NHL Trade Rumors – November 29, 2011.

The latest on the Bruins, Flyers, and Ducks.


Could the Bruins shop Rask?

ESPN.COM: James Murphy replied to readers questions regarding possible moves by the Boston Bruins. Murphy doesn’t believe they’ll trade backup Tuukka Rask, seeing him as their future between the pipes, noted David Krejci has been the subject of trade rumors but doesn’t expect the Bruins will give up on him just yet, has no confirmation if the Bruins have open contract talks with forward Chris Kelly, but guesses GM Peter Chiarelli may have opened talks with Kelly’s agent, and considers it too early for the Bruins to pursue a big trade for a player like Rick Nash or Jarome Iginla.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A lot would have to go wrong for a lengthy period to convince Chiarelli to pursue a big trade or move Rask, unless the latter demands to be dealt, which I don’t see happening. They’ll remain patient with the struggling Krejci, but if he doesn’t pick it up by the trade deadline, it’s possible he could be shopped. I expect Chiarelli would like to retain Kelly. I also agree it’s too early in the season for the Bruins to make a “big trade”. If they keep playing as well as they have in November, they’ll have no need to make a big trade.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli suggests Chris Pronger’s recent knee surgery could push the Flyers into the trade market in search of long-term depth solutions on their blueline. Veteran Andreas Lilja is also sidelined, and experienced d-men like Oskars Bartoulis and Matt Walker would have to pass through re-entry waivers, where they’ll likely be claimed by rival clubs. Placing Pronger and Liljas on LTIR frees up around $4.28 million for the Flyers to add a player or two, which could jump to $5 million if forward Andreas Nodl is claimed off waivers or demoted.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers, however, would have to clear sufficient cap space once Pronger and/or Lilja return, unless they shed additional salary in a trade or further demotions.

SPORTSNET’s Darren Millard last night “tweeted” his colleague Nick Kypreos had been told by an NHL executive the Anaheim Ducks are shopping winger Bobby Ryan.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ducks GM Bob Murray admitted he’s received offers for players like Ryan but has resisted moving them. Ryan is considered by some observers as the player the Ducks would most likely move if they needed to make a shake-up deal. No word or reaction yet by the Ducks on this. Ryan would certainly attract interest if he is indeed being shopped, but his $5.1 million per season salary won’t make him easy to move at this point in the season.


  1. Lets hear some Ryan to the Leafs rumours

  2. Ryan to the Wings. We need a right handed winger

  3. I hope the rumour of B. Ryan to the Leafs comes true. I say Frason or Aulie,plus Kardi, and maybe another player and a pick might get Ryan. Frason and or Aulie would be a big lost. Kardi well I think the ship has sailed on him. Good player but not a Wilson/Burke type player right now. 3rd year and he has not made it to the main roster for more then 15 games at one time. He might do well with another team. I think Ryan will do very well with the Leafs . He is young and he could be a core player for years. The only problem with this is Kessel is a right winger and Ryan is a right winger. It is hard to pay 2 guys that type of money and one 1 will get major minutes. Lyle what do you think it will take for the Leafs to get B Ryan and do you think that it will happen? Go Leafs Go.

  4. bobby ryan would command too much for the leafs to get him anaheim if they deal will deal with another struggling club looking for a shakeup carolina, columbus, washington etc thats only way a deal will go down with fair value going both ways

  5. Admittedly, anything’s possible, but the Leafs have almost no cap space, meaning they’ll have to dump at least $5.5 million to comfortably absorb Ryan’s $5.1 million avg annual cap hit, and still leave a little wiggle room under the cap for call-ups if needed. Yes, they have several players on LTIR which makes short term room for Ryan, but they’d have to free up cap space when their injured players start to return. Looking at the Leafs roster, they might be able to get Ryan if they offer up good, established young players, plus one with promise, like Colborne or Gardiner. You won’t get Ryan with castoffs. Besides, we don’t know if Ryan really is being shopped, or if his name has just been floated out there to see what interest he could draw.

  6. If Ryan is available, I wonder what the Habs needs to give the Ducks to obtain him? Exactly the type of player that we need (size on the wing). Since Anaheim has little cap space I don’t know if we put Cammalleri in the deal with a promising prospect or high draft pick it can do it?

  7. What’s wrong with the Leafs sticking with what we got?

    I heard somewhere that Bobby loves the Flyers. Correct me if I’m wrong but he may work out there in the off season as well. Not that Philly would want him now, but I’ve always had the feeling he’d end up there eventually.

  8. If only we could dump Komi’s contract 4,500,000 and Connolly 4,750,000. Still do not know why Burkie gave him that kind of money. I like him when he is healthy but way to much money. Armstong 3,000,000. I like him but we have been playing well without him so he can go. Kulemin.2,350,000 as well. That would free up major money for the Leafs. Now yes I know there is no way this will happen this year. We have to wait 1 more year for Armstrong and Connolly to come off and few more years for Komi to come off. Kulemin is done after this year. The best bet is to trade Armstrong and Kulemin and we could fit B. Ryan on the books but I dare saw that will not happen. Here is hoping.

