NHL Trade Rumors – November 24, 2011.

The latest on Kyle Turris, Tomas Kaberle, and Sam Gagner, plus an update on the Lightning.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Jim Gintonio reports Coyotes GM Don Maloney said Kyle Turris’ contract holdout was strictly business and not personal, saying he felt it was important to set a standard on how the Coyotes operate. Head coach David Tippett and team captain Shane Doan believe Turris will be welcomed back without animosity from his teammates.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators and three other Canadian teams (Flames, Canucks and Maple Leafs) plus the NY Islanders and St. Louis Blues reportedly have interest in Turris, but a league executive doubts the Coyotes will shop him. Garrioch believes if -“and that’s a huge “if” – Maloney decides to deal Turris, he’ll want young assets in return.

SPORTSNET’s Nick Kypreos “tweeted” Turris “could be moved in 24 hrs, 3 months or not at all. The decision now lies with the Coyotes”, adding “What remains clear is Turris still wants out.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The only way the Turris rumors will go away is for Maloney to state “under no circumstances” will he trade the young center, just as he did during the contract standoff. Media consensus suggests Turris could be dealt, but no one knows for sure when, and interested teams would like to see him play first.

Hurricanes shopping Kaberle?

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger recently reported Carolina Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford is trying to move defenseman Tomas Kaberle, as he’s looking for help at forward. The Islanders are shopping forward Blake Comeau and hope to get draft picks in return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: At $4.25 million per season, Kaberle will be very difficult to move, which could perhaps take swapping bad contracts with another club, which probably won’t address the Hurricanes scoring issues. As for Comeau, it’s surprising how much his play has dropped off this season after years of steady improvement, leading me to wonder if the problem is head coach Jack Capuano. Perhaps a change of scenery might do him good.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports Oilers center Sam Gagner acknowledges he’s the subject of trade rumors, especially with the Oilers banged-up on defense and their depth at forward. Gagner said he’s comfortable in Edmonton and doesn’t want to leave.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Oilers management are staying patient, but if the injured blueliners are slow returning and the Oilers slide further down the standings, it could prompt them to make a move, and Gagner could be their best bargaining chip.

TBO.COM: Erik Erlendsson reports the Lightning’s current slump won’t force GM Steve Yzerman to hit the panic button.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yzerman isn’t the type to panic, and he’ll stay patient with his team, but if they don’t turn things around between now and the Christmas trade freeze, it could push him into the trade market for help.


  1. Kaberle for Gomez. I can’t think of any reason why Carolina would expect to do any better. Even with that deal, it would pain me to take his over-rated ass.

  2. Spec – for fun on Fridays, why don’t we play “guess the source” with some of the rumours? Blogosphere or Not?

  3. Are you referring to Kaberle or Gomez?

  4. Now that the hold out is over, I think they should flip Turris for something of equal worth. Kid still has the potential. However when someone doesn’t want to be on your team, which he clearly doesn’t. he’s best off of it one way or another.

  5. I’m not so sure Kaberle has lost it, I just think he might just need to be on another team. I could see Kaberle doing very well on a team like the Red Wings (though I doubt they’d want his contract).

  6. If I were a GM I dont believe I would be willing to give up much to get Turris, at least at present. He hasnt proved himself so to give up another prospect and a pick(rumoured to be what Maloney would seek) would not make much sense. I believe Kaberle is definitely on the downswing of his career. He hasnt been very effective offensively especially since he left Toronto and he never was a great defensive defenseman, thus nobody is going to help Rutherford out of this scenario. As for Yserman not panicking, I think he should be. His goaltending problem must be sorted out as quickly as possible or they will find themselves fighting for a playoff spot. Roloson is getting older and slower and probably cant handle the amount of work required of a starting goaltender.

  7. I don’t understand why the Leafs would be interested in Turris. We don’t need any more depth. The ONLY way I could see a deal that makes sense for both sides is Turris for Lombardi in the off season. And that’s ONLY if the Leafs want to shed payroll as a prelude to a big UFA signing. But that’s a big if.

  8. I agree with JDBGiGC, but as he said the Wings would never pay that much, but he is in the right age bracket (LOL).

    How about Kaberle to Edmonton for Gagner and a pick? I think Kaberle is one of the few D left that can thread a needle pass to one of those young guys from 175 feet! Sure would be fun to watch!

