NHL Trade Rumors – January 27, 2012.

Bruins could make deadline moves, the Canucks might shop Mason Raymond, suggesting a “Miller for Hiller” swap, and much more.

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports the Bruins could be in the market for roster depth near the trade deadline – likely for defensive depth, like a left-shot blueliner – without giving up roster players in return. Carolina’s Tim Gleason would be a good fit, but the Hurricanes will have multiple bidders for him, which could drive up the asking price. The Bruins could also use bottom-six depth forwards, suggesting Phoenix’s Ray Whitney and Carolina’s Tuomo Ruutu as possibilities.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As with Gleason, Whitney (provided he’s available, as he won’t be if the Coyotes remain in the playoff race) and Ruutu will attract considerable interest on the trade block, which could make it difficult for the Bruins to land either guy. Not impossible, but difficult.

Raymond on the block?

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford reported Canucks forward Mason Raymond’s lack of production could make him trade bait, perhaps for a physical checking forward or defensive depth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite his scoring struggles, Raymond’s youth (26) and speed could prove enticing for rival clubs willing to take a chance on him improving with a change of scenery.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Leafs are believed interested in San Jose Sharks forward Ryane Clowe, though it might take more than the Leafs are willing to part with to land him. The Leafs could also have interest in Tuomo Ruutu…It’s rumored the reason the Hurricanes haven’t made more moves of late is GM Jim Rutherford is apparently seeking either two first round picks or a first round pick and a top prospect for UFA blueliners Tim Gleason, Bryan Allen and Jaroslav Spacek. The price will drop by the deadline…The Blue Jackets wouldn’t mind trading center Antoine Vermette…The Senators haven’t had serious contract talks with defenseman Erik Karlsson’s representatives yet, and they might not occur until season’s end…It’s believed there’s interest in Oilers defensemen Theo Peckham and Andy Sutton…The Anaheim Ducks, Chicago Blackhawks and Tampa Bay Lightning all have goalie issues and might be interested if the Buffalo Sabres decide to trade Ryan Miller. Garrioch suggests we shouldn’t rule out a “Miller for Jonas Hiller” swap.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sharks also value Clowe’s grit and leadership. That’s not to suggest they wouldn’t trade him, but it would take a significant offer to convince them to part with him. Ruutu might not be a bad addition for the Leafs, as it wouldn’t cost them a roster player to get him, though he wouldn’t be the star player Leafs fans are hoping Brian Burke will land them…I don’t doubt Rutherford has set a high price for those defensemen, but I have difficulty believing he’s seeking that much…I have my doubt the Blue Jackets could move Vermette, as many teams would be reluctant to take on his contract…The Karlsson contract talks will take place at seson’s end…If anyone wants Peckham and Sutton, the Oilers would likely be happy to part with them….Hiller for Miller? I don’t see that as an improvement for the Sabres.


  1. Leaf interested in Ryan Clowe ?
    Are they nuts ? Ryan Clowe is a very good hockey player but he will be 30 when next season starts,
    and making more than 3 million. What’s Burke’s plan dump everybody he has under 25 and go with
    expensive old veterans ? All this just to sneak into 8th place and lose the first round to Boston
    4 games to zip ?

  2. The Ducks really have goalie issues for sure. 8-1-1 the past 10 and a GAA of 1.50. So I think He has found his game. Miller still looks lost unfortunatly. Dont get me wrong, I would love Miller for Hiller swap, but come on, give Hiller a little credit here. The guy has played out of his mind the past month.

  3. alforducks, so your argument is that because Clowe will be thirty next year, he’d be a terrible pick up?

    I see him being a good fit. I’d be willing to give up one of Kule or Mac and a first. I’d maybe bite on giving a decent prospect too if the sharks were willing to give a 3rd/4th rounder back. If that’s not enough, then I would baulk at a higher asking price. It’s hard to gauge Clowes value, but he’s a good, hard working player. Not elite, garaunteed first line forward, but a very good second liner.

  4. alforducks:

    So anyone over 30 in the NHL is washed up?

  5. Here’s a trade idea especially for Diceman.

    I wonder if the Bruins would consider moving Thomas to Tampa Bay to play with his best friend St. Louis? Maybe Thomas and Ference for Connolly and Garon. Imagine Connolly and Segiun playing together for years to come.