  9. I agree with Leafscaptain

    As much as I would like to see Ryan in a Leafs uniform, and you know Burke would too, where would you put him? The highest he could play is 2nd line, behind Kessel. At 5.1 million per year, that is hefty for a second line player, but more importantly, would Bobby Ryan want to go to a team where he would play on the second line? Even if he did, that moves McArthur to 3rd line, Armstrong ( when back) to 4th line, and Frattin, Brown and potentially Crab competing for relief duty. I am not saying thats terrible, but I just cannot see it happening.

  10. Cammy, Kristo, Nash, 2nd rdr to ANA for Ryan, 2nd rdr

  11. @LeafsCaptian

    Yeah, Aulie is really ripping it up for the Marlies isn’t he, just want the Ducks want, a 7th defenseman, an overated prospect, some bottom 6 scrub and a draft pick. Maybe Liles, Kadri and Colbourne… But as you figured out by the time you finished your post, it makes little sense for the Leafs to acquire him as Kessel is probably the best RW in the league this year and they’d be competing for #1 ice time.

    I could see Ryan heading to Boston, Krejci and a prospect + a pick… Maybe even Ottawa but they would have to give up somethign like one of their sweetheart young D-men and one of their wingers from this years draft. They are in the same boat as the Leafs and it make little sense for a fringe playoff team to give up 2 – 3 propects/players/picks. He aint’ putting any fringe team over the edge.

    If he is available, its going to take at least a bonified second liner, a blue chip and a 1st rounder…

    Maybe the Habs can work out a swap for Gomez? :)

  12. I was agreeing with Leafscaptain first comment. Not so sure I would give up on Kulemin yet. Something is going on in his head but I do not know what. He is improving gradually game to game. Too much talent to throw away. Maybe he needs a conditioning stint with Dallas Eakins in the Marlies.

    I also agree with Durt. While it is everyones tendency to want to stack your home team, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. What I like most about this Leaf team is the depth they now have, being able to call up Colborne and Aulie and having them fit right into the lineup. Big test is this week however against the Boston Bruins.

  13. Leafs Captian – Ryan is a left wing, right handed shot but a left wing. Kardi, Franson, Aulie all nearly useless. Try Shenn. Colborne and your #1 pick. My be a bit high but Anaheim should sit back and wait and make someone over pay if they really want him, he is young, signed for several years at a reasonable amount and will score 35 goals a year. What’s the rush. The players you mentioned are healthy scratch types, how would they help the Ducks ?

  14. The problem isn’t “where would we put Ryan” because you can always fit in a game changer like Ryan, the issue is what are you prepared to give up? The Ducks would probably ask for both Colborne and Gardiner and only then would they be prepared to take on some Leaf salary dump such as a Komiserik or Lombardi. Then again would you be prepared to give up Colborne, Gunnarson and Kulimen because it will take a deal like this to get him out of a Ducks uniform.

    Like Durt said “whats wrong with sticking with what we have”? why would you want to blow up half the line up just to get Ryan because that’s what it would take. Now if you could steal him great but I doubt the Ducks will get bambozzeled by Burke for a second time in two years taking on all our cast offs as some posts have suggested.

  15. From what I’ve heard, names for bobby ryan are kulemin and grabovski are the starting asking price from bob murray. Other teams interested is montreal (andrei kostisyn) and buffalo(drew stafford). Nothing will happen soon, if anything, but this is what Bob has inquired to teams asking for his price…

  16. I say trade Schenn and Kulemin and a 1st or 2nd round pick. This would require Anaheim to dump a defenceman possibly in a second trade to make the dollars work. But if/when high priced players are traded, we can expect some kind of a salary dump…whether it happens in a second trade with another team or otherwise.

    I like Schenn, and it would be difficult for Burke to let go of him. But let’s just say there are more physical stay at home d-men available as UFA’s every summer than young 30+ goal scorers. And it must be stressed the leafs will need to trade quality to get quality.