  9. Durt, I think Lombardi might be too old for Maloney to consider, especially if there is no guarantee he can remain healthy.

  10. Murph I agree. He would only have one year left on the contract and would be 30 at it’s end. But it’s the only way I can see a trade happening which involves Turris to the Leafs. So basically, it won’t happen.

  11. About Comeau and Isles problems:
    Why Snow signed Capuano as NHL head coach ?
    When Capuano started to coach the Isles last year, he was not better of Gordon…
    His team was losing game after game until febuary…Their succes at the end of the season was inspired by the play of Poulin, Montoya, Haley and Hamonic, not by the new coach Capuano…

    Before he was the Isle head coach, what did Capuano won in the past ? Nothing…
    And he was an inexperienced NHL coach…

    If we look at some games this year, we can see Capuano pulling his goaltender 3 minutes before the end of the game. He did it for more than one game. There is NO coach that will do it with 3 minutes to play if his club has defensive issues. Even a “pee-wee” coach know it…
    He is sticking with his defensive strategy and that is always a problem…
    Is loosing night after night, and when we ask him if the defensive strategy can be an issue…He is always denying… If you did a mistake, you need to admit and learn from it ! That is what he said of some of his players this season…But, as we can see, his philosophy is not for himself…
    SO why Snow hired and signed him instead of an experience NHL former coach ?
    Maybe Snow is the real problem…
    Or maybe, this organisation is lying to the fans and just only trying to finish 30 in the NHL to have the number one pick…

  12. Why didn’t the Canes sign Cole the money they gave to Kaberle? I think Kabs will be a tough move and salary has to come back – as in an over paid/under preforming forward that needs a change, will be needed to make the deal happen. Gomez might never leave unless you they are willing to off load a high end prospect or picks to make it happen so I think the Habs are stuck with him as I doubt they will ship him to the minors if they can at all avoid it… you don’t treat players like that as it’s all ready a tough place to attract players as it is with the taxes, language issues and the over BS that comes with being a Hab. I, like many Habs fans, can spend all day coming up with scenarios on what it would take to get Gomez off the team but I think they are stuck with him.
    Too bad Penner can’t be traded for but something along those lines would be good… maybe a 3-way (because those trades happen all the time 😉 ). I like the idea of Kabs in Edmonton as Murph made a great point – that would be fun to see.

    As for Turris, I think Doan will help him through this time. Whether or not Turris moves has yet to be seen and as for when who really knows. How much would we really care if he wasn’t a top 3 pick? Look at what it took the Sens to snag Filitov (6th overall pick in a very good draft year), a 3rd rounder so I wouldn’t expect the farm for an underwhelming and under preforming Turris. I middle of the road prospect and maybe an exchange of picks might do it as a high limit but I wonder if it will take less to make it happen as so far Turris hasn’t proven he can do much at the NHL level thus far. How much do you think potential is really worth, especially when he is somewhat a known commodity?

  13. If I had a dollar for every bad contract in the NHL…..I could extend Luongo’s contract another year!

  14. If Turris is to be traded… the Coyotes will want young players back… if that means Mika or Cowen for the Sens then Turris can stay where he is….

  15. I wouldnt under estimate Brain Burke or what plans he has for the leafs. If he sees something in Turris he will pull it off.

    I read on another comment thread the idea of trading Kadri for Turris straight up, this to me me would be best for both clubs.

    Kaberle has 0 trade value in my eyes and the leafs hosed the Bruins in that deal last year. Carolina is either going to have to take a bad contract and similar player back or buy him out in the summer.

    Blake Comeau was waived today according to Bob Mckenzie so there was no trade interest in him at all.

  16. Dino, 2 reasons why Kadri for Turris won’t work. 1) we don’t have the cap space 2) Turris would give us 18 forwards. I mean even with four of them hurt, there’s no garauntee he gets a spot now. Even in the off season that would be a lateral move and completely unnecessary. No way it happens. Burke is taking his time developing Kadri.

  17. @DurtMCHurt sounds like you’ve spoken to Burke yourself I didnt realize you were the expert on all things maple leafs.

