trades Thomas in off season and signs Corey Schnieder who is from Boston area and a resticted fre agent this summer.

  23. The Tim Thomas thing is not about what he said, it’s about what he did. I too like when hockey players don’t give the same boring quotes, but this is not the problem here. The problem is he did not go to a mandatory TEAM event that honors their stanley cup victory. It’s selfish, and it does in fact say that he thinks he’s bigger than the team.

    The right way to do it would have been to go, and make whatever statement he wanted afterwards. By not going at all he took the attention off of a celebratory positive day, and onto a negative, selfish act. Yes it is within his right to do what he did, but hockey is all about the team and what he did was all about him.

    At the end of the day they can move on and it isn’t that big of a deal, certainly not going to lead to a trade or anything. Just seemed unnecessary and unproductive to me.

  24. Thomas should be traded after this season free up 5 mil and it’s time for Rask to be the #1 guy.
    He has been playing better this year and is the future #1.
    If we could get a nice package for him do it and use the extra cash and Savards to sign Parise.

  25. It would make absolutely no sense for Boston not to trade Thomas in the off-season. They cannot pay Thomas 5 mil, while giving Rask a huge raise. Rask will want 4-5. It would be absolutely ridiculous for Boston to have 10 mil in goaltending alone when Rask has better numbers then Thomas this season

  26. 10 mil is way too much to invest in goaltending, but it would only be for on year. As long as they could fit it under the cap for the year I could see them doing it. They will only trade Thomas if the deal is right, they won’t be forced into it. That being said, they should certainly try and trade him this offseason if they can. His value won’t be as high the following trade deadline when he’s only a rental player.

  27. way to be credible. Tim Thomas isn’t going anywhere and neither is Zach Parise. Both of them are staying right where they are for their whole careers.

  28. In regards to Thomas… Would it have been ok if he boycotted their Stanley Cup parade because he feels strongly against waving? It’s utterly ridiculous. Bottom line is that it was a classless and disrespectful move. Just what message was he trying to send exactly?

  29. Leafstothebitterend…..are you joking, I wouldn’t give a 2nd rounder for Subban let alone any players. He is a team ruiner and he always will be.

  30. while i’m sure thomas is taking some crap in the locker room for his no show and some of that razzing is coming for genuine hurt, these guys are all professionals and understand what’s going on. thomas has been a good teammate for years now and this is an isolated incident. now if it continues and he decides he can run for public office while still playing for the b’s, or misses practice to go to a tea party rally, or commandeers the locker room boom box to listen to glen beck during pre-game that could be a problem. and you know what buys a lot of forgiveness on a hockey team? winning. by the next time the bruins win a game they have no business being in because thomas has 40+ saves this whole incident will be a distant memory. resigning task could be a difficult situation, but chiarelli has shown himself quite capable of doing what needs to be done to keep this team at the top and i’m sure he’ll find a way to keep both thomas and task as that’s what seems to be in the b’s best interest.

  31. Tim Thomas is trying to say that he didn’t vote for Obama and he doesn’t like him. Also I could see gagner to the sharks for either demers or braun + later pick. The sharks need some scoring help and want a top 6 guy?

  32. wow all these people are so wrong…. CAM NEELY said on the Felger and Mazz show the white house thing WAS NOT MANDATORY! and honestly who the hell cares… you dont wanna go you dont go…. team bs… I think the team forgives him. Unless you think they are all talking about there constitution rights in the locker room your a idiot.

  33. Schenn is a better defense man the subban why would you trade for that guy, there is 30 games left to the season the leafs always do poor in December and really do well on the end run here. The leafs sit with 55 points and two months remaining, the only reason we are not higher up is cause of the injuries that hit us all season armstrong has been out pretty much the yeah and he is a gritty talented player.
    i think burke will go for Getzlaf and end up with bobby ryan lol he is sneaky that way,

  34. Even before all this mess, i thought the Bruins should deal Thomas in the off season. I think it’s finally time that Rask becomes the starter. And plus you could still get something good for Thomas while is stock is high

  35. Parise will be forced to be dealt by the NHL to keep their payroll payments to a minimum.
    New jersey needs a new goalie, and they didn’t pick up nittymaki so I think they are going to deal him for a big time prospect(markstrom-bernier) ala gardien de but or…….
    To Montreal