  17. As a Ducks fan, I will admit that our team could use a shake up. But lets be honest here, the ducks are late bloomers. Our team usually doesn’t get serious until after christmas. Lets go back and look at the Bruins during the start of the season, they sucked… period. Did they blow up their roster? No, they gave it time and worked out the kinks. Right now the Ducks biggest issue and has been since 2008, is their lack of a solid defenseman (no offense Fowler; pun intended). Sure we have some promise back there and at times the Ducks defense can be dangerous. But lets not forget, they are defense, a goal here and there is nice but how about helping Hiller out. Hiller is only one man, poor guy I feel for you when you get 35+ shots a game and no one to back you up. Now back to the issue at hand; Bobby Ryan on the market. Will trading Ryan help the Ducks? Yes and No. I will start with “no” because you losing a solid forward, who is still in his prime and maybe hasn’t even reached his potential. Sure when you look at the Ducks offense on paper everything looks so nice that we can afford to trade Ryan. But without Ryan, we leave a huge gap to fill on the left wing. Is that a risk the Ducks can take? If they played it smart than yes make the trade. How do they play this smart, there are only 2 teams that would really need Bobby Ryan and have the right asset to make the trade work for both sides. And no one of them is not the Leafs; come on Lyle, I love reading your views but I know the Ducks have a history of take back old players they traded away but Gardiner is not worth coming back to the Ducks, its bad enough we got Beauchemin back. The two teams who we should consider trading with are the Preds or the Kings (Yes, our neighborly rival). Ducks need a guy like Weber or Suter; now I am not saying the Preds would trade them but Ryan for Suter or Weber would only fill the voids that each team need. Preds get their scoring winger and they still have their strong defense (Ryan Ellis is just waiting to crack that roster) so they can afford to lose one of the two big D. Now the other team who could use Ryan are not as well set on the back end like the Preds (but no one really is) though they for some reason still need to find that winger to play with Kopitar or Richards and I bet you Bobby Ryan would fit that bill perfectly. And who could the Kings give up to get Ryan; Doughty or Johnson. Now before all you lose your wigs and start ranting about the whole Doughty will never be traded, blah, blah, blah. This is just an example, a theory of the needs of two teams and the potential fits. So now that I got that off my chest, Bobby Ryan, I love you as a Duck and I hope you don’t go but if you do it better be for one of the four defensemen that I wrote about because anything less is just not worth it!

  18. My Senators have certainly been in the Right Wing market since ‘he who will not be named’ was traded (though most rumours tend to have them looking for a second line centre as a more immediate need). With Alfredsson’s retirement apparently imminent, RW is another concern. Currently rookie Colin Greening is playing (respectably) on Spezza’s wing.

    Question, of course, is how much you’d have to give up and what the Ducks want – Sens have some pretty strong defensive prospects (and a logjam in that position) and cap space to take on a contract without unloading . There’s a lot of teams that would probably have interest in Ryan, though and this is just idle speculation from a hopeful fan.

  19. I did not give any names for a trade besides . Frason OR Aulie. Just one not both. They are a given becasue they are young. Kardi. even tho he is an unproven NHLèr. He is young and has good hands and speed. He just needs a change of environment. He has been toss up and down and had to listen to a coach like Wilson crush his confidence. I do not blame him for his play. I think Randy can make him play for the Ducks. There will have to be another player not sure who and a hight draft pick or 2. But like i said earlier he is a right winger and we already have a #1 right winger.

  20. Ok, i’m suggesting two rules for discussing Bobby Ryan rumours:

    1. You need to give up elite talent to receive it. Stop mentioning Kadri, Aulie and Franson as the principle trade bait.
    2. It’s ok to have 2 elite players who play the same position. If your a Pens fan, it wasn’t Pittsburgh’s cup win a few years ago wasn’t bittersweet because they won it with 2 elite centermen…it was just plain sweet.

  21. I say you will see Ryan go to a place like Nashville. You will see Nash and maybe a low pick for B. Ryan. Depending on the cap space for each team.
    If I was Burke I would give up Colborne and or Gardiner not both plus Kardi and a pick but they would have to take Komiserik contract in return. So Ducks get 2 young players and a pick and a Defenceman. Even tho his contract is hight it is a good trade off. Now that is a far trade. 2 future players and possible a good draft pick and a vet defence man for 1 guy. That is almost the same trade a 2 1st rounder`s for Kessel. LOL

  22. So who cares if bobby ryan plays on thee second line, look at pittsburgh who plays on the second line there malkin!! Probably a better player then ryan. Second what does anahiem need, I would say a shut down d man, would any of you give up schenn, I think I would. I know you would have to add something but I would do schenn and grabo or kuli, something like that.

  23. LeafsCaptian, Ryan is on the first line with Getzlaf and Perry. Getz is centre and Perry is RW that leaves Ryan to play LW. He is listed as RW but obviously plays both. It doesn’t matter anyways cause the Leafs won’t be able to top some of the other teams packages for Ryan, so I guarantee you that the Leafs won’t get him. The Ducka are going to want a player that can replace him on the top line, something the Leafs don’t have (besides Kessel).

  24. Let me change something about this trade. If I was Burke I would give up Colborne and or Gardiner or Gunnerson or Aulie not both plus Kardi but they would have to take Komiserik contract in return. So Ducks get 2 young forward and 1 young defenceman and Komiserik . Even tho his contract is hight it is a good trade off. Now that is a far trade. Think of it. Aulie is good but he is in the minors so if he is traded then it will not effect the man team right now. Gunner is good as well but if we trade Gunner then Aulie can take his spot. We have a good d core. Colborne and or Gardiner while they are up nwo will be put back down when the people that are injured came back. And like I said about Kardi. He just needs a change of environment. He has been toss up and down and had to listen to a coach like Wilson crush his confidence. I do not blame him for his play. I think Randy can make him play for the Ducks. You have to give something worth while to get a good player. Plus that player is already signed for a few years.