    And yes Diceman I do think Seguin and Connolly playing together for years to come would be great. From a bruins standpoint that would definitely be one reason to make the deal, another would be that Thomas is 37, and their future in net obviously is with Rask, another would be that the value for Thomas is not likely going to get much higher so they should strike while the iron is hot, another might be you are freeing up some significant salary space ( not that the Bruins need it right now ). So there are many reasons why this deal would be good for the Bruins. However it would also be good for TB, they get the top level goaltending that they despertly need, Thomas and St.Louis are best friends so there would be some instant comfort for Thomas on his new team, plus they get a veteran defenceman in Ference that they also are needing. Yes Tampa Bay would be giving up a great young player in Connolly but they have to give up something decent in order to get Thomas, and Connolly is still somewhat unproven at the NHL level, but will no doubt be a good one.

    So Diceman lots of positive reasons mentioning Connolly and Seguin playing together for years to come was just kind of a fun thought / idea, not the only reason to do the deal.

  6. Mason Raymond would be a good fit for the Jets. He has a history playing for Zinger and the True North group at the MTS Centre ( played 30 games for the Moose ), plus his speed would fit in well with the Jets, and he has a bit of a scoring touch ( former 25 goal scorer ) something the Jets could really use. I think his wife might be from Manitoba also so could be a bit of a homecoming.

  7. Yzerman is not going to part with his young prospects for an aging goalie, no matter how good Thomas is right now. TB is not going to make the playoffs this year, so that type of move makes very little sense for the franchise. If Stevie Y trades a young player for a goalie, he’ll want a young goalie back like Harding, Bernier or Schneider.

  8. DurtMCHurt
    Clowe would be a great pick up short term. If I was a Leafs Fan my issue would be giving up a #1 or giving up a really good prospect. Leafs are a decent team that may or may not make the playoffs. They are not CUP contenders so trading away the future just so that they could sneak into the playoffs does not seem to be the right way to go. One morning they will wake up and find out they are old. Now for a team that is a cup contender Clowe would be a great pickup and worth trading away a bit of your future. Nothing wrong with Clowe, I just think that Leafs need to step back and start moving older parts for younger parts, that’s all. From A LONG TERM perspective the Kaberle deal was a really good one, the Kessel deal was not. Note I did say LONG TERM PERSPECTIVE. Kessel is a really good player but for a marginal team, I’d rather build with what Hamilton & Seguin

  9. I really like the trade idea KC tabled with Thomas, except that with his age he could be close to retiring (admittedly we don’t know), so I say, through in a goalie prospect to Tampa and a 3rd rnd pick back to Boston and the deal is all the sweeter. Its nice to see some trade ideas that actually had some thought put into them. Here’s to reading many more – Cheers!

  10. Thomas is not going anywhere right now. Boston suffered 30 years of waiting for another cup and they have a great shot at getting another one. Now if they get knocked out early in playoffs then you might see Thomas moved over the summer. Also, Boston would be nuts to move Thomas even if they thought Rask was the guy, what if they moved Thomas end of February and Rask got a season ending injury in March, what the hell they do then ? Also, lets go the other direction, don’t be surprised that not only does Boston NOT trade Thomas this season, they will go out an get another veteran goalie and park him in the AHL ( somebody like a Ty Conklin or Dan Ellis), WHY YOU ASK. Playoff last two months and the last thing they need is for Rask or Thomas to get a season ending injury and then the other guy has to play every game for two to three months. Another cheap, experienced NHL goalie sitting in the AHL would be smart insurance for not only Boston but also for any other cup contender.

  11. alforducks, fair argument. But realize the Leafs have the second youngest team in the league. Getting an older gritty player might not be such a bad idea. The Leafs have an abundance of potentially good, unproven youth.

  12. Rayn Clowe isn’t going anywhere. He’s too valued as not only a hard nosed player on the ice that isn’t afraid to mix it up, but also a locker room leader. San Jose would have to be blown away by a huge offer to deal him and I just can’t see an team out there willing to make one.

  13. @kc
    Why would a team on the verge of another run for the cup trade last
    Years conne smythe winner? Think before typing.

  14. Clowe would be a good addition to the Leafs, I beleive, as a 3rd line bully and powerplay pilon. But, I don’t think a good addition at the cost of good young players (Kulemin or Schenn) or even prospect (Kadri) and a pick. If he can be had for a player like Clarke Macarthur- great deal… but the Sharks aren’t stupid and know they need Clowe if they want to have success in the playoffs.
    Durt- i wouldnt trade Kulemin for Clowe even straight up… Kuli has many 30 goal seasons in his future while Clowe has never and will never hit that mark.

