NHL Trade Rumors – March 15, 2012.

Should the Maple Leafs trade Phil Kessel this summer? Is Rick Nash finally willing to explain his trade request? Is there a market for Oilers forward Linus Omark?


Should the Leafs trade Kessel this summer?

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox believes the Maple Leafs should shop Phil Kessel this summer, suggesting he’s not the right player around which to build, and it would be best to move his salary both for a solid return and to free up cap space to add depth elsewhere, pointing to the Flyers bold moves last summer of Jeff Carter and Mike Richards.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s an interesting hypothesis, one that more than a few Maple Leafs fans have suggested, but it remains to be seen if Burke feels the same, since moving Kessel would be akin to an admission he was wrong in dealing away two first round picks – one of them which turned into Tyler Seguin – to acquire him. I don’t discount Burke’s ability to surprise, but this wouldn’t just be surprising, it would be shocking.

EDMONTON SUN: Derek van Diest reports Columbus Blue Jackets captain Rick Nash is keeping mum on why he requested a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We won’t find out his reason until after he’s dealt, if that even takes place this summer. The Blue Jackets management has hinted they could retain Nash if they don’t find a suitable offer, but we shouldn’t discount Nash perhaps forcing the issue.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson recently reported ” a well-respected team management type” believes there is a trade market for Edmonton Oilers forward Linus Omark.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We’ll likely find out this summer if that’s the case.


  1. Yeah, a 24-year old who’s scored 30-goals in the past 4 consecutive seasons with linemates like Stajan, Blake, Bozak and Lupul. Unless they could get a package of Rick Nash+, it would be rediculous to move him. Put him witha power forward, possibly one that’s more effective than Lupul, and I have no doubt he can hit the 40-goal marker numerous times. But 40-goals, thats apparently not good enough for the non-playoff Toronto Maple Leafs, right Cox?

  2. With both the Ducks & Leafs missing the playoffs and with the Burke / Carlyle connection, and with Gerzlaf under performing this year, Getzlaf will end up in Toronto playing next to Kessel, the price will be huge but Burke won’t have much of a choice as missing the playoffs again will do nothing but put more pressure on him.

  3. I’m just dying to know why Nash wants out of Columbus. It’s like a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a mystery…

  4. I think Kessel has been the best Maple Leaf. Why would any Leaf fan want to trade a pure goal scorer who are hard to have nowadays?

    Burke needs a goalie, a center, and will have to start making some sharp moves to add the right players to the core.

    Tallon did not make the best moves on paper when it came to trading Horton, Frolik, and Allen. Yet, it opened the door to have the current team that is leading its division and making a serious push for the playoffs.

    You can’t win all trades. You won’t ever get 100% of what you want in a deal, but if you have a plan, or a blueprint as Tallon called it last year, then you make the moves necessary to execute it.

    Did he overpay for UFAs? Yes. So far they are worth every damn penny, though. Burke needs to start swallowing his pride and start making the bold moves.

  5. Not sure what the Leafs would get for Phil. He can score in bunch”s but cant find his own end. Leafs needed to fold the tent at the trade deadline. Traded anybody they could and stock piled pick”s. Then take a run at Suter and Parise.

  6. No we keep Kessel and the goals, we know what we get with him. T Connolly, M Lombardi, C Armstrong, C MacArthur, M Komisarek and D Phaneuf should be the players we look to move. Some have value others not so much. We will have to package with some prospects to get something of value in return. Some bigger body forwards would definatly help. Along with a vetran goaltender to help mentor Reimer again. I thik getting Getzlaf is a pipe dream. We would have a better chance at Stastny. Then BB could try and get Giggy included.

  7. LOL @ GusMacDuff. Yeah it’s a real mystery why anyone would want out of Columbus. Really looking forward to the big revelation.

  8. Give me a break! Trade Phil Kessel? Why not do the sensible thing – find a veteran goalie to backstop the development of the Leafs’ goaltending prospects. Here’s a valuable (but depressing) exercise for Leaf fans – imagine the Leafs’ record with any of the goalies from other Canadian teams in the net. There would be good news and bad news – the Leafs would be in the playoffs and Ron Wilson would still be the head coach.