  25. I think Kypros was talking out his ass when he said Ryan . I think the only big ticket item which might and I do mean might move would be Getz . I know Leaf fans think we need to make every trade with the Ducks but I would rather see them stand pat for now. If healthy who would you send down?

  26. You don’t move players like Ryan, Nash during the season, its not going to make the teams that dump them playoff teams. Stick it out until the end of the season, get a high draft pick and then think of moving them. More teams will be willing to pay the asking price at that time. Unless the ducks and jackets are willing to give them away, the all betts are off.

  27. If Burke trades Gunnarson, Scheen, or Gardiner he needs his head examined. Defence win cups in this league and budding young defencemen are impossible to find especially puck carrying Dmen like Gardiner. Gunnarson makes Phaneauf the player he is today and Scheen and Gardiner have finally found a groove. It seems to take defencemen months to get use to each other, even Komiserik and Liles were starting to get in a groove before Komi got injured. I would hate to see Colborne get traded because the second hardest thing to find is a young budding top line potential centerman but if it gets Ryan then maybe it’s worth it? I think It would take at least Colborne, Aulie, Franson and this years first rounder.

  28. Leafcaptain I want Komiserak traded just so I do not have spell his name again. Not a hrrible d man just to expensive

  29. I have to say a lot of this Ryan trade talk is nuts.
    are you guys seeing that the leafs are finally showing good solid young players and good depth?
    forget that kulimen scored 30 last year,only a couple less than ryan at much lower cost?
    forget aulie was solid,is a big guy,tough kid and should be solid for many years to come.
    colborne has shown smooth hands and a big solid guy at centre,a very shallow position.
    and to even mention gardiner is insane,the kid looks fantastic and he is just a rookie and will only get better.
    it is amazing that anyone would be willing to give up so much that took so long to build for 1 guy not named crosby.
    all the injuries have shown us the future is very bright and we have real nhl prospects.
    now is not the time to start giving them all away like in the past.
    we are the young up and coming team and maybe soon could be a force with very deep lines and d.
    giving up too much youth and another 1st rd pick now would be a very bad way to go and a step backward.

  30. Actually sub Kulemin for the first rounder or salary cap would be an issue.

  31. @ TopRight I think we all agree with you. I’m just trying to state what the Ducks would want back which is a boat load and not worth the price.

  32. @jrd18 you got that right. If you can roll with 2 1st line quality lines it’s not exactly a problem

  33. I don’t think that Randy Carlyle can make Kadri play for the Ducks. He is having a hard enough time having the Ducks play for the Ducks. The only Ducks playing for the Ducks right now are Selanne, Smith-Pelly, and the goalies. I also don’t believe the Ducks should get rid of Ryan, but they should get rid of Carlyle who has lost his team. They are only playing 40 minutes of a 60 minute game and they are embarrassing to watch.

  34. Martin – Correct, Ducks rarely play 60 minutes. Somewhere along the way they disappear for 10-15 minutes and boom damage is done. That also happened last season but they got it together for last 20 games and barely got into playoffs when they quickly re-turned to form. First things Ducks have to figure out is (A) do we trade the future and try and get back in the playoff hunt (BIG MISTAKE DOING THIS) or
    (B) in January start trading off the old guys for picks and prospects, bring up the kids from AHL to see what they can do, work on the draft and wisely use the extra picks they get by trading off the old guys and
    fill in with free agents during the summer. Well Murray what is your plan ?

  35. If the Leafs want to acquire Bobby Ryan, the discussion starts and ends with Luke Schenn. Anaheim isnt going to give him away for jokers to play on their 3rd line.

  36. Schenn will be going nowhere. He is the future Leafs captain. You may laugh but he is a Burkie type player. He can hit. He stands up for his players and he can handle the media. He even does alot of charity work. with in Toronto and for the soldiers. He went to Afgan with Burkie before he was even signed. He is being groom for the spot when Dion contract is up. You watch. Schenn is going nowhere.

  37. I fully agree with TopRightCorner, Leafs don’t need anything at the moment.
    Ryan is a great player but not worth what the Ducks will be asking.
    The future of the Leafs is with our current prospects. Colborne, Gardiner, Crabb, and Frattin are just starting to blossom, if they continue Toronto will have many years of playoff runs.
    Hypothetically speaking, if I absolutely MUST make a trade for Ryan I would offer Kadri, Aulie and 1st & 2nd round pick.
    However, if I was Murray, I’d hold on to him until the playoff rental frenzy begins. Take a look @ what the Leafs got for Kaberle, imagine what the Ducks could get for Ryan!

  38. Agreeing with everyone who says the price will be too high for Ryan….
    Burke stole lupul and gardiner from Anaheim and Murray will want Jake back for sure.
    If the leafs need anything at this point it’s maybe to tinker with the fourth line.
    Try to get konopka out of Ottawa…..his price would probably be low.