    To new jersey
    Price gomez tinordi 2nd

    To LA
    Parise 2nd

    To NJ

  36. I dont know what some of you are saying about the leafs needing to rebuild. BB has done a pretty good job signing all these young players. Leafs are one of the deepest in defense and can afford to trade 1and/or 2! They have prospects that continue to be leaders in their leagues, and who are ready to make the next step! I have been critical of some of BB’s moves early on…but look how it has turned out….not bad at all.
    Signing Liles for less per annum than he is making now, is an indication that the leafs management is trying to build a system similiar to Detroit…good players willing to take less to be part of a classy organization and dedicated to winning. Liles said it himself…happy to be here…feels great about their near future! Most good players either got traded or left….more players are starting to warm up playing for the leafs. BUT…
    one fault I do have with BB, is, keeping Wilson. All I have to say is….Ottawa! That my friends is what you call an amazing coaching staff!

  37. Who cares that Thomas never visited the white house. Thomas will be gone after this year unless he single handedly wins the cup. If he does he will play one more year. Why trade for Parise if your Boston sign him next year as an UFA. Also sign Suter as they need a good young D man. Remember Savards money will come off the books and if Thomas gone they will have plenty of cap room. Dougie will play next year also.

  38. The Leafs dont want Subban he is a cancer on the team. I watched him all through junior he thought he was bigger then he really is and his brothers are on the same track. Montreal can keep him thats the only exciting thing to watch for Montreal is who is he going to piss off today

  39. @ Moester

    The key to a winning team is coaches and players who work together to get it done. This is finally almost all Burke’s team, and thus Wilson’s too. Luke Schenn and JM Liles do not sign 4 year deals if they feel the coach is an A-Hole. They could have chosen teams to be traded to when the time came.

    They might resign if they think the Coach is an A-Hole and have been assured by Management that said coach is just one token away from a ride to the Studios at TSN to become an analyst. And lets not forget Wilson just signed an extension.

    I am not saying he is the best coach ever, but I like a lot of what he does. He is not supposed to be the players, or the fans, or the medias best friend. And he does not care what anyone thinks. He is supposed to coach his team, the youngest in the league, to win as many games as possible.

    I understand your position, but he is not leaving anytime soon.

  40. Complete ignorance on the Thomas front.

    Why is it the assumption that to live in a country means to agree with all of its ideologies? If that were the case, no government would ever change. The US is running its country straight into the ground; Tim Thomas is simply showing intelligence and practicing what should rule the US (the constitution) rather than what does rule the US (money and political maneuvering). The US made the constitution specifically for the situation in which its own government gets out of hand… if they stop exercising it, then it’s a person’s constitutional right and DUTY to stand up for himself and to show defiance to the government in order to pay obedience to the country’s constitution.

    Priorities should look like the following:
    1. Beliefs (they’re ALL that you are and ALL that you have)
    2. Employer

    In this case:
    1. Constitution
    2. Current government

    Thomas followed the constitution (exercising liberty), trumping his “team mandatory” duties.

    If your employer comes first, then I would hate your life. Sorry if this isn’t hockey chatter… here, I’ll add something a little hockey:

    Parise’s not going to get moved. NJ’s gonna go “all in” with the playoffs this year, even though they’ll probably go down in the first round due to problems with team psychology that hasn’t been fixed in the last 2 years.

    Carter’s the result of GMs scrambling to make a move for someone to play with Rick Nash, but both are snipers, it was a dumb deal that cost the BJs Couturier and Voracek. Hope Carter enjoys playing the second line for the rest of his career, even though he plays like a top line sniper. Philadelphia ripped off both teams with those trades; it’s too bad Pronger isn’t healthy or they’d be cup contenders.

  41. If I were the Montreal GM, I would not trade Subban 4 any player out especially Grabs & Schenn. I’m sorry, those 2 players are okay but I really don’t believe that a lot of people really understand what Montreal has right now & what they have 4 their future on Defense in Subban. DO NOT TRADE SUBBAN!!!!!
    I am a HUGE Pens fan & I would LOVE 2 have Subban on this team!

  42. Toronto, Burke, Toronto, Burke, sick of hearing about this media whore. Burke won’t be happy till he has a full USA roster, the guy is a joke.