  9. Nash / Columbus

    Lived in Columbus for awhile, nice city but if working year ends early April just a wee bit too early to play golf. If your going to miss the playoffs better to be in a warm climate where you can start a round of golf next day. If he is single than the chicks are better looking and more of them in the warmer climates, have to have some consolations when missing the playoffs ?

  10. This is rediculous not 3 weeks ago everyone was saying we need ths and that and kessel is an untouchable. Now its we need the same thing and get rid of kessel. Its the same thing when sundin was here you have a piece now get someone to play with him. Don’t trade him away to get that other piece. Its really to bad that kessel and sundin didn’t over lap there time with the leafs just for a year or two. I think that big bodied centre will help take some of the physical play away from kessel.

  11. Should I or Shouldnt I …….If I post to trade Phil Kessel as Ive been doing all year long you guys are going to eat me up as you always do ………BUT …here I go anyways !!!!…LOL

    Like I have said before …I think Kessel is a pure goal scorer and Ive defended Burkes move to acquire him for the HUGE cost he did every day since….. except this year ……As Ive stated before you have to move out some assets before they loose there value and that time is right now !!!!!

    A great player who is ten times better than Kessel is Ovechkin and he cant even get his team past the first round so with the supporting cast Kessel has and the lack of grit and team leadership he has hes pretty much a guy who will get you some points to at least knock on the door of the playoffs but will fade as he has done before and Ive been saying for months now ……he can not play a physical game and is or will be useless in a demanding playoff series or multiple series to even get a chance to win a confrence title ….hes not a playoff player …..thats why Boston sat him against Montreal a few years back and pushed him out the door!

    If you can trade Kessel for multiple players as he should get in return …you do it NOW!!! not in 2 years when hes a UFA and has no or little value.because teams will see hes only a one dimensional player even 2 years from now.

    If you can get a ….1A Goalie….. roster forward player with size and a 1A prospect player with size for Kessel you do it right away to help build a core for the future now!!!!

    If 1 player can help you in three lacking areas you have to do it especially in Goal for the leafs !!!!

    Phoil Kessel can score 50 goals for the next ten years and thats all hes good for and never be a force in the playoffs …..then he may as well score 20 goals every year ……….Id rather have 2 Brad Marchands and Legit #1 Goalie on the Leafs instead of …….1 Phil Kessel …….Sorry guys but his contract is up in 2 years and if he is only a 1 dimesnsional player at that time and the Leafs dont improve in TEAM play ….they are screwed and will never get value in return ….Like other top players are getting that are older than him now !!!!!!

    On Nash notes ….

    Nash will be dealt and Howson will have to get back to reality in his asking price ….or he wont be able to rebuild the team with the assets he could get from a Nash trade …..so in order for him to rebuild he needs those players from the Nash trade to move forward …..so it should be done !

    Linus Omark

    Omark has to clean up his terrible attitude if he is to have any impact on a team ….he is an individual who is gifted but plays an individual game in a team sport …….hes only hurting himself and his projected salary if he were to play a team role ……he can get away with his type of play on such teams as

    NY Islanders
    New Jersey

    …..IMO , flash in the pan !!!

  12. The Leafs need to increase their talent at each position, not decrease it. trading Kessel (and the return will not be a better player, but a bunch of parts) only amplifies their problem and makes them weaker at the #1 RW spot.

    i agree with allforducks, unfortunatley. I hate to say it, but Getzlaf is likely going to be moved. Anaheim is a team that needs more depth for next season since they will likely lose Selanne, and Koivu is too old to contribute going forward. I can see Getzlaf in Toronto, but as allforducks mentioned, the price will be very very very high. It will cost Burke a lot of his depth and high end prospects.

    Best case for the Leafs is that they drop in the standings so their #1 pick has max value.

    Bozak, Kulemin, Franson, Kadri, #1 pick is the price for Getzlaf in my opinion.
    3 young roster players, 1 prospect, 1 high pick. Anaheim gets the 2nd line they need and a defenseman.