  39. If Kadri is so good why don’t the leafs keep him. Oubvisouly he is being put out there, cause he cannot hack it with the leafs when he got the opportunity (This year the Leafs are awesome, but in years past they were paper thin up front.) If the Ducks trade Ryan they are going for a Top 3 forward player or a Top 2 D-man anything else would makes no sense!!!
    Nashville – makes sense Since Signing Suter and Weber would leave them with no money for forwards.
    LA- I doubt it since as posted earlier while they have the assets to move , they are division rivals.

    Anyways if Burke pulls off a trade with 2nd rate prospects (Ok,, Colborne is the prospect that I like alot) then he is a genius.

  40. You got it guys, there is literally NO player you couldn’t land for Kadri and Aulie.
    Ryan is young, one of the top goalscorers in the league over the past four seasons, and signed for a bargain…..so basically dime a dozen.
    I highly recommend that some of you southern Ontarians watch a team other than the Leafs once in a while. And check spelling every so often.

  41. Seriously, I’ll bet Burke gets so many calls about Kadri that he has set up a hotline (“Hey what about that disappointing kid you keep in the minors….you want my top liner?”)

  42. So happy that none of us fans actually have anything to do with hockey. Those trade proposals are so… wow! Thank god no one here is employed by a team.

  43. I doubt 100% that Bobby Ryan would end up in a Leafs uniform. But I’d offer up this.

    To Toronto: F Bobby Ryan
    To Anaheim: F Clark MacArthur, F Colby Armstrong, D Stuart Percy, Leafs 1st Round Pick

    Maybe its a lot, maybe its not enough. MacArthur is proving he is a goal scorer and is a right winger. When Armstrong is back he is a great power forward which would add some nice depth. Percy and a 1st give solid future considerations for the Ducks. The Leafs are still capable of using

    Lupul – Bozak – Kessel
    Kulemin – Connolly – Ryan
    Lombardi – Grabovski – Colbourne
    Frattin – Steckel – Brown

  44. First off, Ryan is first and foremost a LW and Center. I think a great trade would be Buffalo’s Drew Stafford and one of our youngsters from Rochester. Stafford makes $4 a yr. and both Ryan and Stafford’s contract run for the same time period. Ryan would add some grit – exactly what Buffalo needs.

  45. one, TUXEDOTSHIRT, That last post was awesome!!!!

    Ok, lets get serious TO fans, you are never going to get Ryan from Kadri, a 1st pick and Schenn That isnt going to happen… NEVER EVER EVER EVER! You would have to give up Kessel to get Ryan… And that wouldnt make sense. And the crap talking about Komi being a throw in… yikes wishful thinking….

    If I t were up to me, (which it isnt) I would only trade Ryan for a hand ful of players in the league to make it work for both teams. Here is what I would do if I trade Bobby Ryan and what wat return would make the most sense:

    1. Predators- Shea Weber (throw in Kurtis Foster from Ducks)
    2. Kings (I’d hate to trade to a team so close) – Doughty or Jack Johnson and a prospect (Maybe Lokitonov)
    3. Flyers- This is tough… Matt Carle and Schenn or Coburn and Schenn. There would have to be a money throw in here due to Ryans salary…

    Realistically this wont happen nor should it happen… but if I could predict a trade, I would say the Predators one. That is the only one that makes sense for both teams.

  46. JJB I would do that trade. I really like Clark Mac. That would be a lost but we would pick it up with Ryan. The only diference is the proce. We save a alot with Mac. Now if we coud take Mac off and add Kulemin that would be great. B.Ryan is a right winger that is playing left wing with the ducks. So here is my line-up.

    Ryan – Bozak – Kessel
    Lupul – Connolly – Crabb
    Lombardi – Grabovski – Colbourne
    Frattin – Steckel – Brown

  47. Steve dow you home work. He is a right winger. The ducks have him playing the left wing. But his position is right wing.

  48. Well after reading this thread apparently there is only one team Anaheim can possibly trade Ryan too … Ahh the center of the hockey universe Toronto were great players go to die

    Seriously there are 29 other teams out there some of which are better then the Maple Leafs ( I know i am as shocked as you are reading it as i am writing it) that will be more then willing to part with the picks and prospects needed that’s assuming Anaheim wants to rebuilding their team now and trading away a young goal scoring power forward seems like the best way to start a rebuild (Sarcasm).

    Anaheim is sitting in the bottom of the western conference and look like a lock to get a top 5 pick as it is trading away any of their big 3 seems counter productive moving forward. They should be asking Teemu and Kiovu to move and take whatever picks they can for them.

  49. If Bobby Ryan is available, and that’s a pretty big “if”, the Flyers have what the Ducks have needed and have been looking for, for a very long time; an extremely talented young center, to play behind Getzlaf, on the second line. Getzlaf is not going anywhere, he’s an elite, big, center, with uncanny play-making ability and vision. I could see Brayden Schenn being the major piece in a trade for Bobby Ryan, and the salaries are relatively close, so with a little tweaking, it could be done. With the play of rookie Sean Couturier, moving B.Schenn may not be that big of a problem for Homer. The Flyers tried extremely hard to acquire B.Ryan from the Ducks a few years ago, when they moved Peter Forsberg. If B.Ryan is indeed keen on the Flyers as DurtMCHurt has indicated .. coupled with the Flyers insistence on getting bigger on the wings .. this could be a very good indication that B.Ryan will eventually be a Flyer.

