NHL Trade Rumors – November 2, 2011.

The latest on Kyle Turris, the Maple Leafs, the Predators “big three”, the Bruins, Oilers and Jets.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports a source claims the Calgary Flames have kept weekly tabs on the Kyle Turris contract holdout with the Phoenix Coyotes, holding numerous discussions with the Coyotes and the Turris camp. The Coyotes remain adamant Turris isn’t available, but if their standing changes, the Flames would be very interested, as they see Turris as a potential number one center. The Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs also reportedly made inquiries about Turris, though the Leafs interest apparently isn’t as strong as the Senators…The Maple Leafs continue to get inquiries from other teams, including the NY Rangers. Defenseman Cody Franson is believed available, but with the Leafs off to a strong start, a source claimed their front office is trying to decide if it’s best to make a deal now or hold off until perhaps later in the season…Nashville Predators GM David Poile recently spoke with agent Jay Grossman, who represents goalie Pekka Rinne, while Neil Sheehy, who represent Ryan Suter, will meet with Poile in two weeks time to resume contract talks. Both are UFAs next summer. As for Shea Weber, one of his agents said there’s been no substantive contract talks since last summer’s arbitration hearing. LeBruns speculates Weber may be waiting to see what happens with Rinne and Suter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames are taking a chance if they’re expecting Turris to have first line center potential. Yes, he has that potential, but he hasn’t displayed so far. Have to wonder if Rene Bourque might’ve been dangled as trade bait? I realize some folks believe the Coyotes will eventually crack and trade Turris before December 1st, but unless a rival club is willing to grossly overpay, I see Coyotes GM Don Maloney digging in his heels on this, especially if his team is playing well by that point…I daresay Leafs GM Brian Burke isn’t in any rush to make a move right now. His team is off to its best start in years, so why mess with a good thing?…I believe the status of Rinne and Suter will have an impact upon Weber’s future with the Predators.

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont doubts the Bruins would find an impact player in the trade market for another 45-60 days, by which time it would be too late to help them if they’re still wallowing in sub-.500 territory. He noted the Columbus Blue Jackets, the only team in truly dire straits right now, have an impact player in Rick Nash, but Dupont doubts they’ll move him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins have the talent to pull out of their current funk, but if it continues much longer, I still think Chiarelli will closely monitor the trade market to see if anything could pop up to help his team. I agree about Nash, the Blue Jackets won’t move him unless he demands to be dealt, and he hasn’t done that, nor do I expect him to do so.


Does Omark have much trade value?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Bruce McCurdy noted the Oilers have demoted winger Linus Omark to their farm club, and ponders how much trade value he, Sam Gagner and Ales Hemsky might have.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers aren’t in any hurry to move anyone right now, but if they do make a move, I agree with McCurdy that Gagner likely carries the highest value.

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe reports Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff has no plans to make a blockbuster move to shake up his currently struggling club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nor should he. Yes, the Jets are 4-6-1, but that’s not too bad to start the season, and it’s far too early to start shaking things up. I wouldn’t rule out his making a deal or two later in the season, depending on where his team is in the standings, but he’s likely to give his current roster all the time they need to gel.


  1. The Leafs are in desperate need of a 3rd line that hits and is still a threat to score. Right now no one hits on Kessel or Grabo’s line (with the odd exception of MacA or Lupul bumping someone here and there). The Leafs are to soft up front and won’t do well late in the season or the playoffs if this continues (the defence is fine). Bozak and Lombardi (and now Crabb) floating around taking some shots, and not hitting anyone just adds a third line that doesn’t take the body and is easy to play against. The Wings always had hard playing, hitting scoring 3rd liners to compliment their top two lines. Armstong is that guy but the Leafs are without a good hitting, scoring center for the 3rd line. I know this sounds petty but all the great teams are balanced so why do we need another mediocre top 6 forward? I don’t see what Turris will add to the mix and we certainly don’t need him on the third line.

  2. The Bruins don’t need to make any moves trade wise just sit Corvo, and play Kampfer
    Maybe have a surprise visit from Reechi at practice to talk with the younger guys ie Marchand, Seguin and such to refocus their heads

  3. I hope Don Maloney sticks to his guns and doesn’t trade this kid. Turris hasn’t earned the right to call the shots and can sit for the year to maybe realize that.

    Ya it’s Phoenix and the crowds are small, ownership is in question etc but seriously, I’m sure everyone who reads this site would be jumping at the chance to play hockey for a living bringing home millions a year.

    Let him rot.