    Id much rather pay that price for Getzlaf than Nash.

  13. @Sean I don’t think anyone is saying Kessel isn’t a very good player. Probably a top ten pure scorer in the league. He certainly is not going to get you Rick Nash, let alone Rick Nash +. The point being made, which Chris has reiterated as well, is that he is one-dimensional like Ovechkin and is more of a complementary player than a leader. Not saying I agree or disagree, but I get the argument for sure. Still, like Lyle I would be shocked if he was traded.

    As for Nash. I may be in the minority here, but I think Howson gets exactly what he was asking for (perhaps adds a pick or player with Nash). If San Jose misses playoffs or loses in the first round, or if the Rangers lose in the first or 2nd round, I wouldn’t at all be surprised for them to up their offer and give Howson what he wanted all along. In addition I think it’s possible for Nash to expand his list even tho he says he won’t, to a few other teams who are maybe not contending, but not far off either. I think the deal may not happen until Parise signs since teams would likely prefer to sign Parise and not lose anyone on their roster then decimate their roster for Nash.

  14. @Chris – Do you not remember Kessel in the playoffs with Boston against Montreal? He ate them up.

    My first post, couldn’t let that one slide.

  15. I’m not sure why everyone things Getzlaf will be traded. The only reason there was talk to begin with was because of the incredibly disappointing start to their yea, and even then it was Ryan on the outs and not Getzlafr. Once they began playing better they had no interest in trading their stars. Not sure why they would change that feeling now, since the second half of their year has been pretty good all things considered.

    IF they decided to trade Getz, they should be asking for the same, if not more than what Howson is seeking for Nash. I think Nash is amazing, but I’d take Getzlaf on my team first in a heartbeat.

  16. @Nikk

    See this what I dont understand here …???????

    People are willing to trade 3- 4 players for one guy when the Leafs can get 3 HIGH QUALITY players back and adress major holes for there 1 guy and not have to give up future assests to do it an build with more not less ….if you can add multiple quality players for only having to give up 1 player …you seriously have to look at that ….and by what everyone is saying here KESSEL IS AWESOME !!!!!!!!!?????????…………so in that he should give Leafs multiple high quality players back and then keep guys like Franson Bozak and Kadri who will be more beneficial at each of there postions as they move forward ……..

    what Iam trying to say if you have an asset that can get you MORE assets back which Kessel can………….. its better to give up 1 peice for multipole pieces back than quality pieces out for 1 player when you have to rebuild the core of the team to surround other players with .

    the Leafs are desperate for quality throughout the line up and the only way to do that is by trading your best asset for multiple proven assets ….including a new #1 goalie in that deal !!!

    Kadri will score just as many goals as Kessel mark my words……….
    Bozak is all ready at a carerr high
    Franson should be on the Power play with his killer shot and will produce great numbers …..

    All that plus what you can get for kessel and yopu will hit 100 or more goals combined and improve at multiple positions where they are lacking and d better in the long term ………

  17. NikK
    Sorry, wouldn’t take any of those table scraps for Getzlaf. Thinking more along the line of Leafs #1,
    Colburne and Schenn. ( I’d ask for Frattin but settle for Colburne). I’d then move Lydman and try and find a play making center. I see next year’s top 9 forwarders on Ducks ( right now as)
    Ryan / Getzlaf / Perry
    Smith-Pelly / Cogliano / Palmieri
    Koivu on the 3rd line and ?????????

    A lot of holes and green
    Etem and Holland – Maybe but thinks it’s too early

  18. @allforducks

    I’d much rather have Schenn and Colborne (much rather have Frattin), but I don’t see the Leafs trading Schenn. he is the exact kind of guy that Carlisle will want to keep around. But,to get Getzlaf you have to give something up.
    On another note: I wonder if the Kings might actually look to move Kopitar and rebuild around Richards/Carter…. if they miss the playoffs there re going to be some major changes.

