NHL Trade Rumors – January 4, 2012.

Time to trade Ryan Getzlaf?…Sabres GM working the phones?…Updates on Tim Gleason, Lubomir Visnovsky, Rick Nash, and Brett Connolly.


Should the Ducks trade Ryan Getzlaf?

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Jeff Miller believes it’s time for the Anaheim Ducks to shop center Ryan Getzlaf if the right deal can be found, feeling things just aren’t working out for the center and the Ducks. Miller also noted Teemu Selanne has been mentioned in trade rumors, and acknowledged Selanne’s comments that he’s not considering a trade. Miller believes at this point, every Duck should be considered expendable.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the worst thing the Ducks could do right now is blow up their core by shipping out Getzlaf, or Bobby Ryan, or Corey Perry, or young Cam Fowler. Yes, it’s been a bad season, and the Ducks have been in slow decline since winning the Cup in 2007, but their stars – other than Selanne – are still young, the kind of guys you want as your rebuilding foundation. Unless there’s a possibility of landing players or equal or greater caliber, the Ducks shouldn’t consider moving Getzlaf, Ryan, Perry or Fowler. As for Selanne, if he’s willing to accept a trade and there’s a good return to be had for his services, it should be done.

BUFFALO NEWS: Bucky Gleason recently reported comments from Sabres team president Ted Black regarding GM Darcy Regier sounded as though Regier is shopping players, which Gleason said was “about time”. Gleason noted Regier has trade bait “up and down his roster”, including amongst their core, singling out Derek Roy, Ryan Miller, Drew Stafford and Paul Gaustad.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt Miller will be going anywhere, and Stafford’s expensive new contract might be hard to move. Roy and Gaustad, along with Brad Boyes, could be trade bait in the coming weeks if the Sabres fail to reverse their fortunes.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman repeated his claim from his report on Saturday that Carolina’s Tim Gleason and Anaheim’s Lubomir Visnovsky could attract attention in the trade market…Columbus GM Scott Howson apparently isn’t interested in moving defensemen, though forwards are another matter, except for Rick Nash or Ryan Johansen…Friedman wondered if Tampa Bay’s Brett Connolly might be available, as the Lightning might have to give up a young player like Connolly if they hope to improve their roster now.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve already commented on Gleason and Visnovsky. The former will be dealt, the latter only if he agrees to go…Interesting that Friedman didn’t include Jeff Carter’s name among those players Howson wouldn’t trade…I think the Lighting would prefer not to part with Connolly for a quick fix to this season. The Lightning, however, are reaching the “make-or-break” point to the season, and if they want to bolster their goaltending, they might have to part with someone like Connolly.


  1. Getzlaf

    YES – He and Perry have one year left on contracts and with what is being for players now, the Ducks are looks and having to sign 2 high price players a year from now and going rate could be $ 7.5 to 8 mil each.
    1) A small market team can’t handle this kind of outlay and attract other talent
    2) They have been losing with them, they can lose without them
    3) A year after signing Perry & Getzlaf they have to resign Bobby Ryan another big ticket item
    4) You could get a BUNDLE of picks and prospects for these guys over the next year or two to rebuild with.
    5) My opinion is for Perry or Getzlaf wait until draft day in June, most likely could get more then.
    Late February is more for adding fringe pieces than big pieces

  2. Any team would be lucky to have Getz.

    Although it’s a down season, you’re talking about a guy who is almost a Career PPG player, is only 26 years old, is a big guy down the center & has a ton of skill. I’m not sure what Anaheim could do upgrade from this. Some picks and prospects?
    What’s the best case scenario with a pick or prospect? You end up with an all-star…. like Ryan Getzlaf.
    Additionally Anaheim is very deep youth wise; it just doesn’t make sense that Getz moves… Although I know 29 teams that’d love a big Sask boy in their lineup.

  3. Not surprised that the Blue Jackets didn’t mention Carter in their no trade list, it just doesn’t seem to be working out for him there and the guy never seemed very interested in being traded there. No doubt in my mind if they have one good trading chip its Carter, works well for both sides. Carter is what will bring the most in return for the Blue Jackets and is the only big trading chip they’d consider moving (obviously Nash would bring back a lot too but seems they aren’t trading him which makes sense I guess).