  4. Doh.. should be HABS_FTW

  5. There is no question the Leafs are in the market for just that type of player…problem id so is everyone…i beleive Kadri will be moved with a dman and pick for that impact hard hitting forward..but i don’t feel it will be your typical 3rd liner. A Shane doan type is about all this team needs to seriously compete with the top teams. Morrow has been mentioned, but Burke may attempt another blockbuster…can u say Rick Nash???…Kadri,Schenn, MacArthur and a pick might make CLB consider it….Nash can’t be happy with the debacle and though he would never ask for a trade…don’t rule it out with Burkie. With Colborne coming along it will be an impact, aggresive winger that gets targeted. Bobby Ryan could be on the radar as well. Not physical but a Burke draftee….great to dream.

  6. Last night on TSN during the Flames-Canucks game, Bob McKenzie elaborated on Maloney’s stance re: Turris, suggesting that Maloney is willing to trade Turris if he signs with the Coyotes FIRST. The panel suggested that one of the teams rumored to be interested in Turris will eventually offer a deal Maloney can’t refuse. Teams they discussed as potential destinations included the Flames, Leafs, Islanders and 3 others I can’t recall, including a third Canadian club.

    And Leaf fans…… you are NOT getting Rick Nash.

  7. Leafs don’t need Turris!

  8. The Leafs definatley dont need Turris seeing how Kadri is a far better prospect at this point.
    And they are not getting Rick Nash, who I maintain (along with Jeff Carter, ironically) are among the most overrated players in the league.

    My Ducks are absolutely not trading Bobby Ryan. They already will need secondary scoring next season (minus Selanne and possibly Koivu).

  9. I would deal malkin for nash this summer. Pens have a logjam at center and Jordan Staal just can’t stay on the 3rd line anymore. Malkin has game changing skill, a Stanley cup ring on his hand, plus conn smythe and art ross awards in the trophy case. Rick Nash is the winger Sid has always dreamed of having and he would really do damage here, plus it would look good when Sid has to sign that new contract that the pens are serious about keeping him happy. Doesn’t need to happen but I think malkin won’t want to ride as second in command forever.

  10. I have to beleaf Burke will dangle anyone of Colburne, Kadri, Franson, or this years first rounder to get what he wants. I’m just not sure if he knows what he wants at this point considering the team has little to none of what he said he wanted.

    “We require, as a team, proper levels of pugnacity, testosterone, truculence and belligerence. That’s how our teams play,” said Burke

    That statement does not define the Kessel, Grabo or Bozak/ Lombardi lines. I rarely see them ever hit anyone and this will come back to haunt this team when the going gets tough. All we have to offer on this front are two useless fighters that never play, Brown who rarely plays, an often injured Armstrong, Phaneuf, and Komiserik who usually takes 5 bad penalties for every decent hit he throws out. Even Scheen has stopped punishing people this year.

    Turris adds no value to this club. Nash or Ryan would be dreamy but doubt that would ever happen and I can’t see Morrow going any where based on Dallas’s start.

  11. Jude
    The dream of Bobby Ryan to Leafs makes sense to Leafs but not to Ducks. Betting that Ryan will be gone
    by trading deal line. Ducks are one trick pony, If the big line scores they are ok, if not they lose. They will be even more desperate next year with Blake, Koivu and Selanne all gone and will have to build a 2nd and 3rd line. Don’t see Ducks making playoffs and hopefully Murray makes some huge trades at deadline to bring in lots of young players / draft choices. Pinning your hopes on one line just doesn’t work.

  12. I agree, the leafs dont need Turris. I believe they would have traded Franson already in a package for that top player but they may be hesitant because the player to replace him, Aulie, is not really playing all that great and the other d-man who could step in in a pinch, Lashoff, just got hurt. Also, as was mentioned, Burke is not in any hurry to make a move when his team is playing well. I think he should pull the trigger as soon as possible because the situation may change very quickly, ie: teams making other moves with other teams to shore up their d situations. A lot of teams are searching the minors, looking at unsigned players, checking out europe, picking up waiver wire players, etc.. It could suddenly be a “you snooze, you lose situation”. Its to bad Franson hasnt played all that well because if he had the leafs could try to get rid of Komisarek. I also believe Nash would be a great addition but that will happen the day Crosby asks for a trade out of Pittsburgh.