  19. I dont think the Ducks should trade any of the top players as each one of them are very rare to find and are not replacable …..this year is an Anomoli for sure …they just need to be patient for next year allow some of the youth to catch up look for a defenseman and another character guy to fill in for Selanne if he retires and I feel as if the back end stretch will follow into next season as they have learned there lesson not to be prepared !

    They are like the Leafs in the bottom 2 lines they need grit good skaters and bangers to wear down teams and allow for the top two lines to have some room to produce ……it may be time for them to cut bait with some older guys and get some younger talent that they have or can sign to move in ……they should be ok next year if they keep the 1st line intact !!!!

  20. @ Chris

    I normally don’t post about other people post but yours are dumb. Same as the Emery one, and why no GM would take him on. He was never suppose to play hockey again. He’ll never be a world class goalie or was he ever but he’s more then capable goalie.

    so your putting Kadri in a class with ;

    Jarome Iginla
    Evgeni Malkin
    Sidney Crosby
    Corey Perry
    And a handful of others?

    Because for scoring goals this is the group that Kessel is in.

    Kessel has scored 162 goals and is only 24
    Kadri has scored 7 goals and is 21

    Phil Kessel scored more than that 6 years ago.
    I can see him passing Kessel for sure. He’s only 155 goals behind.

    And Kessel was the reason the Bruins beat Montreal the year he came back from cancer.

    If Kessel was playing in a small market town everyone would raving about him. He’s a pure goal scorer and he’s not the only one in the league, but he’s under the mircoscope. He has noone to feed him the puck.

    There were years where Gretzky was a minus player and putting up over 100 points a year. So he must have been a terrible one way player. Should have traded him to get 3, 15 goal scorers.

    And I was a JR goalie and the fact you would post that on a forums and use it as ammo to make seem like you know what your talking about makes me think you never were. Or just rode the pine alot.

  21. I don’t think Kessel will get you multiple quality players in return. This is just my opinion of course, but he won’t get quite as much as Rick Nash. For Kessel, I’d expect to get one quality forward, a starting goalie, and a top ten draft pick. Can’t imagine anyone given up much more.

    It’s so funny to me how some leafs fans see Kadri and Schenn as future elite superstars, and many others think Kadri will never be an NHL player, or if he is he’ll be a career 3rd liner, while Schenn is slow and turns the puck over and is a bottom pair d man at best. Makes me wonder what other GMs around the league think of those guys.

    One thing I’ll say about that is if fans are constantly proposing trades involving the same couple of guys, they’re probably not that desirable to other teams in all likelihood, hence peoples constant suggestion of trading them.

  22. NikK
    Kopitar is very talented but his style is like Kessel’s, and in my 2 cent opinion you need a blend.
    Kessel is fine but he is a perimeter shooter, to balance that line they need grit, a Hartnell / Holstrom type
    who can play it rough in front of the net, a Mr. Inside and a Mr. outside on the same line.

  23. I have always thought Kessel was one of the best “pure” goal scores in hockey today and still maintain that opinion and to get rid of him could be a big mistake but with Carlyle demanding defensive accountability from all his players Kessel may not fit into the Leafs future plans. If by some miracle he could learn to backcheck even a little bit he could help out defensively but if that doesn’t happen there are quite a few teams out there who would take him in a heart beat and give up a player(s) and draft picks to get him.
    Personally I would move him ASAP. I would also move Ron Wilson’s boy Phaneuf as well. He is not the best person to lead or captain the Leafs and it would be a huge blow to his sensitive ego to have the captain’s C removed from his jersey. There are a few teams who would trade for him and his big, booming but mostly inaccurate shot.
    Imagine how better the team could look without the “pylon on defense” Phanuef for players to go around and a hard, gritty thirty goal scorer in place of the softie, Kessel.
    I still say that there is nothing wrong with the Leafs netminding. Ron Wilson blamed all the teams woes on the goalies when in fact they were seeing too many shots each game and the majority of those shots were from great scoring positions instead of from the outside where they should have come from.
    Goalies are a differnt breed and you need to build their confidence levels rather than rip them apart every chance you get.