  4. The olny problem with trading Getzy is, you are risking the possibility of pissing Perry off and him walking. Then you lose both of them. I feel they are a package. Kind of like Kariya and Selanne. When they traded Selanne to the Sharks, that pissed Kariya off and the next chance he had to leave, he was gone. And they both signed together. It didnt work out for the Avs, and maybe for the both of them…
    If you can get a ton back for him that would keep Perry happy, you might as well look at it. But what could any team offer that would make that a good return for him? Rick Nash and Jeff Carter would do it for me. But that will never ever ever happy. So you have to look at what you can get. Draft picks and Prospects arent going to replace one of the best centers in all of hockey.

  5. I don’t believe that Stevie Yzerman is going to give up on his first ever draft pick so quickly.

  6. I’m not shocked that the media has speculated on the Ducks moving Getzlaf. I’m shocked that their fans have not laughed histarically at the very notion. Come on guys really? I guess Joanie Mitchel made that song for a reason.

  7. Ducksfan93
    As I recall last season when Perry had the huge 2nd half, Getzlaf was injured for a good part of it and still did well. Frankly if Perry gets Pissed because they traded his buddy then trade him to. This is about rebuilding a team that in 4 years has gone from a really strong defensive team to a team that can’t hold a three goal lead against the first five people you can pick up on the street corner. They use to be called the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, they could be called now the Lazy Ducks of Anaheim, the work ethic is HORRIBLE. That being said I would not ( this year ) openly shop Getzlaf or Perry or even Ryan BUT if someone came along and offered us the world for one of these three, I’d take it.

  8. Getzlaf + Hiller for Miller + Roy. Crazy, eh?

  9. Robert

    Not a snowball’s chance in hell. Hiller is not the problem here, it’s mainly the lazy players in front of him.
    Miller would have same problems. Now Myers, Zach Kassin or anoher top prospect, Buffalo’s #1 in 2012 and something else for Getzlaf only is more like it. No reason and No hurry to trade Getz’s now unless someone is desperate and will over pay. I would want a young defenseman in exchange for him, time to get back to tough defensive hockey.

  10. I too think the Ducks should trade Getzlaf. Mostly because of the salary problem that’s bound to pop up when both Perry and Getzlaf have to be resigned. So they trade Getzlaf, adding at least a young NHLer, top prospect and a first rounder to a core that includes Perry, Ryan, Fowler, and others as well as a likely top 5 pick this summer (and valuable cap space to keep it all together) and the Ducks are back to real Contender status in 3 years.

  11. Trading getzlaf would be the best thing for the ducks, to much cap space is invested in the big three and not enough production is coming from them. Getz hasn’t been playing the same mean go to the dirty places for awhile now. Something has changed in the big mans game, kind of reminds me of bertuzzi when he lost his edge. Getting younger and faster with better depth, like having a second line would be good.

  12. How about Anaheim and LA swapping some players?
    Doughty, Penner and Bernier for Getzlaf, Selanne and Fowler.

  13. Trade Getzlaf — NO.

    He is a true #1 centre… not every team in the league has a true #1 centre. The Ducks would not get one back in a trade and who knows if they would ever draft on or how long it would take them to.

    I have not watched a lot of Ducks games.. but I’m hearing goaltending is the biggest issue right now.

    Players have down years… almost all of them do…

    The Ducks would be crazy to trade either one of Getzlaf, Perry or Ryan… who were the best line in the NHL last season… I don’t think they forgot to play hockey.

  14. Getz or Ryan and Hiller to Toronto for Kadri, Aulie or Franson and the MONSTER

  15. @alforducks- Myers, Kassian, and a first, plus “something else” for Getzlaf? lmao.

  16. Newsflash!

    Colton Orr just placed on Waivers.

    Jack up the Parros to TO rumours (LOL)

    Toronto and Anaheim have almost traded teams full out in the last few years

  17. What happened to Ryan being the one shipped out of Anaheim?
    I believe they should stand pat on moving their top guns. Realistically, they won’t obtain a player in any deal that is as good as Getzy. They have some good prospects to surround these guys with coming up in the next year to two years. (Smith-Pelly, Etem, Holland, Palmieri). Not the games top prospects but a good group of prospects. A sleeper I like is that Vatanen coming up in a couple years.
    Although, if I were the GM of Anaheim and had to move one of my big three due to financial restrictions, I’d move Perry, just my opinion. I am on the wagon that he does not produce another season like he did last year and the ducks could use a left handed shot at the top of their lineup.

  18. @MIOKID,

    I must assume you are referring to the farm system when you talk about youth depth?

    The fact is they sent Gardiner to the Leafs, and Lupul, who they gave up on. But they just picked up Luca Caputi! Wow!