    To my fellow Ducks fan above: Agreed that they do not have goalie issues. It took Hiller a while to get back into his groove after his vertigo issues and then becomming accustomed to a new system infront of him (Boudreau). Remember that it was only a year ago when he was an all-star and well on his way to becomng an elite goalie. Trading him for Miller would be a wash, not to mention that you are taking on an older and more expensive player.

    I am still not counting them out of the playoff mix. Yes, they are a significant amount of points back, but as they showed last year and over their last 10 games, they can win in bunches. i also doubt they trade Perry or Getzlaf. And, if they do trade Ryan, expect that deal to include 1) a player to replace him on the top line 2) a player to add to the 2nd line 3) and a young defenceman… theme here: Three NHL players

  15. spector or oiler fans,

    as a hab fan living in montreal, i do not get to watch too many oiler games. but i always liked peckham and thought he’d be what the habs would need on their blueline. i don’t get why you’re saying edmonton would likely be happy to part with him? what is “wrong” with him?


  16. DurtMCHurt
    Good points and I actually think Leafs making the playoffs would be great for hockey but my thinking has always been that unless you have a great shot at cup, you don’t trade the future away. The thing that bothers me about the Leafs is that they have something like $ 53 or $ 54 million committed to next year and still have to sign the monster in goal, Aulie, Franson, Kulemin & Grabovski. That puts them near the cap top and handcuffs them for the future. Unless I am an elite team, I want lots of cap space.
    Also, don’t understand the Liles deal, yea he is a good puck moving D-man but that much, that long for someone that is 31 ? Maybe one or two years at most, not what was it 4 years ?

  17. To Fellow Duck Fans.
    Never thought Hiller was the whole problem, the “D” in front of him has been sloppy most the year.
    At 4.5 Million he is the guy I would stay with until John Gibson comes along in a few years.
    That being said, if someone wants to over pay for him, I would trade him but don’t see that happening.
    The first 10 days after the All Star break will determine a lot of the Ducks futures. If they stay hot then
    a lot of them will stay, if they turn cold a lot of them will be moved end of February and at June draft meetings. Ducks have no room for error. If I did my math right the need 76% of the available points the rest of this season to get them to 95 points and that may not be enough to get them into the 8th slot.

  18. it’s funny how things can change in sport so quickly

    at the end of the playoffs last year Tim Thomas was the toast of the town in Boston , a Bruin for life. Any talk of trade would have been shot down quickly
    Getzlaf , Perry and Ryan were arguably the best line in hockey
    Ryan Miller was deemed a ‘superstar’ and the face of the Sabres. Virtually untouchable.
    Ovechkin and Crosby ( prior to injury ) were the top2 stars and the face of the league

    things have really changed in the past 12 months

  19. KC, just gonna make one last comment about that fantasy trade. You listed many reasons why it would be good for the Bruins, but I don’t see Tampa giving up their top young prospect for a goaltender who has 1 year left on his deal. And after that he may have 1 or 2 years, or possibly up to 5 but not at a high level. Why would tampa mortgage their future for potentially a 1 year cup run? Ain’t happening.

    Back on topic though, I don’t see Miller going anywhere. Just seems like his trade value is at an all time low, so they probably can’t get as much as he’s truly worth.

    Clowe is an interesting name here. I wouldn’t think he would be traded, but given the Sharks underachievement thus far, maybe they make a big move to shake things up, and if so Clowe may very well be the centerpiece. They’ll want a player of equal or greater value though, not picks and prospects.

  20. That comment was a little brash, your expecting Burke to trade young assets for old is a naive assumption. Burke would only trade his young assets for in-out of prime vets. Burke is not going to undo what he just did. He is and has been collecting assets to build depth and skill for annually competitive team. However if an all-star center forward is available who is 27 yrs or less, it should be given serious consideration of sacrificing what you have in overstock, to obtain and ideal asset where you are short. That is just good management. The elite players of previous years are not available today next year or after. One in every decade do you see a talent like Crosby, malkin and lidstrom. So it’s fair to say the later 1st rounders only pan out with few and far between quantity.

  21. Fergy22
    Which it is exactly why it is crazy to give out or trade for players that have 10 years or about on their contracts. Ask Columbus about Jeff Carter ( even though I think Carter is a damn good hockey player),
    trying to move these guys is tough.

  22. alforducks I am not denying that, in fact I went on a quick rant on TSN recently about long term (7+) contracts. This should be a topic for the next CBA . Many of the GM’s working these deals aren’t around to mop up the mess years later.