  24. Shocking Chris post that makes no sense.

    Anyway there is ZERO reason to move Phil Kessel. Every team in the league has a terrible player who happens to be 2nd in goals and could reach 40 and also 5th overall in the scoring race. Also Kessel in his one and only playoff appearance was a force and also proved earlier this year he has the potential to play both ends when he gets skating like he was in the first 10 games of the season.

    #1 – Wilson played a run & gun game that didn’t promote Kessel to play in his own end.
    #2 – Kessel is only 24 years old and still has time to develop and learn. Look how long players like Hossa, Kovalchuk, and Ovechkin took to start playing solid two way hockey (not just hitting).
    #3 – You trade Kessel for assets and then you are going to be looking to trade assets to gain a 40 goal scorer. We HAVE assets to address our needs.

    1st – We don’t need to trade for a big goalie, we need a mentor goalie before giving up on our own prospects as we have a lot of high rated goalie prospects who just need to learn.

    2nd – We have a high draft pick his year, likley to be Top 3 at this pace. You can likely address, goalie, center or powerforward with that pick OR you can trade that pick to obtain assets as well.

    3rd – We have some highly rated prospects in our system that can be used as fodder and Burke has proven he can pull some real fleece trades.

    I think Toronto stays the course and that Toronto fans just be patient and wait because this team is going to right itself with time.

    I’d be shocked if there wasn’t a market for Omark, always someone willing to take a chance on a prospect that wasn’t 100% panning out. CBS should choose between moving the 1st OA or Nash, but make sure they don’t move both!

  25. One thing that should be addressed in the new CBA , in my opinion , has to do with no trade clauses.
    I think that if a player has a NTC , but then demands a trade , like Heatley and Nash for example , that they in turn nullify there clause. How can a team commit big salaries to a player , garner them with a NtC and then have the player demand to be moved , but only to where they deem fit . It handcuffs the team , and is not justifiable to the team or its fans.
    Quite simply , demand a trade while under contract , and your clause is gone and the team can trade you anywhere.
    Just my opinion , slap these babies in the face and wake them up to reality.

  26. IF the Leafs do trade Kessel.. they won’t be getting the return that they paid for him.. But he might be used in a deal for Nash — but it would also have to include probably Gardiner or another good young D from the Leafs + their 1st round pick this season and a prospect.

    The Jackets are seeking a king’s ransom for Nash.

    If Toronto were to get him.. they still have the problem of no true #1 centre.. would they be that much further ahead?

  27. Because Damien Cox (the worst hockey “analyst”) says that Kessel should be traded Chris thinks he is right!

    The reality of the Leafs is very simple. They just need to add a couple pieces to the puzzle. They do not need to go into a full re-build mode. Since Burke has taken over, he has brought this franchise in a positive direction (minus giving Wilson a contract ext and firing him a couple months later). but there are so many possibilities for the Leafs to simply add a couple forwards and a bonafied # 1 goalie and the Leafs instantly become a valid playoff threat.

    Anyone who says Kessel will choke in the playoffs…well The Leafs need to make the playoffs in order for anyone to reach that conclusion. Although, in the two years he has played in the playoffs he has averaged a point per game (11 games, 11 points). Not bad if you ask me!!

    Random question about Radulov…If his contract expires on April 30th 2012, and there is potential his KHL team will not release him until then, due to lack of transfer agreement, can he not just abandon that contract and come to Nashville at no penalty?

  28. On Omark…
    He has the potential to be a solid 2nd liner, something the Oil just doesn’t need. If they’re able to swap him to a team for a puck moving d-man I would say they take it.

    just for fun

    Omark for Gudbranson?

  29. @Chris
    You know I usually agree with you buddy.
    How would you like to see Getlaf between Nash and Lupul on our top line? I’d say Kessel and this years first rounder shoud get you pretty close to acheiving that goal plus a few spare parts. We still need a top notch goaltender. Gustasson will be gone in the off season and Reimer hasn’t proven he is anything better then a carear back up at this point. I’d take a run at Kipper if he’s available. He’s getting old which should make him more reasonably priced.