  50. @ Leafs Captain….DUDE!! Have you noticed him playing the left side with Perry on the right for THREE YEARS!!!!

  51. A Ducks fan actually posted the same trade idea, with the Flyers, while I was writing my post :)

  52. Dino. 29 you mean 28. If they do not trade to the Leafs that mean they can trade to themselfs. I know there are other teams. But Burke said last year before Ryan got signed that he wanted him. If he is up then now is the time to get him. If he goes to another team then Burke has to wait 4 more years before he can get him. Plus it does not hurt the fact that the Ducks are Burkes old team and Burke drafted Ryan. That is why most people here me included are thinking and hoping that he lands with the Leafs. I know there is a chance he might go to the sinking dirty bottom feeding Habs or even Nashville But I think if Burke can be that dirty car salesman that we know that he can be then Bobby ryan will be with the Leafs by Christmas time. I am hoping anyway. If not the oilers then lets say ummm The Jets.

  53. tuxedoTshirt. I know. I am just relaying what is on his bio info from the ducks website. It says he is a RIGHT WINGER. I know coachs put player in other positions but what I am saying is what is on his BIO.

  54. Not sure that Bio counts for much.
    Anyway, the trade that really makes sense for both sides is basically a straight-up move for Ryan Suter, with some kind of condition that he signs.
    That said, I’m not sure that Poille and Trotz want to go in that direction. Also, I kind of think that they will re-sign the big 3, increasing their budget, depending on their playoff performance. If they actually can’t sign all 3, and they want to experiment with offense, then it’s good move.
    From the Ducks point of view, at least this actually addresses their problem and is an immediate help, rather than a gamble on help in the future.

  55. Kypreos could only imagine that…. pulling for his beloved Leafs to get him.

  56. I think there probably is not truth to this. If there was it would of been on TSN which is Canada’s #1 sports leader. Sportsnet is like the propaganda sports cast station. Come on Brophy should have no say on what goes on in the hockey world. He just makes stuff up. Plus Burke is a person who likes to be in the spot light. He would of said something by now like we are not interested or I can not talk about anything that is going on with the ducks right now. Not a peep from Burke. Just another sportsnet rumour.

  57. Sorry Leaf fans but the Ducks don’t need Jake Gardiner (or as I read somewhere J-Bo). They have enough players like him in the system (Visnovsky, Fowler, Shultz, and Vatanen) and that is why he was available to trade to your team. What they are missing is that big bruising defenseman with a bomb from the point. Ryan Suter or Shea Webber is at the top of the list and it would be very doubtful that they are available for just Bobby Ryan.

  58. Lupul, Gardiner and a 4th rounder 😉

  59. The leafs could get Ryan but it would be complicated. Try this on. Bozak, Kadri, Gunnar, and this years first pick for Ryan. We might have to bury Lombardi or move him to be cap compliant. Lines would be
    Brown/Dupuis-Steckel- Crabb
    Komisarek- Liles

  60. lets say for the giggle factor of it all… that Bobby Ryan would be traded to, lets say the Leafs, and Burke was willing to give up Schenn and Grabovski. There would have to more… So you thorw a !st rounder in there…. Probably not going to do it… Then you throw in the bust Kadri…. Probably not going to do it… Then say Gunnerson… (who would want the monster that was the next coming of godzilla only to play like mighty mouse)…. Not going to do it. Sounds like the deal Calgary took for Neon Dion. Just doesnt make sense… (obvious sarcasm. trade have to make sense for both teams…)

    I have to say, I loved when Burke was with the Ducks. The guy wasnt afraid to make a deal. he dealt away what was called “too much” for Pronger (Lupul, Smid, and 2-1sts) only to wint the cup that year. That was the missing piece.

    Murray isnt going to trade Ryan unless he is blown away with an offer. If the Preds came calling and offered Weber and he was to sign a 5 year deal in the 6-7 mil range… then he should do it. If there is no such offer… then he should hold tight. You can never count the Ducks out. I have been a season Ticket holder since 93 and the ducks, no matter who the coach is, have always been a second half team. (minus the 07 season).

  61. stillcrying 93 | Tuesday, 29 November 2011 at 8:04 pm
    The leafs could get Ryan but it would be complicated. Try this on. Bozak, Kadri, Gunnar, and this years first pick for Ryan. We might have to bury Lombardi or move him to be cap compliant. Lines would be
    Brown/Dupuis-Steckel- Crabb
    Komisarek- Liles

    No way. I would want to dump Dupuis altogether. We could let Armstrong go and put Crabb on his line. save money that way.