    Selanne,Koivu, Blake, Parros, Visnovsky, Beauchemin,and Lydman all starters, all 31 years of age or older…Yes the rest are young players but not top 6 or even top 9 calibre (not yet anyway), and with the exception of Selanne, none of those I have just mentioned are going to attract top 6 players who can step in for second and third line strength to get the job done now.

    That is why unless they plan to dump all these older guys I mentioned and rebuild, and stick it out for a few years to get back into contention, they need to move a substantial piece to get a few decent pieces in return. Which is why the big boys names are being dropped.

    If they don’t, and continue to fall and tank, and not do anything, by the time they do a proper rebuild,Perry, Getzlaf and Ryan will be into there 30’s….and the whole cycle starts again.

    Liken it to having a player like Mats Sundin, promising to build a team around him, and then never doing it?

  19. Parijp56

    Think so ? Maybe, but consider this.
    Getz is not a top 6 forward, he is a TOP 3 forward – Number one center.
    Big, strong, great hands.
    Was center on 2nd line year Ducks won cup as a rookie.
    Canadian Olympic team waited until last minute to take him on last years Olympic even though
    he was injured and skating on one leg, deciding they wanted Getz on one leg then Jeff Carter on good legs.
    He the guy in game 6 of the playoffs with San Jose who dropped his gloves at the opening face off and
    told Joe Thorton this ends now.
    Besides Myers who else are you giving up ?

    Keep Derek Roy

  20. Not saying it won’t happen, but trading Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan and/or Fowler is foolish. Why trade any of the core 4 away, for prospects and/or picks, when they can do the same thing with the pending UFA’s at the deadline? That’s when contending teams are more willing to trade those kind of assets away, as it won’t interfere with their roster heading into the playoffs. Visnovsky will be more difficult to move as he still has another year left on his contract at a cap hit of $5.6, but guys like Blake, Koivu, Beauchemin, Ellis will no doubt be dealt to contending teams. If Visnovsky isn’t traded, that leaves the Ducks with 6 fwds, 4 dmen and 1 goalie under contract going into next season and approximately $25-30 million to spend, depending on what happens with the cap. That’s the smart way to “rebuild” without moving any of your core players in the process.

  21. Oh and that doesn’t include players that are on the cusp of making the jump onto the Ducks’ roster like; Etem, Palmieri, Holland and of course; Devante Smith-Pelley, who will be back after he recovers from his broken foot.

  22. Poultsy,

    I totally agree with your assesment, but why do they keep adding guys like Hagman? Guys like him are pieces you might add to a contending team for a specific role or skill for a specific or limited time. Not to build your team around. Murray has stacked the Ducks with reclamation projects like this. My point was if he does not shed these guys and use up the cap$ to bring in good players, they drop further into a total rebuild cycle, and then all the top 3 are doing is getting older and frustrated…

  23. Sandy is absolutely right.
    Players like Getzlaf come around maybe 1 in every 5 years. I would say only half of the NHL teams have a true #1 center which are the teams often at the top of the standings. Bad years happen – life happens off the rink and this likely affects performance on the ice. Getz, Perry, Fowler are cornerstones.
    Ducks need better supporting cast especially on D. Hiller hasn’t been the same since dealing with his vertigo, hopefully he can have a bounce back year next season.
    IMO – Bobby Ryan is the best trade asset. Scoring wingers are lot easier to replace, and teams would give up prospects and picks for him. I also like the potential of a Ducks-Buffalo deal.

  24. I would love to see a Miller/Stafford for Hiller/Ryan trade. I think more realistically a Miller/Ennis/Stafford or Roy trade for Hiller/Getzlaf might be doable. What is interesting is with the injuries to Bflo. D, we have had the opportunity to see McNabb, Brennan and Finley play – and we know that it is going to be hard to send McNabb and Brennan back down to Rochester when all our D is healthy again. This makes at least one of our D men expendable. So, if Anaheim is looking to add D, we could add Sekera and/or Gragnani to sweeten the pie. At this point, I think the Sabres are going to have to give up a little more to get the piece we are missing and so we might as welll make the $ work to our favor. We all know that Hecht, Boyce, Gaustad are UFAs next year and Ennis, Kaleta, Brennan and Gragnani are RFAs – so there is some flexibility there. Also, I have heard that Ribero might be available – he is a strong, creative Center (something Bflo needs) and just might be a good fit.