  30. Under Carlyles new defensive systems goals will be much harder to come by so I’d take 9 guys that can score 15 to 20 goals and a a few guy that can score 10 to end up with a much more balanced attack from all 4 lines including the defense. St. Louis and Detroit have proven this is the way to succeed by playing a defensive game with 4 lines and a defensive core that can all be a threat. The Leafs won’t succeed just because Kessel scores 40 goals. I agree with Chris if you can get some great pieces back in return for Kessel then you trade him while his stock is high. It won’t get much higher as Kessel gets older and as his smallish stature gets bashed around on this Leaf team with no top line center and no one to protect him.

  31. 36crazyfists – I agree with you about the Leafs’ current situation. Aside from overpaying for marginal-at-best UFA’s, the team was going in a good direction. Everybody knew this would be Wilson’s final season if he missed the playoffs, the one year extension was basically severance pay from his good buddy Burke.

    Gudbranson is going nowhere, the Panthers are extremely high on him (they did draft him 3rd after all) and hope to have him in the big lineup next season. He has all the makings of a future elite defenseman, so what has he done to deserve being traded for a guy who might turn out to be an above average 2nd line scorer? Florida has a good crop of young, up-and-coming talent with good character in Bjugstad and Howden, I doubt they’d be very interested in Omark and I HIGHLY doubt Omark fetches much return in a trade at this point. “Project” players can usually garner a mid-round pick (2nd rounder at best) and that’s about it. A hope and a prayer. A more believable return, in my opinion, would be a guy like Alec Martinez from LA, Yannick Weber from MTL or maybe even Chris Tanev from VAN, but that would be a best-case scenario for Edmonton.

  32. @ chris – to think that kessel is worth what you are asking for is silly at best, yes you could get equal value for him but you can not get 3 high quality players for him, a gm will be fired for making that deal. so far he has only one good season with he leafs. lets be real when making trade scenarios

  33. Lyle,

    You’re absolutely right no Nash. If Columbus was smart, they told Nash to keep his mouth shut. Nothing either he or the team could say would improve his trade value no matter what the reasoning was. If he says he wants to play for a cup contender, that cuts about half of the league out of the picture, if he says he wants to be in a major hockey market that removes well over half the league from consideration. At this point Columbus wants more bidders not less.

    And for those who say that Nash holds all the cards, I would suggest otherwise. Columbus still has his signature on the dotted line, so Nash doesn’t go anywhere unless Columbus gets the right deal. What options does Nash have? Sit out a season? Dog it? Sitting out didn’t work so well for Yashin, and Nash seems like a guy with too much class to dog it. Besides, if he dogs it then character issues will start to arise with Nash.

  34. @ Thewes
    Good insight on Gudbranson, I didn’t see it from that perspective but makes perfect sense

  35. @ Beer Goggles
    Kipper is going to Philly remember?

  36. @36 – Don’t forget about J-Bo as well.

  37. Alforducks…For starters Kopitar is NOTHING like Kessel at all. Kopi is a playmaker who can snipe and is one of the better two way centerman in the league. Last year before he got hurt he was being considered for the Selke. Kessel can do one thing and that is score, nothing else. Kings will NOT be trading their leading scorer, that I can guarantee. I do agree with you on the Getzlaf trade though, there is no way the Ducks trade him to the Leafs for those “table scraps” as NikK suggested.

  38. It’s interesting how I always see Kessel referred to as a 40 goal scorer. He may get there this season but likely won’t. As for trading him it all depends on what you get for him and whether or not anyone can be fooled into taking guys like Phaneuf, Connolly or Komisarek. But the reality is you still need to sign 6 guys with 6 or 7 million cap space and you need some quality d-men, a top centre and a no 1 goalie. I’m afraid Leafs fans are gonna have another long year next season.