  62. Thats funny quiksilver. I like bobby ryan but to give up the farm or players like kulemin is just not going to happen. Frattin, Colborne, Gardiner and the like are the future, why would Burke trade away everything he has worked so hard to build. The trade that makes the most sense is the one involving Nashville. Suter is the most likely candidate because he is a UFA this summer. Anaheim desperately needs some d and Nashville desperately needs offense. There wouldnt have to be a lot of prospects or draft picks involved in this deal either, something GMs are lothe to give up.

  63. Leaf’s Captain, I did do my homework and according to the NHL website and others he is listed as a LW – if he has been playing LW for the past 3 years – then what I said was true – so do your homework and chill out.

  64. Some of this discussion is just nuts. Who is watching the Leafs play and thinking, “wow, we need to score some more goals!” No. They need better two-way defensemen, better team defensive play and a much better PK. Kessel and Lupul are 1 and 2 in league scoring, they are getting contributions from Bozak and Connolly now, MacArthur has more goals than Bobby Ryan at this point, and Kulemin and Grabovski aren’t even playing well yet. Isn’t Ryan basically the same player as Kulemin? I don’t see how that improves the team. Further, the Ducks just need better players in general – they have almost no depth after their top line and their D is pretty bad as well. I can see a team like Florida, Nashville or Ottawa using some of the prospect depth to go after Bobby Ryan, but I just don’t see how he makes the Leafs a hugely improved team with him in the line-up.

  65. In a trade for Ryan, the other team would need to send enough quality assets back to make it worthwhile and teams like Philly, Vancouver, Toronto, Washington, Buffalo and Montreal are all close to the cap and unlikely trade partners until the deadline or the offseason when they can unload some contracts to take on Ryan’s cap hit.

    Anaheim is also unlikely to move him to a division rival and/or conference rival unless that rival really overpays (so eliminate LA, Dallas, Phoenix and San Jose from the mix, even if they had the will or the players to pull off such a trade).

    You might be able to move him to someone with cap room like Columbus (who has other problems which this trade won’t fix and a potential lottery pick that is too valuable to give up on just Ryan), Detroit, St. Louis, Nashville, Minnesota or Winnipeg, if any of them were prepared to overpay, and only Winnipeg’s previous GM in Atlanta showed a propensity to overpay to bring in talent, so they are all probably “no’s”. That now leaves you with a very limited pool of trade partners until the draft.

    And don’t forget, although it has been denied, whoever takes a run at Ryan at this point may also want to see if Iginla is available for about the same price should the Flames decide to jumpstart the rebuild.

  66. Boston needs to grab a wing for the third line.
    I wouldn’t trade Krejci yet unless he’s unwilling to resign.
    If we moved Krejci Seguin could move to center.
    I think we have alot of cap space with Savards contract on LTIR.
    Rask would be crazy to request a trade. With Bostons system he has a chance to win a vezina in the future.

  67. The latest on the Bruins, Flyers, and Ducks.

    This was the post and all the talk is about Toronto.
    Sorry got sick of reading all the Toronto trade idea’s.

  68. Line combinations on a trade that hasnt happened on a player that hasnt moved yet ….

  69. komisarek,, finger and kadri for bobby ryan??

  70. Gotta hand it to Kypreos, he sure knows how to stir it up! It’s amazing how every week there’s a new trade rumour involving a quality player or prospect who’s always going to Toronto….

  71. Here is the latest article from Damien Cox who often has the inside track on trades and always say’s it like it is when it comes to trade potentials. If he feels it’s possible then it is…

    Damien Cox, the Star’s hockey columnist and associate sports editor
    The reported availability of Bobby Ryan should be of interest to 29 other clubs, not just the Maple Leafs. The kid can score, being No. 2 in the draft to Sidney Crosby has never bothered him and there’s a personality there that sells in a bigger hockey market.

    Do the Ducks have to move him? No, but they may want to do something soon, and looking further ahead, carrying Ryan’s $5.1 million per season cap hit will make the squeeze a little tighter after next season when both Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry become unrestricted free agents. It seems doubtful Anaheim can keep all three.

    But that’s the longer term view. Short term, the Ducks could fire coach Randy Carlyle, which seems unlikely, or they could shuffle the deck. GM Bob Murray might be of a mind right now to try and recover some of the young assets lost to Toronto in the Francois Beauchemin deal last winter. The Ducks made the playoffs and Beauchemin played well, but now the team’s lousy, he’s 31 years old and both Joffrey Lupul and cherubic blueliner Jake Gardiner are playing well with the Leafs.

    Murray and Brian Burke have done deals before – Anaheim moved J.S. Giguere’s monster contract, the Leafs dumped Vesa Toskala and Jason Blake – and it seems some teams are comfortable doing deals with certain others. Look at all the trades Vancouver and Florida have swung in recent seasons. Burke loves Ryan, and indeed, he turned down overtures from Cliff Fletcher in his final months in Anaheim when the Silver Fox was pitching hard for Ryan.

    So should the Leafs be interested now? Yes. Does it matter than Ryan’s another scoring winger, not a centre? Not really. The Leafs are in the business of acquiring top six forwards as assets. The positional balance can be addressed later. Is Ryan’s salary a problem? He’s got three more years after this one at $5.1 million. That’s hefty, but not a cap crippler for a team like the Leafs.