  25. Trade Getzlaf & Fowler to Columbus for Carter, Bassard & 2nd round pick that should work but i dont think Carter would play for a kids Disney team ….The NHL Should of never put a team in orange county thats a joke the Ducks come on …Move them to a real Hockey city like Québec Ontario Hamilton

  26. Kingsfan1980

    The joke is the LA Kings – the toilet bowl of NHL history

    44 years – no cup one Stanley Cup Final ( one Stanley cup final game win )

    Use to be a Kings season ticket holder from Day 1 in 1967.
    What a horrible franchise over the past 44 years

  27. It is idiotic for the Ducks to trade any of their core young players this season beyond Selanne or Visnovsky assuming they are willing to go to a contender for assets. I still think Ryan-Getzlaf-Perry have the potential to be a elite top line in scoring. I assumed Getzlaf/Perry would both be in the top 10 in scoring this year, I still believe this is a down year and they will be their next year. I would stand pat with the core and suck it up this year and let young players develop and get a top pick in the draft.

    If we are discussing unlikely fabricated trades for Getzlaf to the Leafs which I dream of it would have to be insane like:

    Getzlaf = any 3 assets among Kadri/Schenn/Grabovski/Kulemin/Colborne/1st round pick. Remember Mike Richards supposed asking price with Kulemin and Kadri as the opening bid which was never accepted.

  28. Hey Kingsfan……won any cups lately?

  29. Further thinking about it. If they were to trade a core piece ala the big 3 it would have to be for a splash. Like Getzlaf/Perry for another underacheiving forward like Eric Staal. Thats the only way both teams get subjective full value.

  30. All of these trade proposals are pure fantasy. It would be a terrible decision to trade any of the top 3. They’re not replaceable, period. These are the guys you establish as “core” players, and build around them. You don’t get rid of them and start over. Get rid of the other guys, accumulate as many picks/prospects as possible, and make 1 or 2 good, reasonable free agent signings…..Whoever mentioned Getz and Perry getting 7.5 to 8 mil each, ain’t gonna happen. Yes they are worth it, but if they both wanna stay in Anaheim they will likely get mega deals with reasonable cap hits, 7-12 years at around 6 mil average.

    The ONLY way you move one of the big 3 is if you’re getting a Shea Weber type d man in return, which financially makes no sense for Nashville.

    Oh and anyone who comments on these rumors everyday should know by now not to acknowledge Kingsfan’s silly comments. They’re purely FAN crazy and never serious……sorry dude.

  31. Dear Lyle

    Check above, I had the first comment of the day to get the ball rolling. Just wanted to see how much
    stirring of the pot I could cause. Wow, sometimes one comment can get the ball rolling

    Everyone have a great day including Kingsfan 1980

  32. and with Diceman’s comment, that should be the end of this discussion re: Duck’s big 3. Well put.

    so changing topics, can the Jets make the playoffs and should they acquire anyone to improve their chances? I haven’t seen any games in full, is it D or Forward depth that they need?

  33. @alforducks

    You may have a cup but you’ll also have the history of being named after a goofy kids movie coupled with the worst sports logo in this history of sports. How do you promote the NHL to somebody and then have them ask, “don’t you have that Disney Ducks team? Weren’t they named after a kids movie that wasn’t very good?” How do you respond to that? How do you try to get them to take the NHL seriously?

    Seriously, how intimidating is a Duck? In any capacity, referring to something as a duck is a negative connotation. The quarterback threw a duck, lame duck, dead duck. Name me one case where “ducks” refers to something tough.

    I’m with KingsFan1980, the NHL should correct a long-standing mistake and move that Disneyland team north of the border and try to pretend that they never made the mistake of allowing that team in the league.

  34. I wouldn’t touch Carter with a 10 foot pole. His contract $ and term and lousy play have basically made him untradeable. Life in hockey is very different in Ohio eh, Mr. Car-tairrrrrr?

  35. To: JDBIGC

    Tell that to the Oregon Ducks ( as in Rose Bowl)

    and just how intimidating is a Maple Leaf ?

  36. Okay, so smack talk aside, people are forgetting that the reason the trade talk is coming up is because Perry and Getzlaf are Unrestricted Free Agents after next season (2012-2013). If they weren’t, we wouldn’t be talking about this. The same applies to the Parise trade rumors that will run wild until the trade deadline or until he signs and extension.

    the Ducks have a problem with UFAs after this season and next. I think the Ducks need to talk to Perry and Getzlaf and find out if they are all in the same range as far as salary. I could honestly see Getzlaf and Perry taking a hometown discount and staying for like $6.5M each. If either hints that they want max dollars and are willing to test the market then ditch them now or more likely at the draft. Last summer we saw the Flyers trade Carter and Richards. Who saw that one coming?