  23. Sabres are not looking to move Miller at all and even if they were; they would want much needed offense in return.

  24. I wouldn’t put the blame soley on the GM’s. I think more than 50 percent of the blame comes from the players and their agents. Its understandable that they ask for such long contracts because it provides financial stability and support for their families. So on one hand I agree that these contracts are getting ridiculous, But i understand why the players want those contracts, so it will be interesting to see what happens for the next CBA

  25. alforducks seriously man? What are you talking about? Do you even read what you type?

    “What’s Burke’s plan dump everybody he has under 25 and go with
    expensive old veterans?”

    Yes that is why the Leafs are1st or 2nd youngest teams right now with plenty of depth.

    “All this just to sneak into 8th place and lose the first round to Boston
    4 games to zip?”

    Yes Burke has gone on record and stated exactly that… trade away youth just to get get in just to be blown out.

    “The thing that bothers me about the Leafs is that they have something like $ 53 or $ 54 million committed to next year and still have to sign the monster in goal, Aulie, Franson, Kulemin & Grabovski”

    Everything here is 100% wrong…. only Graboski and Gustavsson are UFA’s and how much do you really think a back-up’s raise will be? The only iffy one is Grabovski but its not like he’ll get much more than the $2.9M/yr he’s getting now… so what we give him $4M max over 5yrs – he’ll be 33 then? As for your cap number…. well the Leafs will have $11,376,667 to sign all 8 players, both the two UFAs and 6 RFAs…oh no, the sky… its falling!

    “Also, don’t understand the Liles deal, yea he is a good puck moving D-man but that much, that long for someone that is 31 ? Maybe one or two years at most, not what was it 4 years ?”

    Wel that figures. How does the idea that you have a good puck moving Dman who signed a contract for less than he was already making sound? Or that at some point like 2 years from now he’ll get traded because he is getting out played by one of the many prospects they have on the farm such Blacker? I think Burkes intention is that he believes that he is getting close to the Leafs window opening and wanted to secure a PMD like Liles for when or if it does happen. At that contract, it will make it very easy to ship him out if things don’t work out. Make sense now?

    PS if you’re gonna use “facts” research it first. Try http://www.capgeek.com/charts.php?Team=4 for cap answers. Also it really helps knowing your subject.

  26. cmac , agreed , however I’d more towards agents greediness than player greed

    it’s too bad business has taken a strangle hold on the sport

  27. Thomas has a NTC till season end.
    So let’s see how he does in the playoffs.
    If he has a bad playoff I can see moving him at seasons end and turn the riens over to Rask.
    It would create cap space for Parise who I think wants to go to Boston.
    Also could move a center for Seguin to move to his natural position.
    Maybe a blockbuster like Krejci and Thomas for Shea Weber or Corey Perry.
    And sign Parise
    Just dreaming I guess
    I do like Krejci alot but can’t move Bergeron.

  28. hey durtmchurt,

    liles is only 30. He should be in his prime and we will probably get the best out of him for the 4 years. the wings have mostly veterans on their team and handful of prospects than can play in the nhl, but waiting their turn. Wings have always taken their time developing drafts. You still can win with an older team, its all about chemistry and great coaching. ei…sens and wings. the leafs have an influx of players in a few positions that they can afford to trade, without having to give up draft picks. I really beleaf this time around that they will be at the final dance in a few years. They are maybe 3 solid core players away from making them one of the elite teams.

    As for size…they have a few big boys in the minors whom are doing very well and will make the step up next year! I agree..dont tinker tooo much, but at least, make it worth it!

  29. moester, not quite sure why you responded to me. I never mentioned Liles or the Red Wings at all. Are you refering to something I wrote in the past? Or maybe you meant that for someone else.

  30. Hiller for Miller? How stupid is that?

    This lends credence to the thought that Garrioch is really Eklund.

  31. Being a sharks fan id hate to clowe go unless it improved our chances of getting to the Stanley cup. But Clowe isn’t washed up he’s 30 old and he is a great pick up for the leaf’s. He’d bring leadership playoff expirence and size to the leaf’s. Not saying I want to see him go but for the right deal I could see it happening

  32. @hockey
    what would you say your team needs?

  33. We need to move niitymaki and get him on a team where hes actually tonight to play, and we need another top six forward and maybe a pk ing forward for the third/fourth line or another depth d man

  34. Thanks kezmaster, and I agree with your points.

  35. Jason Botchford doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ice.
    Raymond isn’t going anywhere.

  36. What about Miller and Roy for Ryan and Hiller

  37. @Steve too bad, because Raymond is soft as a throw pillow and we could really use a banger with some goal-scoring ability on the 3rd line instead. Every time I see Raymond go wide, I ask myself when they’re going to trade him. He’s redundant.