  39. Guys ……Guys…… Guys….where do I start ???????

    Like I said…… I like Kessel ( pure goal scorer ) ….I just think its time to get the return to move this team forward hes a UFA in 2 years and this team is not even close to competing next year …. …what are you going to do with him in 2 years …..sign him to $7 million which at 27 years old is most likely what he will ask for as a consistant 30 plus goal scorer.
    Leafs cant do that so cut it short now and get a return before he jumps ship as a UFA and does nothing for this club in the short term.

    For the rest of things………….

    1) KESSEL …is absolutely worth 3 players in a deal hes a 3 time 30 plus goal scorer at 24 years of age and is top 10 point getter in the League 2011 -2012 ……on a crap team ….hes worth it!

    2) GUDBRANSON goes no where …this kid is AWESOME …will rival Erik Carlson every year for the next 5 years as best Defensman in the league……Florida has the best young team in the NHL by far hands down!

    3) OMARK is a 3rd liner at best great talent but no work ethic …and maybe uncoachable will never buy into a system ….hes good for shoot outs …….Edmonton could have included this kid in the team progressing around awesome talent and choose not to ….theres a reason for that ….hes not TEAM FRIENDLY!!!!

    4) NASH ……tough one ……….if things are as bad as his post trade deadline press confrence revealed ….id say its 50/50 for him sitting out …..but id side on him being a classy guy too especially for the CBJ team and fans!

    5) KOPITAR ….KINGs would be nuts to trade Kopitar….in last years All Star game he was one of the players that all the other players could not believe was that good when around him for a couple of days!!!! Brown out first……. maybe Lombardi fired too if they dont make the playoffs!

    6) DUCKS …should not trade Getzlaf or anyone on that top line …they will bring there best next year and have a huge year to put all that crap to rest !!!


    Captain Ahab …..about Phaneuf and Kessel ..time to move on !!
    Beer Googles……mostly about everything !!…I dont know him…… I swear !! Kipper is the best goalie in NHL
    Thewes …………..about Gudbranson …elite D man !
    Mong1732 ………about the no trade clause in the CBA ……good post !

    JJB…….And my best buddy ….JJB ….your all right ….you have an opinion …. good for you to have one !!!!!!
    Hope you dont own a Kessel jersey!!…..If you do hopefuly he goes to Vancouver where you will onlly have to change a couple of letters at the end!!!


  40. The only thing the Leafs could offer to the Flames for Kipper in the off season would be their next three first round draft picks and thats not going to happen so dream on Leafs fans. JBo / Stajan / Sarich will probably be the only Flames dealt this summer.

    As for the those suggesting trading Kessel, I’m not sold on it. As much as i think Kessel is soft / streaky and not a leader..he can still score goals. Every team in the NHL wants a couple guys who will pot close too or more than 35 Goals a season…Kessel does this despite all his flaws. I would move Kadri / Schenn / MacCarthy / Lupal / Reimer / Gustassen before Kessel. All of these players could help get you pieces to the puzzle which is missing in Toronto. The other would be to get rid of Burke, he won’t make the big splash with UFA’s or RFA’s with large / long contracts…either way good luck Leafs fans.

    Lastly, anyone who listens Damon cox should give their head a shake, he’s just as bad as Eklund!

  41. To say Kessel is worth 3 high quality roster players is a little absurd to me. Howson isn’t asking that for Nash. But it’s also very vague, what types of players are those 3 “high quality players”. IF Kessel was traded, no player coming back would be as good as him. That’s jus the way those deals work (unless it’s a 1 for 1 “hockey trade”).

    Agreed with Canadian King that Kopitar is nothing like Kessel at all. I really don’t get the comparison. Beyond the obvious of playing different positions, Kopitar is a 2 way player like you said. He’s big, physical, drives to the net, can pass, shoot, play power play, kill penalties, simply he can do it all. Kessel can shoot. He’s a very good player, but if he’s traded it’s either a heatley for havlat type deal, or he’s traded for young roster player, top prospect, and pick. Still, as much fun as it is to declare everyone else’s trade proposals moronic and make my own that may or may not be just as bad, he ain’t goin anywhere at the end of the day.