    Which brings us to the cost, and here’s the tricky part. Ryan’s a 30-35 goal man, a real stylist out there, not surprising for a legendary roller hockey player. But he doesn’t really have a physical component to his game, he’s not an accomplished penalty killer and he’s off to a so-so start this season.

    You don’t want to overpay, but here’s a guy it’s easy to get over-excited about. Obviously, a young defenceman would have to be part of a deal, and maybe that’s Luke Schenn or Carl Gunnarson or Cody Franson. Nazem Kadri could be in there. Stuart Percy is a young blueliner and Leaf first round playing junior in Mississauga. Nik Kulemin might make sense, but he’s having an off-year, too. With the Leafs high in the NHL standings, a 2012 first rounder could come into play.

    Some combination of that group might make sense. Perhaps it’s Kulemin and Franson for Ryan. Schenn and Kadri? The Leafs have assets, more than in a long time, the result of steady work by Burke and Dave Nonis over the past three years.

    You can bet Burke will kick the tires on this one, see if Ryan really is up for grabs. He knows the young man well and believes in him, and he and Murray can do business, with the fact they’re a conference apart making it a little easier for both.

  72. Kypreos… may as well have been me sending out that rumour. He has about the insight of your average novice hockey fan… additionally he has the inability to differentiate the words your and you’re in his writing (which means of course I take him very seriously).

    Sportsnet should just be your insight for the Jays and maybe the Raps… don’t believe them much in Hockey. TSN or bust really. Lyle has something good here where he takes his info from everyone, but TSN are the only guys I trust when it comes to pure trade rumours and NHL insight.

  73. Additionally the Janitor at my local hockey rink has been talking about moving jobs… LEAF RUMOURS INC!

  74. Ryan = Kulemin? Wow. Is there lead in your water?
    Oh wait, you just don’t watch Western games.
    Kypreos and MacLean are the best…..notice they have their own opinions and stick to hockey?
    The TSN panel are mascara-wearing parrots (tonight’s quiz: “Should we make the nets bigger?”. Mackenzie: “Well no, but I will indulge the question for the sake of argument.” Duthie: “Is Crosby hot, or super-hot?”)
    Remember the all-star game, where Duthie revealed that he is a soulless robot who could run American Idol?

  75. Rask leaving Boston just doesn’t make sense with Thomas’ age. You never know when he’ll go the way of Osgood.

    The more curious situations to me are LA and VAN, both have 2 young franchise goalies. And both most always have 1 of them sitting in the locker room getting no real value out of having him.

    I don’t understand how the business men of these clubs still can’t get the hockey ops guys to see the players are assets that depreciate just the same as financial ones do.

  76. I know I’m a little late getting back to the party, but since when did Kadri become a bust? Why because he hasn’t stuck with the big club yet? If that’s your idea of a litmus test, then I guess guys like Scott Glennie, Zach Kassian, Louis Leblanc and Carter Ashton must really suck too right? I mean why doesn’t Anahiem just throw Palmieri into any deal? Him and his 13 points in 17 games in the A….what a waste of a draft pick lol! And since Rundblad and Kulikov made their team, I guess it’s safe to say Ryan Ellis and Calvin DeHaan are a couple of losers. Thank god B.Schenn, Rundblad, and Nick Leddy made their respective teams this year, I was starting to think to myself “self, I wouldn’t trade for those runts for a used tampon and half a turd sandwhich!” I mean come on guys, just cause Kadri hasn’t made the team yet doesn’t mean he’s useless, or has no trade value.

  77. Thank god someone finally stood up for the 21 year old Kadri.

  78. @tuxedoTshirt

    You should probably follow both on Twitter; they really bleed hockey. If you don’t understand that TSN has the most informed bunch for hockey right now… I feel sorry for you.

    Additionally; what have the two said in the past… 3-4 years that has actually come true? I’m talking rumours here, not Kypreos threatening to hit someone and then doing it.

  79. Man this is so annoying…another comment thread littered with ridiculous trade proposals from Leafs fans. YOU GUYS GOT NO CAP ROOM LONG TERM ! unless you give up Kessel, forget about it. No one wants your junk players and guys who can’t make the team- Kadri etc. My lord, are there any other people who comment on this site except Leafs fans ? I love this site and Lyle’s straight up approach and will always to continue to visit this site daily but man, these Leafs fans live in a bubble all of their own. At first I found it humourous, now it’s just plain annoying- especially when 99% of the trade proposals make zero sense and the concept of cap space is completely ignored.

  80. @ MIokid…..It is certainly true that Mackenzie doesn’t say anything unless it’s a real thing. But he is still a huge d-bag.
    Kypreos is wrong a good third of the time, but he has a personality.
    It’s not very often that they’re not both on a story.
    It’s basically never that Sportsnet just makes it up (that Phoenix to Winnipeg story during their game 6-7 day in the playoffs was perhaps not his finest moment).