  13. I can appreciate Maloney’s stance. He doesn’t want to get pushed around by some kid that really hasn’t done anything and he doesn’t want this to become an example for others. A big part of me says, “let the kid sit out the whole season. that would teach him. that would teach all of them.” but is that really a good business practice. That is what each team in the NHL is, a business. And Maloney’s job is to ice the the best team possible each night to give his team the best chance to win each night. By making a stand with Turris he’s not doing that, and I question how valuable that stance will be in the long run either. Will making a stand today make tomorrow better? I don’t think that is as much the case as we’d all like to believe.

    The smart business move would be to trade him now while all this media attention has driven up his value (if it’s to be believed that some teams still see him as a future first line center) and before his reputation gets any more tarnished and while he still has the “with potential” label associated with him.

    Maloney is not doing himself, the Coyotes, or the fans any favors by not being more open to the idea of a trade. He certainly shouldn’t give Turris away but he should be aggressively listening to offers.

  14. Bickleton, I’m with you on this one. Don’t give him away but move him if you can.

  15. “The Leafs are off to the best start in years so why mess up a good thing?”

    That is a common interpretation of the situation. No doubt, you don’t want to screw around with the chemistry when the team is playing well. On the other hand, they are not going to play close to .700 hockey all season long, and the time to trade is when you’re winning. The reasoning is that you want to deal from a position of strength. When you lose a few games and get desperate to make a deal you are dealing out of desperation, and out of weakness. When you’re winning, all of your average players’ value goes up because they are contributing as part of a cohesive group.

    Trading while you’re hot is the best route, you can identify area’s of weakness that have not been exploited yet, but might prove to be problematic as the long season drags on, and utilize your position of strength to pre-emptively address those area’s while you’re players trade value is at a high.

  16. The Sens interest in Turris makes more sense to me. Need is for a second line centre more than a first, and they have some time to allow for development. A deal could depend on Peter Regin’s ability to get healthy, though.

  17. Just to add what mojo19 said, you also have to keep in mind that most of the players that would be traded either aren’t contributing much, won’t be missed by the Leafs or aren’t playing all that much (See Franson, Komisarek). I also agree that for the right deal Burke should be willing to include anybody, I wouldn’t say the Leafs have any untouchables on the roster.

  18. I dunno…if Kessel remains at the top of the league in scoring, I don’t think he’ll be going anywhere…

  19. With both scoring lines contributing there is no need at this point to mess around with new guys.
    Burke has been tinkering with the bottom 6, and connoly looks like exactly what the doctor ordered for kessel and lupul.

  20. I don’t think I’d be too worried about the Leafs. The top line is on fire right now and Lupul brings just enough physical game to work, Grabo/Mac are playing well and Kulemin is a big body there. With the way little Joe is tearing up the AHL and his size I could see a Lombardi – Cobourne – Armstrong line in the future and that would be a pretty scary one. With Bozak – Steckel – Brown/Crabb pulling up the back end. Honestly I am really impressed with the Leafs, I doubt they maintain this all year but I think they have enough forward and defensive depth to be sustainable and make a shot at the playoffs.

    My question mark personally comes in net. Hopefully Reims returns and plays well and while Gust has had flashes of brilliance he has also had flashes of just being terrible. I also hope we hold Franson and let himself play into the line up. Aulie, Gustavsson, Kadri are IMO the big dangling chips for the Leafs right now and that main concern should be to grab a vet goaltender to mentor Reims/Scrivvy.

  21. I’m sorry, how many teams have a top line that is ‘hard hitting’? Vancouver? San Jose? Detroit? Pittsburgh? Dallas? Washington? Please someone explain to me where these hard hitting first liners are apart from Philadelphia and Boston, and even that is debatable. Boston didn’t win because they were hard hitting; they won because of Tim Thomas. Pittsburgh and Detroit aren’t good because they have a bunch of grinders; they win all the time because they have so much skill compared to other teams. Agreed that they need a big, scoring winger, but they would have to move someone for that. Who? MacArthur or Kulemin? Dallas and Phoenix are not going to trade Morrow and Doan if they are close to the playoffs. The big problem with the Leafs right now is their horrible PK but those types of players are typically picked up in the New Year and closer to the trade deadline.

  22. I thought Cody Franson was the bright young potential star that the Leafs basically robbed from Nashville in that trade.

    They are willing to give him up already? Why not keep him? Are they that desperate to make the playoffs that they are giving up on developing young players? That may help in the short term… but it will certainly have a negative affect 3 or so years down the road.

  23. if the leafs can trade komisarek, kadri, 1 prospect and 1 draft pick for iginla they would get the physical player they need. thats if dion and jerry can get along. leafs are heavy with Dmen prospects and i’d suspect you’ll see them move. jesse blacker would be great trade bait