    When you hear someone like Darren Dreger say the leafs are interested i think they are interested.

    But then again your probably right with all the time you spend around the team,

  18. @Dino: This may surprise you but the media knows about as much as we do so Durt, IMO is as right as any talking head in the MSM. The one difference is that Durt doesn’t need page views or sell papers, etc. Soooo with that in mind, we are all entitled to our opinions as wrong as they may be.

  19. HAHAHA ^^^ That was a burn and a half. Durt you are kinda simple. The leafs have as much cap space as they want. Hate to tell ya my friend. Burke is not scared to bury and contract in the minors ie Finger.
    If they want Turris burkie will make it so. As for the 18 forwards. Come on man. Colborne, Fratten, Rosehill, Orr, Crann. any of those guys and then some could be sent down for a young prospect to get his feet wet. Think these things through before you talk.

  20. @Donneybrook

    The guys in the media follow the team, know the people who work behind the scenes talk with GMs, players and agents and other people with similar contacts. Someone trying to state their opinion as fact who does not do any of the above with no knowledge base other then what they read or see from the guys in the media shouldnt act or write like they are there everyday or that people actual share inside information with.

    But good try sticking up for your internet friend i am sure he is more then capable of speaking up for himself,

  21. So funny how sentiments seem to change in such a short duration of time.

    Last year around this time, most Leaf fans were praising Kaberle and of course, making him out to be a top 10 Dman in the league… Now that he’s not in TO, he’s overrated, not worth the money, etc… I’d like to be able to look at my team through the same blue classes TO fans seem to wear.

    Additionally. How did the Bruins lose that trade with TO? Even though Kaberle played a minor role in the run, I see a cup in Boston; I doubt I’ll see one in Toronto anytime soon.

    Again, as for Turris. I assume he’ll be moved. There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors in Pheonix right now… With the whole “We’re happy to have him!” “Business is business!”. On the first decent deal available to Maloney, Mr. Turris will find himself playing elsewhere.

  22. Dino, so I guess the Leafs will be exempt to go over the cap because you and Dreger said so? Dreger said the Leafs where interested, not that we where sending Kadri the other way. Sounds like you where quoting an opinion…not fact. And you can be condescending all you like but numbers don’t lie.
    Donny, respect!

  23. @Donnybrook I take your point about Gomez and other free agents but I do not think it will change much if he is sent down. I think Gauthier was/is hoping Gomez would have enough of a bounce back year to make him tradable….he is injured again so no luck their. I would not be surprised if he is ultimately shipped to the minors before the deadline to clear cap if another deal is in the works. Kabs for Gomez has two problems, 1) cap hits as in gomez is about 7.4 and actually salary is 7.5 this year, 5,5 next, and 4.5 in the final. All over kabs hit. 2) with the eventual return of both Campoli and Markov, montreal is going to have an excess of d-men. Last thing they need is another D who is overpaid and under performing even if we get rid of gomez.

  24. @DurtMCHurt

    Are you joking? The leafs arent going to be able to make a trade because they wont be able to shed salary?

    Like i said in my original comment dont under estimate Brain Burke and what he may or may not do.

    As for Kadri all i said is swapping the two of them made sense.

    Do you not get all your info from guys like Dreger,Mckenzie and whoever else is reporting on this stuff or do you literily just think you know more then everyone and come up with whats right and wrong or what can happen and wont?

    I have been reading your comments for sometime and you act like your some kind of hockey wiz but yet your not employed in any capacity anywhere in the league.

    You may be a leafs fan but you dont have anywhere near the inside information that any of these reporters have.

    For god sakes man your still under the impression that Praise is some how coming to the leafs or signing as a UFA next summer. I just cant understand why that is more plauseble to you then a straight Kadri for Turris trade (with someone going to the minors like finger to satisfy your cap problem). To me that is more of something Eklund would …. birds of a feather i guess

  25. Dino, why do I come across as a know-it-all because I have an opinion like everyone here? So you make an opinion, and because I disagree I think I know everything? I guess just because you come across like an Ahole means youre right, right?