  37. @Alforducks

    Nice. You threw down on the Leafs. Now you’re going to turn this border skirmish into a full on war. :)

  38. Of course major players are sometimes moved and it’s always possible. But anaheim is not in a desperate situation. They have a lot of salaries coming off the books via trade or expiring contracts. If they want to make sure they keep their big 3 they can and will plan accordingly.

    True, Would I really trade Getz or Perry or Ryan ? No UNLESS someone way over paid for them
    ( no that does not include Derek Roy or a bunch of Maple Leaf 3rd liners) but fact remains getting
    both signed and have money left over for “new” FA’s is going to be a problem.
    The biggest problem Ducks have is Murray trading draft picks and prospects for has-beens and want to be’s and also Murray letting veterans walk away without even getting a draft pick in return.
    Over time that Kills ya
    Have a great day

  40. My God,

    The leafs dont have the assets and cannot trade another first round pick or Burke will be burned in the streets(Would you not take Seguin over Kessel any day of the week the kids at the top of +/- in the NHL).

    Cater is a problem and I think his time in CLB has shown that, they will probably eat that contract and he will finish his career there or in the minors any team that takes him will be shopping him a year later.

    Of the Ducks top 3 to me Perry makes the most sense to trade Getz if he is motivated could make an average winger great.

  41. alforducks

    To add to your point, I don’t think the Ducks are pulling in a huge amount in revenue either. Going from memory, on the Forbes list, they were in the lower half of the teams in the league in revenue. I don’t think they’re poppers, but I don’t think they’re interested in spending up to the cap and I thought I heard that they’re under a self-imposed payroll amount. I believe that was mentioned on Fox Sports West during a Kings and Ducks game.

  42. The Ducks arent gonna be shopping their stars, they bring fans to the buildings. One of the best way to promote hockey in California is have stars play there, someone to bring excitement to the game.

  43. To @alforducks, Guerin’sBackcheck,Diceman

    WOW a lot of duck fans crazy …Hey Diceman How can you take this page seriously half these rumors are made up stories but so entertaining lol…Also one more think DUCKYS,U may have won a cup but you guys will never have the respect of real NHL fans and players like the kings do and if it wasn’t for Greztky and the kings there would be no DUCKS so please respect the LOS ANGELES KINGS ! Cause we will win more cups than you

  44. @Kingsfan1980

    My friends an I refer to the Ducks as the Fducks. The “d” is silent. We actually have many names for the Duckies.

  45. @HOTTWIN

    That’d be the biggest rip off in the history of the NHL….

  46. The problem with even considering trading Getzlaf is that you have to find a team willing to give you fair value, not just the Cap hit. Getzlaf, accused of moments of being overly-relaxed is a true number one centre and big physical one at that. No set of draft picks, and lesser lights that play in another teams 2nd or 3rd line are going to repalce him, long-term or short term.
    You don’t dismantle a team by launching a franchise player unless you find a trading partner who has another top line player they want to launch.
    Has that happend lately? Someone say Mike Richards-Is there a Giroux waiting in the minor for the Ducks?
    No…any way if the clock was turned back to summer and the Ducks wanted to trade Getslaf would any one you REALLY take Mike Richards ?
    There lies the problem.
    Glad to see all the banter here.
    Oh, and the word is most NHLers really don’t like Coery Perry or they way he approaches the ice. Including many teammates. I don’t think that is the case for Getzlaf.
    Imagine him playing with Ric Nash.
    Or as Crosby’s replacemnt in Pittsburgh.
    But we can project and imagine all we want, the Ducks have to either trade a few prospects and NHLers and add to their secondary scoring with a quality forward or two, and have their all around defensive effort take new meaning, or pray that they can strike gold with young farmhand or a draft an anomaly that produces a Skinner-like injection to the roster….

  47. @Murph

    Check out any ranking on farm teams. Ducks are top 10 on any of them.

    Additionally, there’s a difference between the TO situation with Mats, and that with Getz, it’s in the form of the year 2007.

    Time to go back to watching your Leafs hockey and leave NHL talk to the big boys, kkthx.

  48. TO: JDBGiGC
    Fducks it is lol !

  49. Would Murray have the guts to trade Getz,Perry and Ryan to the Leafs for
    any six players from the Maple Leaf and or Marlies roster excluding Phaneuf and Kessel.