  42. @ Clarke

    Just say’n Kipper is 35yrs old with two years left until UFA status. I don’t think it would take 3 first rounders to pry him out of Calgary who are in desperate need of a rebuild. They can’t wollow in and out of the 8th place spot for the next 10 years. Calgary needs to start accumulating prospects for the day when Kipper and Iginla are gone.

  43. Since nobody can agree on Kessel’s or Nash’s value why not just trade them straight up for each other?

  44. Everyone debating this Kessel thing needs to remember that Toronto’s top line includes Lupul and Kessel. They have both been in the top 5 scoring in the entire league this season. They did that with Tyler Bozak. Realistically, are they going to score any more goals with a bigger tougher centre? Perhaps. But if all you have is one line, any team can beat you because none of them can play for 60 minutes of ice time. The Leafs need to focus on the other 3 lines of their team. Add some size and grit there.. Nice that Grabo has shown up again. McCarthur is so so. Kulemin is explainable but unexplainable at the same time. If you are going to add a power forward or bg centre, fine, add away. But do not take away the only offense the team has had all year to do it.

    If Kessel does get traded, they had better be replacing all his points, speed and a whole lot more.

  45. @ Beer Goggles

    Trading Kipper may bring back quantity in numbers but more than likely wont bring back QUALITY.

    The teams like Boston / Philly / New Jersey / Washington / Pittsburgh / Detroit / Chicago / Tampa Bay who have a lot of star power out front, have somewhat questionable goaltending on most nights (maybe not Pittsburgh) but their players in front are the ones who win them 95% of there games. These teams would grab Kipper in a blink of an eye, however what do they give up in return…Current roster players which wont happen because those 2nd 3rd or 4th liners are the core of any good team), a prospect that has spent two + years in the farm system not really worth it. The really only value maybe the three first rounders from that team, why, because those picks will range from 25-30 overall, and those players selected would really not have a chance at helping those clubs anytime soon. That player may crack the lineup in Calgary in 2-3 yrs and because of Calgary trading Kipper, the Flames would have a top 5 pick of their own the next three-four years running because of their horrible record without him. Kipper on any of those teams you could argue would be the Cup favorites for years to come.

    It’s a lot to give up but if your a team that knows they need to go after the cup right away because in two-three years they wont be able to retain most of their star talent due to UFA’s and salary caps you may see it happen. In short, Kippers NOT going anywhere because out of the list of 8 teams only three of them are actually in that position but there cap tight in taking on his salary. Keep in mind even at 35 he still is top three in the league and has won more games than any other goalie since the lockout playing for those 8-11 place Flames. Put him on a team like Detroit, Boston , Philly, Chicago, Tampa, New Jersey, Pittsburgh and Washington, those teams would be pretty much unbeatable and Kipper stats would be off the charts.

    JBO / Stajan / Sarich are available though :)

  46. The leafs are not getting Nash getzlaf or kipper. Keep dreaming laffs. Lately I’m not sure why I even bother reading these retarded leaf fan dreams. Who the effing hell are you going to trade for all those guys? I mean seriously! Pull your heads out of the sand. Look at what sorts of trades are made and then think of a trade scenario.

    Here’s one.

    Maybe Crosby stays healthy and shines, the pens win the cup, Malkin wants his own team.

    To pitts:
    Clb 1st
    LA’s 1st

    To columbus:

    Columbus gets a major franchise player and Pitts gets a winger for stall or Crosby.

  47. @ JJB – Great Post.

    I watched the game tonight, and while I know the Leafs have Tampa’s number, they actually looked better. I know, one game. But its the same guys that were in the playoffs 3 weeks ago.Yeah if Roloson had started the game it might be different. But they crashed the net, fore checked, blocked shots, finished checks, and held Tampa to the perimeter for the most part, and Reimer played like the Reimer we needed. The leagues first 50 goal scorer this year was held pointless. Nice.

    I agree 100% with what you said, and it may take a bit more time to solve all their woes. They may have to ride the 2 goalies they have due to availability of others and pickup some big skilled wingers instead. They will have a hard time addressing everything they need right now, but I still believe they are on the right path.