    I disagree with Turris for Kadri because of logic and math, not name calling an insults which is the stance you have seemed to take. I put forth my reasons, you have yet to dispute them, I mean check capgeek! And if you actually knew what you where talking about you would know that Finger is ALREADY in the minors for gods sake! I’m sure you know about your team more then I do, but I clearly know more about the Leafs. Because I follow tweets and news about them everyday, and watch them religiously. I joined this sight because I wanted to expand my pallet, and get some insight on other teams from other fans. I do follow Dreger, Mac etc. But neither of them said Kadri for Turris, so this remains a battle of opinion….not fact.

    And if you cared to read my earlier posts, you would notice that anytime I mention ANY possibility of Parise signing here, I wrote LOL beside it, or big IF. Does that mean I’m sold on it happening? No. So stop putting words in my mouth.

    Did I originally respond to you like an ass? No. So why do you take it upon yourself to be a dick? Keyboard warrior tough guy. Learn the art of debate and be civil.

  26. All bets down! I got $5 on Durt!
    Cheers 😉

  27. Kids please stop fighting. lol

    @Durt you always have straight to the point opinions and they are always realistic so you don’t have to defend yourself. We all know you have informative things to say on the Leafs and many other teams.

    @Durt and Dino. I believe what Dino is trying to say is that if Burke wants to add salary (ie Turris) he will dump someone into the minors such as a guy like Lombardi, just like he did with Finger to free up space. I really don’t know who he would dump there other then Lombardi because there really isn’t anyone else under performing based on their salary. I would like to know what is going on with Armstrong? Don’t the Leafs get some cap room back on a long term DL such as Armstrong?

    As far as the Turris for Kadri… I would throw in Bozak with Kadri to free up enough room but that’s only because I’m not a Bozak fan. I think if he was on the third line he’d still be looking for his first goal. Pretty hard not to rack up points centering Kessel and Lupul as long as you keep your stick on the ice. That free’s up cap space and a third line center position. Doubt Maloney would do it but you never know.

  28. Well after reading the Dino vs Durt debate, I believe all people here are entitled their views no matter who thinks what about those views. Here’s what I think. I think Burke has a great deal of belief and faith in Kadri and Kadri has worked very hard to be where he is at and yes, he is not yet NHL ready.

    I think Burke sees Turris as a talent alright that needs guidance and direction which he probably believes is likely not coming in Phoenix. That said, I don’t see any trade right now where Kadri is offered up for Turris..nope.

    If Burke does want Turris, he will find another route, another angle, another player, another circumstance to make it work. I’m not even convinced that Burke feels that Turris would improve the Leafs at all,so I think at this point in time, Burke, like other rival GM’s, will bide their time and watch as things unfold in Phoenix and see if Turris has the goods to make any rival team better than they presently are

  29. Any chance Blake comeu ends up getting claimed by Detroit….might be able to rediscover his scoring touch there and the wings could use a little more firepower…

  30. Its been said on here before, but the first thing I thought of after reading Daren Dreger’s piece was Kaberle for Gomez. Carolina has to take on more salary so I would suggest Montreal providing a throw in like a 4th rounder or something.

  31. DLS thanks dude. As for Lombardi being sent down, I doubt it. I can’t see it happening. But maybe sending Lombardi the other way would do it, maybe not a straight up swap because Lombardi only has a year and a half left on his contract and he could walk, but I think the more likely scenario would have to be more salary going to Pheonix rather then the farm. Cheers!

    Joey, bang on! Even if I personally can’t see Turris coming to Toronto, I can’t argue your post. If Burke wants it done, he’ll be patient and find away. It just can’t be a one for one swap with Naz cause the numbers don’t work.

  32. DLS, I forgot, as far as I know Armstrong is out indefinitely with an ankle injury (I believe) and judging by his tweets, he’s recovering pretty well. My guess is he’ll be back before Christmas so I doubt he gets put on LTIR.

    Mike, any NYI fan I’ve heard from would give away Comeau for a bag of pucks. Which is exactly what will happen if Detroit picks him up on waivers today. It’s funny, but I notice every reclamation project could go to Detroit and be alright. Lol! I’m jealous, they seem to always turn coal into diamond so if anybody were to take a shot at him, Det wouldn’t suprise me. But he has played terrible this year, so my guess is they’ll pass.